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September 2014 Letter to Friends


Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Ninth month 2014

Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., 2098 Calle Ensenada on the northwest corner of Siringo Road. 


Sunday, 9/07 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting, Threshing Session on Finances

Sunday, 9/14 10:10 Peace & Social Concerns & Chanting as Preparation for Worship

Sunday, 9/21 12:30 Business Meeting at the rise of Meeting

Sunday, 9/28 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship


The Monthly Query for the 9th month, 2014

How do we care for each other in illness and grief?


Sept. 3 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906 or

Sept. 7 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 a.m. meeting. The Finance Committee will convene a Threshing Session during potluck to consider the right use of meeting financial resources (additional threshing sessions will be held on October 5 and November 2).

Sept. 14 - Peace and Social Concerns meets the Second First day of every month between worship services from 10:05 to 10:55 am, Pam Gilchrist chairs these efforts and will publish topics in the weekly PSC notice.

Sept. 14 & 28 @ 10:00 am - 4th Sunday Singing -- Chanting as preparation for worship. John Kretzmann & Guthrie Miller learned this practice Tony Martins Chanting workshop at Friends General Conference, July 2013.  And now John is writing his own AMAZING chants! These are simple chants repeated for a long time so that they can be picked up by ear.  For questions or suggestions, please contact Guthrie Miller at 954-4224 or _guthriemiller@gmail.com_

Sept. 21 - Business meeting for Worship at the rise of the meeting.

Sept. 29 - The Ministry and Counsel Committee meets on the last Monday of the month.  The next meeting is at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 29 at Jan-Willem Jansen’s office @ 1413 Second Street, Suite 5. However M & C can arrange to meet with individuals as needed after 11:00 a.m. meetings. M & C members are Allen Winchester, Clerk, Carolyn Sigstedt, Karen Kuranz, Margy Willen, and the current Meeting clerk, Jan-Willem Jansens. Members & attenders are encouraged to bring issues of concern to the committee at any time and to feel free to attend the committee meeting for consideration of any kind.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Eighth Month (August 17, 2014)

Present: Jan-Willem Jansens (Clerk), John Kretzmann (Recording Clerk pro tem), Bob Gaines, Roxanne Seagraves, Allen Winchester, Lowber Welsh, David Murphy, Howard Shulman, Guthrie Miller, Philip Balcombe, Pamela Geyer, Carol Woodsong

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business began at about 12:35 pm with a reading from Rebecca Henderson’s “Quaker Practice and Business Meetings.”

Our task is to cultivate a sense of loving kindness for each and every person. This arises from a belief that there is That of God in every person that we can communicate with. Harsh criticism, strident discussion, or abrasive, bullying behavior have no place in our practice. When a person falls short, or fails at something, or misbehaves (by our own opinion) we try to understand the reasons and perhaps help find a remedy. The group may have asked a person to do something beyond their capability. A person may be having a really bad day, or some great difficulty in their life. Someone may have a communication habit that just does not fit well with our own style. We try to understand and make allowances for each of us to try something, to adjust something, and perhaps to fall short. That’s what’s meant by cutting each other slack. We are here to help, not hinder each other’s growth. (p.14).

Minutes for the Seventh Month 2014 Business Meeting were approved.

Finance Committeeplease see the written report in Appendix A.

The Finance Committee presented a report summarizing the August 3 threshing session; the current balances in the Baumann bequest, income from sale of the Camino Lejo property, the Meeting’s overall bank balance and General Fund balance; and a proposal regarding setting aside in the Treasurer’s books the Baumann and Camino Lejo, or special, funds in order to address a concern that the Meeting avoid spending these funds on operational expenses. A committee conclusion reported was that to set aside those two special funds immediately would lead to a deficit in the General Fund leading to many ongoing expenses not being able to be paid. To build up funds to cover such a deficit would take at least several months, depending on levels of income, donations and necessary expenses.

One Friend reminded the Meeting that a concern had been raised in the threshing session of August 3 that the Meeting needed to explore ways to raise additional money to meet the Meeting’s operational expenses A few ideas for meeting this need were raised including investing our funds in higher paying financial vehicles. Since donated, the Baumann bequest has grown by a few hundred dollars due to investment income.

The paper “deficit” in the General Fund includes the $8,000 donated/loaned to the South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group (SSFQWG). Spending in last year’s fiscal year (through 12/31/2014) over donations was $11,000 (not including the $8,000 donation/loan), but in most of the recent previous fiscal years, income has exceeded expenses. In the last, half-year fiscal year, the Meeting had slightly less income than expenses.

Another concern is raised that the Meeting lacks clarity on the financial relationship between Santa Fe Monthly Meeting and the 630 Canyon Road property and Meetings for Worship. The Finance Committee is working on this issue.

A question still pending resolution is whether the $8000 donation/loan to SSFQWG is to be paid out of the General Fund or is a special one-time expense drawn from one or several of the special or designated funds, such as the Lee Carter bequest that is set aside for “bricks and mortar.” Some expressed concern that drawing the funds from the special funds will set precedence on their use at a time when the Meeting has not established a policy or structure for use of the funds. Another felt that each request for use of those funds needs to be considered on its own merits. One option expressed would be to use the funds as cash reserves for the Meeting. This matter was set aside for seasoning and further discussion at another time.

Following further discussion, the Meeting approved the following minute:

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting agrees that the $8,000 donation/loan to Southside Worship Group is allocated out the Meeting’s funds resulting from the sale of Camino Lejo property. The amount of the land sale income to be tracked will be reduced by $8,000.

Again after discussion, the Meeting approved a second, related minute:

The previous minute is a unique decision for the Meeting while it establishes a structure for considering the future use of the Baumann bequest and Camino Lejo sale funds.

Ministry and Counsel Committeeplease see the written report in Appendix B.

Meeting approved the following query for Ninth Month:How do we care for each other in illness and grief?”

Nominating Committee is still seeking a greeter. M&C is seeking for Friends to close Meeting for Worship.

Betsy Lombardi will serve as the M&C liaison for Southside Worship Group. A liaison with the Los Alamos worship group is still needed.

At its next meeting, M&C will be discussing concerns regarding absenteeism, that is, people leaving the Meeting or rarely attending.

Plans are underway for a memorial service for Helen Corneli on October 4. A memorial service for David Wunker was held on August 9 at 630 Canyon Road.

A workshop under the sponsorship of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting, the people of St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, the Loretto Community, and the Urban Native American Fellowship, “Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Toward Right Relationship with America’s Native Peoples,” will be held on September 20 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at St. Bede’s church, 1601 S. Saint Francis Drive. These workshops are a project of Boulder Friends Meeting, with the involvement of Paula Palmer of Boulder Friends Meeting and two Santa Fe Meeting Friends, Tenzin Marco and Thandi Seagraves. Pam Gilchrist is helping with planning for the event.

M&C continues to consider different types of membership and the Quaker Quest program.

Meeting accepted the M&C Committee report.

Residence Committee please see written report in Appendix C.

The Residence Committee met for its regular six-month check-in with Resident David Murphy. The committee concluded, based on solicited feedback and its meeting with him, that “... the arrangement is positive from the Meeting’s point of view and satisfactory from David’s.” David has been resident now for one year.

Meeting accepted the Resident Committee Report.

Peace and Social Concerns Committeeplease see written report in Appendix D.

The committee will provide information on Rockology Inc.’s application to create a mine on La Bajada Mesa and the resumption of U.S. bombing in Iraq. It encourages Meeting Friends to support and participate in the informational picket by nurses and technical staff at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, to consider serving as a volunteer in our public schools, to participate in the workshop on Right Relationship with America’s Native Peoples on September 20, and to attend a symposium on Banking in New Mexico on September 27 and the Santa Fe Climate Pilgrimage on September 20.

The committee had prepared a proposed letter to Bruce Tassin, the President and CEO of Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center. After discussion and presentation of further information, the Meeting approved sending the letter to Christus St. Vincent, subject to updating and minor editing by the Clerk.

Meeting accepted the P&SC Committee Report.

Resident Friend’s Reportplease see written report in Appendix E.

The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 16 hours per week during Seventh Month. In addition to Meetinghouse use by the weekly AA and Subud Meditation groups, the garden was used for a wedding reception and a Gallery in the Garden event and by campers from Mountain Friends Camp. Income from the groups totaled $108. The guest apartment was occupied for 27 nights out of a possible 31, with income of $970.

Meeting accepted the Resident Friend’s report.

New Business

A concern regarding increased traffic noise in the Meeting Room was raised. This may have resulted from more doors to the building being open for cross ventilation and increased traffic due to Indian Market preparations. Meeting will pay attention to this issue to reduce traffic noise in the Meeting Room while providing comfortable temperatures.

The possibility of organizing threshing sessions to discuss fund raising possibilities and other financial concerns was raised. The Finance Committee agreed to organize a threshing session on financial issues on September 7.

Alan Rogers’ email to the Meeting regarding the lack of Meeting support for garden maintenance was raised. The Ministry and Counsel Committee will respond to Alan’s concerns.


No announcements were made.

Business Meeting closed with a brief silence at 2:50 pm.


Appendix A

Finance Committee Report for 8-17-14 Business Meeting
Prepared by Bob Gaines

Report on the August 3 Threshing Session:

"Friends met during potluck after rise of Meeting on August 3 for a threshing session on Meeting finances. After a period of silent worship, we considered how we value and hope to use two large sums we received in recent years from a bequest and a sale of donated land, totaling about $156,000. We were again reminded that Meeting decided to leave this money untouched until specific uses were decided on. However, we have dipped into it to as unrestricted donations have not kept pace with budgeted expenses. Some Friends see this as appropriate since our money is "fungible" and the borrowed amounts will eventually be replaced by new donations, while others say the large sums should be sequestered and literally left untouched. There was much discussion of ways to use the large sums to "invest in growing Quakerism" locally and regionally over the long term. Some said this should include converting the $4,000 loan to South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group to a gift, but not all were in agreement with this idea. We concluded with a silent worship." (Prepared by Greg Cliburn)


The Baumann bequest is in a CD which has now grown to $57,227.71. The income from the Camino Lejo sale was $99,119.57 and it is in the General Fund. The current total of the two is $156,347.28.

If the $156,347.28 were set aside as untouchable, the General Fund on July 31 would have shown a negative balance of $6,459.28. That's how much was borrowed from the “untouchable” money to pay operating budget expenses.

As of July 31, 2014:

Bank balance (all accounts): $182,313

General Fund balance: $149,888

General Fund deficit after $156,347.28 set-aside would be: -$6,459.28

General Fund income in July: $1,428; Donations: $1,378; Interest: $50

General Fund expenses in July: $866

General Fund net in July: $542

July's net income was about 8 percent of what would be needed to cover the deficit. Without dipping into the land sale money we can't pay our operating budget bills until more donations are received.

At the threshing session and at earlier business meetings, some expressed concerns that the Baumann bequest and the income from the sale of the Camino Lejo property were being used for operational expenses, and they expressed a desire to segregate those funds until a decision could be made as to their use.

The Finance Committee continues to believe that this segregation is adequately accomplished with the current arrangements for tracking Meeting funds, and that over time the borrowed money will be restored. However, to provide the business meeting with an opportunity to consider how this might be done differently, the committee has discussed what could be done with our current bookkeeping software and without unduly burdening the treasurer, and the committee offers the following proposal to segregate the Baumann and sale income into a separate fund:

"Except for utilities and insurance, no General Fund operating expenses will be paid until donations to the General Fund brings the balance to approximately $157,000. At that point, $ 156,347.28 will be placed in a separate fund with the use to be determined by Meeting. General Fund operating expense payments will resume as the General Fund balance allows."

"FDS staff will not be paid, FDS supplies will not be purchased, meetinghouse cleaning by Pam Benson will be suspended, committee expenses will not be reimbursed except as budgeted out of other funds, Good Works commitments, including "As Needs Arise," will not be met, and the resident may not purchase supplies for the meetinghouse or the garden. Maintenance budget expenses, such as repairs and supplies for the guest apartment, will continue to be paid/reimbursed out of the Maintenance Fund."

Appendix B

August 2014 M & C Report to SFMM Meeting for Business

M & C met at Quaker House on July 21, 2014. All members were in attendance: Jan-Willem Jansens, Karen Kuranz, Ann Lindsay, Betsy Lombardi, Howard Shulman, Margy Willen, and Allen Winchester. New members Ann, Betsy and Howard were welcomed. Margy agreed to be recorder. Allen agreed to continue as Clerk.

Query for Ninth Month: How do we care for each other in illness and grief? This was created by M & C and is not from Faith and Practice.

Greeters and Closers: Nominating Committee is still seeking a greeter. Jan-Willem and Karen serve as closers. Jan-Willem would like to reduce his role as closer. Karen agreed to contact several regular attenders to see if they could close from time to time.

Observations on the spiritual life of the meeting and its worship groups:

9 o'clock Canyon Road: Attendance has averaged 7-9 with a core group of 6 regulars. It is a tight knit group.

11 o'clock Canyon Road: The meeting room has been quite full and there have been many well received messages; many visitors have attended lately.

South Santa Fe worship group: Worship has been attended by 10-15, made up of both a core group and those new to Quaker worship; the group has started a monthly adult religious education gathering that uses a worship sharing format.

Tres Piedras worship group: The group is meeting twice monthly, with a larger attendance in the summer.

Las Vegas worship group: They have been meeting once or twice a month, though there is concern about future meeting space (homes being sold); it may be helpful for the group to identify a meeting space that is not a home.

Los Alamos worship group: There are health issues for several Friends.

Taos worship group: A Friend there wishes to marry and have a Quaker ceremony. Information about the two ways, "in the manner of Friends" and "under the care of the Meeting," with the latter requiring a clearness committee, were sent to the Worship Group and couple. Karen will contact the group and follow up on preferences for the wedding.

Worship group liaisons: Betsy has offered to be the M&C liaison for South Santa Fe Worship Group; Jan-Willem will explore with several Los Alamos Friends who could be liaison for Los Alamos.

Membership Concerns: We discussed concerns about three Friends. We also agreed to discuss absenteeism at our next M & C Meeting.

Helen Corneli Memorial Service: Plans are underway for an October 4 service.

David Wunker Memorial Service: A standing room only service was held for David on August 9 at the Canyon Road Meeting House.

Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Towards Right Relationship with America’s Native Peoples: Sept. 20 from 2-4:00 at St. Bede's Church: SFMM and St. Bede's are jointly sponsoring this public event that seeks to “raise awareness about the historical and ongoing injustices committed against Native Peoples” (from Boulder Friends Meeting website) and repudiate the “Doctrine of Discovery.” Two SFMM members, Tenzin Marco and Thandi Seagraves, are participating in the narration. Pam Gilchrist is assisting in planning for the event.

Some concerns were expressed by M & C members about limited participation of Native Americans in the presentation and development of the workshop, with the potential view being that this is an Anglo voice speaking for Native Peoples. Discussion by M&C brought up many questions: Should SFMM attach a disclaimer? Withdraw from the event? Reexamine the spiritual component? Connect with Native groups for input? Howard Shulman agreed to explore these issues with Pam Gilchrist and Doug Bleyle and make a recommendation.

After our meeting Howard learned that Paula Palmer of the Boulder Friends Meeting had included the following information when she created the program:

• The script for the program was adapted from the “Kairos Blanket Exercise,” copyright 2013, originally produced by the Aboriginal Rights Coalition and the Assembly of First Nations, Canada.

• The workshop is intended as an educational experience primarily for non-Native Americans. It is wonderful for Native American people to participate in the workshop, and it’s important for them to know that the primary purpose is to educate and motivate non-Native people to become active allies in the struggle for Indigenous peoples’ rights. Consider whether and how you would like to involve the Native people in your community in the presentation of the workshop.

• A major goal of the workshop is to repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery.

We believe most of our concerns have been positively answered and following an email inquiry of M & C members it was decided to urge that Paula Palmer’s information be read to participants of the Workshop.

Consideration of different types of membership: M & C is continuing to discuss this issue.


Quaker Quest: M & C and the Quaker Quest subcommittee continue to explore in what ways this program would be beneficial to SFMM.

M & C Meeting closed at 7:50 PM with silence. The next meeting will be at Quaker House on Aug. 25 at 5:30 PM.

Appendix C

Residence Committee Report, August, 2014

The Residence Committee (with one member absent) met with our Resident, David Murphy, for a brief meeting on August 2, 2014. Our mandate from business meeting is to meet at least every six months with the Resident, to determine if our Residence arrangement continues to work satisfactorily for all parties. Prior to our meeting, we solicit information, suggestions, and appreciations for the Resident from our membership. Based on the feedback we received and our communication during our meeting on August 2, we conclude that the arrangement is positive from the meeting’s point of view and satisfactory from David’s point of view.

Our meeting this August marks the one year anniversary of the current Resident. Prior to our meeting, we received a number of vocal expressions of appreciation for the Resident and one written statement. Excerpts from that statement follow:

“…please may I weigh in on David's service? 

He has been spectacular with the garden, doing 85% of the work this summer. He's taken a personal interest in maintenance and followed that interest with work….

He's been easy to work with and cooperative. I've enjoyed getting to know David and I count my friendship with him as valuable! I am truly thankful for the generosity he has given to our meeting. I trust others will report similar experiences with our current resident.”

Respectfully submitted, with gratitude for David’s dedicated service, Marty Carroll

On behalf of the Residence Committee, Guthrie Miller, Carly Newfeld, Ariel Harrison, and myself

Appendix D

Peace and Social Concern Committee Report, 08-17-2014

Attending 8/10 committee meeting: Philip Balcombe and Pam Gilchrist.

  1. P&SC will send information out on the County hearing scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 12 regarding Rockology Inc.'s application to create a strip mine on La Bajada Mesa.

  2. P&SC discussed FCNL’s alert in response to the August 8th, 2014 resumption of U.S. bombing in Iraq. At this moment our strength and light extends to sending the FCNL live link via the Digest.

  3. As Friends are led, we encourage participation in the informational picket by the nurses and technical staff at St. Vincent's. The Picket began Monday, August 11, 2014 at 6am; it is on-going until the nurses and tech’s demand for safe staffing is assured. Area clergy, congregants, progressive groups and politicos are joining in. 

  4. Friends are encouraged to volunteer in our public schools. Volunteers are especially needed at Capital High. Contact:


Communities in Schools of New Mexico

300 Catron Street, Suite A, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Office: (505) 954-1880

If you go to you can see a great pic and testimonial given by our own Michele Chrabot.


  1. September 20, 2014, 2-4pm, St. Bede’s Episcopal Church 1601 South St. Francis Drive Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Towards Right Relationship with America’s Native Peoples. Thandi Seagraves will be one of the four readers doing a dramatic reading.

  2. September 27, 2014 ~ 9:30am-9:30pm
    A Public Bank Symposium
    Santa Fe Community Convention Center

  3. Just in: 9/20/14 Santa Fe Climate Pilgrimage in solidarity with the Rally in NYC – probably in the afternoon. Begins at the Plaza, proceeds to the Cathedral…

  4. Proposed letter to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center:


Subject: Response to statement from CHRISTUS President and CEO, Bruce Tassin


Dear Mr. Tassin and Board Members,


The Santa Fe Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) urges CHRISTUS St. Vincent Hospital to return to the formal bargaining table and negotiate in good faith with the designated District 1199NM negotiating committee. The CHRISTUS offer of a sidebar meeting with a select group of union members and its refusal to meet with the designated bargaining committee do not indicate a good-faith approach to resolving the staffing issues.


Jan-Willem Jansens

Clerk, Santa Fe Friends Meeting

630 Canyon Rd.

Santa Fe, NM 87501


Appendix E

Resident Friends Report for Seventh Month 2014


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 16 hours per week during Seventh Month. Tasks included attending business meeting and committee meetings, helping with the Gallery in the Garden event, cleaning the meetinghouse and guest apartment, purchasing supplies, doing laundry, sweeping the sidewalks, putting out the trash and recycling, getting new recycling bins, checking the meetinghouse after events, booking the guest apartment and collecting donations for its rental, answering phone calls and e-mails, speaking with visitors to the garden, contacting an electrician for work in the casita, going to Cyber Mesa to reprogram the casita’s router, speaking with the sewer department about the broken sewer line, helping one day at Mountain Friends Camp, helping and visiting a guest who fell and had to be hospitalized, collecting and distributing the mail, and doing work in the garden (e.g., weeding, watering, mowing, dealing with yellow jackets, filling feeders and birdbaths, deadheading flowers).


Besides the weekly AA and Subud meditation group, the garden was used for a wedding reception and the Gallery in the Garden event and by the campers from Mountain Friends Camp.


Guest apartment occupancy: 27 nights out of a possible 31 nights; income from guest apartment: $970*; income from groups: $108; *our guest who fell was not charged for her use of the apartment beyond her deposit.



Members and attenders can sign up for one or more of the Meeting's 3 email lists by request to the Editor, Marcy Pompei, at <>. 


Requests to post items to the Announcements or Digest lists should be sent to the Editor, who will determine whether the requested announcement meets the Meeting’s guidelines.


Email Announcements List:

Urgent messages such as requests by members or attenders for assistance or announcements of immediate interest to the Meeting


Weekly Digest List:

Items which are not urgent will be sent on Tuesday

The Digest will not routinely include announcements appearing in the Newsletter

Events of other organizations may be included if they are directly related to issues or concerns with which the Meeting is currently engaged

Digest announcements must be received by Monday evening

One announcement per person per week

An announcement will ordinarily be run only once, but may be run once more upon request


Peace and Social Concerns List:

Please send your request to receive - or to be removed from - the Peace and Social Concerns Digest to Pam Gilchrist <>  The P&SC Digest connects you with the work of FCNL, AFSC, our local Interfaith Social Justice Network and YOUR leadings and concerns (please send to Pam).




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