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December 2014 Letter to Friends


Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Twelfth month 2014

Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the 630 Canyon Road Meetinghouse is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., 2098 Calle Ensenada on the northwest corner of Siringo Road. 

Sunday, 12/07 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting,

Sunday, 12/14 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship

Sunday, 12/21 12:30 Business Meeting at the rise of Meeting

Sunday, 12/28 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship

The Monthly Query for the 12th month, 2014

In our spiritual community, how do we nurture growth and unity?”


Dec. 3 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906 or lhibbs@

Dec. 7 – Monthly Potluck occurs at the rise of the 11:00 meeting. Please bring a dish to share and stay for a potluck in the library.

Dec. 14 & 28rd @ 10:00 am – 2nd & 4th Sunday Singing -- Chanting as preparation for worship. John Kretzmann & Guthrie Miller learned this practice Tony Martins Chanting workshop at Friends General Conference, July 2013.  And now John is writing his own AMAZING chants! These are simple chants repeated for a long time so that they can be picked up by ear.  For questions or suggestions, please contact Guthrie Miller at 954-4224 or _guthriemiller@gmail.com_

Dec. 21 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.

Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve on Canyon Roadthe meeting generally has a short Meeting for Worship and finger food pot luck with caroling and farolitos/luminarias outside. The weekly digest will publish the final particulars and please plan to join the Christmas Eve celebration on Canyon Road.

Dec. 29 – Ministry & Counsel will meet @ 5:30 at Quaker House.  Anyone wishing to bring an item to M&C should please contact Allen Winchester @ in order to be placed on the agenda.


Our Meeting is a founding supporter of Envision Santa Fe


Over 1200 Santa Fe Public School children are designated as homeless.  This shocking statistic seems hard to believe, but it exists in our city filled with so many riches.  Envision Santa Fe exists to help change this reality. 


For five years Envision Santa Fe, a coalition of community, faith, and social service agencies, has been working one family at a time to address this issue by helping families to move from fragility to stability.  We are a small program that works with families living in inadequate housing. With the help of volunteer mentors, parents and children set goals and access resources to assure a more secure future and to break the cycle of poverty.  To date:

  • 17 families, with more than 30 children, have become part of the Envision family.  All are permanently housed through the direct efforts of Envision Santa Fe

  • One family obtained legal permanent resident status with direct support from a volunteer mentor and attorney.

  • A single mom completed a cosmetology course and is now able get a job in order to support herself and teenage son.

  • Two children are receiving math tutoring and are now doing better in school.

  • Emotional support is being provided to a single Dad raising two children after his wife left.

  • Envision has paid $5000 for apartment deposits and utility hook-up charges (after a utility shut-off) for some of our families.

  • Envision has spent $3500 to help families with car purchases and repairs.

  • More than 50 volunteer mentors have made a two-year commitment to work with families, more than one half are members of Temple Beth Shalom.  These mentors’ lives were enriched by getting to know the most vulnerable families in our community. In addition, mentors participated in workshops about the realities and challenges of living in poverty.

  • 10 faith communities have been actively involved in Envision by providing financial support, mentors, and in-kind services.

  • 5 social service agencies are Envision partners providing referrals and case management.

As a result of this good work, the Santa Fe Community Foundation awarded Envision a three - year grant to develop a plan for capacity building and sustainability.  During the first year we hired a consultant to analyze our successes and challenges.  She spoke to families, mentors, partners and social service agencies.  The results were presented at a meeting in August attended by over 50 people.  The consensus was that Envision Santa Fe is bringing unique value that does not duplicate existing services in the community.  In year two of the grant we are developing and implementing strategies that will ensure the continued growth and sustainability of Envision.


Those of us working with our families have been inspired by their strengths and challenged by the obstacles that they have to overcome to attain and maintain a stable life style.  We are humbled by their determination to create a sustainable future for their children.


We invite you to join our efforts with a donation of time and/or money.  We need your support to continue our work!  Envision Santa Fe is an all-volunteer organization, and all money raised is used to support families.  As a project of the Interfaith Leadership Alliance donations are tax-deductible.


Please send your donation for Envision Santa Fe, made out to the Interfaith Leadership Alliance and mailed to Sue Breslauer, 564 Valle Chamiso Lane, Santa Fe, NM  87505.


Thank you for helping to make Santa Fe a city where ALL our citizens can thrive!  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about us or to volunteer with Envision Santa Fe.             


IMYM Newsletter attached after Business Meeting minutes.


The Business Meeting united on these minutes:

Meeting will proceed with Quaker Quest as proposed by Ministry and Counsel. Business Meeting approves financing the initial $1,000 fee for the first Quaker Quest event, to be paid from general funds with the proviso that once a decision is made on the use of sequestered funds, that amount may be transferred to the General Fund if approved. Friends are encouraged to consider making an additional donation (not earmarked) to SFMM’s general fund to help defray the cost of the QQ expenditure.

The Future Planning Committee is asked to approach several architects and return to Business Meeting with its recommendation of the one who is best able to meet the needs of Meeting and work with the city in the Historic District, using a budget ceiling of $ 4,000 for a possible fee for a suitability study.


Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business


Eleventh Month (November, 16, 2014)


Present: Jan-Willem Jansens (clerk), Peggy Giltrow (recording clerk), Frank Hersh, Elliott Skinner, Ariel Harrison, Marty Carroll, Allen Winchester, John Kretzmann, Betsy Lombardi, David Murphy, Linda Hibbs, Brooke Sutor, Brad Sutor, Pam Gilchrist, Rebecca Aallahyari, David Giltrow


Child care began at 12:45, and will be offered again for the December Business Meeting.


The Meeting began at 12:50. The Clerk asked Meeting to experiment with the concept of starting with silence as we sit down in the Meeting room to get ready for Business Meeting, just as we do for every Meeting for Worship. Meeting agreed to try to focus in silence before each Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.


After a short period of silence, the Clerk read an excerpt from pp. 10-12 of Rebecca Henderson’s “Quaker Practice and Business Meetings” about seasoning and decision making:


A seasoning process happens when a large topic is under consideration, for example, [the building at the back or Quaker Quest]…. At the monthly meeting level the issue can be seasoned (that means everyone explores their views and the implications of a decision.) This allows all the individuals to learn about the issue and hear each others’ views.


Recognizing that some decisions are broad and others detailed, Quakers try to find a match between the group size and the details of the decision. Twenty people in a monthly meeting are not asked (usually) to decide which kind of faucet to install in the kitchen sink. The decision will be referred to a smaller group or committee that investigates all the details and brings a recommendation back to the larger group. With some level of detail, a committee may be instructed to use their best judgment and just install the faucet.


.The more difficult or detailed the task, the more it benefits from seasoning in a small group.


This process allows an individual, at each hearing of an issue, to take into account all that has been previously said and discovered, and perhaps to change their original opinion or view. The process allows for emerging insights and change of hearts and minds. If one has a view on something, one can’t just send a letter about that opinion to a Quaker group, for that does not allow the individual to be affected by the discussion, and receive new information or leadings, or feel the new Sense of the Meeting. Quakers expect to receive continuing revelation of truth.


After a short period of silence, the Clerk reviewed the proposed agenda, and Meeting agreed to the agenda as read.


Minutes for Tenth Month 2014 Business Meeting were approved with one correction... The section summarizing discussion of the First Day School report includes the sentence “Friends expressed discomfort with what has seemed to be a focus mainly on Christian beliefs…”, which makes it sound as if Meeting is not happy with what is being done. As is clear in this month’s First Day School report and a review of lessons from the past year, there has been a balance between teachings about Christianity and world religions as well as lessons about peacemakers. Meeting approved a change toOne Friend expressed discomfort…”


The Clerk requests that if a person feels discomfort with the action of a committee, the person ask to speak with the committee first, before bringing that concern to Business Meeting.


Friends approved a change in date for the Twelfth Month’s Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business to December 14, the second Sunday, which will be four weeks from this date since there are 5 Sundays in November. The Clerk, and possibly others, will be leaving town before the third Sunday of December, which is quite close to Christmas.


Ministry and Counsel CommitteePlease see the full report in Appendix A


The report included observations on the spiritual life of the meeting and its worship groups, concerns for ailing members and those who have not attended for a while, finalizing plans for the Nov. 2 Fall Social and Potluck for Friends from Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Taos and Tres Piedras (which gathering seemed to be a success), provision of childcare during Business Meeting, and a report of the memorial service for Martha Davis which was held on November 1. A memorial minute for Martha is being prepared.


The committee unanimously recommends that Quaker Quest be sponsored by Santa Fe Friends Meeting as a way to advance Quakerism in Santa Fe, believing that bringing outside experts here will benefit the Meeting and worship groups as we seek unity and rejuvenation to foster a healthy spiritual community.


Meeting accepted the report of Ministry and Counsel.


Meeting approved the proposed Query developed by Ministry and Counsel for Twelfth Month of 2014In our spiritual community, how do we nurture growth and unity?


Quaker Quest Plan and Budget Allocation


Betsy Lombardi, on behalf of the committee formed by M&C to work on logistics for Quaker Quest, reminded Meeting of the steps necessary to start the Quaker Quest process. A written document outlining the objectives and logistical steps (first presented in September and listed as Appendix D for that month) can be found in Appendix B of these minutes. The logistics committee has shared these ideas over the past several months. The first step is to bring two experienced Quaker Quest leaders in for an all-day workshop for all members and attenders of Santa Fe Friends Meeting, at a cost of $1,000. Sometime after that workshop, Business Meeting decides whether to continue with the next part of Quaker Quest, three or four public meetings on Quaker principles planned during a half day preparation with a Quaker Quest core group from Santa Fe Monthly Meeting, at a cost of $500 for the additional workshop plus cost for public meetings. The process is one of continuous discernment.


Business Meeting in September sent the question back to M&C, which recommends taking the first step, scheduling the facilitated workshop for the whole SFMM sometime this spring, using $1,000 from the Baumann fund. M&C might supplement the current logistics committee of Betsy Lombardi, Guthrie Miller, Karen Kuranz and Sarah Gmitter.


Discussion ensued.


One parent pointed out that Quaker Quest might present a framework for helping children answer the question “What is a Quaker?” Betsy replied that although QQ is not intended for children, parents could pass on the information and it could be incorporated into the First Day School Curriculum.


Another Friend recommended intentional outreach to all worship groups. Betsy replied that contacts have begun talking to Worship Groups and there is definite interest. Quaker Quest would be intended for the whole Meeting. The renewal process also could help with the relationship process between SFMM and workship groups.


Who facilitates the 3 or 4 mini-workshops for the public? A person comes again from FGC to help plan, but members of Meeting facilitate the workshops for the public. That only happens if Meeting decides we want to go on with part two.


Other Friends’ concerns dealt with funding. Meeting has not yet decided how to spend the sequestered funds. Are we getting ahead of ourselves here? Can we use $1,000 for this purpose from the Baumann fund before Meeting agrees on what to do with the sequestered funds, particularly given last year’s General Fund shortfall and the decision earlier this year to recoup the money given to South Santa Fe Worship Group from the General Fund by taking it from the Land Sale fund? Would individuals want to donate money specifically for Quaker Quest? To do so would show larger interest in doing QQ.


M&C has recommended to Meeting that part of the large financial gifts to our meeting be used to nurture spiritual growth, community well-being and healthy outreach. Quaker Quest is one way to advance Quakerism in Santa Fe.


The Clerk pointed out that in the last four months Meeting has tried to make headway on four different themes: right use of finances, relationship between Meeting and Worship Groups, space needs, and advancing Quakerism, with committees bringing forth suggestions in each area. We can all be clerks together as we see priorities and determine whether there should be intertwined or serial pathways. Right now we keep postponing one area after another. He asked for a brief silence to reflect on how to go forward.


The question again arose of whether the sequestered funds belong to the whole of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting or only to Canyon Road. If only to Canyon Road, why is there a Santa Fe Monthly Meeting? Quaker Quest may help heal some of these issues. The Clerk’s understanding is that the funds were given for the benefit of the entire Santa Fe Monthly Meeting.


One Friend asked Meeting to adopt and support Ministry and Counsel’s recommendation that we sponsor Quaker Quest as a way to bring us together, build spirit and create unity. She doesn’t care where the money comes from, although perhaps worship groups could be invited to share in the expense. She asks Meeting to say thanks for bringing the proposal; let’s work on it together, and see where we are led.


Another Friend suggested a possible donation of $10 from people who come to the QQ workshop. Betsy responded that this is not part of Quaker Quest’s design. Meetings as a whole decide they want it, will support it, and will offer it for free to participants.


The Clerk reminded Friends of IRS requirements for tracking earmarked donations. Such complications mean that it is better for friends to do an increased, unearmarked donation to the General Fund. Then Meeting can amend the budget, and get the initial $1,000 from there.


Meeting agreed that it is important to start the process of Quaker Quest. Discussion continued on how best to fund it. Santa Fe Monthly Meeting approved the following minute: Meeting will proceed with Quaker Quest as proposed by Ministry and Counsel. Business Meeting approves financing the initial $1,000 fee for the first Quaker Quest event, to be paid from general funds with the proviso that once a decision is made on the use of sequestered funds, that amount may be transferred to the General Fund if approved. Friends are encouraged to consider making an additional donation (not earmarked) to SFMM’s general fund to help defray the cost of the QQ expenditure.


Meeting continued with a short period of silence.


First Day School CommitteePlease see the full report in Appendix C.


In response to a concern raised in last month’s business meeting, the committee reviewed lessons from the past year and were very happy with the current balance between teachings about Christianity and world religions as well as lessons about influential peacemakers. Parents would like children to have a simple way to talk about Quakerism to others. It was suggested that Friends be asked to share with the First Day School the faith they grew up in.


Sarah Gmitter has agreed to help with a tween marionette skit. A schedule and venue are being worked out, with David Murphy offering use of his living room. Today’s lesson brought forward the possibility of Buddha’s life as a play topic.


Child care during business meeting is being tried for two months to assess interest. Two teens will be paid $10 per hour for 2 ½ hours. The child care is available to all Meeting families during that time for any reason, with those who are not attending business meeting asked to make a small donation.


The picnic table would cost $150 for shipping. Perhaps that could come from the building committee budget, in lieu of their offer to purchase a rug (one has been donated.)


Possible service projects for the holidays include socks or dish towels for the shelter or donations to Adelante. First Day School is not responsible for the farolito display for the Christmas Eve walk.

Meeting enthusiastically accepted the report of the First Day School Committee. One Friend highly recommended Mary Ray Cate’s new book, “Seeing in Detail: Japan through the Eyes of Love”. It contains a short section on teaching children about Buddha, which she is willing to copy for First Day School. Another Friend was enthusiastic about parents being able to attend business meeting. Still another noted that when he was a Methodist teen, that group met on Sunday nights and had the building to themselves.


Discernment of the Relationships between SFMM and South Santa Fe Quaker Worship GroupPlease see whole report in Appendix D in preparation for discussion in December of a proposed process for finding clearness.


The Clerk read the report. He reiterated that IMYM’s Faith & Practice does not address the relationship of Meetings to Worship Groups beyond customary principles. He asks for tenderness as Meeting considers the questions of parity and responsibility, reminding us of the need to seek unity together as one monthly meeting.


Clerk asked the Meeting for questions rather than opinions at the moment, to help Ministry and Counsel as they work on discernment.


One Friend raised the question of lack of communication between the leadership of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting and of South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group, except in growing representation on various committees. She suggests a leadership potluck. She feels that the leadership of SFMM sometimes confuses SFMM and Canyon Road as we put forward our business; that drawing distinctions would help with rapprochement.


The Clerk will take those ideas along. He again asked the Meeting for questions on how to go forward with the process of healing.


Another Friend brought up the definitions in the Faith and Practice documents of IMYM and Pacific Yearly Meeting of Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups. In those sources, a monthly meeting has asked for that status from the Yearly Meeting. Worship Groups under the care of a Meeting are not themselves Monthly Meetings. Perhaps one problem is the use of “Meeting” as a global term: yearly, regional, monthly, preparative. Looking at the structure laid out in those Faith and Practice documents, he sees Canyon Road as the only Monthly Meeting. British Faith and Practice does not use the term Worship Group, which seems to be a historical and geographic formulation for the United States. Does South Santa Fe have any intent to become a preparative meeting? It seems appropriate, since it has its own structure and finance. SFMM has several customary worship groups under our care, and then South Santa Fe, which is quite different.


The Clerk feels that the lack of clarity in IMYM’s Faith and Practice allows both determinations: Santa Fe Monthly Meeting as Canyon Road plus all the other elements of worship groups, or 630 Canyon Road as SFMM. What we need to discern is what all want and all need. The lack of clarity is detrimental and leads to hard feelings rather than unity.


A Friend from South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group relayed the feeling from that group that they don’t want to be a preparative meeting. The elders there who formed the worship group point out that there is a Minute from SFMM’s Business Meeting accepting SSQWG as a worship group under the care of SFMM.


The Clerk asks each worship group to be clear about its intention. Is it a worship group for geographical purposes, or with intention to become its own meeting? What does that intent mean to relationship and participation (business meeting, finances, responsibility)? Another Friend wonders what “under the care of” actually means in terms of parity, reciprocity, responsibility. It is a binary term? There are many reasons for fellowship together, but distinctions


Friends suggested that we look further at other yearly meeting’s Faith and Practice documents, such as Great Britain and Philadelphia. In Great Britain individual Meetings are part of a Monthly Meeting. Each has a separate budget. They also have a joined budget as a Monthly Meeting. Could the model of Monthly Meeting as umbrella with separate meetings doing as they wish financially be useful for SFMM? Unlike in Santa Fe, when there is only one meeting in a city, things are clear. These questions are difficult and important. Perhaps when SFMM clarifies what works for us we will have recommendations for amendments to definitions in IMYM’s Faith and Practice.


These deliberations will be taken back to Ministry and Counsel, which will work on the proposed process to be presented at the December Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business. They will also be taken back to SSFQWG for discussion at the appropriate time. A copy of the Discernment document was requested for use at the SSFQWG meeting next week. A request was also made for an update to the mailing list so that all members and attendees of SFMM and its Worship Groups will get a copy of the Minutes of Business Meeting.


Meeting continued with a short period of silence.


Future Planning ReportPlease see the full report in Appendix E


On Nov. 9 about 25 Friends met in the garden at rise of 11 a.m. Meeting to collaboratively lay out a preliminary footprint for a possible future structure in the rear of the property, and through discernment offered a variety of aspects for consideration about a potential meetinghouse at this location. A structure of about 1,400 square feet would achieve a number of objectives (listed in the report).


The Future Planning Committee asks Business Meeting to approve the following steps: To continue the research process for the suitability and feasibility of constructing a new building in the back by hiring an architect to produce a set of preliminary drawings needed by Meeting, neighbors and the City to evaluate the proposed building and associated parking. The committee proposes that the fee of up to $4,000 be paid from the Baumann bequest.


A lengthy discussion concerned the needed drawings, appropriate architects, correct source of funding, and what the Meeting actually needs in terms of space.


While an old set of drawings by J.D. Burke exists, these would not provide an accurate template for neighbors and the city because of significant differences between current objectives and placement of the footprint from the plans of 20 years ago. If Meeting wants flexible space for 75-100 persons, two handicapped accessible bathrooms, a small kitchen and storage space, plus minimal impact on garden (the mulberry tree may already be close to its expected life span) and playground facilities (the swing set can be moved), new drawings are needed.


Several Friends felt it important to get ideas from several architects before deciding on a specific person or firm. Friends agreed that it would be important to have an architect familiar with working with the city in the historic district, as well as sensitive to the needs of Meeting. One Friend noted that we are both captives and benefactors of this being a deeply historic house; the H Board will probably require architecture very similar to what is already here. The city requires a conceptual plan before Meeting can approach them.


Possible funding sources include the general fund, the New Meetinghouse Fund (which contains $4,697 dollars), or sequestered funds. A RFP process was suggested, but those familiar with the use of RFPs feel the process is too labor intensive, will not necessarily interest many architects, and is not required by Quaker process. It would be more practical for the committee to meet with a few architects in their offices. Friends asked if $4,000 was an actual figure, or just a projection. One Friend was not in unity with spending $4,000 from the Baumann fund or the New Meetinghouse fund for the study, but was willing to stand aside for the study to proceed.


The Future Planning Committee, after several years of discussions and deliberation on many options and scenarios, feels that the structure described in the report, suitably located in the back section of the current property on Canyon Road, would best serve the outlined objectives. A number of Friends agreed. One Friend reminded Meeting that some Friends hold in their hearts a Meetinghouse somewhere in Santa Fe with space for all in one house, where we as a community might have resources where all Quakers can go for all purposes. Building decisions are related to where we want to go as a Meeting and to our identity. Another Friend agreed that we need the total picture: what do we think of Quakerism in the future, and how do we want to get there.


After more reflection, Meeting found unity about proceeding with a study about a new building in the back of the Canyon Road property. Meeting approved the following minute: The Future Planning Committee is asked to approach several architects and return to Business Meeting with its recommendation of the one who is best able to meet the needs of Meeting and work with the city in the Historic District, using a budget ceiling of $ 4,000 for a possible fee for a suitability study. It was recommended that the FPC ask what each architect can provide for $4,000. The Committee asks people to suggest appropriate architects to them.


Meeting settled into silence before approaching the next item on the agenda.


Peace & Social Concerns CommitteePlease see full report in Appendix F


Meeting time for the committee has changed to the first Monday of every month, Quaker House, 4-5:30 p.m. Any interested persons are invited to attend.


The committee prepared a letter of support to be sent to the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in their effort to spare the two remaining New Mexico Death Row inmates, and requests Meeting approval for the Clerk to send it by email. The letter can be found in Appendix G.


Information on the City Council’s appropriation of funds for a feasibility study of a Public Bank in Santa Fe and links to the symposium sessions may be found in the report. Nichoe Lichen of the South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group, an active member of the Public Banking core group, is willing to hold a dialog about public banking with SFFM if there is interest.


The committee continued discussion of the urgent call for mental health workers to team up with volunteer attorneys working with refugees in Artesia. The situation is in flux.


Meeting accepted the committee’s report, and approved sending the letter to the NMCDFLA. Meeting will circulate a clipboard at two Meetings for Worship of 9, 11 and SSFQWG to ask who might attend the dialog about public banking which is being offered by Nichoe Lichen. It will include a proposed date and time. The same information will be put in the Digest.

Naming Committee.


Bob Gaines and Philip Balcombe have agreed to serve on the Naming Committee to find a Nominating Committee. Meeting approved with gratitude.


Resident Friend—Please see full report in Appendix H


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 13 hours per week during 10th month. In addition to his many customary activities, a 30 gallon water heater was installed in the casita, and vinca was pulled away from the east wall. AA, Subud and the AFSC Committee used the building during the month. The guest apartment was occupied 14 out of a possible 30 nights. Income from guest apartment and groups was $1,116. Meeting accepted the Resident Friend’s report with gratitude


New Business


Assessment of the Digest-- A concern was raised that the current manner in which the Digest publishes Peace and Social Concerns issues causes confusion. Some are being published in the general Digest and others in the designated P&SC Digest. The concern will be referred to the Communications Committee for consideration.


Christmas Eve Celebration Logistics—Friends will be asked via the Digest who is willing to host Meeting for Worship on Christmas Eve, at what time, if they will bring food, etc. David Murphy is willing to make the bonfire and get necessary supplies for farolitos. The First Day Committee says it is not responsible for farolitos. David Murphy proposes that Friends be asked to make farolitos on Sunday, December 21.




Saturday, November 29 from 1-5 the Meetinghouse will be used for a memorial service. The suggestion was made that a sandwich board saying “Memorial service in progress” be displayed.


December 10, 2nd Wednesday of the month, Quaker House will host a 6 p.m. potluck and a 7 p.m. worship sharing and discussion on Service and Quaker Service in the Community.


Save the Date: April 17-19, 2015 New Mexico Regional Friends Gathering in El Paso, Texas. “Living on the Edge: Quakers Gather for Discernment about U.S. Border Issues.” Gather with other Friends for fellowship, worship, rejuvenation and to seek Light about some of the current border and immigration issues. A program for Junior and Senior Young Friends is being planned. Please contact us with any questions or concerns: Jim Tolbert; Regional Clerk; and for information and to show interest in Junior, Senior BVGH.

December 4th, December 11th, & December 18th:  6:30 pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 841 W. Manhattan Ave. Wyn Lewis, a mental health worker who volunteered in Artesia, is calling the Santa Fe faith community together to discern our engagement in the refugee crisis occurring on our border. 

Meeting ended with silence at 4:07 p.m.




Appendix A


November, 2014 M & C Report to SFMM Meeting for Business


Ministry and Counsel Committee met on October 20, 2014 at Quaker House. Allen Winchester, Jan-Willem Jansens, Ann Lindsay, Betsy Lombardi, Howard Schulman, and Margy Willen were present. Karen Kuranz was out of town.


Query for 12th Month: In our spiritual community, how do we nurture growth and unity?


Observations on the spiritual life of the meeting and its worship groups: 9 a.m. continues to deepen their worship and enjoy community with regular attenders and visitors. 11 a.m. has an appreciation of vocal ministry. Plenty of people attend worship and the concurrent first day school, however some Friends are stretched beyond their strength and Light and have symptoms of waning energy. South Santa Fe Worship Group is full of gratitude. Taos Clearlight Worship Group is a small group of regular attenders with several dedicated Friends who keep it flowing. Tres Piedras Friends continue to meet twice a month. Six persons from Las Vegas Friends Worship Group are expected to attend the Nov 2 potluck at Canyon Road.


Member Concerns: M & C has continued to reach out to members who have not attended for a while and others who are ailing.


Memorial Service: A memorial service for Martha Davis was held at the United Church of Santa Fe Nov 1 in the manner of Friends. Bruce and Penny Thron-Weber, Martha’s sister-in-law and brother-in-law, led the service, which was attended by about 70 persons. Preparation of a Memorial Minute for Martha is underway.


Much of our meeting was spent finalizing plans for the Nov 2 Fall Social and Potluck for Friends in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Taos and Tres Piedras. The gathering seemed to be a success.


M & C continued discussing Quaker Quest and unanimously recommend it be sponsored by SFMM as a way to advance Quakerism in Santa Fe. We believe that bringing outside experts here will benefit the Meeting and Worship Groups. We are seeking unity and rejuvenation as we foster a healthy spiritual community. Our recommendations will be presented at today’s Meeting for Business.


Ariel Harrison has made arrangements for childcare to be provided during Meeting for Business. Two teenage Friends will provide the care.


M & C is seeking friends who are willing to serve on the Naming Committee which discerns friends to serve on Nominations Committee. We are also looking for someone to serve as Librarian.


Future discussions by M & C will include what it means to be a part of SFMM, which seems to be an important issue as SFMM discusses financial issues.


We adjourned with silence at 8 p.m. Our November M & C committee meeting will be at Quaker House at 2098 Ensenada on Monday, November 24th, at 5:30. Anyone who wishes to bring an issue to M & C should contact Allen Winchester prior to the meeting.


Appendix B

Friends General Conference Quaker Quest for Santa Fe Monthly Meeting


I. Individual Growth. How do I want to deepen my spiritual understanding and personal transformation? How can I find a more meaningful connection with the Light?

Each attender is a seeker. The QQ process is similar to a spiritual retreat to help each participant focus on beliefs and experiences. Each participant is invited to share and listen. It is an opportunity for growth and personal discernment.


II. Community. In what ways can we enrich our community and deepen our relationships?

The QQ experience of sharing stories and revealing gifts builds a caring foundation of trust. This is time that we are together intentionally. QQ participants build respectful connections with one another. Those who worship at different meetinghouses or different times get to know each other experientially. The monthly meeting is strengthened by the friendly bonds that we create with our time together. When we share our fears, joys, and sorrows, we come to celebrate our common ground.


III. Outreach. Is our meeting interested in exploring new ways to connect to our wider community? Do Friends in New Mexico have a responsibility to share Quakerism? Are there people in our area who are looking for something that we have found? We who believe in the life of our meeting and the power of love may have something to offer to newcomers. Friends meeting is like a magic penny! When we share the fruits of our faith and practice, other seekers may find a spiritual home. Our community is enriched with more people bringing their gifts. The outreach nourishes individuals as the meeting grows.


In some ways, Quaker Quest is an adventure. The meeting opens itself to the stories each person brings and there is space for Spirit to move through us. Quaker Quest is a framework for outreach, enriching our community, and personal growth. We bring the materials to the framework and build our own Quaker Quest.


M & C is recommending to the meeting that part of the large financial gift to our meeting be used to nurture spiritual growth, community well-being, and healthy outreach.



Steps to Quaker Quest


1. Meeting decides to hold a full-day (9AM-4PM) workshop.

2. A QQ Core Group from Santa Fe Monthly Meeting makes arrangements.

3. Two Quaker Quest Travel Team members come to Santa Fe to lead the full-day workshop for all members and attenders of SFMM.

4. Sometime after the workshop, meeting will decide in business meeting whether or not to continue with the next part of QQ.

5. If SFMM decides to offer public sessions, FGC Quaker Quest holds a half-day preparation meeting with the QQ Core Group from SFMM.

6. The Core Group plans the public sessions on three or four Quaker principles.


Appendix C


First Day School Committee Report for the November 2014 Business Meeting


The FDS Committee met on November 9, 2014


After a concern was voiced at the October business meeting regarding teaching bible stories in FDS lessons, we reviewed the lessons from the past year. All present felt very happy with the current balance between teachings about Christianity and world religions as well as lessons about influential peacemakers. There was a suggestion to help give the kids a simple and practical knowledge of what Quakers are and what we practice so that the kids are able to talk about it in conversation. Another friend suggested it would be interesting to have Quakers who were raised in different faiths, including Quakerism come to the FDS to talk about how it was to growing up in that faith.


Still moving forward with the idea of a tween marionette skit or play. Sara Gimitter has agreed to help but we still need to work out some kind of schedule as well as a place to work. David has offered his living room with advanced notice. We also may try to meet in the guest apartment if it is unoccupied. We are still tossing around ideas about what play to do.


Childcare for business meeting. We are trying this out for November and December to see if there is enough interest. We have opened up the childcare to all FDS families whether they attend business meeting or not, to try to get a critical mass to make it worthwhile for our childcare providers. Parents who do not attend business meeting but partake in the child care are asked to make a small donation. We have agreed to pay $10 per hour to two childcare providers for 2 ½ hours. ($50) We also discussed having the parents sign a waiver of responsibility for this childcare period. This month we have teens Tenzin Marco-Taylor and Lila Brooks doing the childcare.


FDS equipment and room needs. Due to the high cost of shipping a picnic table we are still about $150 short of the money needed to purchase a picnic table. On the other hand we are getting a free rug from James and Rebecca, so we are planning to see if the Building committee would be willing to use the money offered to purchase a rug towards the picnic table.

We are still trying to figure out a service project for the holidays. We may do socks again to donate to the homeless shelter, or we may try to donate to Adelante. In addition we will try to donate some dishtowels to the homeless shelter, which is very low on towels.


Appendix D


Discernment of the Relationships between SFMM and South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group


During the BM of October 19, 2014, Friends observed that it would be difficult to find unity about the allocation of our large cash reserves because we have not yet resolved the lack of clarity and associated feelings in the relationship between SFMM and SSFQWG. M&C also observed this concern and is willing to discern how to assist in finding clearness and make a recommendation to Business Meeting in December about the clearness process. The clerk of M&C and I propose that:


1. M&C would facilitate this process with a worship sharing and clearness meeting.

2.  M&C would develop a proposed minute (fact sheet) about the history of what happened in the establishment of SSFQWG and the financial support it received from SFMM.

3. The minute would be made available to be approved in Business Meeting in December prior to the worship sharing and clearness process, along with the process for clearness, and a schedule for the meetings.


I would like to clarify at this time to Friends what the formal relationship is:


SSFQWG is a worship group under the care of SFMM. Members/attenders of SSFQWG are considered part of the SFMM community and are invited and encouraged to attend the SFMM’s Business Meeting, be open to receive the calling of service on committees of SFMM, be open to participate in Regional Meeting and IMYM, and to make contributions of financial and in-kind nature in accordance with their own strength and light to defray part of the annual operating costs of SFMM, including the annual IMYM assessment. Consistent with these customs, all funds of SFMM, and also the large amounts of cash reserves of SFMM, are in principle available for causes of the entire SFMM (including worship groups).


Our Faith and Practice only offers guidance for worship groups that follow an intention to become an independent monthly meeting. F&P recommends that such worship groups become preparatory meetings under the care of a Monthly Meeting.


It has been our custom that worship groups operate with a certain degree of independence regarding (1) their financial needs and obligations, (2) outreach to members and attenders, and (3) business-related decision making. For small worship groups with few financial obligations and business decisions the current level of limited guidance about the nature of the relationship and mutual responsibilities is of little consequence to the SFMM’s budget and business agenda. However, regarding SSFQWG, the fact that SSFQWG has been established for other reasons than geographic remoteness from Santa Fe’s Canyon Road meetings for worship, and that it has real estate assets, requests contributions from its own members for its own business, runs its own Business Meeting, and organizes independent outreach activities in Santa Fe, sets SSFQWG apart from the other worship groups.


As a result of these differences of SSFQWG and other worship groups, I observe several open questions that need further discernment and about which clarity is important to return a sense of ease to all Friends in Santa Fe. Open question are: (1) What parity (or reciprocity) would be desirable between (on the one hand) the privileges of worship groups and their members to be part of SFMM Business Meeting processes and to be potential beneficiaries of support from SFMM, and (on the other hand) the responsibilities of worship groups and their members in sharing business aspects about their worship groups in general and/or as questions arise in Business Meeting? (2) What processes and relationships need to be developed and nurtured to grow our unity as one monthly meeting community and to further Quakerism in the Santa Fe area?


Appendix E


Report on Future Planning Committee Nov. 16, 2014


On November 9, 2014 about 25 Friends met in the garden at rise of the 11:00 AM Meeting for Worship (as had been previously announced). Thanks to John Kretzmann for leading the process, friends collaboratively laid out a preliminary footprint for a possible future structure in the rear of the property (note: stakes are still in place) and through discernment offered a variety of aspects for consideration about a potential meetinghouse at this location.


After many years of consideration of the needs and future for the Meeting , the committee, having also considered many options and scenarios, feel that a structure of approximately 1,400 sq. ft. suitably located in the back section of the current property on Canyon Road would best serve our needs by achieving the following objectives:


  1. Accommodate 75-100 persons for a meeting in flexible configurations (concentric circles, classroom style, small group, etc. This would serve the meeting needs for a possible expanded membership in the future and would also be available for large community meetings, memorials, workshops, etc.

  2. The new meetinghouse would also include two handicapped accessible bathrooms, a small kitchen and storage place.

  3. A children’s playground could be placed in the immediate vicinity of the building that would be central to the activities in the garden and could be easily monitored by the parents and other adult friends while not impacting the need for silence in the meetinghouse.

  4. Retain the traditional, historic Olive Rush Studio building as is which can then be used for First Day School.

  5. Provide an increase in handicapped parking by possibly 5 cars.

  6. Parking for members in general, if approved by the City, could be in the nearby Compound Restaurant lot.

  7. Minimal impact on the garden and playground facilities for the children


Request for next step: The FPC proposes the following steps and hopes Business Meeting can reach unity on these:


1.The committee would like to continue its research process for the suitability and feasibility of constructing this new building in the back.

2.This would entail hiring an architect to produce a set of preliminary drawings of the concept of such a building.

3. These drawings are necessary to evaluate the suitability of the building and associated parking both for our Meeting and for the neighbors and the City.

4.This step would require an architectural fee of up to $4,000 which the Committee proposes that the funds be paid out of the Baumann Bequest.


Appendix F

11/2/2014 - Santa Fe Monthly Meeting - Peace and Social Concerns report to Worship with Attention to Business

Attending our 11/2 committee meeting: Ann Albrink, Maria Barcelona, Rick Coward, and Pam Gilchrist, also Wyn Lewis reporting on her volunteer work in Artesia

Following a decision that we will meet on the first Monday of every month at Quaker House, 4 – 5:30 pm, we reviewed the agenda.

  1. P&SC will prepare a letter to the NM Criminal Defense Lawyers Association supporting their position of protesting the death row status for the two NM men, Robert Fry and Tim Allen. We will ask that the letter be sent by the SFMM clerk. The Judge will rule in early 2015. (ACTION ITEM)


  1. On Wednesday, 10/29, after consideration by the city’s finance committee, the City Council unanimously supported, (as part of the consent agenda), appropriating the funds for a feasibility study for a Public Bank. Many supporters of Public Banking, wearing green, packed the room and were acknowledged by the Council.

LINKS to PUBLIC BANKING Symposium sessions: (click on "updates" button to choose a session to view) and here’s a link to a single Side Session:

Nichoe Lichen, South Side Worship group, is an active member of the Public Banking core group and is willing to hold a dialog about public banking with SFMM if there is interest. (ACTION ITEM)



  1. Wyn Lewis joined us and we continued our discussion of the urgent call for mental health workers to team up with the volunteer attorneys in Artesia working with refugees.


Wyn, who had just returned from two full days of volunteering at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) facility in Artesia, described her experience as overwhelming but very meaningful. She gave us a heartfelt account from family members suffering severe abuse - many fearing for their lives - in their home countries.


We learned that a request for the loan of one or more RV’s to provide housing for mental health workers who currently pay for food and housing out of their own pocket, is being coordinated through a coalition of churches and individuals. Please contact Emmanuel Nkuranga at or 505-796-2024 at the NM Human Rights Coalition in Albuquerque.


Appendix G




TO: Cathy Ansheles

Executive Director, NM CDLA




The Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends support the effort of the NM Criminal Defense Lawyers Association to spare the two remaining death row inmates, Timothy Allen and Robert Fry, from execution. The execution of any person is contrary to the long-standing beliefs of the Religious Society of Friends.



Jan-Willem Jansens, Clerk

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting

630 Canyon Rd.

Santa Fe ,NM 87507


Appendix H

Resident Friend’s Report for Tenth Month 2014


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 13 hours per week during Tenth Month. The Resident Friend’s activities included attending committee meetings, cleaning the meetinghouse and guest apartment, assisting with the opening and closing of the meetinghouse on First Days, booking the guest apartment, collecting fees for the use of the guest apartment and the meetinghouse and passing these on to the Finance Committee, collecting and distributing the mail, making purchases, doing laundry, answering e-mails and phone inquiries, handling the trash and recycling, speaking with guests using the apartment as well as guests to the garden, meeting with the plumber, and working in the garden. The garden work included watering, weeding, pruning, sweeping the sidewalks, raking leaves, pulling vinca away from the wall bordering Brad Smith’s property (in preparation for the possibility of having the wall repaired), filling bird feeders, and preparing the flower beds for the winter. A new 30-gallon water heater was installed in the casita. AA, Subud, and the AFSC Committee used the building during the month.


Guest apartment occupancy: 14 out of a possible 30 nights


Income from the guest apartment & groups: $1,116



Intermountain Yearly Meeting

Updates and Queries, November, 2014


To All Friends in the Intermountain Yearly Meeting from Clerk Sara Keeney:


The theme for June Gathering in 2015 is:

Practicing Spiritual Discernment: Where Does the Light Lead Us Now? At IMYM 2015, Friends of all ages will learn -- in an experiential way -- about leadings of the Spirit and Quaker spiritual discernment practices. Through the various activities at Ghost Ranch, Friends will share their personal experiences of being led by Spirit, draw instruction and inspiration from the experience of early and contemporary Friends, and learn to practice specific spiritual discernment tools. Our attention will be on both individual and collective discernment processes, and how they interact, complement, and strengthen each other. We will see how Spirit-led action emerges from leadings and discernment processes, and how these processes continually nurture and guide Friends as they carry out their Spirit-led work in the world. The Program Working Group developed this theme in order to build on learning and inspiration from previous years: Answering the Kabarak Call, the cooperative direction of American Friends Service Committee and Friends Committee on National Legislation, the minute on rights of Indigenous Peoples. Where are we led now?

Our Keynote Speaker for IMYM 2015 will be Diego Navarro. Diego Navarro is a member of Santa Cruz monthly meeting, Pacific Yearly Meeting. He has offered workshops at FGC, Yearly Meetings, and the Ben Lomond Center that closely parallel the theme we defined. He recently provided a workshop at the Ben Lomond Quaker Center in California titled: “Leadings and Holy Obedience.” In his plenary session, Early Days, an Interest Group, and his meetings with our Young Friends, Diego will lead us in experiential exercises to explore what it means to turn our lives over to the Spirit, to live what Thomas Kelly calls a “God-intoxicated life,” linking our inner growth in the Spirit and our external witnessing.


We are seeking INTEREST GROUP suggestions around this theme. See Query #1 for more information.




Arrangements Committee Tempe, AZ Friday-Sunday, January 16-18, 2015

Representatives Committee Boulder, CO Friday-Sunday, February 6-8, 2015

IMYM Annual Gathering Ghost Ranch, NM, Sunday-Sunday, June 7-14, 2015

NOTE the date change. June 7-14 is correct.

Friends General Conference

Annual Gathering Cullowhee, North Carolina, July 5-11, 2015


Friends—In your meetings this fall and winter please consider the 3 attached queries. It is not necessary to arrive at consensus on the questions, rather to hear and summarize responses, to Query #1 for your own Meeting’s preparation, for Queries #2 and #3 for consideration by Representatives Committee in February. Please send responses to #2 and #3 to Sara Keeney by January 27.


2015 Intermountain Yearly Meeting Query #1, Preparative to Annual Gathering for June, 2015. Please make time in your meeting to discuss these queries this fall and in spring of 2015. Responses are not needed for Representatives Committee in February. The Query discussions are provided as seasoning for our time together at Annual Gathering.


Dear IMYM Friends, from the IMYM Program Working Group,

We are delighted to announce the theme of our 2015 gathering: Practicing Spiritual Discernment: Where Does the Light Lead Us Now?” Next June 14-21 at Ghost Ranch, Friends of all ages will learn -- in an experiential way -- about leadings of the Spirit and Quaker spiritual discernment practices. Diego Navarro, a Friend from Santa Cruz MM in California, will lead us in this experiential learning process. Over the past decade, Diego has faithfully followed leadings of his own, which he has written about in Western Friend (June 2012 and March/April 2013). He has offered workshops on “Leadings and Holy Obedience” at FGC, Yearly Meetings, and the Ben Lomond Center. In his plenary session, Early Days, an Interest Group, and his meetings with our Young Friends, Diego will lead us in experiential exercises to explore what it means to turn our lives over to the Spirit, to live what Thomas Kelly calls a “God-intoxicated life,” linking our inner growth in the Spirit and our external witnessing.

In preparation for the 2015 yearly meeting, please circulate these queries for Friends to contemplate individually and to discuss with others within your monthly meeting:

  • How do we as a community and as individuals discern the leadings of Spirit?

  • How do we get beyond “good works” to a deep sense of Spirit leading us?

  • How do we share our discernment process with each other, with youth and newcomers, and with the wider community?

  • In what ways do we apply our Friendly tools of discernment in actual use?

  • Where are we being led right now? (with openness to individual and community leadings)

  • As Friends seek openings to Spirit-led action, individually and collectively, how do we distinguish authentic leadings from the misleadings that can captivate us through such inner experiences as self-righteous indignation, guilt, and egoistic enthusiasm?


In our Early Days seminars and Interest Groups, we would like to offer trainings in an array of tools and Quaker processes that aid in spiritual discernment. Some examples are: Compassionate Listening; Focusing; Nonviolent Communication; Centering Prayer; Clearness Committees; Eldering; Anchor Committees; Spiritual Accountability Groups. We ask Friends throughout IMYM to consider offering Early Day seminars or Interest Groups on these topics, or to recommend Friends who are knowledgeable about these practices and might be willing to offer them. For 2015 Early Days will have seminars in morning sessions, with no full day sessions per Representative’s Committee. And we have a request from Junior Young Friends that presenters consider a session for their age group, too. Please send your suggestions or recommendations for presenters to Todd Hierlmaier,, by February 6, 2015. Final Early Days Seminar and Interest Group proposals are due February 20.

In joyful anticipation of our next yearly meeting,

The Program Working Group (Paula Van Dusen and Paula Palmer, Co-Clerks)




2015 Intermountain Yearly Meeting Query #2 on Mountain Friends Camp

Please make time in your meeting to season this set of queries and prepare responses for February Representatives Committee Meeting. Representatives Committee will make recommendations to the Annual Gathering based on responses from meetings along with other information gathered. Please report a range of responses rather than seek consensus.


Queries for IMYM Monthly Meetings: Our Yearly Meeting is to discern this year what, if any, our contribution level will be to Mountain Friends Camp for 2016-2018. A Fall Query about camp could help gather input from the Monthly Meetings, and bring more awareness and involvement to Mountain Friends Camp. A report, along with the camp newsletter and financial information has been sent to every Meeting and is available at under Mountain Friends Camp.


  • Does your Monthly Meeting support the idea of Mountain Friends Camp? Do you want a Quaker summer camp in the Intermountain West to continue?

  • How has your Meeting interacted with Mountain Friends camp in its’ first 5 years? What would you hope to see in the next 5 years?

  • What have you done to support Mountain Friends Camp as individuals and as a Meeting, and how have you benefitted?

  • After 4 locations in 5 years, Mountain Friends Camp is looking for way to open for a stable long term home. Do you have suggestions or resources to offer in that search?

  • Are Friends willing to make a second 3-year commitment to partially fund Mountain Friends Camp at the current level, $10,000 yearly in 2016, 2017 and 2018? Are Friends willing to increase the IMYM donation to $12,500?




2015 Intermountain Yearly Meeting Query #3 on IMYM Minute on Rights of Indigenous Peoples


After two years of learning and seasoning, Intermountain Yearly Meeting passed a minute Affirming the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples during sessions in June of 2014. Many individual meetings passed a statement on the issue, as well. The Peace and Service Committee of the Yearly asks us to consider our responses to the minute using these queries. Please prepare a range of responses for Representatives Committee Meeting in February. The full text of the minute is available at


PART 1: How has your monthly meeting or worship group responded to the Minute to Affirm the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (approved at the 2014 annual gathering of Intermountain Yearly Meeting)? Please describe your meeting’s process of consideration and discernment.


PART 2: The 2014 IMYM Minute to Affirm the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples includes five statements of commitment to action. Have Friends in your monthly meeting or worship group found ways to manifest these commitments, individually and/or together? Please describe uncertainties or obstacles you have encountered, as well as openings that appeared, as you considered these action statements:


  1. We commit ourselves to humble self-reflection, as individuals and as a community of faith, to align our actions with the practice of right relationship among all peoples.

  2. As Friends, we will endeavor to learn how we can support the rights of Indigenous Peoples and take conscious steps toward living in right relationship.

  3. We accept our own responsibility to work to change the economic, social, cultural and educational structures of privilege and injustice rooted in the historical regimes of discovery, occupation and colonization.

  4. We welcome the opportunity, in appropriate settings and to the extent freely offered by people themselves, for learning from each other about world views and cultural perspectives of Indigenous communities and persons.

  5. We ask our constituent monthly meetings and worship groups to each take at least one action during the next year to educate themselves about the history of colonization and its current effects in our country and area and/or to consult with Native Americans and other historic groups in their area to build relationships*.


*NOTE: The Peace and Service Committee encourages Friends to recognize that the Intermountain region has been populated by diverse groups and peoples. Some refer to themselves as Native Americans, but others, some of whom were in the region for centuries before the arrival of Europeans, may not – hence our addition of the phrase and other historic groups.


Members and attenders can sign up for one or more of the Meeting's 3 email lists by request to the Editor, Marcy Pompei, at <>. 


Requests to post items to the Announcements or Digest lists should be sent to the Editor, who will determine whether the requested announcement meets the Meeting’s guidelines.


Email Announcements List:

Urgent messages such as requests by members or attenders for assistance or announcements of immediate interest to the Meeting


Weekly Digest List:

Items which are not urgent will be sent on Tuesday

The Digest will not routinely include announcements appearing in the Newsletter

Events of other organizations may be included if they are directly related to issues or concerns with which the Meeting is currently engaged

Digest announcements must be received by Monday evening

One announcement per person per week

An announcement will ordinarily be run only once, but may be run once more upon request


Peace and Social Concerns List:

Please send your request to receive - or to be removed from - the Peace and Social Concerns Digest to Pam Gilchrist <>  The P&SC Digest connects you with the work of FCNL, AFSC, our local Interfaith Social Justice Network and YOUR leadings and concerns (please send to Pam).




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