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February 2015 Letter to Friends



Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Second Month 2015


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., 2098 Calle Ensenada on the northwest corner of Siringo Road. 


Sunday, 2/01 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting,

Sunday, 2/08 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship @ Southside Meetinghouse

Sunday, 2/15 12:30 Business Meeting at the rise of Meeting

Sunday, 2/22 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship @ Canyon Rd. Meetinghouse



The Monthly Query for the 2nd month, 2015

 In what manner does Spirit inform our active witness?” (Source: SFMM Ministry & Oversight Committee, about 2004/2005, recommended by Ministry and Counsel in light of the local, national and international activism that currently fills our minds and hearts)


Feb. 1 – Monthly Potluck occurs at the rise of the 11:00 meeting. Please bring a dish to share and stay for a potluck in the library.

Feb. 1 – Peace & Social Concerns will meet immediately following the potluck on Canyon Road. Please consider joining this important committee.


Feb. 4 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906 or lhibbs@

Feb. 5 - Ministry and Counsel Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. at Quaker House.  Anyone wanting to meet with M & C should contact Allen Winchester ,, Clerk, by February 4.  

Feb. 8 & 22, – Singing as preparation for worship.  Singing on 2nd and 4th Sundays: Feb 8th at  9:30am at Quaker House ( and Feb 22th at 10:00am at the Meetinghouse on Canyon Rd.  We sing simple chants and hymns, repeating the lines for memorization and for the pleasure of the music. For information, please contact Guthrie Miller  954-4224 or John Kretzmann 988-2152.


Feb. 15 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the 11:00 meeting.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

First Month – (January 18, 2015)


Present: Jan- Willem Jansens (clerk), Peggy Giltrow (recording clerk), Bob Gaines, Pam Gilchrist, John Kretzmann, Philip Balcombe, Betsy Lombardi, David Giltrow, Allen Winchester, Karen Kuranz, Lester Maas, Greg Cliburn, Rebecca Allahyari, Linda Hibbs, Elliott Skinner, David Murphy


After a short period of silence, Meeting began at 12:45 with an inspirational reading from Intermountain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice, p. 120, Advice #3,


In meetings for business, work and worship together with patience and warm affection for each other, aware of the peaceable spirit of the light of Truth. A majority decision or even consensus is not the goal. In waiting patiently for divine guidance, Friends’ experience is that the way that leads to unity will open.”


The Clerk also shared the quote from the previous page from Barney Aldrich as remembered by Phyllis Hogue, 2002: “I always go to monthly meetings because if I don’t, they usually end up doing some darn thing or other.”


The Clerk then read the proposed agenda, adding the Recorder’s report as the first topic after approval of Minutes. Friends accepted the revised agenda.


Minutes for Twelfth Month 2014 Business Meeting were approved.


Recorder’s Report—Please see Appendix A for full report, 2014 Santa Fe Monthly Meeting Census form for IMYM, and list of current members of SFMM .


The Recorder reported that as of December 31, 2014 Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends had 72 members, 44 living in Santa Fe, 18 in other parts of New Mexico, and 10 out of state. The Recorder will ask for help if he feels a specific need, and is happy if people will help with corrections.


One Friend asked whether the membership records are confidential. The Recording Clerk will check with other Meetings about common practice and share that information at the February business meeting. Friends were assured that death preparation information forms which some Friends have elected to prepare are kept in sealed envelopes until needed and are not part of the Recorder’s files. The Recorder will digitize the basic membership form so that it can be made available to members who might need or want to add information.


The Recorder’s report was accepted with thanks


Peace & Social Concerns Committee – Please see full report in Appendix B


Peace and Social Concerns continues to explore how to work together as a community to support long term immigration solutions. Friends are directed to the P&SC Digest and New Energy Economy at for plentiful information on the January PRC/PNM hearings. Other concerns included death row status of two New Mexico men, the January 20 sponsorship of the “We the People” event at the Roundhouse, and the synergy of the Public Bank and Public Utility initiatives.


The P & SC report was accepted with thanks. Friends are grateful for all the information and clarifications passed on to us.


South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group


Betsy Bartels brought a Minute and report from South Santa Fe Worship Group. The minute, approved by the South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group at their Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business of 12th month 28th day, 2014, reads:


SSFQWG encourages those present at [SFMM] monthly business meeting to proceed with any financial decision making. We recognize that all under the care of the monthly meeting are encouraged to participate in and contribute to the decision making process.”


Betsy explained that SSFQWG has begun exploring the discernment of the relationship between SFMM and SSFQWG with a series of discussions, beginning on January 14 with a presentation about the history of the worship group (e.g., formation under care of SFMM on 15th day, 7th month 2007, and guiding values and principles approved in 2012 and 2013). Betsy explained that the Minute means that SSFQWG is saying yes to being a participative part of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, where decisions are made in the Spirit of the Light. And [SFMM] Business Meeting is where decisions should be made for the entire SFMM community. Those who want to be part of decision making are encouraged to participate in business meetings.


The Clerk reminded Friends that the October, 2014 SFMM business meeting discussed scheduling a meeting about the use of the two large funds. However, Friends cautioned that relationships of Monthly Meeting and Worship Groups should be clarified first. The process has started. Subsequently, the Clerk and Ministry and Counsel have been aiding in this process. As acknowledged by the report and minute from SSFQWG, all worship groups are part of SFMM. The topic will be further addressed in the M&C report.


South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group’s report and minute were accepted.


Ministry and Counsel Committee -- Please see full report, including Observations on the Spiritual Life of Our Meetings, in Appendix C


Ministry and Counsel reports that Quaker Quest will be held March 28 at the First Christian Church on Webber Street. Quaker Quest facilitators Trayce Peterson (Richmond, IN) and Jonathan Vogel-Borne (Cambridge, MA) will lead the event. Childcare has been arranged. All SFMM worship groups and meetings are encouraged to attend. Please see Quaker Quest flyer , A Workshop for Us, at


To facilitate a better understanding of the relationship between Santa Fe Monthly Meeting and South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group, SSFQWG has been holding meetings to educate its members and attenders on its history and to discern and clarify its relationship. Their minute and report (shared earlier in this business meeting) prompted a rich discussion in M&C, including the suggestion of holding a worship sharing for all meetings and worship groups about what a spiritual community means to Friends.


Preparation of the annual State of the Meeting Report has begun.


Business Meeting accepted the report of Ministry and Counsel.


Business Meeting also approved the proposed Query for Second Month of 2015: “In what manner does Spirit inform our active witness?” (Source: SFMM Ministry & Oversight Committee, about 2004/2005, adopted by M&C in light of the local, national and international activism that currently fill our minds and hearts).


Meeting then held a prolonged discussion about M&C’s suggestion for a worship sharing to consider next steps needed for nurturing relationships between Santa Fe Monthly Meeting and South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group, and toward a united spiritual community in SFMM. Elements of the discussion focused on the desire to formulate a purpose for the two large sums of money, the desire to have worship groups involved in the planning, and the wisdom of leaving time for worship groups to explore their understanding of their relationship to SFMM.


The Treasurer suggested that we aim for a plan for the funds by the end of this fiscal year, June 30. In the light of the Minute passed by SSFQWG, the process becomes easier; they see no barrier for funds decisions. The question arose of when to discuss plans for the funds. Quaker Quest will be held March 28. April will be full with Easter, Regional Meeting, and the postponement of business meeting to 4th Sunday, April 26. Meeting decided that a separate session about the allocation of the funds should be held in early May to help formulate a proposal to be brought to the May business meeting.


Meeting discussed whether to have a threshing session or a worship sharing. Friends felt that, with at least three threshing sessions on funds held since October 2013, plus input of Future Planning Committee and Finance Committee, we have gotten plenty of information. Now it is more important to know how Friends are moved spiritually. A worship sharing encourages all to speak, concisely, only once. It encourages those who would not be comfortable speaking in a threshing session, and allows all to be heard.


Friends were concerned that asking for a firm decision on use of funds by the end of the fiscal year might be rushing things. The Clerk reminded us that way will open when the Spirit moves us. Things don’t have to be done by a certain date.


Discussion then turned to further clarification of the relationship between SFMM and its worship groups, especially the uniqueness of SSFQWG. Rather than a question of spiritual unity, some Friends still feel uneasy about relationship in terms of right livelihood. It has been agreed that worship groups are part of SFMM; that SFMM business meeting decides on financial matters, including any requests from worship groups; and that worship group members contribute to SFMM funds. Questions still remain about separate corporations and bank accounts, as well as separate business meetings. Also, is there more we can continue to do to grow Quakerism in the region; provide more support to far-flung worship groups, help provide more facilities such as child care? Further discussions may be needed on such topics as these, as well as on the allocation of the large funds.


One Friend was concerned about both spiritual direction on fundamental interlocking issues, such as the possible need for more space at Canyon Road, and the practicalities of continuing budget shortfalls in the General Fund.


Another Friend suggested that we think of the process of dealing with the large funds as producing a budget—how is money we have to be spent, saved, or invested. Or should we treat the large funds as an endowment, drawing only interest to be spent annually? We budget yearly, under a spiritual umbrella, for ongoing expenses. Having a bunch of money is giving us a headache.


The Clerk asks Friends to have faith in the process, and to contact committees directly if they need clarification about points of information or have discomfort with committee actions.

He also thanks Ministry and Counsel for wading through all this material.


Meeting agreed to the following minute: A worship sharing on use of the large funds will be held on May 10. The Finance Committee is asked to document the sense of the worship sharing and report to business meeting. The Finance Committee will prepare queries for the worship sharing, and find a large enough facility for the worship sharing so that all feel welcome and comfortable. (While Business Meeting recommended May 10, after Meeting it was observed that this day is Mother’s Day and therefore not very appropriate for a special session. M&C will recommend an alternate date at the next Business Meeting).



Naming Committee Report


The Naming Committee reports that Karen Kuranz is willing to continue to serve on the Nominating Committee for the current year of 2015. This continuity is much appreciated. Wyn Lewis and Njoroge Tho-Biaz have also agreed to serve on this year’s Nominating Committee. The committee asks that they be appointed at this business meeting so that the nominating process can begin as soon as possible.


Meeting accepted the Naming Committee’s report with gratitude. Meeting approved the membership of the 2015 Nominating Committee as recommended.


Report on Ad-Hoc meeting of January 11, 2015 about IMYM and Mountain Friends Camp Queries – Please see full report in Appendix D


The Meeting of Sunday, January 11 2015 dealt with IMYM’s Query #3 on the IMYM Minute on Rights of Indigenous Peoples and with IMYM Query #2, on support for Mountain Friends Camp. Meeting accepted the report of the ad-hoc meeting. A Friend recommends that in the future Meeting consider IMYM queries in August or September, so we have sufficient time for reflection.


The report points out that in the future Santa Fe may become the long term home for Mountain Friends Camp. Opportunity abounds for involvement of Meeting and individuals with this year’s MFC.


Discussion ensued of the financial implication for SFMM of increased support for MFC from IMYM from $10,000 yearly to $12,500. SFMM’s part of that increase would be an additional $210 or $220 per year, or about $3.00 per member. SFFM’s current assessment of about $3,500 for IMYM includes its contribution to MFC. Meeting also discussed commitment to MFC for a further 3-year period. Meeting approved the following Minute: SFFM is willing to make a second 3-year commitment to partially fund Mountain Friends Camp at the current level of $10,000 yearly in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and to increase the IMYM donation to $12,500.


Building Committee – please see full report in Appendix E


The only current maintenance issue was need for repair of the electric water heater in the guest apartment. An electrician and two plumbers determined that no parts or replacement are required if guests realize that the heater is modest in size and requires recovery time. Support for the East wall buttress is still under discussion. Optimal care of roof canales in winter is part of an ongoing reroofing discussion, as is possible future addition of a skylight in the Meeting room and the possibility of future solar panels. The committee is experimenting with how best to add security hardware for the Olive Rush framed artwork.


McPartlin, the roofing company last used, estimates reroofing the Meeting House, including garage, using their new rubberized membrane process would cost $6-10,000 (estimate).


Meeting accepted the Building Committee report.


Discussion of use of the Guest Apartment by members and attenders who may require temporary housing was continued in discussion of the Resident Friend’s report below.


Resident Friend—Please see full report in Appendix F


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for about 12 hours per week during Twelfth Month. In addition to regular monthly tasks and clearance of snow from sidewalks, he met with electricians and plumbers about the guest apartment hot water tank and clogged Meeting House drains. He also assisted with Christmas Eve activities.


The Guest Apartment was occupied 6 nights out of a possible 30. Income from guest apartment, AA group and Subud meditation group was $399. The Resident Friend is working on other ways to advertise. He has asked for free advertising from the Stockholm Friends publication, and will ask for prices for advertising in the British Quaker publications. Meanwhile, he asks for clarification of Meeting’s policy for the use of the Guest Apartment by local and out of town Friends, especially without charge.


Meeting discussed various scenarios: the request for housing for a Quaker Senator during the 60 day Legislative session, the request for housing for an AFSC person who will be in Santa Fe for the Legislative session, housing for visiting Friends in Santa Fe on Quaker business, housing for homeless people, long-term vs. short-term requests, and the financial component of donations for use for Meeting House upkeep. The Resident Friend is not comfortable deciding who has to pay and who gets to use it free.


In the last few years it has been the Building Committee which has suggested rate changes in the suggested donation. Formerly the Resident’s Committee suggested policy. Discussion included per diem, ethical implications of free housing for a Legislator by a religious organization, whether or not a Quaker’s travel is being subsidized, and the suggestion that the Resident Friend be authorized to decide when there is an emergency request. One Friend suggested that the Resident Friend always ask: “Can you afford to make a donation?” Meeting asked Building Committee and Resident’s Committee to work together to bring suggested policy to a future business meeting.


The Resident Friend’s report was accepted


Treasurer Greg Cliburn read the following report:


As of December 31, 2014, the end of the second quarter of the 2014-2015 fiscal year, Meeting’s bank balance was $193,100. The General Fund balance was $9,587. Unrestricted donations to the General Fund totaled $14,196, about 44 percent of budgeted donations for the fiscal year. General fund expenditures totaled $6,544, about 20 percent of budget. This reflects the fact that most budgeted Good Works spending has not yet been done. The treasurer has asked the Good Works committee for guidance on priorities for Good Works disbursements over the rest of the fiscal year. Winter and spring will see payment of some large items, including the IMYM assessment and our insurance premium.


Income and expense details, a summary of income from all sources, and activity in all Meeting funds and bank accounts are provided on a separate sheet, which can be found at


Tax-related documents, including donation acknowledgment letters for calendar year 2014, will be sent out by the first week of February.


Friends are asked to be patient as the Treasurer fits these needs into his work schedule. As he reviewed the detailed summaries, the Treasurer pointed out that the two large funds are now treated as separate funds. Meeting decided last year to put $8,000 from the land sale fund back into the General Fund (to cover the money transferred to SSFQWG). That helped put the General Fund back into the black. At the moment the General Fund contains $9,587.40. In response to the earlier question of how well unrestricted donations met budgeted expenses by the end of 2014, the Treasurer reminded Friends that Meeting has shifted its fiscal year to end on July 1. For calendar year 2014, Meeting took in $26,000. During the first 6 months of the current Fiscal Year (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, Meeting has received $14,196 in unrestricted donations, or 44% of the projected budget. We are closer than in the recent past.


The Treasurer’s report was accepted with great gratitude


New Business

  • February 15, 2015. Save the Date for the Annual Meeting of the Corporation of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting, which is held during meeting for worship with attention to business. (Business Meeting is briefly suspended during this time.) The annual corporation meeting is required by state law. A quorum (10% of members of the cooperation) is needed. Corporation members are any member of SFMM who has not opted out, plus others who have asked to be a member of the corporation at least one day before the scheduled corporation meeting.


One Friend asked if a person must request corporation membership annually. The Clerk asks that this question be put on the corporation meeting agenda for clarification. Philip Balcombe is willing to serve as a director of the corporation until someone can be appointed to fill rest of his term.



The property at 630 Canyon Rd. has been under the umbrella of a Friend (later Friends) for 95 years.


The current Fred Harvey exhibit at the New Mexico History Museum contains a photo by Ina Sizer Cassidy of Olive Rush, taken in 1928 as she painted a mural at La Fonda. A larger Fred Harvey show continues until the end of January at the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos.


Meeting ended with silence at 3:30.


Respectfully submitted, Peggy Giltrow, Recording Clerk

Appendix A


Recorder’s Report, 2104 SFMM Census for IMYM, List of current SFMM members


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends

Recorder’s Report for 2014


Our total membership for 2014, as of the last day of that year, was 72 members, of whom 43 live in Santa Fe, city or county, and 19 live outside Santa Fe but in New Mexico. 10 members live out of state.

In the current catalog of my shortcomings I must confess here that I included Mary Ray Cate in last year’s total of 77 and I should not have.

In 2014, we lost 4 members. Steve and Joan Spencer laid down their memberships. Rebecca Henderson and Helen Corneli died during the year.

We gained no members in 2014.

I believe the membership list appended to be accurate and have used it to supply figures for the 2014 IMYM Census, which I have appended to this report.

There is still much work for the Recorder to complete, in making sure that the membership files are up to date and reconciled with the membership list.


Respectfully submitted to Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, First Month 2015 by:

Philip Balcombe, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends Recorder


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Membership List, as of December 31st 2014

IMYM Census 2014 form



Membership List, as of December 31st, 2014

(compiled January 11th, 2015)


Codes: None = in Santa Fe; OSF = outside Santa Fe; ONM = outside New Mexico; [TC] = Taos Clearlight Worship Group; [TP] = Tres Piedras Worship Group; [LV] = Las Vegas Worship Group; [LA] = Los Alamos Worship Group; [SSF] = South Santa Fe Worship Group. ^ = unknown to Recorder. *= Recorder believes might be inactive. [^ and * might merit membership inquiry by Meeting, but reflect the Recorder’s impression and are intended as an alert rather than a reflection of the absolute status of the members concerned]


^Aleguire, Rosellen [ONM}

Andrew, Jim [OSF] [LA]

Andrew, Marie [OSF] [LA]

Ashworth, Jonathan

Beauchamp, Ann

Caine, Ken Winston

Carroll, Marty

Cassidy, Maxx [OSF]

Chrabot, Michelle

Cliburn, Greg

Cutler, Sarah Michelle

Darrah, Anna

^Duncan, Judith [ONM]

^Duncan, Kate [ONM]

Dunham, Mary

Durand, Connie

French, Patrick

Gaines, Robert

^Gardiner, Bill [ONM]

Gilchrist, Pam

Giltrow, David

Giltrow, Peggy

Habicht, Pat [OSF] [TC]

^Hall, Bob [OSF]

Henkel, David

Hersh, Reuben

Hibbs, Linda

Hirsch, Frank

*Holloway, Colin

Jansens, Jan-Willem

*Johnson, Chris

Kearns, Marguerite

Kretzmann, John

^Lang, Dick [ONM]

^Lange, Laurie [OSF] [ ]

Leresche, Diane [SSF]

Lewis, Wyn

Lombardi, Betsy [SSF]

Marcus, Rudy

McCaffery, Don

^Miner, Hope [OSF] [ ]

Miller, Guthrie

Muller, Werner [OSF][LV]

O’Brien, Elizabeth [ONM]

O’Brien, John [ONM]

Payne, Libby [OSF] [TP]

^Pratt, Lovel [ONM]

Rackley, Caroline [OSF]

Ribble, Judy [OSF]

Riley, Barbara

Rogers, Alan

*Sammons, Nina

^Sanders, Barri [ONM]

Seagraves, Roxanne

Sebastian, Niki [OSF] [LV]

*Sena, Cristobal [OSF] [LV]

Sigstedt, Carolyn

Simon, Michael

Skinner, Elliott

Skinner, Jonathan

*St. Clair, Kristin

*Vaux, David [ONM]

Vermilye, Avis [OSF] TC]

Vermilye, Dyckman [OSF] [TC]

*Ward, Gary [OSF]

Webb, Irene

Welsh, Lowber [OSF]

Wellington, Jennifer [SSF]

Willen, Margy

Winchester, Allen {SSF]

Wyse, Mary [OSF] [TP]

^Zeigler, Cecile [OSF] [LV]





The census counts requested below are as of December 31, 2014 and cover the period of January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.


Please examine your Meeting’s records carefully and fill out the entire form so that no data is omitted. Return the form to Bruce Thron-Weber by March 1, 2015. You can either email the form to:


or print it out and send it via the postal service to:

Bruce Thron-Webber

5280 Eldridge St.

Arvada, CO 80002


If you need to contact me by phone: 303-377-4059


Thank you very much.



Name of Monthly Meeting: Santa Fe Monthly Meeting



Address of Meeting: 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501



Clerk: Jan-Willem Jansens


Address of Clerk: 770 W. Manhattan Avenue, Santa Fe NM 87501



Phone number and email of Clerk: (505) 955-9043; (505) 470-2531 (cell);




In the following, ‘in the Meeting’ means appearing in the Meeting while ‘of the Meeting’ means belonging to the Meeting.



The count of the number of adult members of your Meeting on 31 December 2014:

    1. Resident members of the Meeting: ____43____

    2. Non-resident members of the Meeting: ____29___

    3. Sojourners (carrying a minute from their home meeting): ________

    4. Members from other Meetings (list Meeting, if known) ________

[Sojourners and members from other meetings are not counted for purposes of the annual assessment.]


The count of the number of junior and/or associate members of your Meeting:

a. Members of your Meeting ________

b. Members from other Meetings (list Meeting, if known) ________

[Members from other Meetings are not counted for purposes of the annual assessment.]



Since 1 January 2014, how many in each category have occurred:

a. New members admitted to the Meeting ___ ____

b. Transfers of membership

Into your Meeting ________

From your Meeting to other Meetings ________

c. Births (please list names) ________


d. Deaths (please list names) ____2____

Rebecca Henderson

Helen Corneli


e. Resignations or other losses (other than transfers/deaths) _____2____



The number of attenders of some regularity:

a. In your Meeting _____30___

b. In Preparative Meetings or Worship Groups under

the care of your Meeting _____25___




Please list each of the Preparative Meetings and Worship Groups under the care of your Monthly Meeting and provide the count of attenders participating in each of these meetings, as of December 31, 2014.


[Preparative Meetings and Worship Groups are not required to differentiate between members and attenders so all can be counted as attenders. When an attender of these meetings joins the Society of Friends, they are counted with the members of the Meeting under whose care the preparative meeting or worship group falls. Thus they are counted as members of that Monthly Meeting, as well as attenders of the preparative meeting or worship group.]


South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group

Clearlight Worship Group (Taos)

Tres Piedras Worship Group

Espanola Worship Group

Los Alamos Worship Group

Las Vegas Worship Group


Appendix B

1/18/2015 - Santa Fe Monthly Meeting - Peace and Social Concerns report to Worship with Attention to Business


Attending our January 5 committee meeting: Rick Coward and Pam Gilchrist

  1. P&SC will reach out to Wyn Lewis re immigration issues. We may consider supporting a legislative Memorial. We continue to explore how we will work together as a community to support long term solutions.


  1. Through the P&SC Digest, we will continue to circulate information and ways to engage with the PRC/PNM hearing in January. New Energy Economy has a wealth of information and fact sheets.


  1. Inspired by the Illinois governor commuting the death penalty for people on death row at the time of signing the state’s ban of the death penalty, P&SC is considering creating a petition to Gov. Martinez requesting the death row status for the two NM men, Robert Fry and Tim Allen be commuted. 


  1. P&SC sent a sponsorship donation for the January 20 We the People event organized by NM Interfaith Worker Justice. The choir from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation will sing and The Rev. Dr. James Forbes, Pastor Emeritus of Riverside Church, will deliver a sermon which will be followed by responsive prayers by faith leaders in the community. 


  1. P&SC discussed the synergy of two initiatives: A Public Bank and a Public Utility. The P&SC Digest will include information about these initiatives which are working their way through the City Council.

Appendix C


January 18, 2015, M & C Report to SFMM Meeting for Business

Ministry and Counsel Committee met on January 12, 2015 at Quaker House. Jan-Willem Jansens, Karen Kuranz, Ann Lindsay, Betsy Lombardi, Howard Shulman, Margy Willen (recording), and Allen Winchester attended.


Query for 2nd Month, 2015: In what manner does Spirit inform our active witness? The query was adopted in light of the local, national, and international activism that currently fill our minds and hearts.


Observations on the Spiritual Life of Our Meetings

·      9:00 Canyon Road continues to deepen worship and welcome visitors.  Some concern about tardiness by occasional attenders who are seasoned SFMM worshippers.

·      11:00 Canyon Road worship has been a positive, loving experience for all attending.  Recently, there has been vocal ministry in response to the posted query.  There have been lots of visitors and many children at First Day School.

·      South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group held Brianna Wells and her family in the Light during meeting for worship and shared a number of messages concerning her death.  Attenders continue to enjoy friendly fellowship at rise of meeting. 

·      Taos Clearlight Worship Group has been gathering twice monthly for worship.  They also do a worship sharing, and on fifth Sundays, after a brief worship, have potluck and business meeting.

·      Las Vegas Worship Group – no report other than recently had to cancel the next planned worship for lack of attendance.


Quaker Quest: Quaker Quest will be held March 28 at First Christian Church on Webber Street. Childcare has been arranged. Two QQ facilitators, Trayce Peterson (Richmond, IN) and Jonathan Vogel-Borne (Cambridge, MA) will lead the event. Sign-up will occur after worship times as we get closer to the date. All SFMM worship groups and meetings will be encouraged to attend. Betsy Lombardi, Karen Kuranz, Guthrie Miller and Sara Gmitter are planning the event.


SSFQWG & SFMM: In order to facilitate a better understanding of the relationship between Santa Fe Monthly Meeting and South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group, SSFQWG has been holding meetings to educate its members and attenders on its history and to discern and clarify its relationship with SFMM. It has been believed, that this needed to happen before financial issues, including use of the large donated funds, could be discussed by SFMM. However at a recent discussion of this relationship, South Santa Fe created a Minute suggesting that a delay is unnecessary. The Minute will be read separately. Betsy stated that SSF crafted the minute in the spirit of participation in monthly meeting process and of not wishing to hold up process. A rich discussion followed study of the SSF minute and next steps. The discussion included the possibility of having a worship sharing about what a spiritual community means to Friends. Generally it was suggested that all meetings and worship groups should be included. Some think it could take place soon, while others would prefer to give SSF more time for their clarity process.


State of Meeting Report: Howard and Ann have agreed to begin the process of contacting Worships Groups and Committees for input into creation of the annual report. Margy and Allen will assist.


We adjourned with silence at 7:45 p.m. Our next meeting will be Thursday, Feb 5 at 5:30 p.m. at Quaker House.


Appendix D


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting Response to IMYM Queries 2 & 3 for June 2015


Five Friends met on Sunday, January 11 following the 11 a.m. worship services at Canyon Road Meeting House in Santa Fe, to discuss IMYM Queries 2 & 3. Attending were Pam Gilchrist, convener, Jan-Willem Jansens, Bob Gaines, John Kretzman and Allen Winchester.


Responses to Query #2 on Mountain Friends Camp


It was felt by all who attended, that Santa Fe Monthly Meeting strongly supports Mountain Friends Camp, and wants it to continue on an annual basis. Nine Santa Fe youth participated last summer. Of those four were from Quaker families and five were interested friends or acquaintances. In addition several Santa Fe adult Friends participated full time at the camp and numerous others were part time volunteers. Campers attended Worship at Canyon Road Meeting on at least one occasion, much to the delight of regular attenders.


Both adults and youth have participated in Mountain Friends Camp the past five years as well. Our hope is that Mountain Friends Camp can find a permanent site and offer camps every year. Three possible sites for a permanent location in the Santa Fe/Las Vegas, NM area were discussed today. One Friend suggested that IMYM seek a pro bono real estate lawyer and estate planner to help with this project. Please contact Jan-Willem Jansens, SFMM Clerk, <> for more information.


Those who attended today’s meeting strongly support raising the IMYM donation for Mountain Friends Camp to $12,500.


Responses to Query 3 on IMYM Minute on Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Our meeting has not, as yet, presented the five action possibilities of Query 3 to our meeting. We recommend that meetings discuss IMYM queries in August or September in the future so that Monthly Meetings can find time to adequately season these ideas. One Friend observed that there is an opportunity to continue to include voices from the Navajo Nation in the response to PNM’s replacement plan currently before the PRC. Solar production creates more jobs than mining coal. SFMM is currently dividing its focus between concerns of internal interests and social justice issues that are certain to come up in the divided Legislature this year, leaving little time for further exploration of IMYM’s important Minute on Indigenous Peoples.


However in September 2014, SFMM co-sponsored with St. Bede’s Episcopal Church a workshop on Indigenous Peoples provided by Paula Palmer of the Boulder, CO Friends Meeting in Santa Fe. Of the 30 participants, five were Quakers.


Also, Rebecca Allahyari, a member, expressed the wish that young people give voice to their Quaker witness. The idea was seasoned by Ministry and Counsel Committee. “How Friends Witness,” was the result of the recommendation and is now offered regularly by SFMM. In some cases this testimony includes how to relate to Indigenous Peoples.


Appendix E


Building Committee Report, 1st month, 18, 2015


The committee’s four members met on the 8th of this month, opening and closing with silence.


Maintenance. No major maintenance issues have occurred over the past month or are anticipated for the immediate future. A minor issue was whether the electric water heater in the guest apartment required total replacement or replacement of parts. An electrician and two plumbers determined that the problem did not require any changes other than reminding guests that the heater is modest in size and requires recovery time between periods of heavy use.


East wall buttress. We continue to discuss several options concerning the eastern entrance wall buttressing which shows some settling. A small portion of the buttressing was removed in the fall to allow inspection. Some settling was revealed. There is need for refreshing the stucco on the surface. Clearing of vegetation at the base by the resident suggests some weakening may have resulted from infestation and also some burrowing in one location by squirrels. Decisions will be made in the spring with advice from our ongoing craftsmen and preservation specialists.


Defrost canales. We need to do some testing of our garage canale electric defrost system which maintains a flow of melted snow for the downspout. Expanding the canale defrost system to include the two north facing canales on the main roof is desirable given last year’s leakage into the guest apartment’s bathroom below the eastside north canale. This would best take place following re-roofing with the option of having a closed downspout replacing the open extended canale which drips against the building wall and next to the foundation.


Looking ahead: re-roofing. In any case, we want to follow up obtaining an estimate for re-roofing. Discussion over the past several years about the roof has included considering installation of a skylight for the meetingroom for bringing additional natural light into the room during the day. The best time for such a change is during re-roofing. Questions of a skylight’s location, size, style, and consideration of the historic designation of 630 Canyon Road all enter into the discussion. We have experience with one skylight which was installed some time ago in the ramada’s roof over the storage area. A few drips have occurred over the several decades after installation, but were readily stopped with additional caulking.


Also related to re-roofing (roughly estimated to be $6-10 thousand, including the garage roof) is the future decision to investigate adding solar panels to the roof. This project would best take place following re-roofing but with the possible future installation in mind.


Artwork security hardware. The committee will experiment with adding security hardware to one or more of the Olive Rush framed paintings/watercolors on the walls.


Guest apartment use within Meeting. There has been a long stretch of weeks without visitors in the guest apartment. This prompted a discussion of ensuring that members and attenders who may require temporary housing for a variety of reasons know that they are welcome to arrange use of the guest apartment through the resident.


Respectfully submitted, David Giltrow, convener


Appendix F


Resident Friend’s Report for Twelfth Month 2014


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for about 12 hours per week during Twelfth Month. His tasks included attending business meeting, cleaning the meetinghouse and guest apartment, keeping the sidewalks cleared of leaves and snow and sanded, purchasing supplies, collecting and distributing the mail, booking the guest apartment, collecting fees from the guest apartment and rental of the meetinghouse and passing these on to the Finance Committee, answering e-mail and phone inquiries, doing laundry, handling the trash and recycling, assisting with the opening and closing of the meetinghouse on First Days, filling bird feeders, weeding and pruning, meeting with an electrician and two plumbers about the hot water tank in the guest apartment and the clogged drains in the meetinghouse, and assisting with the Christmas Eve activities.


The meetinghouse was used by the AA men’s group on Monday evenings and by the Subud meditation group on Tuesday evenings (though not every Tuesday).


Guest apartment occupancy: 6 nights out of a possible 30 nights


Income from the guest apartment and groups: $399




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