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December 2015 Letter to Friends

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Twelfth Month 2015

Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting.

Quaker House Santa Fe Meeting, a preparative meeting under the care of SFMM, holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday morning at 10:30, 2098 Calle Ensenada, on the northwest corner of Siringo Road and Calle Ensenada.

Sunday, 12/06 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting @ Canyon Rd.

Sunday, 12/13 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship @ Canyon Rd. Meetinghouse

Sunday, 12/20 12:50 Meeting for Business following the rise of Meeting for Worship and fellowship @ Canyon Rd.

Sunday, 12/27 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship @ Canyon Rd. Meetinghouse


The Monthly Query for the 12th month, 2015


“Are our meetings for worship held in expectant waiting for divine guidance and openness to the Inner Light?”



December 2 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906 or lhibbs@

December 2 - Ministry and Counsel Committee meets 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm at Quaker House, 2098 Calle Ensenada.  Anyone wanting to meet with M & C should contact Betsy Lombardi, 473-9110,, Clerk of M & C.


December 6 – Monthly Potluck occurs at the rise of the 11:00 meeting. Please bring a dish to share and stay for a potluck in the library.

December 6 – Peace & Social Concerns will meet immediately following the potluck on Canyon Road. Please consider joining this important committee.

December 13 – Chanting as preparation for worship.  Friends find many different ways to prepare for worship and to nourish spiritually. For some, singing and chanting are practices that invite Spirit. John and Guthrie welcome all to participate in chanting and singing on second and fourth Sundays, 10-11 AM, first-day school room, Canyon Road Meetinghouse.

December 13 - Listening Meeting on first set of Queries from Intermountain Yearly Meeting will convene at 12:30.

December 20 - Meeting for Business will meet following the rise of the 11:00 meeting and fellowship.

December 24 – Christmas Eve celebration in conjunction with the Canyon Road Walk.

December 27 – Chanting as preparation for worship.  Friends find many different ways to prepare for worship and to nourish spiritually. For some, singing and chanting are practices that invite Spirit. John and Guthrie welcome all to participate in chanting and singing on second and fourth Sundays, 10-11 AM, first-day school room, Canyon Road Meetinghouse.


Meeting for Business


November 15th 2015

Meeting for Business


Present: Karli Wheeler, Peggy Giltrow, John Kretzmann, Pam Gilchrist, Ann Anthony, Bob Gaines, Dave Giltrow, Allen Winchester, Elliot Skinner, Linda Hibbs, Jennifer Peres, Katherine Youngmeister, Marcy Pompei, Drew McGee

I.                 Opening Worship

II.               Agenda Review

III.             Review of October 18th, 2015 Minutes – Friends approved the October Minutes.

IV.            Correspondence and Clerk’s Business

A.    The Clerk announced that she had collected and read the evaluations from the retreat on November 7th. These indicated that Friends are interested in attending more retreats, and having book discussion and worship sharing groups established. The ad hoc committee (Wyn Lewis, Roxane Seagraves, Margie Willem, Katherine Youngmeister and Anna Darrah) will meet next week and continue to be in touch with the Meeting regarding next steps.


The Meeting also wished to recognize and thank Janie Cravens for so thoroughly caring for Friends appetites at the retreat!


B.    The Clerk read a letter from Pamela Benson, the Meetinghouse’s weekly cleaner of eleven years, informing Friends that she will no longer be providing this service after the first of January. Karli Wheeler and Bettina Raphael are aware of this development. A Friend wondered if anything will be done to thank Pamela for her service of so many years. The Clerk says she will discuss this with Karli to determine what is appropriate.


C.    The Clerk asked the Meeting to where a Notice of Issuance of Short Term Rental Permit should be filed.


D.    The Regional Meeting will be in Albuquerque from April 22nd to 24,th 2016. Friends are asked to mark their calendars.


E.    A volunteer experienced in the Meetinghouse’s Christmas Eve traditions is needed to help guide this year’s festivities. Janie Cravens has agreed to orchestrate the event, but is in need of guidance on how to proceed. Friends should speak with Katherine Youngmeister or Janie Cravens if they wish to help.


V.              Old Business

A.    Nominations (Nominating Committee) – Bob Gaines

Second reading of Katherine Youngmeister for Clerk and Marguerite Kearns as Assistant Clerk. No concerns have been raised. Friends approved the nominations with gratitude.


VI.            New Business

A.    Twelfth Month Query:


“Are our meetings for worship held in expectant waiting for divine guidance and openness to the Inner Light?”


Friends approved the query.

B.    Request to Co-sponsor FCNL Youth Lobby Day and Training (Peace and Social Concerns) Pam Gilchrist – See Appendix A

As background to her request for co-sponsorship for the FCNL Youth Lobby Day and Training, Pam read her Peace and Social Concerns report. She clarified that the fliers for this event are currently in preparation, and was seeking an answer regarding the Meeting’s co-sponsorship at this meeting so this could be added to the flier.

The Meeting approved co-sponsorship of the FCNL Youth Lobby Day and Training Event.

Pam also clarified that there is a national FCNL Youth Lobby Day and Training in March in Washington, DC, and that funds are needed to pay the travel expenses of youth who wish to attend. Checks can be made payable to Santa Fe Friends Meeting with a memo “FCNL Training.”

The committee seeks adult volunteers to help with the January 9th – 11th event.

The request for a contribution from the Meeting to FCNL Youth Lobby Day was held over. It is not clear at this time how much money is needed. No action was taken. 

FCNL will hold an information session after rise of Meeting on January 10th


VII.          Reports

A.              Treasurer (Bob Gaines) – See Appendix B

Friends thanked Bob for his report.

B.    Intermountain Yearly Meeting Representative (Allen Winchester) –See Appendix C 

Allen read his report, which summarizes the mailing received recently from Intermountain Yearly Meeting. This mailing included a notice of change of dates of the annual session from June 12-19th to June 5-12th and announcing the theme, “Nurturing Spiritual Gifts and Ministry in our Meetings.” The mailing also included a description of financial concerns facing the yearly meeting, and a set of queries the Meeting is asked to consider, although not to come to unity on. There are two other sets queries, one on the annual gathering theme and one from the IMYM Peace and Service Committee. Allen Winchester, Katherine Youngmeister and Bob Gaines will schedule a Listening Meeting on the first set of queries. [This has been scheduled on December 13th after rise of Meeting.] There will be a later Listening Session to consider the other queries. A Friend asked that the full text of the IMYM mailing be sent to Friends this month. Relevant portions will be sent again closer to the dates of the Listening Sessions.

A.    Friends thanked Allen for his report.   

C.    Ministry and Counsel (Report Circulated) – See Appendix D

On behalf of M&C the Clerk asked where the Final Affairs forms are located. David Giltrow explained that they are filed in the Meeting’s filing cabinet but have not been looked at or updated for some time.

D.    Resident Friend (Karli Wheeler) – See Appendix E

Friends thanked Karli for her report. Karli asks that anyone with information on a new housekeeper for the Meetinghouse contact her. The position would be approximately four hours per month at $20 per hour.

E.    Garden Committee (Marcy Pompei) – See Appendix F

Friends thanked Marcy for her report.

Friends are encouraged to view the Olive Rush fresco uncovered low on a wall near the trash cans.

F.    Building Committee (David Giltrow) – See Appendix G

Friends thanked David for his report.


VIII.        Announcements

The next Meeting for Business will be on December 20th at 12:50pm.


Meeting closed with worship. 



Drew McGee

Katherine Youngmeister

Marguerite Kearns



Meeting for Business

November 15th, 2015


Appendix A – Peace and Social Concerns

2015-11-15 Peace and Social Concerns report to Worship with Attention to Business

Present at our eleventh month meeting on November 1, 2015: Maria Barcelona, David Henkel, Kate Marco and Pam Gilchrist, convener and visitor Ed Whitesides.

The committee continues planning for the FCNL youth advocacy workshop: See DRAFT flyer and announcement. 

We are in communication with contacts from Capital High, United World College, UNM,IAIA and Desert Academy.  We will continue to seek interested students and teachers to spread the word in our area schools and colleges.

A youth participant volunteered to make the flyer compelling to youth.  We continue to consider the best language for the flyer, ads and press release

To date, we are co-sponsored by The Interfaith Leadership Alliance, Veterans for Peace, Quaker House Meeting, Santa Fe, We will continue to seek co-sponsorships

          Action item:  Will Santa Fe Monthly Meeting co-sponsor? Will SFMM make a donation?  (see next item)

We will continue to seek contributions to defray expenses for youth to attend the FCNL Youth Lobby Days training, March 12-15, in Washington, D.C. may be sent to: Santa Fe Friends Meeting, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501 - Memo: FCNL Training.

We will continue to seek adult volunteers to help: Saturday, January 9 -11, 2016

As mass incarceration is the issue chosen by FCNL for both this and the March event, we seek the participation of the local and active AVP volunteers.

W21 has been paid $100 for the use of the Gallery space on January 9.


Appendix B – Treasurer’s Report

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends

Treasurer’s Report



FY 2015-2016, as of 10/31/2015:


Total in bank: $180,122


General Fund balance: $10,808

·       Donations to General Fund: $4,770

·       Interest income to General Fund: $172

·       Payments from General Fund: $4,676

·       General Fund net gain (loss): $266


Maintenance Fund balance: $7,229

·       Donations to Maintenance Fund: $3,865

·       Interest income to Maintenance Fund: $20

·       Payments from Maintenance Fund: $22,699*

·       Maintenance Fund net gain (loss): ($18,814)


*Final cost for roof repair in October was $20,839.




Prepared by Greg Cliburn, Treasurer


Appendix C – Intermountain Yearly Meeting


Intermountain Yearly Meeting

Updates and Queries, November, 2015


To All Friends in the Intermountain Yearly Meeting from Clerk Sara Keeney:


DATE CHANGE:  Please note that the dates below for IMYM 2016 Gathering are changed from previously announced dates.  We will meet June 5-12 at Ghost Ranch, not June 12-19.  Ghost Ranch was not able to accommodate us on the dates we had planned to schedule.


The theme for our June Gathering in 2016 is:

“Nurturing Spiritual Gifts and Ministry in our Meetings”


Our keynote speaker will be Callid Keefe-Perry, currently of Fresh Pond Meeting in Cambridge. MA.  Callid’s life experience and ministry have provided rich seasoning on the topic of leadings—nurturing his own under the care of his monthly meeting and caring for the leadings of other Friends in the care of monthly meetings he attends.  He has served on Spiritual Care, Anchor and Support Committees.  His current meeting supports the ministries of eight traveling ministers, Callid being one.  Callid is a husband, father, a traveling minister and PhD candidate at Boston University’s School of Theology.  He says his academic work is “at the intersection of imaginative and creative practices and their connection to pedagogy and spiritual formation.” Through his work serving as interim General Secretary of New York Yearly Meeting he has had opportunities to work closely with many different monthly meetings and learn about successes and challenges of nurturing spiritual gifts and leadings in meetings.


For more about Callid, please see his website,, and also a series of talks about Quakerism that Callid and his wife created: 


Callid will also offer a workshop, “Name, Nurture, Prune and Exercise: Monthly Meetings and Spiritual Gifts,” after the keynote for those interested in pursuing the topic further in their meetings during the year.  The workshop will explore some of the practices—both contemporary and historical—used withinfaith communities and the Religious Society of Friends to assist with encouraging ministry and encouraging faithful action by individuals and meetings. Particular attention will be paid to concrete actions that can help to support environments conducive to the exploration and stewarding of ministry.



Arrangements Committee              Denver, CO  Friday-Sunday, January  15-17, 2016

Representatives Committee           Tempe,AZ Friday-Sunday, February 19-21, 2016

IMYM Annual Gathering                           Ghost Ranch, NM, Sunday-Sunday, June 5-12, 2016

FGC Annual Gathering                             St. Joseph, Minnesota,  July 3-9, 2016

                                                               Theme: “Be humble, Be Faithful, BE BOLD”


Appendix D – Ministry and Counsel

Report to Monthly Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Committee on Ministry and Counsel

Santa Fé Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends  

15 November 2015


For Action:


Query for the Twelfth Month-From IMYM Faith and Practice, page 119, #8

“Are our meetings for worship held in expectant waiting for divine guidance and

openness to the Inner Light?”


For Information:

·        Members and attenders who have not been absent or inactive will be contacted by phone by the M&C committee members.


New Business:

·        Final Affairs  and Conscientious Objection Forms-David Giltrow will be contacted as a first step to locating the former paperwork.  In addition, how to collect and hold updated and new forms will be further explored. 


Appendix E – Resident Friend’s Report

Resident Friend’s Report for Tenth Month 2015


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 22 hours per week, mainly in meetings with contractors, Friends and guest hospitality.


Special tasks included:


●      Helped facilitate the re-roofing of the meeting house and garage, including ultimate approval of completed work between Brian McPartland& John Kretzmann. 

●      Helped facilitate the support of Patricia Perez to perform a deep cleaning of the meeting house main room, library, bathroom, kitchen and First Day School due to the dirt that fell due to the re-roofing of the meeting house.

○      Pamela, our long-term cleaner, gave notice and will work through December.  I am talking with Patricia about replacing her services.  We will dearly miss her care and concern regarding our meetinghouse.

●      Helped facilitate completion of ramada skylight and closet door with Ross Pope. It is so nice to have the cold on the other side! Thank you Friends!

●      Forged a path to a fresco by Olive Rush in the garden, by the garbage cans.  Talked to Ross Pope about putting a frame and plexiglass around it; hopefully he can complete that after the casita windows in November.


And the usual:

●      cleaned the meetinghouse, driveway and sidewalks,

●      cleaned and preparing the guest apartment,

●      responded to phone calls and email inquiries,

●      booked the guest apartment,

●      collected donations and giving them to Finance,

●      purchased supplies,

●      did laundry,

●      cleaned the meetinghouse after worship and AA meetings,

●      collected and distributed the mail,

●      handled the trash and recycling,

●      watered, pruned, weeded, mowed, cleared and working in the garden.


Guest apartment occupancy: 20/30 nights


Appendix F – Garden Committee Report


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, Garden Committee Report for November 2015

Submitted by Marcy Pompei and Karli Wheeler

The transition between resident friend David Murphy and Karli Wheeler was smooth with Ms. Wheeler taking great care of the garden this summer.  With minimal assistance, Karli Wheeler successfully purged the storage shed, maintained the current flower & tree beds, and turned several beds into xeriscape areas bordered by rocks and covered with ground cover.  She thinned areas which were impacted and discovered a fresco of Olive’s just outside the back door of the meetinghouse.  The committee elected to evict a family of raccoon, many snakes and mice by eliminating the compost pile. A natural fescue strain of grass has been sowed on the back of the lot surrounding the swings.

“Gallery In The Garden” happened in June and July.  The Garden work is completed for the summer by closing down the drip system and dead heading appropriate plants.  Resident Friend Karli Wheeler is registered for the Master Gardener’s training this next winter.  This training will allow the committee to further evaluated the infrastructure to ensure drought tolerance is reinforced.  After leaf gathering, the committee will recess for the winter, beginning manual watering again in the month of March 2016.


Appendix G – Building Committee

Building Committee Report

Eleventh month, 15, 2015


The major event for the committee since the last report was completing the re-roofing project as contracted with McPartlon Roofing. A detailed summary will be written to provide future building committees with details ahead of the need for future re-roofing, perhaps some 15-20 years from the current completion.


The final cost will be included in the treasurer’s next report (roughly $20,000+). There is some reduction from the expected amount of about $22,000 as certain projected items were found to be impractical once the work had begun--especially the original plan to add a second canale on the garage roof.


However, a few hundred dollars were added on to bring in extra cleaning services on the Saturday before the next day’s meetings for worship and FDS activities (10th month, 25). This was in addition to the Meeting community’s efforts to restore the meetinghouse interior to its usual state.


Before providing the treasurer with acknowledgement of satisfactory work by the McPartloncompany, John Kretzmann gave a thorough inspection of the work and confirmation with Brian McPartlon of the change in plans regarding the second planned canale on the garage. The treasurer gracefully obliged the company’s request for total payment within a very short time frame.


The committee members, including the resident and several other members, undertook oversight/assistance of the re-roofing project by McPartlon on short notice. This was made more complicated by a rain delay during the four days of outdoor activity. We still have to rework the heat tape solution to icing of the north facing garage roof canale ahead of the snow season.


Work has begun on the other ongoing project of interior ramada improvements. The craftsman is part way through window improvements, adding a door between the main building and the storeroom, and installing a clear panel beneath the latter’s skylight to improve cleanliness and reduce heat loss during the cold seasons.

Other items remain the long term committee agenda and will be reported in future committee activities reports.


Respectfully submitted, David Giltrow, convener


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