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February 2014 Letter to Friends

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Second month 2014


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.


Sunday, 2/02 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting,

Sunday, 2/09 10:10 2nd Sunday Friends Worship Sharing

Sunday, 2/16 10:10 Peace & Social Concerns Committee

Sunday, 2/23 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship


The Monthly Query for the 2ndth month, 2014

Do we use the world’s resources with care and consideration for future generations and with respect for all life?”  (IMYM Faith & Practice, p. 141, Query #2, sentence 3)


Feb. 2 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 a.m. meeting. Please consider hosting a monthly potluck in the near future, by e-mailing with a date commitment.

Feb. 5 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906. Or

Feb. 6 - 6:30-8:30 pm, 630 Canyon Road: How does Spirit lead us to Healing and Action - As part of an unfolding series of learning and talking events this spring, the Ad-Hoc Committee on the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice will present an inspiring opportunity to share your response to the query: How does Spirit lead us to healing and action? At the first event on 2/6 we will present the documentary film “Bidder 70” about Tim DeChristopher’s action to outbid people in a BLM auction of oil and gas leases. He was led to his action out of protest and as a means of non-violent civil disobedience against the corporate power system around fossil fuel leases and associated environmental destruction. He was imprisoned for nearly 2 years as a result of his action. Upon his release from prison he quit his earlier career to study at the Harvard Divinity School and to give public speeches about his experiences and convictions. After the film, Friends and attenders are invited to stay for further reflection, dialogue and a brief worship sharing. With parent guidance children are welcome, but the film is appropriate for ages 12+. Folks are invited to bring a brown bag or a dish to share.

 Feb. 10 – Ministry & Counsel will meet @ 5:30 pm at Jan-Willem Jansens’ office, . 1413 Second Street, Suite 5 Brief meetings for Friends’ concerns can be held on First First Days at 1:30 upon request. M & C members are Allen Winchester, Clerk, Carolyn Sigstedt, Karen Kuranz, Margy Willen, and the current Meeting clerk, Jan-Willem Jansens. Members & attenders are encouraged to bring issues of concern to the committee at any time and to feel free to attend the committee meeting for consideration of any kind.

Feb. 9 - 2ND Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing article: is “Lucretia and James: Living in Perfect Love” by Pamela Haines from the September 2013 Friends Journal - After reading the article, please consider the query – “So, what is Perfect Love?” Copies of this article will be available in the folder near the window in the library. Everyone is invited to attend!  We will begin at 10:10 am and close at 10:50 am.  Friends are encouraged to suggest articles, letters or poems from The Friends Journal to consider in future Worship Sharing’s - contact Howard Shulman @ 984-9908. Here’s the Friends Journal site to order your subscription -

Feb. 16 - Peace and Social Concerns meets the third First day of every month between worship services from 10:05 to 10:55 am, Pam Gilchrist chairs these efforts and will publish topic in the weekly digest.

Feb. 16 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.

Feb. 23 - 10:00 am - 4th Sunday Singing -- Chanting as preparation for worship. The basic repertoire is from Tony Martins Chanting workshop at Friends General Conference, July 2013.  These are simple chants repeated for a long time so that they can be picked up by ear.  If you have a favorite chant, please bring it.  For questions or suggestions, please contact Guthrie Miller at 954-4224 or _guthriemiller@gmail.com_ or

Feb. 23 - at rise of 11:00 meeting (i.e. around 12:30 until about 1:30 pm), 630 Canyon Road: How does Spirit lead us to Healing and Action (2) – As a second event, aimed at all ages and inter-generational sharing, the Ad-Hoc Committee on the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice will present an ongoing opportunity for reflection and sharing in response to the query: How does Spirit lead us to healing and action? Members of the Global Warming Express group of students from Acequia Madre Elementary, several of whom are/were attenders of our meeting’s First Day School, will briefly present their visions, accomplishments, and planned actions for the year. Their presentation and a Q&A dialogue, along with a reading of the Kabarak Call and queries will guide us into ongoing reflection and inter-generational exchanges in search of individual or collective responses to the query of our event series.

Santa Fe Friends Meeting

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

First Month 2014 (January 19, 2014)


Present: Jan-Willem Jansens (Clerk), Peggy Giltrow (Recording-Clerk), John Kretzmann, Bob Gaines, Philip Balcombe, Margy Willen, David Giltrow, Pamela Geyer, Karen Kuranz, Wyn Lewis, Rebecca Henderson, Greg Cliburn, Linda Hibbs, David Murphy, Pam Gilchrist

Meeting began at 12:45 with the reading of the following query by the Clerk: Meeting Query:  In what ways does your life reflect your faith? In what ways does your faith illuminate your life? (IMYM F&P p143 #1) The query was followed by silence for reflection.

The Minutes for Twelfth Month 2013 Business Meeting were approved with gratitude.

Ministry and Counsel Committee—Please see written report in Appendix A

The report of Ministry and Counsel was read and discussed. The report was accepted with a suggested amendment changing the observation on the Spiritual Life of Canyon Road’s 9 a.m. Meeting for Worship to “All is Well.” Our contact for Taos Clear Light Worship Group is Irene Webb. She will be asked to clarify who is the contact there.


Meeting agreed to move the date of the April Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business from April 20 (Easter Sunday) to April 27. A reading of the calendar for January-March highlighted the fact that a lot is happening in those first three months. Meeting will host Regional Meeting during the weekend of April 11-13, providing programming, space and hospitality. Meeting agreed with the M&C recommendation to reflect in April on which topics need follow-up attention in May and after.

Meeting approved the following Query for 2nd Month of 2014 “Do we use the world’s resources with care and consideration for future generations and with respect for all life?”  (IMYM Faith & Practice, p. 141, Query #2, sentence 3)

M&C reminded Meeting that Alan Rogers has resigned from the Garden Committee. M&C recommends the scope of responsibilities for the Garden committee be restricted to planning and oversight with possible hiring of maintenance work. Meeting approved the recommendation for the reorientation of the Garden Committee’s responsibilities. Much discussion ensued about how to find a person to be interim convener of the garden committee, need for Meeting input on what we want the garden to be, and what is necessary in this fallow period to maintain the garden, including possible hired labor (there is money available). Meeting feels it is not appropriate to hire someone to be interim convener; Meeting needs to be responsible for planning and oversight. Business Meeting recommended that we would place a call for two volunteers in the Digest. If nobody steps forward, we will reconsider the approach again in February’s Business Meeting. Additionally, the convener of the 2013 Nominating Committee offered to look for an interim convener. Meeting accepted this offer. The Resident Friend has 15 hours per week available for garden work, but wants committee oversight on where to take the garden. Meeting thanks Allen Rogers for the tremendous amount of time, effort and his own money he has put into the garden.

Meeting approved the 2014 Spring Calendar, as published in Appendix A, the M&C written report.

Meeting approved the following minute releasing Steve and Joan Spencer from membership: In its Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business of January 19, 2014, the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends approves with regret for their departure and with gratitude for their long and active participation in our Meeting the release from membership of Steve and Joan Spencer.

Friends were pleased to hear that Steve wanted Meeting to know that their decision was not for lack of love for members of this Meeting, and that they look forward to attending Meeting for Worship from time to time. Friends are encouraged to visit the Spencers at their new home at Ponce de Leon.

Reuben Hersh has requested help from Meeting to find out the date of his transfer of membership from Albuquerque to Santa Fe Meeting.

M&C Meeting Time Change. M&C will no longer meet on 1st First Day; but instead on second Mondays at 5:30 pm at Jan-Willem Jansens’ office at 1413 Second Street, Suite 5. Brief meetings for Friends concerns can still be held on First First Days at 1:30 upon request.

The Naming Committee, consisting of Margy Willen (convener), Peggy Giltrow and John Kretzmann, and with the able advice of Rebecca Henderson, presented the following report:

The Naming Committee is working to find three people for the Nominating Committee and will present the names at the February meeting for worship with attention to business.

The Naming Committee has also reviewed the job descriptions and we notice that in the past the Meeting suggested two-year time limits for Officers and Ministry and Counsel.  Naming Committee recommends that in some cases, where people are willing to serve three years, that they be allowed to do so.  

We note that the positions of Clerk, Treasurer, and Ministry and Counsel members require sets of skills that not everyone in the Meeting has, and further, the learning curve is steep and wisdom and skill grow in time.  (In particular, Ministry and Counsel would benefit from extending terms so that, for the next year, we do not end up with an almost entirely new set of members for Ministry and Counsel.)  We believe that extension of term of service would benefit the Meeting.

At the Meeting's convenience we can discuss this concept further, but for the coming year, we request that Meeting release the two-year restriction described and that a third year for Officers and Ministry and Council be permitted.

Meeting accepted the Naming Committee’s report.

Meeting approved the recommendation that for the coming year Meeting allows a third year term for Officers and Ministry and Counsel, noting that this is a one year exception. Discussion concerned the possibility of people becoming locked into jobs, and how to balance experience with the enthusiasm of new committee members. Meeting recommends that people look at the document entitled “Duties of the Nominating Committee” at in preparation for future discussion.

A question was raised about Nominating Committee’s responsibility for positions on the Corporation’s Board of Directors. The question is answered in the Articles and Bylaws of the Corporation of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), as amended February 21, 2010, which can be found at No term limits are given for either directors or officers. Meeting noted that the purpose of The Corporation is to meet legal requirements.

Article 5 says: Directors of the Corporation:  The Board of Directors shall consist of three Directors who are members of the Corporation, plus the Clerk of the Monthly Meeting who shall be an ex officio member.  Each Director shall be appointed by the Monthly Meeting according to its usual appointment process for staggered three year terms.  

Article 10 says: Officers:  The officers of the Corporation shall be the President and Secretary.  They shall be Directors and shall be chosen by the Directors.  Each officer must be reaffirmed annually.  The President may represent the Directors and the Corporation.

We concluded that The Corporation will internally address the succession of officers in response to Philip Balcombe’s request to step down as President. The Nominating Committee of 2014 will need to consider the staggered appointment of each of the three Corporation Board Members for the year to come.

Treasurer and Finance Committee

The Treasurer’s Report for the year ending Dec. 31, 2013, can be found by clicking on this link. It includes General Fund Income and Expenses compared to budget approved for 2013, Fund Activity and Bank Activity for year 2013 and December 2013, and an Income Summary.

The Treasurer asked Friends to look at the Bottom Line, which is expressed in two different ways—Total expenses vs. total donations to the General Fund, and total expenses vs. total income from all sources. Normally donations come in and replenish the money in the bank and are used to pay bills each month. In 2013, due to unusual circumstances, there was plenty of money in the bank. But donations only covered half of what we spent based on the budget agreed to for last year. In terms of Funds activity over the year, if the Baumann bequest and the Camino Lejo land sale proceeds were not included, the General Fund would have a negative balance of $2,421.99.

As an accounting fix for a request from Peace and Social Concerns in December, but not paid until January, Meeting agreed to increase the 2014 budget by $150 for Peace and Social Concerns to cover that amount.

Much discussion ensued, some of which was deflected until consideration of the 2014 budget later in the meeting. Questions included the amount of donations during December 2013 (about $2,000, an amount comparable to other months of 2013 rather than the “normal” surge at the end of the year). A former Treasurer observed that in the past 7 or so years, expenses had exceeded donations only once.

Members of the Future Planning Committee raised concerns about dipping into the two large amounts of money received in 2013, reminding Meeting that we had agreed not to use these monies until we agreed corporately what to do with them. Plans for the future will be expensive. One Friend suggested it is appropriate to use these monies to allow Meeting to increase equity in properties we already own, as in making that the source of the $8,000 given to South Santa Fe Worship Group in 2013. He suggested that the Maintenance Committee use its own funds to create a reserve, rather than asking for a regular yearly transfer from the General Fund.

The Treasurer reminded Meeting that we have to pay the bills which come due each month. The Baumann money is frozen and can’t be touched. If we freeze the Camino Lejo money, we won’t be able to pay bills. Meeting approved a 2013 budget of about $40,000 and gave donations of about $20,000. Meeting members must give more, and/or Meeting must spend less, or decide to use the money in the bank. The Treasurer can do the will of Meeting, but absent specific directions will spend the money authorized by the budget.

Meeting accepted the Treasurer’s report with great gratitude.

The Finance Committee’s Written Report can be found in Appendix B.

Bob Gaines read the Finance Committee report and emphasized several points, including the difference between funds designated by Meeting and funds restricted by donors. In IRS terms and morally, we need to track and spend donor restricted funds only for the purposes designated by the donor. In some cases, such as the Young Fund, we have mixed money, starting with donor-restricted funds and adding money from sales of books. Funds designated by Meeting can be differently designated or used up and the fund laid down.

The essence of the Treasurer’s responsibility is to pay bills approved by Meeting in the budget. The Treasurer needs the flexibility to practice cash management. Since income is mostly sporadic donations, the Treasurer needs to draw on reserves to pay bills. We have mental categories; the bank has dollars in our accounts. It is awkward for the Treasurer to do cash management when Meeting has designated funds.


1. The Young Fund was designated to be used for a garden memorial. Ask First Day School Committee to use the Young Fund immediately to purchase a bench, to be placed next to the swings, as approved by business meeting in fall of 2012. In keeping with Meeting’s custom that there be no monuments, the bench will not bear a plaque. Meeting approved.

2. Limit the number of designated funds to the bare minimum for purposes of cash management.

Much discussion ensued. Some felt that we may be advocating simplicity but losing clarity, since it is easier to see what we are doing if different pots are clearly labeled. Friends noted that budget line items are distinct from designated funds, although some line items are funded from money in designated funds. The proposed budget envisions spending down existing designated funds (for instance, use Adult Education Fund money to fund the Adult Education line item) and not setting up more.

The Finance Committee re-emphasized that Meeting needs to protect donor-restricted funds. All else is agreement amongst ourselves on what to use money for. The shortfall was covered by money in the bank. It is easy to track the $155,000 which represents the Baumann and Camino Lejo moneys. We can watch the reserve of $155,000 as it goes up and down. Meeting can decide to spend as needed and replace through donations, or make only part of it available as a reserve to use during months when donations don’t cover expenses, then build that reserve back up. The committee hopes the bottom line will rise as we all realize the necessity to restore funds. Meeting is in the pleasant but perplexing position of having $190,000 in bank.

The Treasurer pointed out that the beginning balance in the General Fund in January of 2013 was $73,000. We approved what we spent, but donated lots less than we spent. Friends pointed out that unrestricted donations averaged about $1,640 per month in 2013. The budget proposed for 2014 would require about $2,670 per month in unrestricted donations. Is that level of increase in donations realistic? Where will we be next December? Will we need an additional $20,000 if donations are to meet expenses? A Friend suggested that Meeting share these figures in the Digest, along with the total yearly donation needed from each member if we are to match income to expenses. The Treasurer will work on wording for the Digest to remind Friends of these realities, as well as the Meeting’s prior decision not to touch the Camino Lejo dollars until actual decisions are made on how that money should be spent. John Kretzmann, Jan-Willem Jansens and Pam Gilchrist will help.


Meeting approved the Finance Committee’s recommendation that the number of funds the treasurer must track and report be limited to just those essential to the efficient management of the Meetings funds.

3. Finance Committee recommended that the Clerk, Clerk of M&C, and Finance Committee convener be allowed to act together to authorize the Treasurer to disburse funds from “As Needs Arise” if the need is immediate. Persons may continue to bring requests for disbursement from this fund to Business Meeting for decision. Meeting approved.

Meeting accepted the report of the Finance Committee

Proposed 2014 BUDGET

The budget is essentially the same as that proposed in December. The major difference is the source used to pay for some line items. This budget proposes to use designated funds to finance specific budget items.

The major change from December is the proposal that the $3,000 line item for the garden come out of the Maintenance Fund rather than the General Fund. If the garden is seen as part of amenities of the property, then maintaining the garden is like maintaining the building. A member of the Finance Committee pointed out that although the proposal above would draw down funds the Building Committee depends upon to maintain the building, the Maintenance Fund increases by about $9,000 per year.

The convener of the Building Committee noted that the proposed Maintenance Fund budget for 2014, not yet presented, includes an expenditure of $4,500 for an accessible pathway in the garden. He also expects that the Meetinghouse roof will need to be replaced in 4 to 7 years, which will cost $20,000. Since 1966, the Building Committee has had a separate committee and fund. The Maintenance Fund is separate since has its own stream of money (donations for use of Guest Apartment and Meetinghouse). Unrestricted donations to Meeting go into the General Fund, not to the upkeep of the building at 630 Canyon Rd.

The Clerk pointed out that this is an uncoordinated presentation, with the proposed budget for the General Fund dipping into the Maintenance Fund for the first time. One Friend raised the question of who decides how garden money will be spent. If money goes there, responsibility will go there too.

Clerk requested that the question of the $3,000 proposal be held until Meeting hears the Building Committee’s report, or until a future meeting. He recommended that we wait to proceed on this question in the budget.

Meeting took a short break at 3:45 before final consideration of the proposed Budget for 2014. Deliberations resumed after a short silence.

The 2014 Budget – with the exception of the $3,000 for garden maintenance allocated in the Building Maintenance Fund – was approved with gratitude.

The Finance Committee will publish a summary of Threshing Session on Meeting Finances held January 12, 2014. The committee suggests another Threshing Session on Finances be held in May. Among other questions, it can consider how we track the 155,000 whether the $8,000 given to South Santa Fe Worship Group should be considered to have come out of the $155,000, and whether the last $4,000 of that amount should be considered a donation or a loan.

Ad-Hoc Regional Meeting Preparations Committee

Rebecca Henderson reported that nuts and bolts planning for Regional Meeting, to be held in Santa Fe April 11-13, 2014, has begun. The committee has secured space at Santa Fe Community Foundation for the Saturday meeting. Friends are asked to provide hospitality for Friday and Saturday nights. The Resident Friend will keep the Guest Apartment open for those nights. No theme has yet been decided. Suggestions from SF Meeting’s Ad Hoc Committee on Environment are welcome, but it is important to keep the theme broad enough to make the meeting inviting to all.

Building Committee—Please see written report in Appendix C

Members of the Building Committee are Resident Friend David Murphy, John Kretzmann, Bettina Rafael, and David Giltrow. The Building Committee’s report consisted of its proposed 2014 Budget for the Maintenance Account. The balance brought forward from 2013 is $22,432. The Maintenance Fund has its own bank account, with income generated from the Guest Apartment projected at 50% occupancy) and use of the Meetinghouse (including about $1,200 per year from weekly AA group).

The expense breakdown includes a set aside for emergencies of $5,000, and $2,000 set aside for anticipated replacement of the Meetinghouse roof, estimated to cost $20,000 at some future date. The Building Committee has been asking for $1,000 or $2,000 to be set aside from the General Fund each year.

The summary of needed work in 2014 includes $5,000 for maintenance and $8,500 for larger specific projects, including making garden walkways ADA accessible and constructing a fire-resistant door for the heater in the first day school room. In the past, the response to suggested building work days has been disappointing. Therefore, the Building Committee in recent years has hired help to do certain repairs and maintenance work. Additionally, the meeting’s general fund budget includes $1,200 for deep cleaning.

Friends discussed the contrast between what was seen as the conservatism of the Maintenance Fund Budget versus the optimism of the General Fund Budget, asking how much the Maintenance Fund spends in a typical year (answer $10,000). One Friend suggested that since the Maintenance Fund has a lot of money going in, it is flush and growing fast, in contrast with our General Fund conditions.. The Building Committee clarified that if actual expenditure is $13,500 for 2014, at the end of the year the Maintenance Fund could be anticipated to go down to about $18,000.

Meeting approved the budget proposed by Building Committee. Philip Balcombe stands aside, since he feels the Maintenance Fund has sufficient money.

One Friend suggests looking at Meeting resources as a whole, rather than as segregated amounts of money for specific purposes, such as Building Maintenance. If we were told today we needed to replace the roof or $50,000 we could do it, since we have sufficient money in the bank. He suggested one possibility would be to take $25,000 for a roof reserve fund from the $155,000.

Finance Committee proposed that the $3,000 for the Garden be financed from the General Fund rather than from the Maintenance Fund. Meeting approved this adjustment to the 2014 Budget, noting that it does not change the bottom line but only the source. The budget, as finally approved, can be found at

Future Planning Committee presented the following report, which was accepted by Meeting:

The Future Planning Committee continues to explore concrete options for Meeting space. Details shared by South Santa Fe Worship Group about their remodeling expenses have helped our explorations. Gathering in one of the spaces being considered helped the committee identify factors that contribute to making a space viable. We have included an architect, a mortgage officer and a realtor in our deliberations.

Peace & Social Concerns Committee—Please see written report in Appendix D

The Peace and Social concerns committee met this Sunday morning. A verbal report was given to Meeting and accepted.

Meeting enthusiastically approved sending a letter from the Meeting, signed by the Clerk, asking the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission to reconsider the mix of replacement power proposed by PNM after the closure of the San Juan generating units 2 and 3. Individuals are encouraged to send a similar letter to the PRC or to sign the petition at

Meeting agreed to support the following three programs through the use of the Digest and flyers:

  1. Witness for the People, Tuesday Jan. 21, 3 p.m. in the Rotunda.

  2. The Soldier and the Refusenik, Feb. 7, 7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

  3. NM for Gun Safety (HR44). Rally at noon Wednesday, 1/22 at Round House.

Resident Friend’s Report—Written report in Appendix E

The Resident Friend noted that he, as well as others, helped with the Christmas Eve Celebration. The Guest Apartment was only used for 9 nights in December, which brought in a drastically reduced income of $390.

The Residence Committee will meet the 2nd First Day of February, and welcomes feedback on the performance of the Resident and other concerns for the committee beforehand.

Meeting accepted the Resident Friend’s report with gratitude for his concern for detail, including signage and beautiful nooks and crannies. We are glad he is here.

Clerk’s Report

The Clerk attended the January Ministry and Counsel Meeting, prepared for this business meeting, answered letters and emails, helped with work on the spring calendar, care for a friend in need, the memorial for Jean Mayes, the request for release of membership of the Spencers, transfer of Kathleen Burke’s membership, support for the finance threshing session and other duties. It was the busiest month of the last year and half.

Meeting accepted the Clerk’s report with great thanks.

Announcements: An announcement about the work of the Indigenous People’s Concerns Committee will be published in the Digest.

Meeting closed with silence at 4:50 (Longest ever in memory of the people still present!)

Respectfully submitted, Peggy Giltrow, Recording Clerk




January 2014 Report to SFMM by Ministry and Counsel Committee


M & C met on January 5. Attending were: Allen Winchester, Margy Willen, Karen Kuranz and Jan-Willem Jansens. Carolyn Sigstedt was traveling. Allen clerked and Margy recorded minutes.


Quaker Quest: Betsy Lombardi and Guthrie Miller spoke to M & C about their interest

in SFMM sponsoring Quaker Quest possibly next fall. They along with Sarah Gmitter

have agreed to serve as a “core group” and will present a proposal to SFMM regarding

this program in the near future.


Observations on the Spiritual Life of our Worship Groups:

Canyon Road, 11 a.m.: Rich vocal ministry has been shared recently.

Canyon Road, 9 a.m.: Seem to be getting along well.

South Santa Fe: Phase 1 of construction is nearing completion. Hoping to begin silent

worship at the new meeting house soon.

Las Vegas, Tres Piedras and Taos Clear Light Meetings continue to meet twice each



February Query: Do we use the worldʼs resources with care and consideration for future generations and with respect for all life? (IMYM Faith and Practice, p. 141, Query

#2, sentence 3)


Closers: Going forward, Karen Kuranz and Jan-Willem Jansens will cover this.


Naming Committee Members: Peggy Giltrow, John Kretzman and Margy Willen.


Spring 2014 Calendar: The Spring Calendar was clarified and confirmed following

recommendations made during December Meeting for Business:


1/5/2014 – Kick-off/intro of formation of book discussion groups (Parker Palmerʼs Forty-Day Journey and Margery Post Abbottʼs To Be Broken and Tender) by Wyn Lewis and Allen Winchester (a fair number signed up today)

1/12 – Threshing session on allocation of finances/assets (begins at 12:30)

2/2 – Kick-off/intro to how we share/give testimony of our lives as Quakers; Pam Gilchrist will be asked to schedule these as monthly events that would include eldersʼ stories, as well as individuals sharing how their faith and practice works in their world.

2/6 – Evening DVD conversation about non-violent civil disobedience regarding environmental protection (Kabarak Call theme)

2/23 – Global Warming Express youth presentation and discussion at rise of 11:00 worship (Kabarak Call theme)

3/2 – First presentation of testimonies of our lives as Quakers (first of monthly postpotluck presentations) : Margy on Nepal trip

3/9 – Conversation/discussion about mutual relationships and responsibilities between

SFMM and worship groups (one hour)

3/23 or 3/30 – Future Planning Meeting (listening session and discussion)


Then in April, we can see what topics need more follow-up attention, such as our finances, Good Works, Future Planning, or the garden, and schedule them for May. We

should be cautious about loading too much in April because we also have to complete

the State of the Meeting report and we have to organize/host Regional Meeting (April

11-13). Because Easter is on April 20, we should probably have Business Meeting on

4/27. There is, in fact, no comfortable date available in April for any serious gathering.


Environmental Care Programming: Jan-Willem, Allen, Pam Gilchrist, David Henkel

and Rebecca Henderson have been meeting to plan environmental programs (two are

planned for February in Santa Fe) for SFMM and IMYM Early Days.


Joys, Sorrows and Concerns: It was decided not to have a worship sharing on this

issue. Instead Jan-Willem offer a time after a 11 a.m. meeting to informally discuss it.


Member Concerns:

Steve and Joan Spencer have sent a letter to the Clerk asking to lay down their membership and to become occasional attenders. After a thorough review, M & C recommends that Business Meeting approves the following minute: In its Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business of January 19th, 2014, the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends approves with regret for their departure and with gratitude for their long and active participation in our Meeting the release from membership of Steve and Joan Spencer.

M & C discussed the concerns of several other members too.


Garden Committee: Alan Rogers resignation from the Garden Committee has focused

attention on the responsibilities of this committee. M & C recommends the scope of

responsibilities for this committee be restricted to planning and oversight with possible

hiring of maintenance work. We recommend an interim convener come forward until

Nominating Committee finds a replacement.


M & C Meeting Time Change: M & C Meetings will no longer meet on 1st First Day.

Instead we will meet on second Mondays at 5:30 p.m. at Jan-Willemʼs office. Brief

meetings for Friends concerns can still be held on 1st First Days at 1:30 p.m. upon request

APPENDIX B—Finance Committee Report

APPENDIX C—Building Committee Report

Building Committee: 2014 Budget for Maintenance Account


The maintenance fund begins 2014 with an approximate balance of $21,000. Ongoing miscellaneous projects from the end of 2013 and continuing into 2014 will cost about $8,000 as noted below.


Estimated Income and Carryover Balance

Balance brought forward from 2013: $22,432

Projected income from 50% GA occupancy, AA weekly meeting, misc.: $ 9,000

Total carryover plus income by end 2014: $31,432

Estimated Expenditures

1. Maintenance as needed during year: $ 5,000

2. Specific planned projects: $ 8,500

3. Emergency reserve set aside: $ 5,000

4. Roof replacement set aside (accumulates) $ 2,000

Total estimated 2014 expenditures (incl. emergency set aside): $20,500 

Net estimated balance in Maintenance Account end 2014: $10,932 (a)


(a) New balance assumes $7,000 expended from the two set asides for emergency and roof replacement

Rough breakdown of needed work with examples

Continuing maintenance and minor projects $5,000.

Wood preservation: outdoors, buildings and furniture (volunteer)

Guest apt.: portal guest apt. entrance (volunteer)

Guest apt.: replace bathtub/shower fixture (plumber)

Guest apt.: bathroom floor improvement (craftsman)

Guest apt.: improve kitchen space efficiency (craftsman)

Guest apt.: clean/wax floors as necessary (deep cleaner)

First Day schoolroom floor: patching, painting (craftsman)

Ramada: replace water heater (plumber), install door between bathroom and storage area (craftsman)

Meetingroom kitchen: analyze and repair “softening” floor (craftsman)

Possible emergency issues $5,000.Note: It is the Meeting’s policy to retain a minimum in the maintenance account balance of $5,000 for emergencies. If expenditures are used as an “emergency”, other expenditure categories may be postponed. Examples of emergency expenditures include repairs to electrical and plumbing systems, roof leaks, rising damp, gas appliances, etc. These repairs would address the main building, ramada and exterior damages.

Larger projects examples $5,500.

South garage doors restoration by donation (cost not included in above) (craftsman);

Canale drainage improvements, incl. electric tape for melting ice (craftsman);

Water delivery monitoring: install new drip irrigation system meter (craftsman);

Garden walkways: Improve surfaces with ADA considerations (craftsman);


APPENDIX D—Peace and Social Concerns

2014-01-19 Peace and Social Concerns Report to Worship with Attention to Business

Attending: Timothy Downing and Pam Gilchrist

  1. After silence we reviewed a letter for circulation drafted by New Energy Economy and addressed to our Public Regulatory Commission. P&SC agreed to offer our meeting an opportunity to send the slightly amended letter from our meeting as well as a letter from individuals. The letter asks the PRC to reconsider the mix of replacement power proposed by PNM after the closure of the San Juan generating units, 2 & 3. (The letter from the Meeting appears below).

  1. We reviewed three program events promoted by the Interfaith Social Justice Network which our Meeting agreed to cosponsor last month. We agreed to promote these events through the use of the Digest and flyers:

  1. Witness for the People, Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 3pm in the Rotunda. Interfaith clergy and lay leaders will speak to the needs of the people in response to Gov. Martinez’s State of the State address. Attendance from our Meeting is encouraged; David Henkel will speak. A digest item will be sent.

  1. The Soldier and the Refusenik, February 7 at 7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Flyers will be offered for posting and Digest announcements will be sent out.

“Two Israelis. Two choices. One conclusion.” Two young Israelis will share their experience of the Palestinian-Israeli struggle for justice and equality. They will discuss their Direct Action and protest in the West Bank and efforts to educate the Israeli public about the occupation.

  1. NM for Gun Safety – HR 44 (was HR 77). A RALLY at NOON on Wednesday, 1/22 at the Round House. Ironically, a gun can be carried into the Round House but not signs. Some at the Rally will emphasize this fact by carrying signs into the Round House.

We will seek agreement in the ISJN on the language of a sign banning guns in a place of worship. Congregations will then post, or not, the signs at the entries of our places of worship.

Letter from Meeting to PRC

New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner Ben L. Hall, Chairman

New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner Valerie Espinoza, Vice-Chair

New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner Theresa Becenti-Aguilar

New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner Patrick H. Lyons

New Mexico Public Regulation Commissioner Karen L. Montoya

P.O. Box 1269

Santa Fe, N.M. 87504-1269


Dear PRC Commissioners,

Please consider this letter for public comment in support of renewable replacement power for the retirement of two units of San Juan coal.


We are pleased to learn that PNM will close two of its units at the San Juan coal plant. The issue of replacement power for the San Juan coal plant is perhaps the most important energy decision that is looming and will have enormous consequences for at least the next 20 years.


PNM’s proposal replacement power for its share of the closure is as follows:

  • Purchase 78 megawatts more of coal from San Juan unit 4

  • PNM owns three nuclear reactors at the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant in Arizona. Electricity from two of the reactors is already part of their energy portfolio and included in rates. PNM is seeking to bring in Palo Verde 3 (134 megawatts) to New Mexico rates, heretofore specifically excluded by the NM PRC.

  • Build a new natural gas plant (177megawatts) politically sited in Farmington.

  • 40 megawatts of solar.


An overwhelming consensus of scientific data warns that we must transition from fossil fuel dependency to renewables as quickly as possible to avoid catastrophic climate disruption. In addition to adverse warming impacts, including fires, drought and now record-breaking floods, the combustion of fossil fuels and nuclear is also responsible for significant local public health consequences; the consumption of billions of gallons of clean water; significant pollution; and continuously rising electric rates.


What Is Wrong With PNM’s Replacement Plan:

  • It is not the lowest cost solution;

  • It is not the best environmental outcome;

  • It is not the best jobs outcome;

  • It locks in fossil fuel energy when an avalanche of scientific data demonstrates that we must transition from the burning of fossil fuels to renewables.


We must do better! The Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends urge you to require PNM to replace the fuel source with aggressive energy efficiency and renewable energy. Let’s actualize our abundant renewable resources in New Mexico.

Sincerely yours,

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends Jan-Willem Jansens, Clerk



Resident Friend’s Report for 12th Month, 2013

The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 11 hours per week during 12th Month. Tasks included cleaning the meetinghouse and guest apartment, attending committee meetings and business meeting, doing laundry, collecting and distributing the mail, purchasing supplies, responding to e-mails and phone calls, collecting and recording payments, conferring with the plumber, handling the trash and recycling, sweeping and shoveling the sidewalks, filling the bird feeders, tending to the heaters, speaking with guests, reading to the First Day School children, and helping with Christmas Eve events. The leak in the ceiling of the guest apartment was repaired. The compost/wormery system was finished and is functioning; scraps can be added to either side. AA and Subud continue to use the meetinghouse on Monday and Tuesday evenings, respectively.

Guest apartment occupancy: 9 nights out of possible 30 nights

Income from guest apartment: $390



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