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November 2014 Letter to Friends

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November Letter to Friends

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Eleventh month 2014


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., 2098 Calle Ensenada on the northwest corner of Siringo Road. 


Sunday, 11/02 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting,

Sunday, 11/09 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship

Sunday, 11/16 12:30 Business Meeting at the rise of Meeting

Sunday, 11/23 10:10 Chanting as Preparation for Worship

Sunday, 11/30 10:10 Meeting for Muffins in the Library


The Monthly Query for the 11th month, 2014

 "How do I best find the Light in all messages?"



Nov. 2 – Monthly Potluck & Fall Social for Friends to begin at the rise of the 11:00 meeting. (With the end of Daylight Savings Time on November 1st, please remember to set back your clock one hour on Saturday night!)

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting includes Friends who meet for worship in Tres Piedras, Las Vegas, Taos, Los Alamos, and two locations in Santa Fe.  All of us will be gathering for a potluck at the Canyon Road meetinghouse on the first Sunday of November.  Friends are encouraged to bring a delicious donation to our community meal. 

 Street parking can be found on Camino Escondido and Canyon Road, leaving the driveway free for those who need handicap parking.  If you park a vehicle in the driveway, please be aware of the necessity of a three-foot access space between your vehicle and the meetinghouse wall.  Friends may find ample parking on the lower lot of the Compound Restaurant, 653 Canyon Road.

 If you are coming from out of town, feel free to attend meeting at the 9 AM or 11 AM meeting for worship at 630 Canyon Road or the 10:30 AM meeting for worship with South Santa Fe Worship Group at 2098 Ensenada Street before the social gathering.  Also, all are welcome to attend worship-sharing from 10:10 until 10:50 AM in the Canyon Road meeting room.

 During our potluck, Friends may be happy to sit and talk or join with others for singing and games.  After their children have eaten, parents may wish to leave them in the supervised play area.  Volunteers for twenty-minute childcare shifts can contact Betsy Lombardi, 473-9110 or


Nov. 5 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906 or lhibbs@


Nov. 9 & 23rd @ 10:00 am – 2nd & 4th Sunday Singing -- Chanting as preparation for worship. John Kretzmann & Guthrie Miller learned this practice Tony Martins Chanting workshop at Friends General Conference, July 2013.  And now John is writing his own AMAZING chants! These are simple chants repeated for a long time so that they can be picked up by ear.  For questions or suggestions, please contact Guthrie Miller at 954-4224 or _guthriemiller@gmail.com_


Nov. 16 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.


Nov. 24 – Ministry & Counsel will meet @ 5:30 at Quaker House.  Anyone wishing to bring an item to M&C should please contact Allen Winchester @ in order to be placed on the agenda.


Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Tenth Month (October 19, 2014)

Present: Jan-Willem Jansens (Clerk), Peggy Giltrow (Recording Clerk), Bob Gaines, Philip Balcombe, Roxanne Seagraves, John Kretzmann, Greg Cliburn, Allen Winchester, Linda Hibbs, Ariel Harrison, Pam Gilchrist, Marty Carroll, David Giltrow


The Meeting began with silence at 12:52. The Clerk then read and asked us to reflect upon an excerpt from pp. 7-8 of Rebecca Henderson’s “Quaker Practice and Business Meetings”:


Speaking Once Is Enough:

There is a view that we can sometimes bog down in the detail of the phrasing of the minute and say things like “move that comma one word over.” Some will groan that we are trying to group edit something. However, minutes are carefully worded because sometimes the difficulty is in the detail….

To shorten the meeting, one often hears the phrase, “that Friend speaks my mind”. This is not just saying you agree, it’s letting the person’s view stand without correction… Friends also indicate accord with a speaker by nodding or smiling…. Reading body language is helpful in Quaker Meeting, because many clues that accord can be reached are subtle. This is a reason to have people sit in a circle, rather than be aligned in rows with a clerk up front in lecture mode. It is also a reason to stand when you speak if the group is large so you can be well heard and not have to repeat. Standing to speak cuts down the inclination to chit-chat.

Decisions are not made based upon how many agree most and most loudly, but upon whether the speaker has caught the Sense of the Meeting and articulated it well. Speaking twice does not give your words more weight. In a deliberation, if you have spoken once, you may speak again to add information if it is relevant to new parts of the discussion, or speak if you have changed your previously held opinion. Otherwise the advice is to speak only once, and clearly.


The Clerk read the proposed Agenda, and Meeting agreed to the Agenda as read.


Minutes for Ninth Month 2014 Business Meeting were approved with one correction. Comment on the Building Committee report included the concern of one Friend about access for handicapped parking. He corrected his comment as follows: 7 million people in the USA use mobility aids (rather than 7 million people need wheelchairs). The rest of the statement stands.


First Day School Committee—Please see the full report in Appendix A


The committee spent a good deal of time discussing the needs of the older children who will soon be teens, and what can be done to keep engaging them. The perennial space problem hinders attempts to break into age categories. While discussing First Day School needs, the committee decided to go ahead and buy a picnic table for the back garden at a cost of $680. (Source of funds: $380 from the Young Fund, plus an earmarked donation, plus money from bake sales.) Housekeeping will occur next Sunday after rise of Meeting.


One committee suggestion for older children is development of a puppet show. A Friend suggested that Sarah Gmitter be asked to help the children write a script. Another wondered if any of the Baumann stories could be used.


Meeting asked how things are going. There are regularly 9 to 11 children at the 11 a.m. First Day School, and a wide range of ages. Friends expressed discomfort with what has seemed to be a focus mainly on Christian beliefs, and asked if other faith traditions could be included. The First Day School teacher plans to focus on world religions in the coming months, and in the past has discussed Judaism and Buddhism. Friends were alerted to Anna Easterling’s article in the current Western Friend, which suggests ways to bring views of younger friends into Meeting as a whole.


Meeting accepted the First Day School Committee Report


Building Committee—Please see full report in Appendix B


Several items from last month’s list have been done:

The water heater in the Ramada has been replaced. The condition of the buttress along the east wall has been investigated and the Resident has cut back the vinca. Plans for heat tape for two north canales are being re-thought as a result of new information. The committee will report back on these two issues.


Winter preparations include temporary removal of the irrigation system water meter, installation of new batteries for smoke and CO detectors, lighting pilot lights and resetting the control box for the electric baseboard heating, and repainting of windowsills. Sagging of the kitchen floor and the possible replacement of fluorescent with LED lamps in the First Day School room are being investigated.


Meeting accepted the report of the Building Committee


Ministry and Counsel Committee—Please see the full report in Appendix C


The committee received reports from several worship groups. The committee continued to contact persons who have not been at Meetings to encourage them to return, and continued to discuss the issue of types of membership. Meeting approved a Nov. 2 potluck and social for Canyon Road meetings and all Worship Groups following 11 a.m. meeting that day, as planned by M&C in response to requests from Friends for opportunities to get to know one another better. M&C continued discussion of Quaker Quest and will bring recommendations to the Nov. 16 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business. The committee also suggested ways to make tour bus operations less disturbing during Sunday morning Meetings and offer them more meaningful information about our Quaker Meeting and meetinghouse.


Meeting approved a slight change in the suggested Query for 11th month of 2014, to read “How do I best find the Light in all messages.” Discussion included the purpose of queries, an attempt to bring tolerance to a variety of vocal ministry, queries as a form of eldering, the desire of M&C to formulate queries specific to this Meeting, yes or no questions as opposed to open ended ones, and how to encourage Friends to be sure their messages are inspired by the Spirit. It was suggested that maybe sometime M&C could arrange an opportunity for Meeting to consider the topic of queries.


Meeting approved a Memorial Minute for David Wunker, which can be read in full in Appendix D,

and reaffirmed the importance of preparing a memorial minute for persons who, although not Meeting members, played a strong role in the life of the Meeting. Dave’s service as Resident Friend and Recording Clerk, work on the garden, construction of paths and other lasting improvements, and ties to Earlham will all be long remembered with gratitude. The Minute will be sent to IMYM as well as to Friends Journal and Western Friend.


Meeting accepted the report of Ministry and Counsel. A short period of silence followed.


Requested scheduling for November:


The Future Planning Committee requested a new date for discernment of plans, to be held in the garden of 630 Canyon Rd. at the rise of 11 a.m. Meeting. Meeting approved Nov. 9 as the date.


Meeting approved Nov. 23 at rise of 11 a.m. Meeting for the next “How We Witness” presentation.


The date of Dec. 7 had been suggested for the next Threshing Session on Finances: What do we want to do with the money? (postponed from Nov. 2 so that a potluck and social for Canyon Road Meetings and all worship groups can be held on that date). Meeting realized that a lot has been packed into November.


Discussion of the proposal for Dec. 7 began with a continuation of last month’s deliberations on the best use of potluck Sundays. Some Friends feel that it is important to reserve potlucks for friendly interaction. Others feel that potlucks are a good time to catch Friends for important discussions such as threshing sessions. Friends agreed that threshing sessions on finances have been approved for potluck Sundays in the coming months. Perhaps after those sessions are finished we can save potluck times for unstructured interaction.


Discussion then continued on the topic of the proposed Dec. 7th threshing session. Friends again raised the concern that equal weight be given to the feelings of all worship groups on what we want to do with the two large sums of money, which Meeting has recently agreed to sequester until we can decide what should be done. The suggestion was made that we ask groups and/or individuals in writing what should be done with the money. Others felt that a survey would be unQuakerly. As the discussion continued, Friends realized that before we could decide what to do with the money, we needed to deliberate more on the relationship between Santa Fe Monthly Meeting and the worship groups under its care. The question was raised whether the funds belong to Canyon Road or to the Monthly Meeting. Morally and legally, the funds belong to the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends. Meeting agreed to deliberate the questions of relationship of the parts of Meeting to the whole, and of money in terms of relationship, as an agenda item at the Nov. 16 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business. The Dec. 7 date will be held for the next Threshing Session on finances, should Meeting have resolved the relationship questions by that time. The Finance Committee was asked to provide as much background information as possible before that discussion. Friends were reminded that, when considering options on where to put our money, traditionally SFMM funds have been held locally.


Wyn Lewis will be spending time in Artesia helping detained immigrant mothers and children. At some future date Meeting would like to schedule a report on her findings.


Friends sat in silence before continuing the Meeting.


Finance Committee. Due to the request that Meeting, at the November Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, consider the relationship between Meeting and Worship Groups and money in terms of relationship, the whole of the Finance Committee report is included below rather than in an appendix. Friends are asked to read and reflect on this report before the November Business Meeting.



Finance Committee Report

October 19, 2014

Prepared by Bob Gaines


On October 5th the Finance Committee hosted its third threshing session to assist the Meeting in discerning the right use of its financial resources. The session focused on these queries:


"Is money from the Baumann bequest and sale of land available to be used solely for the needs of those who attend the Canyon Road Meetings for Worship or is it also available for the needs of the Worship Groups? Who decides this matter - the group at Canyon Road or SFMM as a whole?"


A participant asked about who donates. The treasurer prepared this answer for the last full fiscal year:


For calendar year 2013, 46 identifiable donors made 127 discrete donations ranging from $25 to $2000. Eleven of these donors made multiple donations on a more or less regular pattern (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly), ranging from $25 to $500. Twenty-six made a single/annual donation, ranging from $25 to $1,000. The total of unrestricted donations to the general fund in 2013 was $19,290. Total general fund expenses were $38,542.


A summary of some of the other responses by participants is appended. The final session on November 2 [postponed] will address specifically how the Meeting might use the Baumann and land sale money.


Finance Threshing Session – October 5, 2014


The Queries


The 630 Canyon Road 9 am and 11 am Meetings for Worship and the South Side Friends Quaker, Las Vegas, Taos Clearlight, Tres Piedras, and Los Alamos Worship Groups are collectively the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting. Those Friends who meet for Worship at 9 and 11 am at 630 Canyon Road have managed funds contributed to the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting separately from the Worship Groups under the care of the Monthly Meeting. Worship Group funds have generally been used for the operating, maintenance, and good works expenses of the respective worship groups and are separately managed by each group.


Is money from the Baumann bequest and sale of land available to be used solely for the needs of those who attend the Canyon Road Meetings for Worship or is it also available for the needs of the Worship Groups? Who decides this matter - the group at Canyon Road or SFMM as a whole?


In either case, what structures and policies does the Canyon Road group or the Monthly Meeting need to set up for management and disbursement of the bequest and sale funds? How does the Canyon Road group or Monthly Meeting go about developing such structures and policies?


The Comments


10 persons attended. Bob Gaines took notes and paraphrased some of the comments:


- The Santa Fe Monthly Meeting encompasses all groups.

- The Business Meeting meets once a month, and the worship groups have the opportunity and the responsibility to attend or to send their concerns to M&C. If they don't attend, they should trust the work of the Business Meeting and committees.

- Maybe the Business Meetings should be held occasionally at one of the worship groups (WG).

- The WGs should use their liaisons to convey their concerns, but I like the suggestion to rotate the Business Meeting (BM).

- Does the South Side WG have a business meeting? If so, do they report to the Monthly Meeting (MM)? What is the relationship?

- The BMs are too long and some can't attend or sit through them.

- The intent of the donation of land was to have an impact, to initiate something new. It's a good thing that others are starting something new. [Donor's Letter of Intent, 8-16-09:]

- When the South Side WG came to the MM with a request for money to complete their meetinghouse, the discussion in BM dragged on and on. There was no reasonable attempt to address the request.

- That's because it was clear in the BM discussion and the subsequent threshing sessions that we didn't have unity on the relationship between the MM and the South Side WG.

- “630 Canyon Road” is a fiction – there is only the MM [in the sense that it is the MM that receives and spends donations, not 630 Canyon Road].

- What I hear us saying is “Us” and “Them.”

- Is there something that spells out the financial relationship between a MM and its WGs? Anything in the YM's Faith and Practice? [No.]

- We do assume that we have a spiritual relationship.

- We don't necessarily need to reach out to non-Quakers, we need to start with our own WGs.

- We need a committee to receive proposals for using MM funds from each group in the MM; the committee would present the proposals to the BM.

- The Future Planning Committee has identified needs for 630 Canyon Road that could use up all the available funds and more.

- When Alison made the gift to form the South Side WG, it never occurred to me to think 630 Canyon Road had any claim on the gift. Is it the case that what is given to a WG is theirs but they can also use what is given to the MM?

- How do we understand our contributions to sustain future generations of Friends?

- I support having a committee to bring to the BM proposals from WGs for the MM funds.

- I've been participating in a study group with members of the WGs, and it has lessened my sense of "Us" and "Them."

- Maybe the "Us" and "Them" stems from Allison's gift.

- What percentage of the donations to the MM come from 630 Canyon Road and what from the WGs?

- How many contributors are there to the MM? How many of those are in WGs?

- Should we earmark our contributions for 630 Canyon Road if that's where we want them to go?

- Does the MM pay for anything for WG members?

- The MM pays the $50 IMYM assessment for the members who attend WGs [i. e. those who have formally joined the SFMM -- there are about 8], and any member or attender in a WG can request financial aid to attend the IMYM Annual Gathering or to travel as a representative of the MM to IMYM committee meetings.

- Was Allison [Martinez]'s gift to the South Side WG consistent with the vision and values of furthering Quakerism in Santa Fe (which I share)?

- I think of my contribution as supporting not just the 630 Canyon Road Meeting but also for Good Works.



Meeting’s acceptance of the Finance Committee report was followed by a break of several minutes and a period of silence.


Treasurer’s report—Please see the full 1st Quarter report for new fiscal year 2014-2015 at


Income to the general fund for the July-September Quarter totaled $5,716 ($5,568 in donations, $149 in interest). Expenses were $2,860, for a net gain of $2,857.  The general fund was left with a positive balance of $4,503.  Friends were reminded that money from the Baumann Bequest ($56,560) and Land Sale Proceeds ($91,119 after agreed transfer of $8,000 to the general fund) have been sequestered as separate, easily trackable, funds. These funds will sit there until Meeting decides what to do with the money.


The Treasurer was asked if interest on Meeting money was distributed to funds proportionally. Since the funds don’t map into bank accounts, the interest goes into the General Fund. One CD holds the Maintenance Fund, which keeps its own interest.


The Treasurer’s Report was accepted with gratitude.


Peace & Social Concerns Committee—Please see full report in Appendix E


Concerns included how to support two men being held on death row in Santa Fe, support for the FCNL web site’s weekly update on US involvement in Iraq and Syria (which includes a letter-writing tool), the urgent call for social and mental health workers to team up with volunteer attorneys in Artesia (more information will be brought back by Rick Coward and Wyn Lewis after visits there), and follow-up information on the Public Banking symposium, including the offer of Nichoe Lichen to make a presentation to SFMM.


Meeting accepted the report of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee.


Resident Friend’s report for 9th Month 2014—Please see full report in Appendix F


The Resident Friend served the Meeting for approximately 14 hours per week during September. The Guest Apartment was occupied for 18 out of a possible 30 nights. Income from use of the guest apartment and by groups totaled $916.


Meeting accepted the Resident Friend’s Report


New Business


Needs of First Day School


Friends were excited to learn from the First Day School report about attendance, age ranges, and the need for separate space. Meeting discussed ways to find separate space for varied age groups (yurt, soundproofing in library), and how Meeting can help the First Day School Committee and show support for their discernment.


Friends discussed how to have more interaction with Meeting’s young friends. At IMYM each age group makes a report to business meeting; perhaps we could encourage that. One Friend asked at what age young friends start staying in Meeting for Worship and how we could foster that. The Clerk will explore these ideas with the First Day School Committee.




The current Indiana Magazine of History contains an article by Peggy Segal on “Olive Rush’s Long Love Affair with Art”. A copy may be found in the library. The Building Committee is trying to arrange for the author to come by and see the Meeting House.


Many of Olive Rush’s personal papers were sent to the Archive of American Art, where they have been digitized by the Smithsonian. A link to the digitized materials may be found at


Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business ended with Silence at 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Peggy Giltrow, Recording Clerk


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