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June 2015 Letter to Friends

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Sixth Month 2015


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., 2098 Calle Ensenada on the northwest corner of Siringo Road. 


Sunday, 6/07 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting, Peace & Social Concerns there after.

Sunday, 6/14 9:30 Chanting as Preparation for Worship @ Southside Meetinghouse

Sunday, 6/21 12:30 12:30 Business Meeting at the rise of Meeting

Sunday, 6/28 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship @ Canyon Rd. Meetinghouse,



The Monthly Query for the 6th month, 2015


Do we take the risks that right action demands?” (IMYM Faith & Practice, p. 136, #3).


June 3 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906 or lhibbs@

June 7 – Monthly Potluck occurs at the rise of the 11:00 meeting. Please bring a dish to share and stay for a potluck in the library.

June 7 – Peace & Social Concerns will meet immediately following the potluck on Canyon Road. Please consider joining this important committee.


June 14 & 28 – Singing as preparation for worship.  Singing on 2nd and 4th Sundays: Feb 8th at  9:30am at Quaker House ( and Feb 22th at 10:00am at the Meetinghouse on Canyon Rd.  We sing simple chants and hymns, repeating the lines for memorization and for the pleasure of the music. For information, please contact Guthrie Miller  954-4224 or John Kretzmann 988-2152.


June 7 – 14 – Inter Mountain Yearly Meeting at Ghost Ranch, “Practicing Spiritual Discernment: Where Does the Light Lead Us Now?” Guest Speaker is Diego Navarro, a member of Santa Cruz monthly meeting, & Pacific Yearly Meeting. Early days are June 7th to the 10th and the IMYM annual meeting will begin on the evening of June 10th. Information available at


June 15- Ministry and Counsel Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. at Quaker House, 2098 Calle Ensenada.  Anyone wanting to meet with M & C should contact Allen Winchester ,, Clerk of M & C.

June 21 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the 11:00 meeting.

June 26 – “Gallery in the Garden”, Friday Art Walk on Canyon Road and the Garden Committee will sponsor artists in the garden from 5:00 to 7:00. 1st Day School is invited to host lemonade and bake sale. Please plan to attend.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Fifth Month (May 17, 2015)


Present: Jan-Willem Jansens (clerk), Peggy Giltrow (recording clerk), Frank Hirsch, David Henkel, Pam Gilchrist, John Kretzmann, Anna Darrah, Karen Kuranz, Irene Webb, Greg Cliburn, Bob Gaines, Janie Cravens, Wyn Lewis, David Giltrow, Linda Hibbs, Elliott Skinner, Brooke Suter, Brad Suter.


After a short period of silence, Meeting began at 12:50 p.m. with three inspirational readings


“The spirit of worship is essential to that type of business meeting in which the group endeavors to act as a unit…To discover what we really want as compared with what at first we think we want, we must go below the surface of self-centered desires…To will what God wills is…to will what we ourselves really want.”

Howard Brinton, 1952 from IMYM Faith and Practice, p. 164


“Then said a rich man, Speak to us of Giving. And he answered: You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give….It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding; And to the open-handed the search for one who shall receive is joy greater than giving.”

Khalil Gibran, The Prophet, p. 20, p. 22


“Where people are gathered from far, and adjourning a meeting of business attended with great difficulty, it behooves all to be cautious how they detain a meeting, especially when they have sat six or seven hours and a good way to ride home.”

John Woolman, 1758 from IMYM Faith and Practice, p. 163


The Clerk welcomed Friends. The agenda for Fifth month was reviewed and accepted. The Clerk proposed to integrate discussion of Finance, Good Works and Budget, working for discernment, acting on some aspects of the reports and recommendations and holding others over for Sixth month. Building and Garden Committees were removed from the agenda since they had no reports.


Minutes for Fourth Month 2015 Business Meeting were approved after some discussion. One Friend asked about procedure for inclusion of committee reports in the Minutes or Appendices to the Minutes. This led to discussion of the difference between a report being “accepted” or “approved.” Friends were advised that acceptance means the information has been conveyed and goes into the Minutes. Approval means that Meeting agrees with what was conveyed to us. The Clerk said that he strives to balance administrative matters and committee witness in Business Meetings, and wants to be sure that committees such as Peace and Social Concerns are not short-changed.


Resident Friend’s Report—Please see full report in Appendix A


The Resident Friend served the Meeting 16 hours per week during Fourth Month. In addition to his usual duties, he purchased a new vacuum cleaner (with help from a Friend), helped Julie Harlow of Quaker House in Moscow with setting up and packing up her merchandise displays, and did extensive work in the garden. The guest apartment was occupied 22 out of a possible 29 nights. Income from the guest apartment and use of the Meetinghouse was $1,040.


Meeting accepted the Resident Friend’s report.


In response to a question, David Murphy replied that this will be his last report to Business Meeting. He will work the first half of June. Meeting expressed great thanks for all his work.


Nominating Committee—Please see Appendix B for full report and list of those who have agreed to fill committee positions to date.


The Nominating Committee offered the first reading of people who have agreed to assume positions that are vital to the life of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting. Nominating Committee experienced that for many Friends taking on additional tasks is beyond their strength or capabilities at this time. Several have offered to serve in various ways and as needs arise. Some suggestions are unusual for our Meeting, including the agreement of a sojourning Friend with a great deal of experience clerking Strawberry Creek Meeting (Oakland, CA) to clerk our Meeting through November, with the help of an assistant clerk. The committee will continue to identify people to fill unfilled positions, such as recording clerk, as well as positions to national organizations and liaisons to worship groups. In October, the committee will resume the search for a long-term clerk to begin in December.


First reading was given of the list of those who have agreed to accept committee positions. Discussion ensued.


One Friend expressed concern about having a short-term clerk and assistant. While feeling more positive because of knowing the people involved, she asks Meeting to pay attention to the end date in November. Nominating Committee responded to the question of whether there was someone considering becoming clerk after November with “Not yet.” The person willing to be assistant clerk wishes to finish that responsibility in November also.


Another Friend asked about the composition of Ministry and Counsel, and how many people were needed to fill that committee. Friends were reminded that in the past the committee consisted of 6 people with staggered two-year terms. This has the advantage of providing institutional memory. However, three years ago, M&C operated with only 3 members; the committee was totally new, and as a result, the system of staggered terms got off schedule. Friends were reminded that M&C selects its own clerk.


One Friend suggested that, rather than going through the nominating process every year, we do the process in reverse: Keep people as long as they will stay and fill positions only when they want to be replaced. A member of the nominating committee replied that she feels strongly we shouldn’t make assumptions. The yearly nominating process is a good time for people to show discernment and reflect on whether they can continue. It is a form of Quaker process. To assume people will continue doesn’t promote that. It is hard to find people with a calling to do things, and the yearly process gives people time to reflect.


The Nominating Committee expressed much appreciation for several people who have been on several committees for several years. They also commented on the interesting process as way has opened in the last few weeks.


Meeting Accepted the Nominating Committee report with real gratitude; their task is not an easy one. Meeting Approved the first reading of nominations for 2015-2016.


Meeting continued with a short period of silence before the report of the Finance Committee. That complete report can be found in Appendix C.


Bob Gaines presented the report for the Finance Committee, currently composed of working members Bob Gaines and Treasurer Greg Cliburn (Roxanne Seagraves and James Hogan being consumed with work and family). He suggests that this business meeting concentrate only on what Finance and Good Works committees are proposing, leaving decisions to next month.


Bob summarized the most important parts of the report. Donations have been declining over the last 5 years. The amount of donations which can reasonably be expected is roughly equal to what it costs to operate the Meeting. The budget proposed for 2015-2016 is only for operating expenses (heat, light, etc.); Good Works, our donations to others, are not included. Faith and Practice includes financial support of Meeting as one of the responsibilities of membership. In reality, some of our largest donations come from attenders, while many members do not contribute financially. There is no opprobrium if financial circumstances do not allow donations. Meeting is aware that some faithful members and attenders stretch meager budgets to give a relatively large proportion, though a small dollar amount, to Meeting. For 2015-2016 it would require a contribution of $321 per member just to cover the proposed operating budget. Friends were asked for questions about the report. There were many.


Friends raised questions and concerns about communication of our finances to the broader Meeting community:

  • Can we project what we would receive from attenders? The Finance Committee replied that only the two people who handle the money know what people contribute. Typically, we don’t speak about what people give. Usually a mix of members and attenders make substantial ($100 or more per year) contributions. Over the year, 80 individuals wrote checks, some for as little as $10. Only 30 or so give over $100. The Treasurer said that he sent tax acknowledgements to 44 people; 24 members (33% of membership) and 20 non-members (12 of whom are listed in the Meeting directory).

  • A cost of $55 per member is directly attributable to membership (IMYM $50; Regional $5).

  • A Friend pointed out three issues of financial awareness that may need to be raised: 1. Donations. How can Meeting help people remember the need? If people know better, they do better. 2. Why the separation of Good Works from proposed Operating Budget? (Response: Good Works needs were well laid out at last business meeting. We need to be aware we are taking in only as much as needed to run the Meeting.) 3. The need for conversation about the mismatch of donations to the operating budget. The convener of the Finance committee commented that we are obliged to pay for operating expenses. We are perhaps obliged in a different way to pay for Good Works.

  • We need to make people more aware more often.

  • The different categories and allocations of the budget need clarification in order to separate an operations-only budget from Good Works. It was suggested to present a monthly running budget to see where we are each month in terms of income vs. expenses. Other suggestions included a pie chart or thermometer. The Quaker style was appreciated, rather than the weekly collection basket of other denominations.

  • There was confusion about the switch to a July to June fiscal year. The Treasurer replied that we are just finishing the first full fiscal year. In 2014 the months January to June stood on their own.

  • Another Friend asked why operating expenses for this fiscal year are actually $9,000 less than budgeted. The Finance Committee explained that spending variations, especially in utility and garden costs, have led to overbudgeting. The proposed 2015-2016 operations-only budget for next year, while closer, will still retain a cushion. The Clerk added that if Good Works are included the total budget would be almost $30,000. Meeting has not taken in the amount budgeted, but has taken in the amount spent so far this fiscal year.

  • A Friend asked whether we could use revenues from the use of the Canyon Road building to fund the operating budget. The Finance Committee and Clerk reminded Friends that money from use of the guest apartment and Meetinghouse goes into a separate maintenance fund which is used for the 630 Canyon Road building. The sequestered funds, approximately $150,000, are awaiting Meeting’s decision on how they should be used. Donations feed the operating budget in a very direct way.


At this point, Meeting accepted the part of the Finance Committee’s report discussed so far.


The Finance Committee introduced the “operations only budget option for 2015-16”, including the proposed line-item details in that budget. Please link to this budget proposal at

Friends read the proposed line items silently. Discussion ensued. One Friend asked if a 5-year average is used to project utilities. Another Friend asked about the Scholarships line item in relation to IMYM assessment. The committee replied that the IMYM line item is an assessment, while the scholarship item allows Meeting to support members and attenders to go to Quaker oriented events (IMYM, Mountain Friends Camp, FGC, social justice conferences) which they cannot manage financially for themselves. The similar item in IMYM’s budget allows additional support for individuals to attend IMYM, after it is clear what individuals and local Meetings can provide. Line items, such as child care, in some cases serve as places to charge expenses; actual usage can be variable.


Discussion focused on trends in donations. The Clerk asked whether the change in amount of donations in the last 10 years is structural, based on the fact that membership is down 20% and substantial donors are no longer with us. The Treasurer replied that people are giving what they are led and able to give. One former treasurer said that it seems that regular contributors still follow the same pattern. Another said that although we have lost many members and attenders to death, the real problem is that so few members give.


Good Works were formerly part of the total operating budget, and carried by donation income.

This year, Finance is presenting solely an operations budget and Good Works is presenting the other budget separately. They will be joined if we decide to do it.


The Line Item Budget was accepted as presented. Further discussion and approval wait until next month.


Meeting took a short break, followed by a period of silence.


Report of the Good Works Committee—Please see full report in Appendix D. The proposed Good Works Budget can be found at

(Be sure to go all the way to the right of the page for total information presented).


David Henkel, convener of the Good Works committee, presented the report and budget, beginning with what the committee hopes to achieve at this business meeting. The latest meeting of the Good Works committee included David Henkel, Frank Hirsch and Irene Webb.


At last month’s business meeting the Good Works committee brought a spreadsheet showing organizations to which Meeting currently donates and amounts. The Good Works committee suggested at last month’s Business Meeting that next year’s Good Works donations be slightly increased. The basic premise was that Good Works contributions are part of our spiritual discipline as well as doing good in the world. However, budgetary realities advanced by the Finance Committee currently present a challenge. Meeting is being asked to look at issues in a different light. Are members involved in the actual work of organizations we give to? Do some organizations duplicate activities? Does a particular organization relate to worthy concerns?


The committee wants to focus on 2 things:

1. In our spiritual practice, does contributing to Good Works allow us to address concerns in the world we are drawn to address?

2. If we make a formal statement to do that, are we not obliged to meet that responsibility? (E.g., the electric company turns you off; St. Elizabeth’s Shelter doesn’t). Is contributing to Good Works a need for the Meeting? Do we need to do Good Works at all?


Meeting is $4,000 in the red (i.e., we have $4,000 less in revenue than in budgeted expenses), leaving only 33% of what we had budgeted for Good Works for this fiscal year. If we reduce the amount budgeted by the shortfall, each organization would get only 1/3 of what we had pledged.


Meeting was then presented with a pie chart, showing that the current Good Works budget for 2014-2015 is 18% of the Meeting’s budget. Is Meeting comfortable with this amount? Is this the scale we should be embracing? Several years ago Meeting was inspired to balance what we consume ourselves with what we donate. Fifty percent parity is a philosophical question. On the practical side—if Good Works donations should be more, how do we switch allocations or raise more? In actuality, Good Works money available this year is considerably less than the 18% we anticipated to spend on Good Works.


Suggestions by committee: 1. Reduce number of organizations, 2. Cycle through over a period of two or three years (though not good for organizations), 3. Put all the Good Works money in one category, such as As Needs Arise, 4. Meeting gives nothing but information, but encourages individuals to contribute. 5. When a donation is given to Meeting, donor says what charity to give that money to. 6. Give brief descriptions of charities during announcements after Meeting. Information on organizations can be put on the web site if Meeting wants that to be done.


The Good Works Committee convener continued: Good Works are a corporate expression of our faith. We are stewards of our capacities in this life. We should not make up the shortfall by using the Corneli donation as a one-time fix. We should make our commitments for next year only based on what we raise this year—what we can realistically meet. There is a question of integrity. If we over-commit we are doing injustice to ourselves. We should not add new organizations to those already insufficiently funded.


The proposed Good Works budget looks at organizations and their engagement with Quaker testimonies, and direct Meeting involvement with each organization.


The Good Works committee was thanked for their comprehensive presentation and breakdown of organizations in terms of types of service.


The Clerk asked for a period of silence before the beginning of discussion.

David Henkel asked again: What is the relevance of us as a corporate entity making Good Works contributions? If it is important, are we not obliged to meet that responsibility?


The Clerk asked us to share for 10 or 15 minutes, then address Good Works again in the June business meeting.


One major discussion topic was the issue of parity between giving for the running of Meeting and donations to Good Works. A summary:

  • For several Friends, commitment to parity is extremely important. It was a major part of one Friend’s decision to join the Meeting.

  • Parity oversteps what a Quaker meeting should provide for the community.

  • We need to increase communication of what we do and why.

  • Parity feels like a romantic idea, but is not the nature of a Quaker meeting’s call. Our call is to fund organizations, with Quaker entities at the top. We need to respect the decision to fund at 33%; that’s what we have. Humility in the face of reality is important.

  • A Friend who was part of the parity decision points out that shortly after Meeting decided to strive for parity, we had enough income to get close to a 40 or 45% match. But at that point money sent to IMYM and Regional was considered part of Good Works, as was money for Scholarships and As Needs Arise. In that framework, maybe we are not doing as badly as we thought.


Another central discussion point was how to determine what organizations to fund:

  • Vetting of organizations is solvable, but complex. Is involvement of Meeting members and attenders sufficient reason for funding, or is alignment with Quaker values more important? Or types of service? Should we drop organizations with which Meeting members or attenders have no involvement? Which organizations we contribute to fund each other? Is this a criterion to use for elimination? Should we fund organizations as they have needs?

  • Some members of our Meeting benefit directly from services provided by community organizations supported by the Meeting. Some families have time rather than money to give to community organizations.

  • One Friend suggested a map showing how people are engaged with the community.

  • There is also the question of personal vs. corporate responsibility for donations.


Another focus of discussion was how to increase communication of what we do and why:

  • Is one of Meeting’s needs to give money to help others, to feed the poor and house people?

  • Are we adequately communicating the amount we need for our budget? The way information is presented determines who sees and hears it, but people also need to pay attention.

  • The Treasurer pointed out that a budget line item for Good Works looks like an optional piece of spending, rather than the necessity of paying the electric bill.

  • A Friend suggested that we be realistic, fill the pot as we can, and distribute what we have at the end of the year. We have no actual commitment to any organization to fund them this year, except for their expectations from our donations last year.


The Clerk and the convener of Finance Committee feel that all present agree that it is important for our Meeting to give to Good Works. The question is how much. Do we try to push to our budgeted commitment for the year, or to parity?


The Treasurer asked for direction about what to do about Good Works for the rest of the fiscal year. One third of the organizations have gotten the whole amount budgeted. Others haven’t gotten anything. Donations have so far been made to Quaker and to community groups in alphabetical order. The Treasurer had planned to spend 1/3 in each of April, May, and June, but there is not sufficient money to do that. We received a check for $10,000 from the Cornelis. Meeting has not been clear on it whether or not that can be spent to cover Good Works.


At 3:20, the Clerk asked Meeting to pause the discussion of Good Works to listen to the report of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee before the committee convener had to leave. Please see the full reports for April and May in Appendix E.


Peace and Social Concerns met 5/3/2015. Irene Webb reported on her recent trip to Casa de Los Amigos, a Quaker international peace guest house and community center in Mexico City. She shared her experience at Quaker House on Saturday, April 25 and will do so at 630 Canyon Road at rise of Meeting May 31. Reuben Laznovsky (Hersh) reported that Amnesty International is again looking at the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.


The committee also met 4/5/15. Two new attenders are keenly interested in Native American issues. The work of Paula Palmer was discussed.


The committee recommended that the remaining money in the Peace and Social Concerns line item be split between Nuclear Watch NM and New Mexico Energy Economy. Following some discussion by committee members, the action item was withdrawn. The committee will revisit the recommendation. The convener of the Good Works committee asks the P&SC committee to consider the recommendation in terms of the shortfall in the Good Works budget for this year.


Meeting Accepted the Peace and Social Concerns Committee reports.


Back to Good Works: If there is no more money, the Treasurer cannot give the designated donations to organizations listed in Good Works for 2014-2015.


Meeting must decide how to grapple with the long term budget issue. The convener of Good Works proposes a total budget for 2015-2016 of $26,300 (operations, plus Good Works funded only to the amount raised so far this year.)


A Friend raised the issue of the $150,000 sitting in the bank, as well as the $10,000 Corneli donation. Why can’t Meeting release the $10,000? Why can’t we use our savings when we come up short?

  • The Clerk replied that this is a simple question with a complicated answer. While a technical answer may be short, the vision aspects of the answer would take us a long time.

  • The convener of the Finance Committee replied that all of the (approximately) $150,000 from the Baumann bequest and the sale of the Camino Lejo land is general fund money, separated into two pockets by the Meeting. Meeting decided in 2014 that these funds need to be sequestered (sheltered from use) until it is clear what the money is to be used for.

Friends entered into a brief discussion of donor wishes and whether or not the funds are restricted.


Meeting took a short break, then resumed with silence.

Meeting directs the Treasurer to hold off on paying further Good Works items until we see how much money has come in by the next business meeting. Meeting will ask for donations to come up with the money needed to meet our Good Works pledge for this year. Anna Darrah, Karen Kuranz and Irene Webb offered to work on a campaign to present the need to the Meeting in a timely manner. Meeting approves the addition of $50 to the current Finance Committee line item to cover potential communication expenses. Meeting agrees to hold off on the discussion about the Corneli donation until the June business meeting. The question of how we deal with the Good Works budget for next year will also carry over to the June meeting.


Meeting accepted the Good Works Committee report.


Finance Committee, continued: The library budget has been over-spent. The Finance Committee asks Business Meeting to clarify who is authorized to make library purchases. The Treasurer must pay bills for items or services already received by the Meeting.


Meeting was reminded that Brad and Brooke Suter will be joining the Library Committee, to be mentored by current convener Jonathan Ashworth. If anyone needs library materials please take the request to Brad for consideration and approval by the Library Committee. The Turkle fund is also set aside for library use.


At last month’s business meeting there was a suggestion that perhaps the Corneli donation should not be used for ongoing expenses. If there are not sufficient other general fund donations to cover all 2014-2015 line items, the committee recommends that the Corneli donation be used for those unmet expenses. Meeting agreed to postpone discernment and approval of this recommendation to the next business meeting.


Ministry and Counsel Committee—Please see Full Report in Appendix F.


Ministry and Counsel met May 11, 2015. Discussion of the Finance Committee Worship Sharing and Spring Worship Group Gathering led to the suggestion that events where optimal attendance is desired be spaced farther apart. The small discussion groups were productive. Unity was reached on socially responsible investing of sequestered funds. M&C agreed that more education about what SFMM encompasses (Canyon Road and Worship Groups) is necessary.


Plans were made for Daingerfield Ashton’s memorial service on May 12. Observations on the spiritual life of the Meeting and Worships may be seen in the full report. M&C feels that the relationship between SFMM and SSFQWG is still unclear to some at Canyon Road, which affects how we struggle with coming to unity about managing SFMM funds. M&C agreed to a suggestion that an Ad Hoc Working Group, with defined tasks, be established to continue work on settling relations between SSFQWG and AFMM. M&C decided to table the proposal for a Jubilee or Celebration of Current and Late Friends.


The proposed Query for Sixth Month is: “Do we take the risks that right action demands?” (IMYM Faith & Practice, p. 136, #3).


Meeting accepted the Ministry & Counsel Committee report. Meeting approved the Query for Sixth Month.


New Business


June Business Meeting on 6/21. Meeting agreed that, despite the fact that it is Father’s Day, Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business will be on 3rd Sunday as planned.


The Treasurer received a bill for advertising of SFMM in Friends Journal. The cost is covered by budget. It was suggested that we make it clear in the listing that the Meeting is handicapped accessible. Meeting agrees to otherwise leave the ad as is.


The proposal of an Ad Hoc Working Group will be addressed at the next business meeting.


Meeting closed with silence at 4:10 p.m.


Appendix A

Resident Friend’s Report for Fourth Month

The Resident Friend served the Meeting 16 hours per week during Fourth Month. His tasks included attending business and committee meetings, cleaning the guest apartment and meetinghouse, collecting and distributing the mail, doing laundry, responding to e-mails and phone inquiries, purchasing supplies and a new vacuum cleaner (with the help of Marcy Pompei), booking the guest apartment, speaking with guests, passing donations on to the Finance Committee, assisting with the opening and closing of the meetinghouse on First Days, handling the trash and the recycling, sweeping sidewalks, helping Julie Harlow of Quaker House in Moscow with setting and packing up her merchandise displays, and working in the garden. Garden tasks included weeding, watering, pruning, purchasing and planting new plants, filling bird feeders and bird baths, knocking snow off the trees and bushes, spreading compost, and mowing the lawn.


Guest apartment occupancy: 22 nights out of a possible 29 nights, with Julie Harlow staying as our guest for one of those nights


Income from the guest apartment and use of the meetinghouse: $1040


Appendix B


5/15/15 Nominating Committee Report Fifth Month

The Nominating Committee is pleased to offer the first reading of people who have agreed to assume positions that are vital to the life of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting. We have been reminded, during our conversations with members and attenders, that many among us recognize that taking on additional tasks is beyond their strength or capabilities at this time. Several who have not been specifically designated to fill positions have offered to serve in various ways and as needs arise.

The list of nominations includes some suggestions that are unusual for our Meeting. The person who has agreed to serve as clerk is a sojourneying Friend who is in Santa Fe through our 11th month Meeting for Worship for Business. She brings with her a great deal of experience as clerk of Strawberry Creek Meeting, along with enthusiasm and a fresh perspective on the workings of a Meeting. She asked that we designate an “assistant clerk” with whom to work closely during the months she serves.

The nominating committee will continue to identify people to fill postions as yet unfilled, such as a recording clerk, as well as positions to national organizations and worship group liaison. We plan to resume the search for a long-term clerk in October.

Wyn Lewis, Karen Kuranz and Njoroge Tho-Biaz


Committee Positions Filled as of May 15, 2015

Clerk: Katherine Youngmeister (thru November 2015)

Assistant Clerk: Marguerite Kearns (thru November 2015)

Recording Clerk:

Treasurer: Greg Cliburn

Recorder: Philip Balcombe

Meeting Resident: Karl Wheeler

Archivist: David Giltrow

Building: David Giltrow (convener) Lester Maas, Bettina Raphael, John Kretzmann

Adult Education: under construction

Communications: Rebecca Miles and James Hogan

Conscientious Objection: Howard Shulman

Finance: Bob Gaines (convener)

Future Planning: Frank Hirsch (convener), John Kretzmann, Bettina Raphael

Garden: Marcie Pompei, Ariel Harrison

Good Works: David Henkel

History: David Giltrow

Hospitality: Jan-Willem Jansens

Library: Jonathan Ashworth, (convener) Brooke and Brad Sutor

Ministry and Counsel: David Henkel, Ann Lindsay, Betsy Lombardi, Howard Shulman

Naming Committee:

Nominating Committee: Wyn Lewis, Karen Kuranz, Njoroge Tho-Biaz

Residence: Marty Carroll (convener thru 12/15). Marcie Pompei, Ariel Harrison

Peace and Social Concerns: Pam Gilchrist

Watching: John Kretzmann, David Giltrow and Bettina Raphael

Young Friends:


Appendix C Also see proposed operations-only budget at

Finance Committee Report
Bob Gaines, Convener
May 17, 2015

The Finance Committee proposes an operations-only budget for 2015-16.

Donations over the past 5 years have been declining from $30,072 in 2010 to $19,290 in 2013 and $19,686 so far this year (excluding the $10,000 Corneli bequest).

Operating expenses have fluctuated between $17,421 in 2010 and about $19,500 this year (over that period actual operating expenses have been between $2,000 and $6,000 less than budgeted operating expenses -- in 2014-15 we budgeted for operating expenses of $27,920, but actual operating expenses may be only about $19,500).

In light of declining donations, it does not appear that we are able to budget for both operating expenses and Good Works donations without some change -- such as increased donations to the general fund or decreased Good Works donations.

So, to provide the business meeting with a clear sense of what we can do with the current (and anticipated) level of donations, we are presenting for discussion this operations-only budget for 2015-16. 

David Henkel will be presenting a Good Works budget, and the meeting can decide how or whether they want to fund it.

Proposed operating expenses for 2015-16 are budgeted at $23,100, which should be closer to actual expenses (utilities and committee expenses are always variable).

At last month's business meeting there was a question about over-budget library expenses.  The budget was $75, but the FJ and Western Friend subscriptions were $143, an oversight by the finance committee in preparing the budget (the proposed budget for the library has been increased to cover the next LJ subscription, and the current WF sub is for 2 years).  The meeting also authorized purchase of copies of journal with an article about Olive Rush, plus there was an order of songbooks.

The committee suggests the business meeting clarify who is authorized to make library purchases as the treasurer is not in a position to make that determination but must pay bills for items or services already received by the meeting.

Also at last month's business meeting there was a suggestion that perhaps the Corneli bequest should be considered special and not be used for ongoing expenses.  If there are not sufficient other general fund donations to make all of the 2014-15 Good Works donations, the committee recommends that the Corneli bequest be used for those donations.

Appendix D Also see proposed Good Works Budget at

Report to Santa Fé Monthly Meeting from the Good Works Committee

17 May 2015 – (David Henkel for the Committee)


  • Is donating to Good Works a need for the Meeting?

  • Do these donations speak to our testimonies? Should we only contribute to As Needs Arise?

  • If we were not to make donations as a Meeting, what would this convey to the recipients?

  • What are the actual obstacles to Friends donating to worthy causes through the Meeting?

  • What is the real source of our anxiety over contributing to the meeting?

  • In addition to money, what other kinds of resources are we willing to contribute?

  • If we decide not to donate to organizations that are doing good work, what message does this send to Young Friends? To others considering joining us?



  1. Santa Fe Friends Meeting approved a Good Works budget of $6075 for fiscal year 2014-15. This was equal to about 18% of our overall budget. In years past, we had vocally supported the idea of contributing an equal amount to good works as we spend upon ourselves as a Meeting.

  2. We increased the 2014-15 budget by adding $400 to the As Needs Arise category in the middle of the year.

  3. Members and attenders of Santa Fé Friends Meeting have raised insufficient funds—we are shy $4000--to meet the obligations we incurred.

  4. This means that we have an outstanding obligation for the current fiscal year, and raises questions about what we can actually support for the coming fiscal year.

  5. As Friends, we are obliged to truthfulness. Consequently, we should not pledge support beyond what we can deliver.



  1. 2014-15: Do not make up the shortfall between what has been pledged and what has actually been contributed by dipping into bequests; this is not a question of generosity on the part of individual Friends who are moved to fill the gap, but a matter of responsibility for all members to support the approved workings of the Meeting.

  2. 2015-16: We should peg our commitments to what we have been able to raise this year--that is, approximately 67% of what we had budgeted. Specifically, that would mean a total contribution of $2156 instead of the current figure of $6475. (This means about 6% of our total budget instead of 18%.) If we are able to raise more than that amount, then we should decide whether we should amplify our contributions to the existing organizations or extend our contributions to other organizations not currently supported.

  3. We should express support for no new organizations until we can raise the money to do so.


Other suggestions:

  1. There should be a single line for Good Works, allowing the committee to exercise its judgment.

  2. Cycle through the recipient organizations across a multiyear period.

  3. At the time of their contribution, request that contributors to the monthly meeting indicate the charities they think we should support.

  4. Read brief descriptions of the charities during announcements, following Meeting for Worship each week.


Appendix E

5-17-2015 Peace & Social Concerns Committee Report to Worship with Attention to Business

Peace and social Concerns met 5/3/2015 following our potluck. Those attending were Reuben Hersh, Irene Webb, Pam Gilchrist and, for a brief time, Maria Barcelona.

Irene reported on her recent trip to La Casa de los Amigos. The Casa is a Quaker international peace guest house and community center bringing together folks interested in Mexico. The Casa offers programs on peacemaking, understanding migration and trans-migration, undertaking economic and environmental justice advocacy; and participation in service work. Irene shared her experience as part of our How We Witness program at Quaker House on Saturday, April 25th. She would like to offer another session at Canyon Rd.


Ruben reports that Amnesty International is going to again look at the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. As a member of AI, Ruben will let us know what action may be helpful.

ACTION ITEM: Those attending P&SC agreed to recommend to the Meeting that the funds remaining in our line item of the SFMM budget be split between Nuclear Watch NM, and New Energy Economy.


4-27-2015 Peace & Social Concerns Committee Report to Worship with Attention to Business

Peace and Social Concerns met over a delicious potluck First Day, 04-05-2015, with new attenders Ann Coons, Anne Backus and Pam Gilchrist.

Following a time of silence we enjoyed getting to know each other. We learned that both our new attenders have a keen interest in Native American issues. We reviewed the work that Paula Palmer is doing with Indigenous Rights and denouncing the Doctrine of Discovery. The committee will send information on these programs and the upcoming workshop On Indigenous Rights as well as add Ann and Anne’s name to our P&SC Digest contact list.

Pam Gilchrist

Appendix F

M & C Report to SFMM Meeting for Business for May 17, 2015

Ministry and Counsel Committee met May 11, 2015.  Present: Allen Winchester, Clerk, Karen Kuranz, Recording Clerk, Ann Lindsay, Howard Shulman, Margy Willen and Jan-Will Jansens, ex-officio member.  Betsy Lombardi was unable to attend.

Query for Sixth Month: Do we take the risks that right action demands? (IMYM Faith & Practice, page 136, #3).

Finance Committee Worship Sharing and Spring Worship Group Gathering: Thoughts were shared regarding the amount of time in-between the Worship Sharing and Quaker Quest. One member commented that the closeness of the two events could have contributed to the low attendance of participants from outside of Santa Fe at the Worship Sharing. It was agreed that, going forward, events where optimal attendance is desired, will be spaced farther apart.

M&C members who attended the Finance Committee Worship Sharing appreciated the smallness of the discussion groups, which gave everyone a chance to speak their mind and the positive messages and good suggestions about how to spend SFMM funds. Jan-Willem was thanked for his leadership in clerking the Worship Sharing. Although disappointment in the low attendance was expressed, there did seem to be general unity about several topics, including socially responsible investing of sequestered funds. The committee agreed, based on remarks made at the Worship Sharing, more education about what SFMM encompasses (Canyon Road and Worship Groups) is necessary for members and attenders.

Memorial Service: Plans for Daingerfield Ashton’s  memorial serice on May 12 were discussed.

Observations on the spiritual life of the Meeting and Worship Groups

11AM Canyon Road: Good vocal ministry, much of it in response to recent Queries. There have been many visitors recently. The First Day School program continues strongly. There has been positive feedback on coffee and fellowship at the rise of Meeting. Sign-up sheets for volunteering have been circulated during announcements and the response is fair, however the response could be more robust. 9AM Canyon Road:The core group is consistent in attendance. There has been a smattering of guests. 

South Santa Fe Worship Group:

There are normally 10 to 12 attending Meeting for Worship.  New people are constantly coming to Meeting and are encouraged to learn more about Quakers and silent Meeting for Worship. SSFWG has an energetic yard committee. The worship group will have a discernment about their relationship with SFMM on May 31st

Las Vegas: The LVWG meets once monthly at Niki Sebastian’s house. There are usually 3 or 4 attenders .Tres Piedras Worship Group has only a few attenders during the winter months. Attendance is expected to increase in the summer. Taos/Clearlight : No information was received.

Proposed Ad Hoc Working Group: M&C discussed the history of SSFQWG and its relationship to SFMM. Jan-Willem thanked SSFQWG for all the hard work they have done on their discernment. M&C feels the relationship between SFMM and SSFQWG is still unclear to some members at Canyon Road, which seems to affect how we struggle with coming to unity about managing SFMM funds. Jan-Willem proposes that an ad-hoc working group work on the issue and plans to present a proposal for such a working group at the June Business Meeting. M&C agreed to let go of the responsibility of settling relations between SSFQWG and SFMM through worship sharing’s, more threshing sessions, etc., in favor of establishing such a Working Group with defined tasks.

Further Thoughts on a Jubilee or Celebration of Current and Late Friends: 

M&C decided to table this item but will revisit in the future.

Review of Monthly Calendar of Events

IMYM – June 10th through June 14th,  Early days begin June 7th

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business – May 17th

Meeting for Muffins – May 31st

How We Witness – not sure about upcoming dates


The meeting adjourned with a moment of silence.  The next  M & C Meeting is at 5:30 p.m. on Monday,  June 15 at Quaker House. The terms of the following four members will end June 30: Karen Kuranz, Margy Willen, Allen Winchester and Jan-Willem Jansens.  


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