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April 2015 Letter to Friends

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of FriendsFourth Month 2015

Fourth Month

Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., 2098 Calle Ensenada on the northwest corner of Siringo Road. 


Sunday, 4/05 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting, Peace & Social Concerns there after.

Sunday, 4/12 9:30 Chanting as Preparation for Worship @ Southside Meetinghouse

Sunday, 4/19 12:30 Regional Meeting in El Paso

Sunday, 4/26 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship @ Canyon Rd. Meetinghouse,

12:30 Business Meeting at the rise of Meeting


The Monthly Query for the 4th month, 2015


"How do I center my life in the awareness of the Divine so that all things take their rightful place?"



April 1 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906 or lhibbs@


April 5 – Monthly Potluck occurs at the rise of the 11:00 meeting. Please bring a dish to share and stay for a potluck in the library.


April 5 – Peace & Social Concerns will meet immediately following the potluck on Canyon Road. Please consider joining this important committee.


April 12 & 26 – Singing as preparation for worship.  Singing on 2nd and 4th Sundays: Feb 8th at  9:30am at Quaker House ( and Feb 22th at 10:00am at the Meetinghouse on Canyon Rd.  We sing simple chants and hymns, repeating the lines for memorization and for the pleasure of the music. For information, please contact Guthrie Miller  954-4224 or John Kretzmann 988-2152.


April 13 - Ministry and Counsel Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. at Quaker House, 2098 Calle Ensenada.  Anyone wanting to meet with M & C should contact Allen Winchester ,, Clerk of M & C.


April 17 -19, Regional Meeting will be gathering in El Paso, TX, Regional Meeting to be held in El Paso, TX.

April 26 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the 11:00 meeting.

May 2 – Save the Date: Finance Committee will host a threshing session on the Meeting’s Finances.Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Third Month (March 15, 2015)


Present: Jan-Willem Jansens (clerk), Peggy Giltrow (recording clerk), Frank Hirsch, Philip Balcombe, David Giltrow, Bob Gaines, Ariel Harrison, Marty Carroll, Linda Hibbs, Rebecca Allahyari, David Murphy, Elliott Skinner, Pam Gilchrist, Allen Winchester, Wyn Lewis


After a period of silence, Meeting began at 12:55. The Clerk read excerpts from “Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business”, pp. 35-36 of IMYM’s Faith and Practice.


All of the curiosities of Friends practice stem from this: the community is led by the Spirit, and the Spirit works through the whole community. Imagine a knotty issue as a complicated work of three-dimensional art. What is obvious at first glance to one person is not at all evident to someone else. So gradually we walk around it, different ones of us bringing aspects of the work to the attention of the community and as we do, we come to a fuller understanding. We undertake the walk together, we consider each aspect together, and as our understanding grows, so does our ability to work together for a solution. The Light shines from all directions….

Listening for the Light in each person’s words and waiting for guidance makes the business meeting an act of worship. Only when Friends are aware that they are functioning in the Divine Presence does the Quaker method achieve its goals. Thus, it is important that each business meeting begin in the stillness of worship so that its character will pervade the transaction of business….

An agenda does not preclude guidance: what is openness in worship can be lack of focus in business. The agenda is prepared by the clerk beforehand in consultation with the various meeting committees where they exist, but issues and concerns may be raised in other ways. A committee may bring a report, with or without a recommendation for action. If there is a recommendation, it eases way if in the form of a proposed minute. Individuals may bring concerns as well. Although it is helpful to approach the clerk ahead of time and ask for an item to be included on the agenda, an issue may be brought directly to the meeting. It is always useful to be able to explain to the meeting the kind of action that is being requested and the background for it, including options that were considered and discarded. After a concern is presented, the meeting holds the concern in the Light.


The agenda for Business Meeting, Third Month, 2015 was reviewed. Building and Finance committees announced they had no reports to make. The revised agenda was accepted.


Minutes for Second Month 2015 Business Meeting were approved with the following two corrections: The Minutes of the Corporation Meeting were published in a separate Digest on 3/2/2015, rather than following the Appendices of the Minutes of the Meeting for Worship for Business of 2/15/15. The verbal addendum to the Peace and Social Concerns report given at the Business Meeting of 2/15/15 should be corrected to say that the meeting by members (including Friends) of the Interfaith Leadership Alliance in the wake of the tasing of Leland Pascual on HWY 599 was with the Sheriff of Santa Fe County, not Espanola.


Report of Residence Committee—Please see full report in Appendix A


Having received 8 applications and met in person with 5 people, the committee recommends Karli Wheeler of Yorktown Heights, NY, as our next Resident Friend. A committed Quaker (clerk of her local monthly and quarterly meetings) with fine recommendations, Karli is enthusiastic about the position, confident about being able to meet income needs, and eager to relocate to Santa Fe.


Meeting accepted the Residence Committee Report and moved on to discussion of the recommendation. Karli has been here twice in the last few months, and hopes to be here again the last Sunday of March, as well as to attend part of Quaker Quest. She would be able to start in early June. Friends asked about the nature of other applicants, and were told of their qualifications and decisions not to pursue the position.


Meeting discussed the need for an available, live-in substitute when the Resident needs to be out of town. Ariel was thanked for her conscientious care-taking when needed over the past several years. Several people have indicated availability as live-in substitutes.


Friends were reminded that the initial commitment asked of a new Resident Friend is two years. There is no arbitrary ending time. The committee meets every six months to get feedback from Resident and Meeting about how things are going.


Meeting approved the committee’s recommendation of Karli Wheeler as our new Resident Friend. The Clerk thanked the committee for their work, and our current Resident Friend David Murphy for all he has done for this Meeting.


Resident Friend’s Report—Please see full report in Appendix B


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 12 hours per week. In addition to normal duties, tasks include shoveling snow and greeting students and staff from Arthur Morgan School of Burnsville, NC, who slept in the meetinghouse for two nights. The guest apartment was occupied for three nights by a paying guest and for 23 nights by Patricia Quintana, who is serving as a lobbyist with AFSC during the current legislative session. Income from guest apartment and meetinghouse was $227.


The Resident Friend again apologized for having to leave early due to family needs. He will work out his leaving date with Karli. It will be either June 1 or mid-June. The Resident Friend’s report was accepted with thanks.


First Day School Committee—Please see full report in Appendix C


The committee presented Meeting with the problem caused by having only a single small space for use with children, and the number and age range of those who attend (up to fifteen children, plus adults, from under 1 to pre-teens). They feel the need for a second teacher who can be on call as needed, on full or half pay as actually employed on a given day. One solution for more space would be to ask the new Resident Friend if the Casita could be used for older children on First Day mornings. The committee is ready to buy the picnic table to be placed under the shade structure near the juniper tree, but needs about $150 to $200 more to add to the available $680 to make the purchase.


Meeting accepted the First Day School Report. Discussion ensued.


Marty Carroll, our current First Day School Teacher, sees a need for a second teacher to work with babies and toddlers or with teens while she continues to plan and deliver lessons for 4 through 12 year olds. At present, with so many people in so little space, the distraction of toddlers makes it very difficult to provide older children with the quality experience they are eager to participate in. Beverley Weiler is willing in the short term to work with either age group. Parents of older children want to figure out how to make them want to stay a part of Meeting.


One Friend asked whether there is actually space to accommodate toddlers, particularly in inclement weather. Marty sees one of the functions for First Day School is to build connections among parents. Toddlers deserve a safe, engaged, age-appropriate program and parents deserve a break to attend Meeting. We need space for three different age groups. Space suggestions included use of the guest apartment (however, there are reservations about seating, soundproofing, availability of apartment to guests vs. children), of the Resident’s casita (generous offer from Resident, but puts the Resident in an awkward position), of the Portal (concerns regarding sound and lack of heat), pull carts to take little ones off-site, taking older children off-site (successful with Marty at Downtown Subscription in past), offering big brother/sister pairings of teens and little ones, or a yurt in the back yard as an interim space.


The Clerk pointed out, and Friends agreed, that this problem is actually a luxury. Meeting has wanted young parents and young children. Having a vibrant group of children is a cause for rejoicing. Meeting is scheduled to address space problems and Meeting priorities through Quaker Quest and the upcoming threshing session on the use of our finances. The First Day School committee is asking for interim solutions. Discussion then turned to the cost of addressing the committee’s recommendation of a second teacher,


Meeting approved allocating $500 to the First day School Committee to use to begin solving the problem by hiring another teacher. They will report back in May, anticipating the June budgeting process. Meeting acknowledged the extraordinary job Marty has been doing, and thanks her heartily.


Meeting then discussed the need for more funds to purchase the picnic table. Meeting approves allocating the necessary extra $150 to $200 needed to purchase the picnic table selected by the First Day School Committee as soon as possible for use in the upcoming summer season. The Building Committee will discuss transferring the amount needed for this purchase, in lieu of their offer to purchase a rug for the First Day School room (one was since donated).


A period of silence preceded the report of the Peace & Social Concerns Committee. Please see full report in Appendix D


The Committee asks that Meeting join with other faith communities, including Interfaith Immigrant Allies, in a hands-on project for Central American refugee mothers and children leaving federal detention facilities in Texas. Backpacks can supply basic needs as these families travel to their temporary homes. David Henkel can transport filled backpacks to Texas in late April. Meeting is asked to support this effort financially and by purchasing and packing suggested supplies for 10 backpacks (costing $40-$50 each), hopefully with the involvement of First Day School.


AFSC NM has authored HB 231 and duplicate SB 237 legislation to amplify procurement budgets for school meals in northern and southern NM to enable districts served by farmer training programs to purchase locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables.


The Peace and Social Concerns report was accepted.


After discussion of logistics, including sources of funds, Meeting agreed to support the Backpack Project. Meeting approved setting up a Perfect Potluck web site, to be coordinated by Rebecca Allahyari. Bob Gaines will accept money to be donated directly in support of the Backpack Project. If there are insufficient donations of goods or cash, the necessary balance can be drawn from “As Needs Arise.”


Meeting approved moving $400 into “As Needs Arise” to cover contingencies for the rest of the fiscal year.


Items need to be brought to the Canyon Road Meetinghouse on April 5th or 12th so that First Day School can pack them for transport. The link to specific backpack needs on Perfect Potlucks is: Donation checks should be made payable to Bob Gaines, not the Meeting, and will therefore not be eligible to receive an acknowledgment from the Meeting for tax purposes.

Friends continued to discuss where money to be moved to As Needs Arise would come from. The Meeting earlier decided to sequester the $150,000, which cannot be spent unless explicitly decided in a business meeting. One Friend suggested that money set aside in line items for support of local groups could be borrowed for cash flow purposes. Friends were again encouraged to consider increasing their unearmarked donations to the General Fund to help support the financial commitments Meeting makes which are not in the current budget. The Treasurer’s quarterly report will be submitted next month. Meeting can then decide whether we need to dip into money currently set aside.

Meeting sat in silence for several minutes, and then received the Report of Ministry and Counsel, which can be found in Appendix E.


The report included the suggested Query for April; the Annual State of the Meeting Report; details of arrangements for Quaker Quest; a request to change the date and venue for the Worship sharing on finance and Spring gathering of members and attenders of the Meeting and Worship Groups under our care; observations on the Spiritual Life of Our Meeting; concerns for members and attenders, particularly the health of Lowber Welsh and Ford Robbins; and an FGC pilot program for Deepening Spirituality. Meeting accepted the Ministry and Counsel report, and then considered the several action items.


Meeting approved the Query for Fourth Month of 2015: “How do I center my life in the awareness of the Divine so that all things take their rightful place?” (rewritten from Query 2, 2nd question, p. 139 IMYM Faith & Practice 2009).


All are encouraged to attend Quaker Quest, which will be held on Saturday, March 28, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at First Christian Church, 645 Webber Street. A potluck and song circle will occur Friday, March 17, at South Santa Fe Quaker Worship group, 2098 Calle Ensenada. John Kretzmann and Roxanne Seagraves have agreed to be presenters on Saturday responding to the query: “How has Friends’ testimony of integrity challenged and supported the choices you have made?”


Meeting approved the recommendation that the worship sharing on finance and Spring gathering be moved to Saturday May 2, and the change of venue to First Christian Church, 645 Webber Street. This site will have sufficient meeting space, space for childcare and activities, kitchen facilities, handicapped access and parking. Meeting also approved rental of the space for this event.


The State of the Meeting Report for 2014 was read, and followed by a period of silent contemplation. Friends who helped compile and write the Report were thanked. Meeting was asked to approve the report in preliminary form so that it can be read at Regional Meeting in El Paso on April 18. After another reading at a later business meeting the State of the Meeting Report will be sent to IMYM. Discussion ensued.


While our general style is not to refer to specific people, one Friend suggested that we name deceased Friends. Meeting asks M & C to include those names.


Other Friends suggested that the work of specific persons be recognized. Meeting felt that while the work of individuals in the garden should be recognized in the context of this discussion (thanks to Alan Rogers, Dave Wunker, Ariel Harrison, Marcy Pompei and David Murphy), individuals did not need to be recognized in the Report.


One Friend feels this is a wonderful statement: thorough, and interestingly different. Opinions on length differed, one asking if it needed to be so detailed and therefore so lengthy. Another thought thoroughness, including mention of conflict, was good, though perhaps a shorter version could be read at Regional. The Archivist pointed out that 50 years from now details would be clear and lay out a true picture; he felt reduction was not necessary or desirable.


The report is seen as important for our own reflection. The first page expresses the existence of only one Monthly Meeting. On the second page two meetinghouses are mentioned. It was suggested that adding the words “Canyon Road” to reports of the work of certain committees such as the building committee, First Day School committee, and garden committee would be appropriate.


The Future Planning Committee, on the other hand, was concerned with planning for the whole of SFMM.


Meeting once again discussed the complexity of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting community, with its historical origin in Canyon Road. IMYM’s Faith and Practice, while making explicit distinctions between monthly meetings and worship groups, does not totally apply to the relationship of South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group and Santa Fe Monthly Meeting. While an update of Faith and Practice may be desirable, it is beyond the scope of this discussion. SFMM is in the process of trying to identify ourselves in each location and for the whole community. The annual State of the Meeting Report is an important historical marker.


Meeting approved the first reading of the Draft State of the Meeting Report, with suggested changes. The revised Draft, which will be read at Regional Meeting, can be found in Appendix F. It will also be published in the Digest. Friends are asked to read it carefully before it returns for a final reading at the April 26 Business Meeting.


After a period of silence, three reports from the South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group were introduced. The 1st Quarterly report of 2015 from SSFQWG to SFMM was read. The full report appears in Appendix G.


Allen Winchester read the Quarterly report, which detailed how SSFQWG has spent considerable time trying to understand the request for discernment of the relationship between SFMM and SSFQWG. Meetings on this topic have been held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. In the first and 2nd months SSFQWG reviewed its history and process as a worship group, approved a brief “State of the Meeting” report for inclusion as part of SFMM’s annual report, and established a Building and Grounds Committee. Plans to begin the discernment process during third month on how SSFQWG sees itself as a worship group under the care of SFMM are on hold because convener Ford Robbins became seriously ill.


The report entitled “Founding of South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group” may be found in Appendix H. All Friends are asked to read the report carefully, so that Friends at Canyon Road can start discerning the relationship as well. All of us need to participate in this process so that we can proceed in unity as a Quaker community. Ministry and Counsel will consider how best to proceed.


SSFQWG’s budget for the period 1/1/15 to 12/31/15 may be found at


The reports from South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group were accepted with thanks for the effort and consideration which have gone into them.


The Clerk’s Report for the period of January to March 2015 may be found in Appendix I.


In addition to his regular duties, the Clerk assisted with the work of several committees, including organization of a worship sharing in May, facilitation of attendance to Regional Meeting in El Paso, and development of the State of the Meeting Report. The Clerk’s report was accepted with thanks.


New Business


Archiving of Meeting Records—Full report available in Appendix J


The ad hoc committee on archiving SFMM records is arranging to digitize early business meeting records. Lila Brooks, a young Friend, will perform her public service internship for Santa Fe Prep by scanning the documents into a library of archival quality files. No need for funding is anticipated. If required, the History Committee’s modest budget could cover minor expenses.


The Clerk announced that a Friend from Moscow will be in Santa Fe April 25 & 26, and wants to do a presentation on the state of immigration in Russia. Although April 26 is Business Meeting, perhaps the Friend can do a short informal presentation on the 26th. Meeting agreed to offer the guest apartment, for free if the Friend cannot afford to make the suggested donation. Rebecca Allahyari will contact the teacher of the Santa Fe Prep class in current Russian history to see if a presentation can be arranged for those students, perhaps by Skype.


Meeting ended with silence at 3:53.


Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Giltrow, Recording Clerk




Appendix A

Residence Committee Report and Recommendation

March 15, 2015


The Residence Committee has been actively engaged in searching for a new Resident, to begin around the beginning of June. We have received eight applications, and have met in person with five different people. We have communicated with the rest by telephone or e-mail.


It is the sense of our committee to recommend Karli Wheeler of Yorktown Heights, NY, as our next Resident. She brings very fine recommendations. She is enthusiastic about the position, confident about being able to locate part-time work to meet her needs for income, and eager to relocate to Santa Fe. She is a committed Quaker, currently clerk of her tiny historic meeting (Amawalk Monthly Meeting) and also clerk of Purchase Quarterly Meeting. She has visited our meeting twice in recent months, and had a chance to look at the ramada (Residence) and meet David Murphy.


We believe that she will make a very fine Resident for our meeting.


Submitted by Marty Carroll, convener of Residence Committee, on behalf of the entire committee


Appendix B


Resident Friend’s Report for Second Month 2015


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 12 hours per week during Second Month. His tasks included attending business meeting, cleaning the guest apartment and meetinghouse, shoveling snow, sweeping the sidewalks, booking the guest apartment and collecting donations, collecting donations for the rental of the meetinghouse, answering phone and e-mail inquiries, doing laundry, purchasing supplies, pruning and weeding in the garden, filling bird feeders, assisting with the opening and closing of the meetinghouse on First Days, handling the trash and recycling, and greeting students and staff from the Arthur Morgan School in Burnsville, North Carolina who slept in the meetinghouse for two nights as part of their school trip to the Southwest. The meetinghouse was used by the AA group on Mondays and occasionally by the meditation group Subud on Tuesdays. Patricia Quintana who is serving as a lobbyist with AFSC during the current legislative session has used the guest apartment free of charge but hopes to make a donation before she leaves in Third Month.


Guest apartment occupancy: 3 nights by a paying guest and 23 nights by Patricia Quintana


Income from the guest apartment and meetinghouse: $227


Appendix C


First Day School Committee Report for the March 2015 Business Meeting


The FDS Committee met on February 25th, 2015


We observed that it has become difficult to accommodate the increasing number of attenders in FDS. We now have quite a few toddlers, several 4-8 year olds, and our older pre-teens. It is challenging for one teacher to plan and implement a lesson for such a large group of kids with such a range of ages.


Therefore the FDS committee reached the agreement to recommend to the business meeting that we hire a second FDS teacher that would either be able to teach the toddlers, or be able to work with the teens. We also recommend that the FDS have access to the Resident Casita to use as a second FDS room for the older kids. We feel that with a new resident coming in that it might be easy enough to ask the new resident to make their apartment available from 11:45-12:00.


We planned out this years Easter celebration.


Last, we discussed our FDS room and equipment needs. FDS would like to move forward with

purchasing the picnic table to put in the garden under the back shade structure We have raised or had donated $680 (Jeanette Young's money, bake sale and a donation) and we would like to request that meeting provide the remaining $150-$200, especially given that the table would benefit all who use the garden, not just the FDS.


Appendix D


3/15/2015 Peace & Social Concerns Committee Report to Worship with Attention to Business


Peace and Social Concerns met First Day, 03-01-2015, with David Henkel, Wyn Lewis and Pam Gilchrist in attendance.


Following a time of silence we considered the following ACTION ITEM:

Wyn suggested we consider that SFMM join with other faith communities in a hands-on project for Central American refugee mothers and children in Texas. Interfaith Immigrant Allies has learned these families who are leaving detention centers while awaiting bond hearings need supplies as they travel to their temporary homes. Faith coalitions in San Antonio, TX, including Quakers, are requesting we support their effort. David Henkel offered to transport these filled backpacks on a trip to the area in late April. We ask SFMM to support this effort financially and with Friends contributing their time to purchase and pack the supplies. We hope the First Day School would get involved and learn about the refugee and immigrant issues that affect people in our midst. We have learned that each filled backpack would cost $40-50. We suggest our meeting contribute 10 backpacks.

David made a correction to the P&SC report of last month. The Interfaith Leadership Alliance met with the Santa Fe County, not Espanola, sheriff after a tasing incident on 599, and found him open to people engaging with the Department.  The desire is to promote ongoing connection between public and police, rather than just a public response after an incident of violence. A Friend suggested that this opportunity be shared with the Alternatives to Violence Project. David will follow up on this opportunity.


David reported that AFSC NM has authored HB231 (Doreen Gallegos) and its duplicate SB237 (Sue Wilson Beffort, Pete Campos). The legislation would appropriate money to amplify procurement budgets for school meals in northern and southern New Mexico. It would enable those school districts whose areas are served by farmer training programs (such as AFSC’s programs) to purchase locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. The program would be administered by the NM Department of Agriculture, which has successfully managed an appropriation for the North Valley cluster of Albuquerque Public Schools authored by former Senator Dede Feldman since 2007. Friends may be called on to contact their state senators or representatives when the bill comes up for a hearing.


We closed our meeting with a time of silence.


Appendix E


M & C Report to SFMM Meeting for Business for March 15, 2015

Ministry and Counsel Committee met March 9. Present: Allen Winchester, clerk, Betsy Lombardi, recording clerk, Howard Shulman, Karen Kuranz, Ann Lindsay, Margy Willen and Jan-Willem Jansens.

April Query: “How do I center my life in the awareness of the Divine so that all things take their rightful place?” (rewritten from Query 2, 2nd question, p139 IMYM Faith & Practice 2009)

The Annual State of the Meeting Report was read, minor changes made and approved. Attached below.

Quaker Quest: Arrangements seem to be in order for Quaker Quest which is Saturday March 28 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., at First Christian Church, 645 Webber Street near Wood Gormley Elementary School. The facilitators will be arriving Thursday March 26. A potluck and song circle will at occur Friday March 17 at South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group, 2098 Calle Ensenada. Jonathan Vogel-Borne, one of the facilitators will lead the singing. John Kretzmann and Roxanne Seagraves have agreed to be presenters on Saturday responding to the query: How has Friends' testimony of integrity challenged and supported the choices you have made?

Worship sharing on finance and Spring gathering of members and attenders of the Meeting and Worship Groups under our care: M & C recommends changing this event from Sunday May 3 to Saturday May 2 because we were not able to find a site that would meet our needs (childcare & activities, meeting space, kitchen facilities, handicapped access and parking ) on Sunday. The change of date has been approved by the finance committee. The First Christian Church is available on May 2.

Observations on the Spiritual Life of Our Meeting

9 a.m.: continues with their worship community and has a core group that shares mutual care..

11 a.m.: enjoys visitors and rich vocal ministry. There is limited fellowship after worship. but some may yearn for more fellowship afterwards, which has been difficult since eliminating coffee and tea opportunities.

South Santa Fe: usually has a stable attendance of 10 to 12 worshippers and they enjoy a hearty fellowship after worship. Some vocal ministry occurs. Once a month chanting occurs before meeting and sometimes during meeting as spirit moves.

Las Vegas Worship Group is attempting to meet once a month, most recently at Niki Sebastian’s home. Three or four attend, while several former regulars are attending the Presbyterian Church instead.

No reports were received from Tres Piedras or Taos Clear Light Meeting.

Members & Attenders Concerns: Concern was expressed about several friends. Lowber Welsh is recovering at his home. Ford Robbins is in grave condition at the VA Hospital in Albuquerque. Albuquerque Friends are trying to make arrangements for Margaret Robbins to spend nights with one of them so she doesn’t have to commute.

Deepening Spirituality: An FGC pilot program for Deepening Spirituality was briefly considered. Most preferred waiting until the pilot is over to consider it more fully for meeting.

Our next M&C committee meeting will be at 5:30, Monday, April 13th, at Quaker House, 2098 Calle Ensenada.

Appendix F

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting: State of the Meeting Report 2014


Prepared by Ministry and Counsel Committee and Clerk Jan-Willem Jansens, March 2015


In 2014, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting continued to define itself as a Quaker community, recognizing Spirit-led growth of community and taking joy in this growth. Progress was made on overcoming and resolving a number of challenges carried over from the preceding year. Through the work of committees, threshing sessions, and deliberations in business meeting, we ended 2014 with a sense of affirmation and growing confidence in finding a way forward on a number of critical matters.



The Canyon Road Building Committee manages a four-fold responsibility of Meetinghouse maintenance, safety and accessibility, preservation of the historic Canyon Road property, and the use and upkeep of the guest apartment and the Resident’s ramada. In 2014, major projects included a new paved walkway in the garden, consultation with the city fire department about emergency exits, and the addition of a ramp between worship room and library. Other tasks included various preventive and improvement projects.

The SFMM Finance Committee continued to focus on how to hold and how to use large cash reserves acquired two years ago. Although not leading to conclusive decisions about this issue, three threshing sessions led to unity on the idea that donations to SFMM can be used by the entire monthly meeting, including worship groups under its care. It has been interesting that reaching this financial decision honed how we define our monthly meeting.

The Canyon Road First Day School Committee reports growth (as many as 15 in attendance this year, compared to 10 last year) and innovative activities. Among these activities were new lesson topics (e.g., The Underground Railroad, peacemakers who have changed the world, etc.), harvesting and cooking produce from the Meetinghouse garden, and tie-dying socks for the homeless youth shelter. FDS also interfaced with Mountain Friends Camp in July.

The SFMM Future Planning Committee’s ongoing goal was to assess space needs for the Meeting. The Committee worked with members and attenders to clarify the size of space needed, parking, accessibility, affordability, etc. At a spring gathering, a number of options were discussed, from renovating or selling the existing building, to renting/buying another space or building a new Meetinghouse at the back of the current property. Meeting agreed to study the last option and approved a $4,000 budget for preliminary architectural plans to determine if construction at the back of the property is viable.

Visitors, members, and attenders (and tourists!) have noted the beauty and maturity of the Meetinghouse garden—a tribute to the vision, work, and perseverance of the Canyon Road Garden Committee. The focus of garden maintenance in 2014 was preserving the existing infrastructure by feeding with composted material and watering. The garden was awarded Wildlife Habitat Status by the National Wildlife Federation. It has become a meeting place for committees and other groups; and it was the inspiration for a summer series of art exhibitions, “Art in the Garden.” Between 70 and 100 visitors attended three events, where they viewed work of Quaker and non-Quaker artists and were served refreshments and greeted by First Day Schoolers.

The newly expanded Ministry and Counsel Committee’s tasks ranged from care of individual members to sponsoring or recommending specific projects related to the spiritual welfare of the SFMM. Among these projects were the following: gaining approval from Business Meeting to organize the March 2015 Quaker Quest workshop; supporting creation of an adult education reading group; two Kabarak Call events; co-sponsoring a Rights of Indigenous People event at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church; and, importantly, holding two gatherings with worship groups to better understand what “under the care of SFMM” means for all of us. It was clear from these two gatherings that some uneasiness exists between South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group and some SFMM members and attenders who worship at the Canyon Road Meetinghouse. As a first step to address this concern, M&C and the Meeting clerk jointly requested SSFQWG to create a fact sheet on their history; the Finance Committee also contributed to clearing up confusion and resulting distress with its conclusion about use of SFMM funds (see paragraph above). Finally and sadly, M&C gave much time in 2014 to preparing memorials and/or memorial minutes for eight members and attenders dear to our community: Helen Corneli, Martha Davis, Rebecca Henderson, Jeannie Mayes, Dimitri Mihalis, Karen Salzman, Curtis Sollohub, Colin Drew Sutton (son of Connie Durand), and Dave Wunker.

SFMM Peace and Social Concerns Committee has had an active year responding to a long list of local, national, and worldwide efforts for peace, justice, and the environment. In addition to direct action (e.g., letter writing), the Committee kept SFMM informed of these issues through a new listserv and it relayed FCNL and AFSC information and calls for action. Finally, the Committee sponsored a series of presentations, “How We Witness,” at the Meetinghouse by individuals speaking about their Friendly activism.

The Canyon Road Resident Friend, responsible for helping with upkeep of the Meetinghouse and garden and with booking space (Meetinghouse and guest apartment), was active on three committees and was responsible for attaining the Wildlife Habitat designation of the Canyon Road property. He was a key to the summer art shows and annual Christmas Eve open house.

Two committees remained inactive: Library and Adult Education.



A “small but faithful group,” Clearlight Worship Group (Taos) has been meeting twice monthly and regularly publishing meeting times, which draws occasional visitors. A highlight of 2014 was the marriage of an attender, which took place after the manner of Friends.

Las Vegas Worship Group ended a year of transition. The group, which once had as many as 20 attending worship, has diminished in size, seen the passing of a key member, and now meets irregularly. The group is experiencing some tension over vocal ministry during worship and finds its future uncertain.

Perhaps the smallest of SFMM worship groups, Tres Piedras Worship Group showed constancy and commitment to its Quaker practices. No small feat, members attended the May gathering of worship groups in Santa Fe and saw their attempt to attend the November gathering thwarted by a car accident.

South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group has been meeting for worship and holding a fellowship hour every First Day at its meetinghouse on Calle Ensenada, Quaker House. The group has been successful in increasing attendance; it holds monthly business meetings; and has invited SFMM groups to use Quaker House for gatherings. The group ended the year with resolving an issue about how it conducts its business meeting and by embracing the request by M&C and the Clerk to review its history.



As in previous years, excellent electronic communication provided essential connections among the 72 members (30 of whom live outside Santa Fe/Santa Fe County) and numerous attenders. Although SFMM membership is in flux and down by 4 from 2013, the two Santa Fe meetinghouses continue to welcome many visitors at all First Day worship times. Potlucks and such opportunities as women’s gatherings and the Lucretia Mott Breakfast Club continue to provide for lively fellowship. In 2014, business meetings were increasingly worshipful and members and attenders were willing and open to discerning solutions to complex issues related to finances, worship group relations, and space needs. This Spirit-led calming is helping us re-envision our future as a monthly meeting and embrace important new directions, such as what we want for our youth.


Appendix G


1st Quarterly Report of 2015 from SSFQWG to SFMM


In 12th month 2014 attenders began writing agenda suggestions for meeting for worship with attention to business on a white board by the 3rd First Day so that whoever is clerking that month has time to set the agenda in advance of the 4th First Day.


We spent considerable time trying to understand the request from SFMM Clerk for discernment of the relationship between SFMM and SSFQWG. We realized we needed to review our own history and process before beginning this discernment process.


In the 1st and 2nd month of 2015 we reviewed our history and process as a worship group in preparation for this work. See attached. We anticipate that the discernment process might take some time.


During 2nd month we approved a brief “State of the Meeting” report for inclusion as part of SFMM’s annual report to Regional and IMYM (see attached). We struggled with finding a way to include a painful incident that occurred 10th month 2014 while still being brief as requested.


Also during 2nd month we established a Building and Grounds Committee (Danny Meehan, Anne Albrink, Nichoe Lichen) so that questions could receive a more timely response and so that details of the building care and maintenance of our Meetinghouse and property would not need to be discussed at length in business meeting.


During third month we had planned to begin the discernment process for the relationship between SSFQWG and SFMM but our convener, Ford Robbins became seriously ill and we did not want to begin this process without him.


Typically we have 10-15 in attendance at meeting for worship. We continue to meet in fellow-ship over refreshments at Rise of Meeting. All attenders play some active role in supporting the life of our worship group.


Appendix H


Founding of South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group


The Process

Friends met 1/14/2015 to review the early history and process of South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group (SSFWQG) to begin preparing ourselves to answer the discernment of the relationship between Santa Fe Monthly Meeting and SSFQWG (posted later in this document). Alison Nylund prepared a written history of the worship group at its earliest history. Ford Robbins, Allen Winchester, Wyn Lewis, Nichoe Lichen, Erin Trujillo, Diane LeResche, Ann Beauchamp. We met again on 2/12/2015, notes are at the end.


A second meeting on 2/11/2015 allowed us to complete missing information. Present were Ford Robbins, Nichoe Lichen, Philip Balcomb, Erin Trujillo, Ann Beauchamp, Diane LeResche, Betsy Lombardi.


The third meeting to continue this exploration will be held 3/11/2015 at 5:30 beginning with a potluck. This date coincides with our first anniversary of receiving our occupancy permit.


The History

SSFQWG grew out of a perceived need to provide more room to grow as a meeting and to provide better access for those in wheelchairs or who were coping with other physical challenges. These concerns had been voiced over quite a few years but adequate action was not taken. Alison Martinez especially began to feel this concern beginning in 2004 which continued to grow due to the failing health of her husband Tony and their difficulty with accessing worship at 630 Canyon Road meeting house. Her more detailed account is available in the SSFQWG library under History archives.


In June 2007 Alison asked SFMM's Ministry and Oversight to recommend the formation of a worship group toward this end. On July 15, 2007 meeting for worship with attention to business approved the formation of the worship group. On July 17, 2007 articles of incorporation were filed so that the meeting could operate as a religious non-profit. The worship group met in donated or rented spaces for the first year. Alison Martinez, Audrey Miller, Ruth Halcomb, Nina Sammon attended. A simple room in the village of Agua Fria at the International School of Chinese Medicine was the first official meeting space.


Starting in the late spring of 2008 the worship group received several substantial financial contributions of about $268,000. In August of 2008 a five-year lease was signed by officers of the corporation at 1730 Camino Carlos Rey North Unit 209 and paid about $125,000 in rent for that five-year period. It was ecologically friendly and provided excellent handicapped access. Attendance grew over the next five years as Friends met for silent worship, education and social engagement over refreshments.


Over the next five years at Camino Carlos Rey, we shared use of our space with Canyon Road Friends and Friends throughout the region. Regional Meeting was held there one year. Community groups used the space too. Throughout the past six years, monthly newsletters sharing our progress as a worship group went out to more than a hundred Friends throughout the region. The communication between SFMM and SSFQWG never became a formal process however because none had been established.


Process for planning our next meeting space


Recognizing our lease would be ending in 2013 we began a process of discerning our next meeting space.


From January 2011 through the end of May 2011 we met regularly to explore what our next meeting space should be like recognizing that our 5 year lease would be ending in July 2013. The long-range planning coordinator for Santa Fe Monthly Meeting was encouraged to attend these meetings or send someone from the committee but no one came. Three from SSFQWG were invited and participated in the Long Range Planning meetings for Canyon Road.


We explored options and values for having a meeting space and thought through many options. We concluded that if it were possible the best stewardship of the remaining funds left to us would be to invest them in a meeting house rather than to pay rent at a new location.


These guiding principles for finding a new meeting space were finalized after months of long-range planning meetings on May 29, 2011. Minutes and diagrams are available in the SSFQWG library.






Our sense of Simplicity will be reflected in our space if:

It is easy to maintain;

It has minimal constraints on use;

It is physically easy to reach, that is, it is central in its location and south of St. Michael’s Drive;

Maintenance issues do not overwhelm worship needs;

It’s physical and aesthetic characteristics reflect Quaker values; and

The financial burden is commensurate with our ability to sustain it.



Stewardship is also important to us. Our sense of Stewardship will be reflected in our space if:

It is non-toxic;

It is energy-efficient;

Each of us is responsible for care of the space;

We exercise care in combining rides when possible;

We use sustainable, renewable energy, if possible;

The space has low impact;

We each recognize our financial obligation; and

We use our talents to improve or not improve the space.


Equality: The enrichment of diversity is important to us. Therefore we will be open to sharing our space with other groups who share our values when requested to do so. We will create a structure for determining whether to approve any such request, seeking guidance from our testimonies and values, on a case-by case basis.


Accessibility for all is also important to us. We will keep in mind accessibility needs as we determine our space needs. We are looking for a place that is south of St. Michael's Drive.



We are open to the idea of renting space with another religious group holding similar values to our own, sharing rent and other costs, provided the other group does not need to use the space at the same time.


A fixed address is important to us. However, we may temporarily meet in homes during our transition.


It was agreed that we would acquire space based on current needs, and then grow with time, moving to a new location if that was the best option to expand physical space.


Finding and Establishing Our Next Meeting Space


In the spring of 2012 we were informally approached by the Long Range Planning Committee Coordinator at the Canyon Road meeting and also our liaison from SFMM about joining financial resources to unite SSFQWG and Canyon Road meetings under one roof. We explained that that was something we were open to but that we had time-constraints in finding a space that reflected our values that might not allow for that. We also began to realize and explained to them that in the six years since the worship group had formed that the people who were attending SSFQWG had no substantial experience with the Canyon Road meeting and that they may not feel drawn to join with a meeting with whom they had no experience. A few stated they had tried attending at Canyon Road but did not feel comfortable.


Fifteen months after completing the above agreed upon values and principles for a future meeting space, in August of 2012 we put an offer of $85,000 on a house on James Street we believed met those principles and might make a good meeting space. The property was a short-sale and there were many delays and complications in negotiations over the next seven months. It was not until March 2013 we learned that Bank of America would not honor the contract we signed with them. Our lease on our current place was to end in a few months in July of 2013 so our search for a new meeting place intensified.


In late April 2013 we found a distressed home whose owners had died. The sale of the proceeds were to go to their adult children. It was within our budget but it needed considerable work. After careful consideration and a leap of faith we decided to move forward with the purchase. At the end of May 2013 we purchased the home at 2098 Calle Ensenada for the amount of $103,000 to convert to a place of worship. From July 2013 to March 2014 Friends worshiped in the home of Nichoe Lichen.


We began the process through the City of converting a residence to a place of worship. We met regularly to plan the remodel of the building to meet commercial requirements and started informally to make changes to the interior.


Our work was stopped by the City on July 5th, 2013 because we did not have a building permit. We hired Courtenay Mathey as our architect to assist us in meeting the commercial building permit requirements. We hired Sergio Nunez to be our general contractor. Our permitting process both with zoning and with building permits had many unanticipated challenges and expenses. In November of 2013 we finally received our building permit. Our work was slowed again, however when our electrician requested payment and then abandoned the job. We got back on track in December with a new electrician. Through nearly constantly changing requirements and increased expenses and obligations, the worship group stayed faithful to Quaker process.


To meet unanticipated expenses attenders from the worship group sold personal art in the amount of $18,000 to help pay for the extra expenses. Others contributed as generously as they could. A Friend from the Canyon Road Meeting provided a short term loan of $12,000 to help us continue the renovation. In October we requested $8,000 financial assistance from SFMM. After careful but painful and difficult deliberation over the next several months Santa Fe Monthly Meeting agreed to give us $4,000 as an outright donation and $4,000 in a loan that could be repaid in ten years or possibly be converted to a gift. We attempted to borrow the additional $15,000 that would be needed from local banks and credit unions and learned that our worship group did not have an adequate history of income to qualify. We were finally able to borrow $15,000 from the Meetinghouse Fund to meet the remaining expenses. As of 2/15/2015 we owe about $9.340 on our 15 year mortgage to the Meetinghouse Fund and $4000 payable to SFMM within ten years. Both financial obligations are well within our worship group's capacity to repay. Friends continue to contribute financially to the routine expenses of the meeting house. Several have been able to help make substantial financial contributions. Should our worship group dissolve the current designation for our financial resources is IMYM (as stipulated by the Meeting House Fund) and as second, SFMM.


After many challenges and delays weathered with unity and in a timely fashion by the attenders, on March 11, 2014 we received official approval from the City to begin worshiping formally in our new meetinghouse. The sheet rock dust settled and life began anew for us in our new place of meeting.


We began to meet regularly for worship in our new meeting house. We held monthly education meetings, business meetings, pot-lucks and recreational activities. We set up a budget to help us meet our obligations.


On October 19, 2014 Jan-Willem Jansen, Clerk of SFMM formally requested discernment of the relationship between SFMM and SSFQWG (below). It was this request (below) that caused us to begin the previous formal review of SSFQWG's formation, history and process as a worship group so that we might have the grounding to answer this request


Discernment of the Relationships between SFMM and South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group


During the BM of October 19, 2014, Friends observed that it would be difficult to find unity about the allocation of our large cash reserves because we have not yet resolved the lack of clarity and associated feelings in the relationship between SFMM and SSFQWG. M&C also observed this concern and is willing to discern how to assist in finding clearness and make a recommendation to Business Meeting in December about the clearness process. The clerk of M&C and I propose that:


1. M&C would facilitate this process with a worship sharing and clearness meeting.

2. M&C would develop a proposed minute (fact sheet) about the history of what happened in the establishment of SSFQWG and the financial support it received from SFMM.

3. The minute would be made available to be approved in Business Meeting in December prior to the worship sharing and clearness process, along with the process for clearness, and a schedule for the meetings.


I would like to clarify at this time to Friends what the formal relationship is:


SSFQWG is a worship group under the care of SFMM. Members/attenders of SSFQWG are considered part of the SFMM community and are invited and encouraged to attend the SFMM’s Business Meeting, be open to receive the calling of service on committees of SFMM, be open to participate in Regional Meeting and IMYM, and to make contributions of financial and in-kind nature in accordance with their own strength and light to defray part of the annual operating costs of SFMM, including the annual IMYM assessment. Consistent with these customs, all funds of SFMM, and also the large amounts of cash reserves of SFMM, are in principle available for causes of the entire SFMM (including worship groups).


Our Faith and Practice only offers guidance for worship groups that follow an intention to become an independent monthly meeting. F&P recommends that such worship groups become preparatory meetings under the care of a Monthly Meeting.


It has been our custom that worship groups operate with a certain degree of independence regarding (1) their financial needs and obligations, (2) outreach to members and attenders, and (3) business-related decision making. For small worship groups with few financial obligations and business decisions the current level of limited guidance about the nature of the relationship and mutual responsibilities is of little consequence to the SFMM’s budget and business agenda. However, regarding SSFQWG, the fact that SSFQWG has been established for other reasons than geographic remoteness from Santa Fe’s Canyon Road meetings for worship, and that it has real estate assets, requests contributions from its own members for its own business, runs its own Business Meeting, and organizes independent outreach activities in Santa Fe, sets SSFQWG apart from the other worship groups.


As a result of these differences of SSFQWG and other worship groups, I observe several open questions that need further discernment and about which clarity is important to return a sense of ease to all Friends in Santa Fe. Open question are: (1) What parity (or reciprocity) would be desirable between (on the one hand) the privileges of worship groups and their members to be part of SFMM Business Meeting processes and to be potential beneficiaries of support from SFMM, and (on the other hand) the responsibilities of worship groups and their members in sharing business aspects about their worship groups in general and/or as questions arise in Business Meeting? (2) What processes and relationships need to be developed and nurtured to grow our unity as one monthly meeting community and to further Quakerism in the Santa Fe area?


On 2/11/2015 Though SSFQWG was under the care of SFMM for more than seven years before moving to 2098 Calle Ensenada we were rarely visited by Friends from Canyon Road. When visits occurred it was in an informal capacity. It should be recognized that this visitation or over-sight was also not requested by SSFQWG except for the times when the coordinator from the Canyon Road Long Range Planning Committee was invited to participate in the SSFQWG's 2011 long-range planning process and when three attenders from SSFQWG later participated In Canyon Road's long-range planning process.


Roles and expectations between the monthly meeting and our worship group had never been formally established although we had had communication contacts. Betsy Lombardi became Ministry and Counsel Liaison between SFMM and SSFQWG in September of 2014

In addition to adding to the history and process, a participant asked for clarification of what it meant for a "worship group to be under the care of a meeting". A second participant requested that it be included in this document so that others might have this information.


Guidelines for Coming under the Care of an Established Meeting 1. What Does It Mean to Have a Worship Group “Under the Care of the Meeting?” Quakerism tends to be a grass roots faith. Worship groups have been known to spring up spontaneously, and grow into vital meetings on their own. But the process of germination and growth is helped enormously by the active involvement of an established meeting which takes the new worship group “under its care.” So what is involved in caring for a worship group? Here are some guidelines for meetings considering this ministry opportunity.


2. Always remember that new worship groups are vital to the future of Quakerism. Established meetings should look for opportunities to plant new worship groups and should joyfully welcome such opportunities when they arise.


Sometimes meetings worry that they will be weakened if the energy of some of their members is diverted into a new worship group. Experience shows that the opposite is true. The energy of the newly planted is more likely to spill over into the parent meeting and revitalize it. Any leading to start a new worship group needs to be seen as a sign of life and vigor and should be lovingly responded to.


3. If your meeting is approached about helping to start a new worship group, either by one of your own members or by a Friend or Friends from outside, the first step is to appoint a clearness committee. The clearness committee would meet with the Friend or Friends making the request to explore what is being proposed and why. Remember that this may be an important opportunity for the meeting.


4. If the new group has already been established, the clearness committee will want to explore with the Friend or Friends what is being requested of your meeting. 4. The next step is to explore whether there are at least two or three other people who are willing to help establish or nurture the new group, depending upon what’s being requested or needed. These might be people who are willing to be part of the group or meeting members who are willing to expend energy in helping it get started and nurture it while remaining part of your meeting. Once this group is identified, the clearness committeemeets again, to help the volunteer Friends clarify their mission and Adapted from a piece appearing in the “Quaker Toolbox” Quaker Meetings Toolbox |


5 The clearness committee will want to consult your yearly meeting’s Faith and Practice to see what procedures and processes it lays out for new groups and meetings having such a group under its care. If the leadings are clear and the group is ready to proceed, the clearness committee recommends to the meeting for business that your meeting take the new worship group under its care.


6. Your meeting should then prepare the Friends who are starting or nurturing the group advice and counsel as needed. This should include asking the Friends to give periodic reports on the group’s development. Friends who have been asked to provide nurture should visit regularly with the new worship group.


7. Friends from the worship group should plan to attend meeting for business at the parent meeting, and report regularly to the parent meeting on their activities and concerns.


8. Membership in a worship group is usually held by the parent meeting and marriages taken under the care of the parent meeting. Usually only established monthly meetings are able to exercise this kind of semi-legal authority.


9. When the worship group is strong enough to manage its own business independently, it may ask the parent meeting for recognition as a monthly meeting in its own right. The process is often laid out in a yearly meeting’s Faith and Practice.


Appendix I


DECEMBER 15, 2014 – MARCH 14, 2015



Assisted with several M&C related tasks, such as scheduling, an ad in the paper, assistance with organizing a worship sharing in May, and the State of the Meeting report

Prepared and clerked the 3 MFWwAtB in January-March 2015

Assisted with process and programmatic aspects of the Future Planning Committee’s work

Participated in January-March 2015 M&C Committee Mtg (ex officio)



Assisted P&SC Committee with writing a letter

Usual communication with and support of committees and Friends, e.g., with letters and conveying information

Assisted with review of the Recorder’s data



Assisted with facilitating attendance and travel to Regional Meeting, including phone calls with RM Clerk and organizers in El Paso

Coordinated several scheduling activities and made arrangements for people to close meeting for worship

Appendix J

New Business: Archiving Meeting Records


The ad hoc committee on archiving SFMM records is arranging to digitize the early business meeting records, including the first organizing committee. The beginning is expedited by having the services of Lila Brooks who will perform a public service program through Santa Fe Prep on behalf of the Meeting. Lila will spend approximately a month starting on 4th Month, 20, through 5th Month, 15, for some four hours per day, five days a week.


She will use a combination of her own computer and the scanning equipment on loan from a committee member. This work will be conducted in the First Day schoolroom. The work continues the archival preservation of the Olive Rush materials by Kate Pope in 2006.


The result will be the start of creating a library of archival quality files which will be available through one of three historic Quaker colleges (Haverford, Swarthmore, and Earlham) and possibly the New Mexico State Archives’ NM religious organizations holdings. When digitizing is completed, the Meeting will be asked by the committee to determine the location of the original materials.


At this time, the committee is not anticipating requesting any funding. If required, the History Committee’s modest budget could be a source for minor expense payments.


The ad hoc committee is composed of Marguerite Kearns, Bettina Raphael and David Giltrow with Peggy Giltrow, Lila Brooks and Rebecca Allahyari serving as technical advisors.


Respectfully submitted, David Giltrow, Meeting archivist

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