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Duties Of The Nominating Committee

Duties Of The Nominating Committee

Approved at October 2006 Business Meeting, amended at January 2007 Business Meeting

The Nominating Committee will nominate Officers of the Meeting, the Clerk of Ministry and Oversight and the members of M & O, Meeting representatives to IMYM committees and the Meeting’s Joint Service Representative,. Those nominations will be given a first reading at Business Meeting, followed by a month of thoughtful consideration, and then a second reading. Nominees will assume their office upon the second reading. M & O members serve staggered two-year terms.

The Nominating Committee will confer with clerks of standing committees to find out who is willing to remain on each committee. The Nominating Committee will nominate first conveners for each of the meeting’s standing committees, and report such nominations to Business Meeting. There will be no further formal acceptance process. First conveners and members of the committee agreeing to continue service will undertake to secure additional members for their committee with the assistance of the Nominating Committee. Nominees in this category will serve one-year terms. Committees will report changes in their committee membership through their monthly report to Business Meeting. All standing committees (except M & O) are open to anyone who wishes to join at any time.

Business Meeting will appoint members to ad hoc committees with the assistance of Nominating Committee. Nominating Committee will be asked to fill Officer, IMYM, AFSC and M & O vacancies as they occur during the year.

The nomination process will be considered closed as of June of each year (with the exception of filling the vacancies noted above). After nominations close in June, the Nominating Committee will name a Naming Committee to be accepted by Business Meeting after a first and second reading. The Naming Committee will name the next year’s Nominating Committee by February each year.

Meeting suggests the Nominating Committee begin the nominating process with general encouragement to consider service to the meeting and a request that interested people contact the Nominating Committee. Next (ideally) each member and attender might receive a call or an email, with specific suggestions as to work they might consider. A follow-up call might come next. Lastly, if positions remain unfilled, a request to give specific service could be made. In short, the process should be combination of all the above approaches to gathering nominees.

Meeting requests that the Nominating Committee make an effort during its process to contact all meeting members and attenders. Meeting believes that this contact is essential to maintaining active members and attenders.

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