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July 2014 Letter to Friends

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Seventh month 2014


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., 2098 Calle Ensenada on the northwest corner of Siringo Road. 


Sunday, 7/06 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting,

Sunday, 7/13 10:10 Peace & Social Concerns Committee

Sunday, 7/20 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship & Business Meeting for Worship

Sunday, 7/27 10:10


The Monthly Query for the 7th month, 2014


How are we sustaining our strength and light as individuals and as a community?”



July 2 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906 or

July 6 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 a.m. meeting.

July 20 - Peace and Social Concerns meets the Third First day of every month between worship services from 10:05 to 10:55 am, Pam Gilchrist chairs these efforts and will publish topics in the weekly notice.

June 20 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.

June 27 - 10:00 am - 4th Sunday Singing -- Chanting as preparation for worship. The basic repertoire is from Tony Martins Chanting workshop at Friends General Conference, July 2013.  These are simple chants repeated for a long time so that they can be picked up by ear.  If you have a favorite chant, please bring it.  For questions or suggestions, please contact Guthrie Miller at 954-4224 or _guthriemiller@gmail.com_ or

June 28 - The Ministry and Counsel Committee changed its monthly meeting time from the second Monday of the month to the last Monday of the month.  The next meeting is at 5:30 p.m. on May 26 at Jan-Willem Jansen’s office @ 1413 Second Street, Suite 5. However M & C can arrange to meet with individuals as needed after 11:00 a.m. meetings. M & C members are Allen Winchester, Clerk, Carolyn Sigstedt, Karen Kuranz, Margy Willen, and the current Meeting clerk, Jan-Willem Jansens. Members & attenders are encouraged to bring issues of concern to the committee at any time and to feel free to attend the committee meeting for consideration of any kind.


Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Sixth Month, 2014 (June 22, 2014)


Present: Jan-Willem Jansens (Clerk), Peggy Giltrow (Recording Clerk), Bob Gaines, Philip Balcombe, David Giltrow, James Hogan, Allen Winchester, Pam Gilchrist., David Murphy.

Meeting opened at 12:40 with an Inspirational Reading from Rebecca Henderson’s “Quaker Practice and Business Meetings”, followed by a brief period of silence. The Clerk then reviewed the proposed agenda and re-arranged the order of one item at the request of the presenter.

Minutes for Fifth Month 2014 Business Meeting were approved with two changes. In the report of the Building Committee, the wording was changed to “…the condition of the floor will be addressed.” In item #3 of New Business concerning the condition of the Meeting, in paragraph 2 the wording was changed to “Often the concern is different than what is informally shared.”


Peace & Social Concerns Committee—Please see written report in Appendix A


The committee met June 8 and also June 20, which was a farewell potluck for Timothy Downing, who is heading to Kenya to do graduate work in soil hydrology. The Committee sent a letter (Appendix B) supporting the New Mexico Haze Reduction Plan to the EPA. An explanation of the state plan, supported (with one exception) by a consortium of New Mexico organizations, can be found in Appendix C.


Committee discussion and recommendations concerned divestment from fossil fuels, further work on a draft Minute about the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice, and information from the Citizens Climate Lobby. Friends were asked to call Congress on June 23 to support this action. The committee reports that 27 members and attenders have signed up to get the online P and SC digest, which will begin publication soon. Friends asked about the current content of legislation concerning a proposed carbon tax and whether the cost will be passed on to the consumer. The committee will report back.


Meeting was asked to approve a request for $100 from the “As Needs Arise” fund to contribute to bringing AFSC coordinator and trainer Arnie Alport to Santa Fe the first week of August. He will present a workshop on how to bird-dog candidates to stand up and support what they believe in, to be held at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Tuesday, August 5 from 6 to 9 p.m. After discussion of the purpose of the “As Needs Arise “ fund and being informed it contains $400 at present, Meeting approved the request for funding, and also approved Meeting becoming a sponsor of Arnie Alport’s workshop. Meeting approved the report of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee.


Nominations Committee—Please see written report, including the list of those nominated for positions for the coming year and changes approved by Business Meeting, in Appendix D.


The committee pointed out that a few notable vacancies still exist, including co-convener of Good Works and convener of the Education Committee. James Hogan, who gave the committee’s report, felt that serving on the Nominating Committee is an important job and provides a useful learning process. The committee was impressed by the level of commitment and involvement shown by Meeting in what amounts to a lot of committees given the size of our meeting. Even where only a few people are involved in a committee, all committees are important to the spiritual foundation of Meeting. Meeting accepted the committee’s report with thanks, then discussed positions still to be filled.


Meeting discussed the lack of a convener for the Adult Education Committee. One Friend suggested that Ministry and Counsel be asked to coordinate Adult Education. Others felt that the Adult Education Committee should be laid down until Spirit leads someone to become convener. Friends were reminded that at the April Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business the problem was discussed and Meeting did not approve the laying down of the Adult Education Committee. Meeting approved leaving the position of convener of the Adult Education Committee vacant. M&C can continue to coordinate and facilitate, as it has done with reading groups for this year.


It was pointed out that the Committee listed as “Young Friends” is actually the “First Day School Committee” and the Nominating Committee made the appropriate change. The Committee was reminded that they had not addressed the position of Care Coordinator, a new position proposed and agreed to by Meeting in the last few months. Business Meeting approved the proposal that liaisons for worship groups under our care will be found by M&C, which has been the current practice.


Meeting agreed to leave the positions of Greeter and co-coordinator of Good Works vacant until Spirit moves someone to come forward to fill them. Meeting asked the Nominating Committee to contact the people involved with the Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts in the next month to see if they will continue to serve. Meeting asked the Nominating Committee to try to find a Care Coordinator nomination to bring to Business Meeting next month. Aside from asking the committee to address these two requests in the coming month, the committee is dissolved with thanks.


Communications Committee


Last month, the committee proposed to remove password protection from all areas of the web site. The purpose is to greatly simplify administration of the website and make all areas more readily available to members and attenders. The burden would then be on the persons providing material to be posted to assure than no contact information is included. The Meeting directory will continue to be available only on request and not on the website. Currently, several areas of the website require a password to view. The Meeting agreed when the website was set up in 2006 to password-protect access to certain areas to protect individuals’ contact information.


Meeting accepted the Communications Committee’s report. Meeting approved the committee proposal for new website privacy procedures. No password will be needed from now on.


Finance Committee


Last month, the committee proposed changing to a July-June fiscal year. Currently Meeting’s fiscal year is January-December. This change would make a lot of sense for our Meeting because most donations tend to come in during the late fall. If the fiscal year ends in June, there would be plenty of time after seeing the amount of calendar year donations to remind folks about the need. And it would not have to be done when many folks are focused on the holidays. We could start the new fiscal year this July 1.


Meeting accepted the Finance Committee report


Friends asked how this change would affect the 2014 budget. Bob Gaines, speaking for the committee, thinks, based on IMYM’s recent adjustment of its fiscal year, that the change can be done without causing big problems. Lots of explanations will be needed, but basically we are talking about a bookkeeping change. Our books are done on a cash rather than accrual basis. If the change is approved we will get an end of year report next month, and can approve next month essentially the same budget that we approved last December. There are no IRS repercussions since Meeting is a religious institution. There is no proposal to change the fiscal year of the corporation. Meeting approved the change to a July-June fiscal year for the Meeting, to begin this July 1.



Building Committee—no report


Garden Committee –Please see written report in Appendix E


The committee met on June 16 to finalize details for the 3 art shows to be held on 3rd Fridays this summer. A water meter will be installed so the amount of water used on the garden can be measured and isolated from the building’s water use. Wildlife Habitat Certification is forthcoming and the garden will get a sign announcing that.


The committee requested water usage information from the finance committee to maintain a spreadsheet of comparative water usage. A Friend reminded us that a 20 year spreadsheet was produced last August as a yardstick for the irrigation system. The Wildlife Habitat Certification is based on bee habitat.


Meeting accepted the Garden Committee Report.


Friends were informed that a donation of $150 was given to the Meeting from a frequent visitor who had never seen the garden in such good condition over many years. Meeting approved the use of that money to help reach the Young Friends goal of about $700 to buy a picnic table for the garden.


Ministry and Counsel Committee—Please see written report in Appendix F


M&C reported on observations of the spiritual life of our Meeting and Worship Groups. They will report back to Meeting next month about different forms of membership. Memorial Minutes for Rebecca Henderson, Jeannie Mayes, Dimitri Mihalas, Karin Salzmann and Curtis Sollohub were read at IMYM and added to the IMYM web site. Work has begun on a Memorial Minute for Helen Corneli, and on Miriam Corneli’s request for use of the Meeting House for a Memorial Service for Helen on Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014. M&C discussed concerns for several Friends, including some not seen recently at Meeting.


M&C continues to discuss the Quaker Quest program, which is being studied by a separate committee. The May 4 M&C discussion group with Worship Groups (attended by representatives from South Santa Fe, Taos and Tres Piedras) yielded a request on how to expand Quaker ideas in various locations. M&C will coordinate occasional visits to out of town worship groups. The Ad Hoc Committee on the Kabarak Call presented a series of workshops at IMYM and is drafting a Minute for IMYM 2015.


Meeting approved the report of the Ministry and Counsel Committee. Meeting also approved the Query for Seventh Month of 2014: “How are we sustaining our strength and light as individuals and as a community?”


Friends discussed the logistics of Miriam Corneli’s request for use of the Meetinghouse for Helen Corneli’s memorial service. The request is primarily for use of the garden, kitchen and bathroom, with the Meetinghouse available in case of bad weather. The major concern is the number of people who might attend, and whether adequate space would be available in this building. The practical limit is 36-40 people inside. If a different location is needed, it would need to be booked fairly soon. Meeting agreed to offer all the support it can give to a Memorial Service for Helen Corneli. M&C will work with the family and the Clerk will contact Mimi for more details of what is needed.


Resident Friend’s Report—written report available in Appendix G


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 26 hours per week during the Fifth Month. Guest Apartment occupancy was 21 nights out of a possible 30 nights. Income from the Guest Apartment was $950. Income from the AA group was $100. Besides usual and special tasks, including planning for the art events in the garden, much work was expended on the garden. A Mason Bee habitat was purchased and application made to have the garden certified as a wildlife habitat. All those who have helped with garden maintenance and weeding are thanked for their efforts. Meeting accepted the Resident Friend’s report.


Friends asked about the implications of the wildlife certification. It is for one year at a time, and can be renewed. It would not be approved if Meeting had a resident cat.


The Resident Friend added a verbal report on the first summer art event, held on June 20. Many people came and lots of them were surprised to find out there are Quakers in Santa Fe, with a huge garden with lots of plants. The artist did not sell, but was glad to have his work on view. Building tours were available. The children made almost $50 selling cookies and iced tea to support a cause which they will determine. The event was good outreach to the community.


Friends thanked the Resident for his work. It was reported that a frequent guest has “never seen the guest apartment so clean and so appealing.”


Clerk’s Report for March 15-June 22, 2014


In addition to his usual clerking duties and participation in the work of M&C (including Memorial minutes, work for Mountain Friends Camp, etc.) and support of committees and Friends, he clerked a meeting with Worship groups on May 4, assisted with programmatic aspects of Regional Meeting in April in Santa Fe, Assisted with IMYM, FMC scholarship program, and offered clarifications and feedback to the Nominating committee. Meeting accepted the Clerk’s report.


New Business


A question was asked about progress on repair of the sewer connection. David Murphy will contact the appropriate person at the City water department. His impression is that it probably won’t be repaired until City workers are out there for some other reason or until it backs up. All is OK at the moment.


Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business closed at 2:10 with a moment of silence and clasping of hands.


Respectfully Submitted, Peggy Giltrow, Recording Clerk




      1. APPENDIX A


2014-06-08 and 6/20 - Peace & Social Concerns Report to Santa Fe Monthly Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business for June 22, 2014


Present: Becca Conner, Tim Downing and Pam Gilchrist


Following silence we considered the following:


1. P&SC studied the EPA’s “NM Haze Reduction Plan” and submitted a comment by EPA’s deadline of 6/11/2014. Our letter affirms the comments of a consortium of NM environmental and climate science organizations which calls for a further reduction of haze in New Mexico on the state implementation plan at the San Juan Generating Station. Letter attached.


2. P&SC read the Friends Journal article, “Why Quakers Should Divest from Fossil Fuels (May issue).


After checking the date through M&C, our committee invites the Meeting to a brunch workshop on divestment (with quiche!!) between services on July 20 with a follow up discussion at the rise of the 11 o’clock worship on July 27. The brunch will be held at 10:05 am so as to include both worship groups. RSVP to Becca Conner <>


3. P&SC reviewed a draft Minute prepared by the Ad Hoc Committee on the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice. The draft will be circulated at IMYM and the wider Quaker community.


4. We have solicited (and will continue to solicit) members of Meeting to receive P&SC Digest updates.


5. P&SC requests $100 from the “As Needs Arise” to contribute to a fund to bring AFSC Arnie Alport, Program Coordinator with American Friends Service Committee, and Bird-dogging Trainer Extraordinaire, back to New Mexico for the first week of August. He will be in Santa Fe on Tuesday, August 5, 6-9 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Barcelona. Would the Meeting agree to be listed as a sponsor of the workshop? Alternatively, P&SC agreed to donate $50 from their budget.

6. P&SC will circulate information from the Citizens Climate Lobby to support volunteers, 600 strong, who are on Capitol Hill to meet with congressional offices pushing for a fee on carbon that returns revenue to households. We can be the wind at their backs by calling our representative and Senators on Monday, June 23 to express our support.


Call the toll free line for Congress: 855-686-6927 - and ask for Rep. Lujan and Senators Udall and Heinrich’s office.



Santa Fe Monthly Meeting

Peace and Social Concerns Committee


June 8th, 2014


Via E-filing to:


Federal e-Rulemaking Portal:


Re: Docket ID No. EPA-R06-OAR-2014-0214; San Juan Generating Station


To Whom it May Concern:


We the undersigned support the comment submitted by the consortium of New Mexico organizations that include: Western Resource Advocates, New Energy Economy, WildEarth Guardians, Conservation Voters of New Mexico, Physicians for Social Responsibility (NM), Environment New Mexico/Environment New Mexico Research and Policy Center, New Mexico Independent Power Producers Climate Change Leadership Institute, Santa Fe Innovation Park, The Global Warming Express, Chainbreaker Collective, Center for Civic Policy, Citizens' Climate Lobby, and


As stated in their comment: “we request that EPA’s approval of the Revised SIP contain a statement reflecting EPA’s willingness to consider eliminating the NOx emission control requirements on units 1 and 4 if, by December 31, 2015, there is a commitment to permanently retire additional capacity (units 1 and/or 4) at SJGS within a reasonably short time-frame.”


Thank you,


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting

Peace and Social Concerns Committee

Timothy Downing

153 Juan de Dios

Santa Fe, NM 87501






Western Resource Advocates

New Energy Economy

WildEarth Guardians

Conservation Voters of New Mexico

Physicians for Social Responsibility (NM)

Environment New Mexico

Environment New Mexico Research and Policy Center

New Mexico Independent Power Producers

Climate Change Leadership Institute

Santa Fe Innovation Park

The Global Warming Express

Chainbreaker Collective

Center for Civic Policy

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

May 19, 2014


Via U.S. Mail, E-mail and E-filing to:




2) Federal e-Rulemaking Portal:


3) Mr. Guy Donaldson, Chief, Air Planning Section (6PD-L)

Environmental Protection Agency

1445 Ross Avenue, Suite 1200

Dallas, TX 75202-2733


4) Ron Curry, Regional Administrator

Environmental Protection Agency

1445 Ross Avenue, Suite 1200

Dallas, Texas 75202-2733


Re: Docket ID No. EPA-R06-OAR-2014-0214; San Juan Generating Station


Dear Mr. Donaldson and Administrator Curry:


As stakeholders in issues surrounding San Juan Generating Station (SJGS), the undersigned organizations are writing to provide comments that express our support for the Revised State Implementation Plan (“Revised SIP”) addressing regional haze for San Juan Generating Station (SJGS), with one modification.


Before beginning, however, we wish to express our appreciation for EPA’s strong and unwavering protection of our environment and of the beautiful Western landscapes and vistas of our National Parks and other Class I areas. We also appreciate the State of New Mexico and Public Service Company of New Mexico’s (PNM) efforts to develop an alternative that would retire SJGS Units 2 and 3 by the end of 2017.


In the above-styled docket, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to approve the Revised SIP and withdraw its federal implementation plan. The State plan would require SNCR and other emission controls on Units 1 and 4 by December 31, 2016, and would permanently retire SJGS units 2 and 3 by December 31, 2017.


There is little doubt that the Revised SIP, by retiring one-half of the generating capacity at SJGS and requiring meaningful NOx controls on units 1 and 4, would not only reduce regional haze, but would provide other significant environmental, economic and health benefits. We agree with EPA and others that these additional benefits must be recognized as a valuable part of resolving the adverse environmental impacts of the plant. Therefore, we stand in support of the Revised SIP which EPA proposes to approve.


The modification that we are seeking as part of EPA’s approval would provide an opportunity for the State and PNM to retire additional capacity (SJGS units 1 and/or 4) by a date certain in exchange for eliminating NOx emission control requirements on units 1 and 4. Our reasoning follows.


As part of its application for approvals to implement the Revised SIP before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC), PNM has indicated that the required controls on units 1 and 4 will cost the partners approximately $160 million. At the same time, there may be insufficient interest in continued participation to absorb all of the megawatts still available in units 1 and 4. The SJGS Participation Agreement renewal is in the midst of mediation because of an inability to resolve ownership and other issues associated with a new agreement. PNM’s NMPRC application states that it will need to acquire 78 megawatts of unit 4, or more depending on the outcome of the Participation Agreement negotiations, in order to make the ownership interests align with the available megawatts.


This potential lack of sufficient interest to support continued operation of both units 1 and 4 is reinforced by Tri-State’s integrated resource plan (IRP), which suggests its exit from SJGS, and Tucson Electric Power’s (TEP) IRP which indicates that the continued operation of unit 1 is at risk. It is also worth recalling that, when discussions of retirement at SJGS commenced, units 1 and 2 rather than 2 and 3 were identified to retire, and TEP was presumably willing to exit the facility entirely (355 MW). Under the Revised SIP, TEP would only retire half of its share (180 MW), suggesting a potential for another 175 MW to retire (Unit 1 is 350 MW). All of the California owners intend to exit SJGS. Finally, there are negotiations ongoing with the coal supplier for SJGS, which may further impact the economic viability of units 1 and 4 into the future. The current coal supply agreement expires after 2017. All of these items suggest that the future of SJGS units 1 and 4 is in flux, with an uncertain outcome.


At the same time, simple math recognizes that retiring an additional unit at SJGS provides greater emission benefits than continued operation of both units 1 and 4 with SNCR and other required controls. Even if the required emission controls would reduce NOx emissions across both units by 30%, retiring only the smaller unit 1 would reduce NOx emissions across both units by over 39% (350MW/894MW). In addition, retiring an additional unit at SJGS in exchange for eliminating emission control requirements at the remaining unit would save the SJGS partners and their customers $160 million and provide benefits associated with other reduced pollutants and reduced CO2 and coal ash regulation compliance costs.


For these reasons, we request that EPA’s approval of the Revised SIP contain a statement reflecting EPA’s willingness to consider eliminating the NOx emission control requirements on units 1 and 4 if, by December 31, 2015, there is a commitment to permanently retire additional capacity (units 1 and/or 4) at SJGS within a reasonably short time-frame.


Thank you for considering our comments.


      1. APPENDIX D

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends

Nominating Committee

Report to Business Meeting (Including changes approved by Business Meeting)

June 22, 2014


This year’s Nominating Committee, consisting of Pam Gilchrist, James Hogan, and Karen Kuranz, was appointed at the January business meeting. Nominating Committee is charged with nominating Meeting officers and committee conveners. It does not nominate other committee members. The exception to this is the Ministry and Counsel Committee. Ministry and Counsel has six members who serve staggered two-year terms, and selects its own clerk from among its members. Nominating Committee nominates new members, not a clerk, for Ministry and Counsel.


The Nominating Committee presented an initial report to the business meeting on May 18th. In this report the committee presented the slate for the positions requiring two readings: Clerk, Recording Clerk, Treasurer, Clerk of M&C and the Meeting Representative to IMYM. In this second report, we offer a fuller slate of nominations, discuss vacancies that remain, and discuss other input we received for the structure and work of committees.


We have made progress since our May report, but vacancies, most noticeably the need for a co-convener of the Good Works committee and a convener for the Adult Education, still exist. While we make some recommendations, we turn to Meeting to consider these vacancies and to decide how to proceed.


The Nominating Committee process is one of worshipful commitment to discerning what is best for our Meeting, not a simple matter of calling for volunteers. In our discussions with the existing committee conveners, we were impressed by their commitment to these efforts based on their calling to serve Meeting and we greatly thank all of them for their efforts. Nonetheless, many did also express the frustration that committees are sparsely populated and, in some cases, are just one person and that the Meeting at large may not be particularly receptive to the efforts of the committee. We recognize that there are a large number of committees for a Meeting this size but we do not make recommendations on consolidation or other actions to restructure as we recognize each has value to members of Meeting and contributes to the spiritual foundation of our Meeting.


We ask Meeting to take three actions: (1) accept this report as the final reading of nominations, (2) approve our recommendation to have the Adult Education committee remain vacant with M&C facilitating these activities until leadership emerges and (3) decide how to proceed on vacancies that remain.


[Business meeting agreed to have Greeter and co-convener of Good Works remain vacant but asked nominations to finish with the Quakers in the Arts contacts as well as Care Coordinator for consideration at next month’s Business meeting; it was agreed that contacts for worship groups should be referred to M&C].


Pam Gilchrist, James Hogan, and Karen Kuranz


Nominations for Meeting Officers and Committee Conveners

* = Nomination still to be made


Clerk:Jan-Willem Jansens (to relieve his work-load, Jan-Willem would like M&C to operate more independently)

Recording Clerk: Peggy Giltrow. (Peggy requests a person for her to train to take over next year)

Treasurer: Greg Cliburn

Recorder: Philip Balcombe

Archivist: David Giltrow

Adult Education Committee: *. We recommend that the committee remain vacant and M&C serve as a facilitator of this activity.

Building Committee: David Giltrow

Communications Committee: Marcy Pompei. (Marcy has agreed to continue editing the newsletter and a General weekly Digest. Pam Gilchrist will produce a separate Peace and Social Justice Newsletter.)

Conscientious Objection Committee: Howard Shulman

Care Coordinator: [this is a new position and Business meeting asked nominating committee to help identify someone to serve in this important role]

Finance: Bob Gaines

Future Planning Committee: Frank Hirsch

Garden: Marcy Pompei

Good Works (co-conveners): *, David Henkel (David has requested that a co-convener be identified to help him in this this role)

History: David Giltrow

Library: Pam Geyer

Housekeeping/Hospitality/Fellowship: Sarah Gimiter

Greeter: *

Ministry and Counsel: Howard Shulman, Betsy Lombardi, and Ann Lindsay are nominated to fill vacant position on this committee. Margy Willen will serve the second year of their term. Allen Winchester and Karen Kuranz have agreed to serve a third-year before stepping down. Allen Winchester is clerk and willing to continue but, per the role of the nominations committee, this should be referred to Ministry and Counsel to decide. We feel these nominations will provide an independent and spiritually strong committee to serve meeting.

Naming Committee: To be appointed by Business Meeting after July

Peace and Social Concerns: Pam Gilchrist

Residence: Marty Carroll

Olive Rush Watching Committee: Bettina Raphael, David Giltrow, and John Kretzmann

First Day School Committee: Ariel Harrison



Nominations for Representatives and Contacts

* = Nomination still to be made


AFSC Contacts: Anna Darrah

FCNL Contact: Pam Gilchrist

Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts Contacts: *. Ford Robbins and Caroline Rackley were named last year, unfortunately due to an oversight on our part we have failed to contact them to determine if they are willing to serve as contact for Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts. [Business Meeting asked that Nominating Committee finish this work for next month’s meeting]

IMYM Representatives Committee: Allen Winchester

IMYM Nominating Committee: Allen Winchester

Santa Fe Interfaith Leadership Alliance: Bob Gaines

Santa Fe Interfaith Peace and Social Concerns Network: Pam Gilchrist

New Mexico Regional Meeting Representative: Betsy Lombardi

Pendle Hill Contact: Marty Carroll

Worship Groups Under Our Care: we have not addressed these contacts and recommend that this be referred to M&C – this recommendation was approved by Business Meeting.

• Las Vegas: *

• Los Alamos: *

• South Santa Fe: *

• Taos (Clearlight): *

• Tres Piedras: *


      1. APPENDIX E

June 2014 Garden Committee Report


The garden committee met on Monday, June 16 to finalize the details for the art show to be held Friday, June 20th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. In July and August the committee will host 2 other art openings with July’s artist all being Quaker and recruitment on-going for August.


An effort to include the artists in residence with the Santa Fe Historical Foundation in the art shows in the Quaker garden has been pursued and not confirmed as of yet. The foundation has expressed interest in hosting an art show in their small gallery for the art work of Olive Rush.


A water meter is scheduled to be installed so the amount of water used on the garden can be measured and isolated from the building’s water use. David Murphy has been successful in maintaining the garden structure with weed pulling, replacement planting and feeding. The committee is requesting water usage information from the finance committee to maintain a spreadsheet to compare water usage from last summer to this and from winter to summer.


Wild Life Habitat Certification is forthcoming and a sign declaring such will be placed in the garden soon.


      1. APPENDIX F

June 2014 Report to SFMM by MInistry and Counsel Committee


M & C met May 22. In attendance were Karen Kuranz, Allen Winchester

and Jan-Willem Jansens. Margy Willen was out of town.


Query for Seventh Month: “How are we sustaining our strength and light

as individuals and as a community?” This was not from, but similar to a

Query from Faith and Practice.


Observations of the Spiritual Life of Meetings and Worship Groups:


9 AM: Continues to meet with regular members and summer visitors.


11 AM: Good vocal ministry including chanting and some singing. Attendance

is averaging 20 persons.


South Santa Fe: Friends are settled in their new Meeting House and attendance

averages 15 person per week. Several newcomers are continuing to



Tres Piedras: Continues to meet twice a month.


Las Alamos: No information available at time of committee meeting.


Las Vegas: This worship group is experiencing some problems in finding a

place to meet. Some members are worried that the group is falling away. M

& C will continue monitoring and encouraging this group. David Henkel has

agreed to continue as liaison.


Memorial Minutes: The Memorial Minutes of Rebecca Henderson, Dimitri

Mihalas, Jeannie Mayes, Karin Salzmann and Curtis Sollohub were read at

Inter-Mountain Yearly Meeting in early June. They were added to IMYM Web

site as well.


M & C is beginning to work on a Memorial Minute for Helen Corneli. Miriam

Corneli has requested use of the Meeting House for a Memorial Service for

Helen on Saturday October 4, 2014.


Member Concerns: M & C discussed concerns for several Friends. We also

discussed Friends who have not been seen at Meeting recently and decided

to make inquiries about them. Jan-Willem will look into the cost of advertising

in The New Mexican as well.


Quaker Quest: M & C is continuing to discuss the program, which is being

studied by a separate committee. Karen Kuranz’s sister Amy is QQ trainer

and will be in contact with the committee to offer assistance in planning.


Review of Meeting with Worship Groups under our care: May 4 M & C

hosted a discussion group with Worship Groups to hear how they are doing

and what they might like from SFMM in the future. Representatives of South

Santa Fe, Taos and Tres Piedras were present. Worship Groups felt communication

with SFMM was good. How to expand Quaker ideas in the various

areas was discussed. M & C will coordinate occasional visits to the out of

town Worship Groups by announcing ahead of time when transportation will

be available.


Ad Hoc Committee on Kabarack Call: An update for workshops at IMYM

was presented. The workshops were very well received and the committee

is drafting a Minute that could be presented at IMYM in 2015 supporting the



Indigenous People Workshop: SFMM has agreed to co-sponsor Boulder

Friends Workshop with St. Bede’s in September. Pam Gilchrist will help with

the plans.


Adjournment & Scheduling of Next Meeting: M & C adjourned after

meeting 2 hours. The next M & C Meeting will be June 30 at 5:30 PM at Jan-

Willem’s office.


      1. APPENDIX G

Resident Friend’s Report for Fifth Month 2014


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 26 hours per week during Fifth Month. Tasks included cleaning the meetinghouse and guest apartment, attending committee meetings, doing laundry, purchasing supplies, collecting and distributing the mail, replying to phone calls and e-mails, booking the guest apartment, collecting and recording payments, answering guests’ inquiries, speaking with visitors to the garden, handling the trash and recycling weekly, sweeping the sidewalks, filling the bird feeders and bird baths, checking the meetinghouse after events, meeting with Peter Warzel of the Historic Foundation and Bettina Raphael about using the garden for an art display and other matters, organizing and cleaning the area around the trash cans, and working in the garden. Illness prevented the Resident Friend from attending the business meeting.


Garden tasks included weeding, watering, purchasing and planting additional plants, buying a bird house, sweeping, and consulting about and helping to repair the drip irrigation system. A Mason Bee habitat was purchased and installed in the garden using a donation, and the Resident Friend applied to have the garden certified as a wildlife habitat with the National Wildlife Federation. Marcy Pompeii and Ariel Harrison continue to help with the garden as members of the Garden Committee. We have been grateful for the weeding that Margaret Stanicci and her daughter and Lester Maas have done whenever they have been visiting the garden. A small group met one day in the garden for their staff retreat, and the men’s AA group has returned to the garden for their Monday meetings.

Guest apartment occupancy: 21 nights out of a possible 30 nights

Income from guest apartment: $950

Income from AA group: $100

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