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March 2014 Letter to Friends

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Third month 2014

Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. 

Sunday, 3/02 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting,

Sunday, 3/09 10:10 2nd Sunday Friends Worship Sharing

Sunday, 3/16 10:10 Peace & Social Concerns Committee

Sunday, 3/23 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship

Sunday, 3/30 10:10 Meeting for Muffins


The Monthly Query for the 3rdth month, 2014

Query for Third Month of 2014: “As difficult problems arise, are we careful to meet them in a spirit of love and humility with minds and hearts receptive to creative solutions?” (Faith and Practice, page 140, Query #4, 1st sentence).


March 2 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 a.m. meeting.

March 5 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906. Or

March 9 - 2ND Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing article: is “The Covenant of Peace” by Gerard Guiton from the May 2012 Friends Journal - Copies of this article will be available in the folder near the window in the library. Everyone is invited to attend!  We will begin at 10:10 am and close at 10:50 am.  Friends are encouraged to suggest articles, letters or poems from The Friends Journal to consider in future Worship Sharing’s - contact Howard Shulman @ 984-9908. Here’s the Friends Journal site to order your subscription -

March 10 – Ministry & Counsel will meet @ 5:30 pm at Jan-Willem Jansens’ office, . 1413 Second Street, Suite 5 Brief meetings for Friends’ concerns can be held on First First Days at 1:30 upon request. M & C members are Allen Winchester, Clerk, Carolyn Sigstedt, Karen Kuranz, Margy Willen, and the current Meeting clerk, Jan-Willem Jansens. Members & attenders are encouraged to bring issues of concern to the committee at any time and to feel free to attend the committee meeting for consideration of any kind.

March 14 – Annual Women’s Potluck – F(f)riendly women of Canyon Road Meeting and South Santa Fe Worship Group are invited to a Worship Sharing and Taco Potluck at the Sand River Co-Housing Community’s Common House @ 6:00 pm.  Please e-mail to confirm you are attending and she will negotiate with each participant for an ingredient to bring and travel directions.  In addition to a food contribution, each participant will need to donate $2 to $3 to cover the room rental and cleaning costs.  The topic for reflection this evening will be announced in the Weekly Digest.

March 16 - Peace and Social Concerns meets the third First day of every month between worship services from 10:05 to 10:55 am, Pam Gilchrist chairs these efforts and will publish topic in the weekly digest.

March 16 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.

March 23 - 10:00 am - 4th Sunday Singing -- Chanting as preparation for worship. The basic repertoire is from Tony Martins Chanting workshop at Friends General Conference, July 2013.  These are simple chants repeated for a long time so that they can be picked up by ear.  If you have a favorite chant, please bring it.  For questions or suggestions, please contact Guthrie Miller at 954-4224 or

March 30 – Meeting for Muffins, The 9:00 and the 11:00 members and attenders convene to share fellowship and muffins.


Santa Fe Friends Meeting

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Second Month, 2014 (February 16, 2014)

Present: Jan-Willem Jansens (Clerk), Peggy Giltrow (Recording clerk), Frank Hirsch, Bob Gaines, Philip Balcombe, Carol Woodsong, Marguerite Kearns, Marty Carroll, Guthrie Miller, David Murphy, Sarah Gmitter, Pam Gilchrist, Greg Cliburn, Pamela Geyer, Elliott Skinner, David Giltrow, John Kretzmann, Betsy Lombardi

Meeting began at 12:40. The clerk asked those present to hold hands and listen as he read “People” – A poem by Jeanette A. Young. We continued in silence for a moment.

The Clerk started by asking Meeting to consider ways to make business meetings a bit shorter, trying to regularly end by around 3:00. When the meeting runs until 4 or beyond it drains our energy. We need to pace ourselves in business meetings as in other areas. Which of the 15 items on the agenda must be considered today? Can some committees not report each month? Can anything else be postponed?

Several committees/ conveners offered to wait to report until next month, including the Garden Committee, the Recorder, and the Clerk. Times on the agenda were adjusted to accommodate those who needed to leave earlier. The Treasurer offered, if acceptable, to report quarterly with updates via the Digest, unless unusual circumstances required an immediate report.

One Friend suggests many reports could be sent out early, then highlighted during the business meeting rather than read totally. The Clerk agrees that it makes business meeting easier if reports are brief (1 page maximum: Action items, recommendations, conclusions), and received in advance. Reports to business meeting do not need to be the same as minutes of the committee. Having compared agendas for the last few years, the Clerk plans to vary the order of the agenda, starting with Peace & Social Concerns or First Day School rather than bricks and mortar issues. He feels that it is important to let all committees experience the different energy which occurs depending on where they are placed on the agenda.

Another Friend, agreeing that it is difficult to have meetings go so long, suggested that we start earlier and budget time better. The Clerk was grateful for the suggestions, but warned that we need to be aware of keeping Quaker time rather than getting into Roberts Rules of Order. We need to help each other clerk. Starting earlier is difficult, since people value time for fellowship after Meeting for Worship, and time is required to set up.

Business Meeting was briefly Suspended so that the Annual Corporation Meeting could be held. Minutes of the Corporation Meeting, taken by Corporate Secretary Marguerite Kearns, may be found in a separate part of this Newsletter.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business resumed at 1:12. The Clerk thanked the Corporation Board for their service to the Meeting.

Minutes for First Month 2014 Business Meeting. Philip Balcombe asked for a revision of the section concerning Meeting’s approval of the Building Committee’s budget. As it stands in the minutes, the wording is: “Meeting approved the budget proposed by Building Committee. Philip Balcombe stands aside, since he feels the Building Committee has sufficient money. “Philip feels this is not an accurate representation of the reasons why he stood aside. The Recording Clerk apologized for not capturing his intent. After discussion, the following revision was proposed: “Philip Balcombe stands aside because he does not approve of the budget allocations of the Building Committee in light of the expenditures and revenues of the entire Meeting.” Meeting approved this revision, and the rest of the minutes for First Month were approved as published.

First Day School Committee—Please see Appendix A for full report

Marty Carroll presented highlights from the written report.

David Murphy, Rebecca Miles, Beverley Weiler and Heather Bertram will offer activities for preschool to Grade 6 during Regional Meeting in Santa Fe April 11-13 if needed. The committee feels there is not enough representation in SFMM to forward an opinion to IMYM about changes to programs for Junior Young Friends. These responses have been sent to Regional and IMYM.

Discussion of the purchase of a bench for the garden from Jeanette Young funds continued. The alternative of a picnic table was raised.

Meeting accepted the First Day School report, which can be found online at SFMM’s website at as well as in the Appendices.

Residence Committee

Marty Carroll, convener of the Residence Committee, reminded Meeting of the policy Business Meeting approved some years ago: that we would no longer have a fixed term limit for residents, but that the Residence Committee would meet with the resident at least once every six months, to give and receive feedback from the Meeting and the resident about how the arrangement is working out, making sure that it is satisfactory on both sides. She announced that they would therefore soon be meeting with the resident, and would appreciate any input that anyone has to offer the committee about the residency.  Please contact Marty, Carly, Greg, Ariel or Guthrie with input. After the committee meets with the resident they will probably have a brief report. 

The committee report was accepted, with thanks to David Murphy for his efforts in the bit more than six months he has served in that position.

Peace & Social Concerns Committee—Please see Appendix B for written report

The committee, which met as usual on this Sunday morning, presented a brief verbal report.

It began with the reading of a request from David Henkel, which is supported by the committee. The full text of the request may be found in Appendix C. Meeting is being asked to be co-sponsor of a legal defense fund to aid Ana Karina Vivar and her family. Encuentro, an immigrant resource center in Albuquerque (, has agreed to be the fiscal agent for the fund. Co-sponsorship would entail no fiduciary responsibility for the Meeting. David Henkel is willing to be Meeting liaison for the fund.

Discussion included the fact, that as a non-Friend, Ana is not eligible for help from Meeting’s Sufferings Fund. A Friend asked about the role of El Paso friends. Meeting approved the request to serve as co-sponsor of the fund.

Peace and Social concerns is involved in support for concerns regarding right relationships with Indigenous Peoples. In the next month they will provide information in support of a draft Minute from Boulder Meeting. Albuquerque is sponsoring a powerful workshop on right relationships with Indigenous People on March 13 at Albuquerque Friends Meeting. Details, including the contact person and car-pooling opportunities, can be found in the full report. Relevant documents can be found at Click on the “Indigenous Peoples” tab at the top of the screen.

Next Sunday, Feb. 23 at rise of Meeting members of the Global Warming Express, students from Acequia Madre School, will briefly present their visions, accomplishments and planned actions for the year.

One Friend inquired about the April 27 Peace March. More information will be forthcoming.

Meeting accepted the Peace and Social Concerns Committee’s report.

Ad-Hoc Committee on the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice—Please see Appendix D for full report

Formed spontaneously in January, the committee’s work includes coordinating initiatives of M&C, Peace and Social Concerns, Spring Regional and IMYM programs, and AFSC to help Meeting engage in Peace and Ecojustice education and action. Sponsored programs include the Global Warming Express and IMYM programs, including an Early Days workshop, possibly along with a trail and erosion control service program, film presentations, and an environmental news bulletin board. Friends are welcome to join the committee, whose next meeting is February 26. Meeting accepted the report.

Regional Meeting Preparations Committee

An ad hoc committee consisting of Rebecca Henderson, Wyn Lewis, Pam Gilchrist and Peggy Giltrow has worked with Regional to develop the agenda and logistical support for Spring Regional Meeting, to be held in Santa Fe April 11-13. The theme is Wellsprings of Spirit and Action.

A brief verbal report was presented, including the Call to Friends in New Mexico, Durango and El Paso and highlights from the tentative schedule, (see Appendix E). On Friday night a panel of Friends will tell stories from their own experience of sources of their strength, inspiration and courage. The Saturday morning program, based on the Kabarak Call, focuses on the query: “As we open our lives to the Light, how are we led to take action—individually and in our Meetings—to build peace and to repair the world?” Saturday afternoon includes a Meeting for Worship for Business. There will be an optional film about environmental protection work in Patagonia on Saturday evening.

Meeting accepted the report.

Building Committee–Full Report appears in Appendix F

The Building Committee did not meet this month, but the Resident, an ex officio member, was very active on routine maintenance tasks, including replacing the umbrella clothesline where all items washed by Meeting are air dried.

The convener will meet tomorrow with the contractor who will work on the accessible garden pathway. Work on the path may start this week. The new path, which will also lead to a new pedestrian/wheelchair emergency egress in the west fence, will cost approximately $4,500 to $5,000. Part of the bulge in the Maintenance Budget at end of last year was because this project had been budgeted for 2013. The gate to keep children from exiting Meeting grounds through the garage may also be done in time for Regional.

Meeting accepted the Building Committee’s report


Ministry and Counsel Committee—Please see Appendix G for the full written report

The first item of discussion was Quaker Quest. Betsy Lombardi and Guthrie Miller had heard about Quaker Quest at FGC last summer. At M&C’s request, they presented basic information about the process.

Meeting asked Guthrie to prepare a summary, which is included here: Quaker Quest ( is basically about freshly appreciating the good thing that we have as Quakers, not being stingy with it, and working to insure its continuation. The first step in the Quaker Quest process is an all-day workshop (being considered for Sunday September 14, 2014) led by a facilitator sent from Friends General Conference headquarters in Philadelphia for a flat fee (facilitator, travel, materials) of $1000. Karen Kuranz's sister, Amy Kietzman, who lives in Philadelphia, and who Guthrie met at the Summer 2013 FGC gathering in Greeley, is a member of the QQ facilitation team. An information packet can be downloaded from this link:

Betsy Lombardi told us the sequence of events. After the first component, the all-day workshop, there is a time for discernment. Business Meeting will decide whether Meeting want to continue with this process. If Meeting continues, FGC presents another ½ day of preparation to help plan 4 public sessions.

Ministry and Counsel thinks that Quaker Quest may be a way to work toward more unity for our Meeting, and to consider what we want for our community in the next 10 years. This is a way to look at Future Planning as more than the space issue. This is a way to consider our relationship to the rest of the community of Santa Fe, and a way to pass on the Quaker legacy.

If Meeting decides to move ahead, the suggested time for the initial workshop is 9 to 4 Sunday, Sept. 14. Besides Quakers in Santa Fe, it is hoped people from all worship groups would come. Dedicating a Sunday to the workshop is seen as perhaps more inviting than asking Friends to set aside an additional day for Quaker concerns.

One question about an all day Sunday workshop to be held at 630 Canyon Road is the impact on 9 and 11 a.m. meetings for worship, and on the usual Second Sunday Friends Journal discussion. Youth are invited to participate, but child care would be needed for those too young to be part of the workshop.

Friends asked whether the purpose of Quaker Quest was primarily outreach to the wider community, or to enrich our Meeting. Guthrie, who heard from Betsy about Quakers, said maybe I’m a Quaker, and came to Meeting to find out more. Betsy thinks that there are plenty of people in SF who are Quakers and don’t know it.

Sarah Gmitter shared her experience with Quaker Quest in Evanston Friends Meeting. She sees it as both “inreach” and outreach. The process of articulating spiritual journeys and planning forced Friends to become clear. As the only Quaker at the University for Peace in Costa Rica, Sarah got a lot of questions: What is Meeting like, what does it mean to be a Quaker, etc. This was great practice for being a Quaker in the world. Quaker Quest enriches a Meeting and enables it to answer those questions as well as others, such as: How are we welcoming? Evanston found it valuable for themselves as individuals and as a community. It brought a few new people in, and facilitated outreach to friends who ask questions about Quakerism.

The Clerk asked, are friends easy with Quaker Quest’s goals and Quaker Quest as a method? Are we ready for a decision today? Are we ready to invest $1,000 of our budget? What are the mechanics of suspending a day of Meetings?

One Friend asked if the workshop has Meeting for Worship built in. Betsy says there is a worship experience as part of that day. She will find out more, and suggests SFMM could decide to hold Meeting for Worship from 8 to 9 that morning. The 17 or so people at South Santa Fe Worship Group this morning agreed that Quaker Quest would be a good thing to do.

Pam Geyer volunteered to talk to 9 a.m. Meeting about the proposal, and also to those who regularly share discussion of Friends Journal articles on 2nd First Days. People who want to comment on the Quaker Quest idea can call Betsy Lombardi at 505-473-9110. Betsy will work with Allen Winchester, the M&C coordinator for worship groups under our care, to contact Worship Groups to propose the Quaker Quest idea.

Further questions concerned how to deal with visitors on the workshop Sunday, what we get for our $1,000 (trained facilitator, materials), and how to cover the $1,000 from the budget. The Treasurer says it is simpler to allocate the money from the general fund rather than setting up a separate fund. Rather than dipping into money previously reserved until decisions are made about what to do with it, people could simply increase personal donations to Meeting. Charging for the workshop is not an option. One Friend suggested that an appeal from the Finance Committee could ask Friends to increase personal donations to help finance the exciting programming we want to do this year.

Meeting agrees to continue with consideration of Quaker Quest at next Business Mtg.

South Santa Fe Worship Group will not be pursuing a provisional occupancy permit, since it is very close to obtaining the real thing.

Meeting Accepted the report of the Ministry and Counsel Committee.

Recommendations for Changes in Meeting calendar for March—please see M&C report in Appendix G for details

March 2—remains the same. Margy Willen talks on her recent trip to Nepal for AVP.

March 9—Discussion of “what “Under the care of the Meeting” means for Worship Groups postponed to May 4. Approved

March 23—Future Planning discussion. Unless the next Future Planning committee decides to postpone until May.

March 30—Move date for Testimonies from First Sundays to Fourth Sundays, to avoid conflict with important informal visits during potluck on First Sunday.

M&C’s meeting time has changed again, from 5:30 p.m. Second Monday to 5:30 p.m. last Monday of each month (beginning on March 31).

Meeting approved the Query for Third Month of 2014:  “As difficult problems arise, are we careful to meet them in a spirit of love and humility with minds and hearts receptive to creative solutions?” (Faith and Practice, page 140, Query #4, 1st sentence), after adding the words “and hearts” to the original.

Status of Garden Coordinators Garden Committee

Meeting again spent a good deal of time discussing the problem of how to adequately plan for and care for the garden without burning people out. Immediate watering and maintenance must be done if the plants are not to die, and even that takes planning and supervision. The suggestion was again made that we hire someone (or a company) to manage the garden.

Another Friend suggested that the Building Committee manage the garden and pay for the necessary care from their budget. The convener of the Building Committee, although not averse to supporting the garden, points out that people devoted to the building are not necessarily devoted to the garden, and committed people need to administer the money for the garden wherever that money comes from.

What does “Manage the garden” mean? Is the garden part of our ministry? Do we want an overseer to direct maintenance of the garden according to the direction of Meeting? The problem is that as a Meeting we don’t know what we want in the garden. We have never been able to agree if we want to pay in energy and money to achieve our idea of what the garden should be. One Friend suggests that to maintain the garden at the current level would require a level of management that would cost more than the guest apartment brings in a year. Knowledgeable landscapers/ gardeners don’t come cheap. We need to decide if we reduce the size of our commitment or continue to sustain the garden at its present level.

The Clerk reminded Meeting that we had previously agreed to postpone formation of a Garden Planning Committee until the new Nominating Committee can try to find a convener who feels called to do that work.

Pam Geyer offered to ask Alan Rogers if he would be willing to transmit the current vision of the garden to a contractor who could supervise labor to keep the garden plants safe for the next three months. Then we could review what has happened and see if it is working. Meeting agreed.

The Future Planning Committee is busy preparing materials for the discussion session scheduled for February 23. They will meet tomorrow. Rebecca Miles has asked to step down from the committee. Meeting accepted the report.

At 3:14 Meeting took a break for 5 minutes, then continued with a short period of silence.

Naming Committee report, presented by John Kretzmann.

The Naming Committee recommended the following people to serve on the Nominating Committee: Pam Gilchrist, James Hogan, and Karen Kuranz. Meeting approved the composition of the new committee, which assumes its duties immediately. The committee was asked to find a new director of the Corporation as soon as possible (rather than waiting for the June approval date of other vacancies). The Clerk thanked the Naming Committee and the resigning Nominations Committee of 2013.

The Recorder’s report was postponed to March, with thanks for doing so.

Treasurer’s report—Please see Appendix H for full report. There was no Finance Committee report.

The Treasurer verbally highlighted the following items: The ending bank total on January 31, 2014 was $192,435.51. This included $3,167 in unrestricted personal donations in January. The Maintenance Fund got $345 in deposits in January. Expenditures from General Fund for budgeted items in January were about $1,200 (mainly for utilities, plus $240 for First Day School staff, and costs for Peace & Social Concerns approved events.) Donations outstripped expenditures by about $2,300; a good trend. Tax letters to individuals should come soon; contractors received copies of Form 1099.

One Friend asked whether it is possible to compare donations yearly. The Treasurer agreed to do so, but it will take time since records for the last two years were not kept electronically and must be rebuilt.

Another Friend asked if we can keep track of what has been spent from the large sum (i.e., our $150,000 reserve) and restore it as soon as possible. The Treasurer agreed to continue reporting on that. The year-end report noted that without including Camino Lejo and Baumann money, there would have been a deficit.

Meeting accepted the Treasurer’s Report.

Regional Meeting has requested a voluntary contribution of $5/member. Since Meeting had 77 members at end of Dec. 2013 that would be $385. The Treasurer pointed out that a budget increase would be required for this purpose. Meeting approved the request and the budget increase.

 Resident Friend’s Report—Written report in Appendix I

The Resident Friend reported he spent about 10 hours per week in service to the Meeting. The Guest apartment, which was occupied for 10 of 30 nights, had income of $510.

Meeting accepted the Resident Friend’s report.


Pam Geyer reported that she had spoken by phone to Alan Rogers about the Garden. He is willing to speak with a consultant if this interim solution is only for three months. Alan would like to ask Dave Wunker, who is back in town and has the necessary knowledge and skills, to see if he is available and at what cost, and to meet with him once to do the necessary planning. If Dave says no, Pam Geyer, Frank Hirsch and Alan will talk about whom to hire. Meeting will review this temporary arrangement at business meeting next month to see how it is going. Friends approved, with gratitude and great relief.


Meeting ended with silence at 3:42 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Peggy Giltrow, Recording Clerk

The fifth annual corporation meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in Santa Fe, NM started at 12:57 p.m. at 630 Canyon Road on February 16, 2014. Corporation president Philip Balcombe set aside the traditional silence in order to save time for other items of the monthly meeting agenda. It was determined that a quorum of members and directors were present. The minutes of the 2013 annual meeting were read and approved. Philip Balcombe requested that the corporation accept his intention to lay down the Corporation president’s duties and requested the Nominating Committee come up with a replacement; he intends to carry out the responsibilities of president until this is achieved. Marguerite Kearns will continue as the corporation’s recording secretary. Friends approved these items, as well as approval of David Murphy to fill the role of registered agent to receive official mail from the state relative to corporation business. A review of the corporation’s functions during the past year: the completion of paperwork to return the Camino Lejo property to Guthrie Miller. The corporation meeting was adjourned at 1:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marguerite Kearns

Recording Secretary

Corporation of the Religious Society of Friends

Santa Fe, NM








First Day School Committee Meeting – January 26th

Present – Marty Carroll, Beverley Weiler, Rebecca Miles, James Hogan, David Murphy

Our meeting started with a Moment of silence.


General Announcements

Marty will be away in late spring for 4 weeks so she can participate in the Bali Program – congratulations to Marty to being invited to participate in this exciting program.  Beverley will sub during this period.


Beverley also announced that Mountain Friends Camp will be relocating this year – and current plans may have it closer to Santa Fe with the possibility of a Family Day Camp.


Rebecca plans to step down from the Future Planning Committee after March.  Please talk with her if there is interest being a FDS/Parent representative on this committee


Discussion items

(1)    Bench for garden.

-          Meeting has funds ($335) to purchase a bench for the garden which could be back by the swing-set and would like our input on this purchase.   We had requested a bench related to the swing set when we initially proposed the idea.

-          Is the swing bench in the back still usable with just new cushions needed? Several of us inspected the current swing and found it still sound but the cushions definitely need to be replaced and maybe some bolts/screws tightened but it is generally structural sound and usable

-          Idea suggested for a picnic table – little more multi use and replace the low one under the Ramada which is old and being to fall apart; Ramada could also be upgraded slightly to provide more shading - Ramada area is approximately 8' by 6'

-          There was general consensus from those present we could / should try to do both items

-          Beverley spoke with Janette’s relatives and they would be happy to help install (work only) and they understand that there will not be a plaque or other named memorial as part of this.

-          FDS will look into specific garden furniture and costs to propose to Business meeting and continue to coordinate with Janette’s relatives

(2)    Query from Regional Meeting

-          Meeting requested our input on the following from NM Regional Meeting.  

-          Query regarding Young Friends participation Friends, here is something else to consider, a query for all of us as we continue on the journey of having an active, vital NM Quaker Region: Is there interest in having a Young Friends program (children and also Junior and Senior Young Friends) at our Regional gatherings? What is the best structure for doing this and what support can your meeting provide?

-          Beverley and Heather has already been approached regarding providing daycare for the littlest children (preschool)

-          For young friends (K to 6th grade) we could provide a program that could include the following activities:

o   Hike on Saturday – Audubon center or Tent Rocks suggested – David, James and Rebecca indicated they would be willing to organize

o   Back yard camp out on Friday night (astronomy night) – Beverley indicated she would be willing to help organize if there is interest

o   Other ideas included “Read to Feed Program” or a service project at the interfaith shelter

-          For older children (6th grade and up) SF does not expect any participants of this age cohort and is not prepared to provide a program – do other meeting expect a need for this age group.  

(3)    And a similar query from IMYM:

-          As a YM what do we value in providing programming for youth? What does your meeting want to see in youth programming at IMYM?  In particular, what suggestions does your meeting have for keeping a vital and loving Junior Young Friends program at IMYM?  What are your leadings about support for Middle School youth?

-          YM Program works well because it is a “big camping trip” and the location is able to provide a rich diversity of activities for different age groups – this is important because goal of these programs is to have the children want to be there.

-          The current structure of having the elementary children work with Ghost Ranch staff with activities, having the high school aged children run their own program - work very well.  The Middle School age group is strongly dependent on quality leadership to organize/run these activities

-          Overall the programs currently are very successful in our view and we have no vision for enhancement

(4)    Ideas for engagement with older FDS

-          David Murphy presented some ideas he has developed

-          First Start by compiling a list of names of potential participants in each age group to contact them to find out what they are interested in

-          Want to focus on children as they transition into Middle School before they lose interest – more adventure focused – “history walks”; “habitat building / construction project”; “Garden service project” “service oriented project –e.g.  Read to feed program”

-          Topics could also be more current – popular culture books, articles on relevant topics / concerns like environmental issues – that would allow for more sharing

-          For older kids David will select three dates soon for meeting with the older group in 2014 and let you know. I need to know which adult would be helping me so that I can get his or her okay on those dates before letting the kids know.

-          Here are David’s full set of notes/ideas we discussed:

Older Group of Teens:

·         If someone could help me identify who these teens are and how best to contact them (e-mail or telephone), then we’d put together a letter inviting them to an informal meeting and perhaps suggest some of these ideas.

·         We could meet three times in 2014 at the café next to Garcia Books and just discuss where they are and what questions about Friends they might have or discuss some queries and how they relate to their lives.

·         Or we might try to read a book together and make it more of a book club or study group. We can read the book aloud when we meet, or they can read it at home. If they’re willing or able, then we could perhaps meet once a month. The book I’m thinking of is Quaking by Kathryn Erskine, a Quaker author I know from my days in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Younger Group of 4th Through 6th Graders:

·         Again, if someone could help me identify the individuals in this group and how best to contact them, we’d send out an invitation to meet and have them suggest their own ideas as well as discuss some of the ideas I have.

·         One focus could be Quaker biographies—people like George Fox, Margaret Fell, Elizabeth Fry, William Penn, Lucretia Mott, John Woolman, and others—as well as identifying more modern Friends such as Olive Rush, Susan B Anthony, Bonnie Raitt, James Turrell, Kenneth Boulding, Rufus Jones, Howard Brinton, and others. We could read aloud some short biographies or a book about these Friends, perhaps write and perform skits about them, create a time line of Quaker history, sing the songs that have been written about them, examine the concerns these Friends took up and the concerns these kids might have.

·         We could try and do a service project—such as raising money for Heiffer International, the Children’s International Rain Forest in Costa Rico, an AFSC project, the Food Depot, Adalante, or one of the shelters in Santa Fe. If there is an interest, perhaps we could try and raise vegetables in the garden and donate the produce to a shelter or the Food Depot.

·         Question is, where could we meet? I might be available to offer my living room as a meeting space.

(5)    FDS Space improvements

-          Rug is still a pending item – approximate size is double the current rug (6’ x 12’); James will look into possible options and costs for the next meeting

-          Closet Door – we have a new door thanks to Ross Pope – there is interest in having it painted if we have the yellow/blue paint to match the rest of the closet; also the potential of a lock to be able to secure more valuable items should be considered

-          Addition of another coat rack to the room would be welcomed

-          Need to think about making the space safe for little kids - include need to repair gate on the entrance drive which was damaged (Russ Pope is to work on this).

-          Following from our meeting David Murphy reported the follow:

o   Can you let folks know that I installed child safety latches on the cleaning cupboard door (next to the bathroom) and on the door under the kitchen sink. To get the latter open, you'll have to use the handle of a knife, fork, or spoon unless you have real skinny fingers!

o   I also purchased and inserted plug protectors in the electric sockets in the kitchen and library. There are extra if you want them for the FDS room. They're in the bottom left drawer of the blue table that is in the kitchen.

o   I put up a hook in the bathroom so that the short people can have a towel they can reach.

o   I've let the Building Committee know about the childproofing requests, the lock for the FDS closet door, and the swing and picnic table ideas.


(6)    Next Meeting – 4th Sunday in March (March 23rd)






2-16-2014 Peace and Social Concerns Report to SFMM


Attending:  Sara Gmitter, Jennifer Wellington and Pam Gilchrist


Following a period of silence Peace and Social Concerns considered and approved David Henkel’s request for SFMM to act as co-sponsor with the fiscal agent Encuentro – an immigrant resource center in Albuquerque; David will serve as liaison and facilitate donations made for the support of Ana Karina Vivar’s defense fund.  We will bring David’s request to Worship with Attention to Business Meeting today.  Please see the appended request for details.


We reviewed the material and request sent to us by the Boulder Friends Meeting to educate ourselves and repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery and to affirm the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  P&SC will provide information and support prior to presenting a draft Minute from the Boulder Meeting next month.  Please see the appended material and consider attending a workshop Thursday, March 13, 2014 at the Albuquerque Friends meeting.


Albuquerque Friends are sponsoring a powerful workshop working toward right relationship with Indigenous People at the Albuquerque Meeting House, 1600 5th Street NW.  RSVP is required with Tina or 505-977-3767.


Pam Gilchrist <> will coordinate car-pooling; she has room for three in her car.  Please let Pam know if you will also be willing to drive and take others.


The workshop was created by Paula Palmer and the Indigenous Peoples Concerns Committee of the Boulder Friends Meeting "in response to calls from Indigenous leaders and the World Council of Churches. The workshop traces the historic and ongoing impact of the Doctrine of Discovery, the 15th-century justification for European subjugation of non-Christian peoples." The goal of the workshop is "to raise our level of knowledge and concern about these impacts, recognize them in ourselves and our institutions, and explore how we can begin to take actions toward 'right relationship.'  All the documents are at  Please see the “Indigenous Peoples “ tab at the top of the screen.


P&SC participates in the work of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice – please see their separate report to Business Meeting. Together we will promote the second of two programs this group planned for February:


Sunday, February 23 at rise of meeting, members of the Global Warming Express - students from Acequia Madre Elementary - several of whom are/were attenders of our meeting’s First Day School, will briefly present their visions, accomplishments, and planned actions for the year. Their presentation and a Q&A dialogue, along with a reading of the Kabarak Call and queries will guide us into ongoing reflection and inter-generational exchanges in search of individual or collective responses to the query of our event series.


In the Community:  P&SC encourages attendance at the Family Celebration of Creation at United Church of Santa Fe March 21-23 (look more info electronically and for the flyer Kiosk).


P&SC also calls your attention to information on the sixth of a ten year series on Earth-Honoring Faith to be held at Ghost Ranch, June 23-29, 2014.  See the Kiosk.


Pam Gilchrist





Report to Peace & Social Concerns Committee, and Request to Santa Fé Monthly Meeting of Friends


Many of us have been aware of the travails encountered by Ana Karina Vivar, stepdaughter of Don Bustos (Co-Director of the AFSC-NM program), since she was seized by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers last fall. We are aware of her separation from her children and family, and the difficulties and expenses they have incurred in trying to visit her at the El Paso ICE detention facility. Several of us have followed and some have attended her judicial hearings as she resists a potential deportation order and seeks to re-establish her legitimate residency here – given that she is not in violation of any immigration regulations, but that she has been detained due to a legal plea several years ago in a domestic dispute with her former husband.


At the suggestion of several Santa Fe and Albuquerque Friends (and friends of Friends) I have investigated how a defense fund might be set up to help defray some of the costs Ana and her family have incurred – currently amounting to around $13,000 and due to increase as the case goes forward. Among others, I have consulted with the staff of the Denver program of the American Friends Service Committee who have helped develop a defense fund for immigrants facing similar privations in collaboration with local immigrant community groups and, in their case, the United Church of Christ.



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