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January 2013 Letter to Friends

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

First month 2013


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.


Sunday,1/06 12:30 Potluck, 1:30 Ministry and Counsel Committee

Sunday,1/13 10:10 2nd Sunday Friends Worship Sharing

Sunday,1/20 12:30 10:10 am Peace & Social Concerns 12:30 am, Meeting for

Worship for Business

Sunday,1/27 12:30 Adult Education Committee Discussion



The Monthly Query for the 1st month, 2013


As members of a spiritual community, do we actively work to maintain love and community?




Jan. 2 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.


Jan. 6 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 a.m. meeting


Jan. 6 – Ministry & Counsel will meet after the potluck, usually around 1:30 p.m.


Jan. 13 – Second Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing will consider two poems from the January 2012 FJ, page 14.  The poems are Samhain, by Jill A. Oglesby (Abq. meeting) and Seasons Change, by Joel Kurz. Copies of the poems will be available next to the birdhouse in the library beginning Sunday Dec. 30.  We will begin promptly at 10:10 and conclude at 10:50.  All interested persons are warmly invited to attend.  Friends are also invited to suggest articles/poems from the Friends Journal for future discussions.  If you have questions, please call Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) or Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377). 


Jan. 20 - Peace &Social Concerns will meet at 10:10 am ON THE THIRD FIRST DAY OF EACH MONTH in the Meeting House Library.  The topic to be discussed will be announced in the weekly digest.

Jan. 20 - 10:00 am - 3rd Sunday Singing -- A Capella singing as preparation for worship. This is meant to be singing for anyone that has a desire to sing ("if you can talk you can sing"). We will start with some improvised vocalization (making sounds and listening) for a warm up.  If you have a reading you like we can try singing it.  This is the definitely the time for Christmas Carols.  Come with your favorites in mind!  For questions or suggestions, please contact Guthrie Miller at 954-4224 or


Jan. 20 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.

Jan. 27 – The Adult Education Committee will sponsor a discussion & the topic will be announced in the Weekly Digest.



In-Kind Donations: During last month’s meeting for worship for business someone suggested that it would be nice to know how much is donated to the Meeting without being recorded as income in our treasurer’s reports. Of course, donors who itemize on their income tax forms want a receipt for in-kind donations. Things like copying, stamps, and garden supplies that have a definite monetary value would be fairly easy to track, but it would require a lot more time from our treasurer and the cooperation of everyone who buys anything for the Meeting to report all in-kind donations.


However, there are other contributions to which it would be difficult to give a dollar value. For instance, some people bring food to serve at coffee time. There is the cost of ingredients for potluck dishes, the fresh fruit that people bring to share from their gardens, the extra gasoline used to bring someone else to meeting, the paper bags and candles and greenery for decorating the Meetinghouse for Christmas, and all the time we donate.


It takes time to prepare for committee meetings and to write reports for business meeting. Our clerk, treasurer, recording clerk and committee conveners donate a lot of time. There is the time some of us spend worrying about the Meeting, feeling bad about things that happen at meeting, planning agendas and educational programs, and welcoming guests. Some of us can afford to buy things for Meeting, others contribute their time, energy, sweat and tears. Listing the monetary value of various contributions could give the impression that other kinds of donations are of less value. Our Meeting has tried to make people who can’t donate as much money as they would like feel that other types of contributions are also welcome. Let’s appreciate all kinds of gifts to our Meeting! Mary Ray Cate

PS Marcy Pompei agreed with Mary Ray to write a response to her testimony. “I agree, allocating a person to track in-kind donations is time that could be better spent doing other productive tasks. The times I personally have donated in-kind, umbrella for the table, (purchased the Helen Corneli chair,) were opportunities I found to give to the meeting with no frill or expectation. However, I wonder if our meeting is missing opportunities to engage the property in the Friday evening Canyon Road walks, or another art exhibit that could provide volunteer opportunities for members, increase revenue for the meeting to maintain the bldg.. & tell the Quaker story of Peace & Simplicity? “


If others would e-mail responses to Mary Ray &/or Marcy’s testimony there could be a “blog posting” in the weekly digest to continue this written testimony.


Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, Twelfth Month, 16th day, 2012.


Present: Philip Balcombe, Ann Beauchamp, Mary Ray Cate, Marty Carol, Anna Darrah, Bob Gaines, Pam Geyer, Pam Gilchrist, Dave Giltrow, Rebecca Henderson, Frank Hirsch, John Kretzmann, Wyn Lewis, Ted Pomeroy, Carolyn Sigstedt, Michael Simon, Steve Spencer.


Meeting began at 12:45 pm with silence.


Query: Are we prepared to let go of our desires and let the Holy Spirit lead us to unity? (IMYM F&P, Q#6, p121).


1. Adult Education report: Adult Ed reported on a program for January and February. A plan for classes/workshop related to Quaker process was presented. The wish is to integrate Adult Education sessions with issues discussed in Ministry and Counsel. Rebecca will offer a series of classes on Quaker practice and Business Meetings. The first will be on January 16 at the South Side Meeting after their simple supper. The following Sunday she will present at the Canyon Road meeting on her pamphlet about Quaker Practice and Business Meetings. On Saturday, February 9 from 9:30am to 3:00pm at South Side she will present a program to give all the SFMM affiliated worship groups a bigger overview of Quaker practice. After that the adult education sessions will address Quaker Faith and Rebecca's sessions throughout the spring will address Quaker practice. Rebecca has a study guide for Quaker Practice and Business Meetings. Highlights of the pamphlet were read by Rebecca. Appreciation was given to Rebecca. Report accepted.


2. Residence Committee Report: The committee heard about how Dave is doing with various jobs. He enjoyed working on the sidewalk and tire swing. Both appreciated. Willing to do closing chores at Christmas Eve. Job description does not include closing the meeting. People should approach the Residence Committee rather than the resident on issues related to his responsibilities. A definite list of duties had been made in the past to avoid confusion. Appreciation for Dave as regular attender and recording clerk. Dave will stay through the summer departing at end of August 2013. Dave plans to drive a commercial truck. Budget request for $200. Deadline Jan 15 for March issue of Friend's Journal. Deadline Feb 10th for Western Friend. Job description review for Committee in Dec. Residence Committee report accepted. Electronic version in the Appendix below.


3. Minutes for Eleventh Month Business Meeting – Request for approval. – Ted only prepared report for 2012 and 2013; not for 2014. Minutes were approved with that correction.


4. Treasurer's Report: Accounts balance and have been reconciled with the bank statements. Treasurer's report posted. Expenses were reported. Income also reported. Good Works donations were made in November to complete budgeted amounts in November. High water bills have been given to the Building Committee. Ted presented the budget in a larger framework which caused some changes including reducing the garden budget to $2,400. Ted was thanked for his preparation for this meeting. Jan-Willem stated the query: Are we prepared to let go of our desires and let the Holy Spirit lead us to unity? (IMYM F&P, Q#6, p121).


Meeting committees’ needs for funding clarified. Donations in kind have kept some committees going. List of donations could be made for the Business Meeting in January or February. Committees are encouraged to report donations to the Finance Committee for 2013. This request is to be put in the Newsletter. Support was expressed for having a budget that reflects committees’ input. Early on in the year it would have been helpful to have a report from the Finance Committee about what committees proposed. The lion’s share of most committee needs is for printing. Probably a lot of money budgeted for committees has not been spent; so this is not a big issue. List of what was spent for 2012 would be useful for budgeting for next year. It would be useful to have this next year also.


Concern that there is a big hit on the garden budget and Alan is not here. Issue of the garden budget was discussed. The garden had a proposed budget of $4,000 and is now down to $2,400. Budget for the garden last year was $750 and about twice that much was spent. The garden budget as proposed by the Garden Committee was presented in detail and the need to hire help for weeding was noted due to lack of Meeting member participation. About $800 to $900 is for new plants including the hedgerow. All other money is for ongoing maintenance. The view that the garden is more than for the Meeting's pleasure but also represents the Meeting's stewardship of the biosphere and our face to the community was noted.


There were various suggestions for other committees to work with the Garden Committee to revise the budget but it was noted that a gatekeeper's role by the Treasurer and Finance Committee is not an appropriate role for them. It was noted that money often appears to meet future needs. It was finally decided that more time and input was needed and therefore to have a worship sharing about the garden and its needs. It was also finally decided to leave the garden budget blank for now with a range between $2,400 and $4,000 to be decided later.


Good Works budgeting was presented and discussed. The As Needs Arise fund is to be pulled out of Local Community because it may be more than local needs. Good Works has recommended an increase for scholarships. It has been increased from $1,500 to $2,500. The As Needs Arise fund could also be tapped for scholarships. Western Friend added to Quaker Concerns which is new. Parity created between shelter support. There was a discussion about where the IMYM assessment should go. Only one new request for next year – Coalition for Prison Rights. It was suggested to enhance the Good Works budget because all agencies are facing financial problems and there was concern expressed by Good Works that there be more involvement in the Good Works Committee of the entire Meeting instead of just one member. It was decided that there was a need for ongoing conversation about Good Works at another date.


It was decided to have one worship sharing for Good Works and Garden together and then do another for Garden if necessary. Announcements for the worship sharings will be made in the Digest and Newsletter. Special notation will be made in the budget for Good Works ($6,040), garden ($2,400-$4,000), maybe a committee budget pooled for printing, and for potentially increasing the budget for scholarships ($2,500). The budget is approved with these caveats. Ted and Finance Committee thanked for their work. Treasurer's report accepted. Electronic version in Appendix below and an electronic version of the budget is posted on-line.


No Finance Committee report. They will have a meeting in early January.


5. Ministry and Counsel Committee Report. Query for January is: As members of a spiritual community, do we actively work to maintain love and community? The Meeting closer for January will be N’joroge Tho-Biaz. Christmas and New Year's worship service to be handled by Mary Ray Cate. Request for committee member to replace Greg Cliburn who resigned last month. Ministry and Counsel discussed the needs of 14 members and attenders. Two members of Ministry and Counsel with Rebecca and Wyn edited Rebecca's pamphlet. Plans for a day-long workshop Feb 9th. Discussion of request for training of members when visitors are in wheelchairs. Nominating committee should nominate a new member for Ministry and Counsel. Report accepted. The query was approved. Electronic version in the Appendix below.


6. Nominating Committee: Dave Giltrow, Bettina Raphael, and John Kretzmann have agreed to serve on the new Watching Committee. Consideration of the three nominations will be acted upon at the next Business Meeting. Report accepted.

7. Cleaning and Closing of the Meeting House: 1st week of the month will be Ministry and Counsel, 2nd Mary Ray Cate, 3rd Pam Geyer, 4th Adult Education, and 5th Pam Geyer.

8. Peace and Social Concerns: The Committee meeting was held between Meetings for Worship. The 9am Meeting people joined in. Report on status on LANL Six arrested on August 6 Hiroshima Day. Their trial will be at 9:00 am on January 9th. Groups are seeking co-sponsorships for a defense fund event to be held 3 days prior to the trial Sunday Jan 6th. SFMM asked to cosponsoring the LANL 6 fund raiser. Donations are accepted but not required. The Meeting accepted being a co-sponsor. The SFMM will be listed on flyers about the fund raiser as it goes out to the community. FCNL stand on climate change will be publicized by the Committee. Report accepted.

9. Conscientious Objection Committee report: The Committee feels that the committee continues to be relevant in the absence of the draft and that the Olmstead fund should be maintained. Pamphlets and presentations have been made although no budgeted money has been used. However the committee felt the budget item for the Committee should be continued. Reports from the Committee should be made to the Business Meeting. Question of whether a fund should be continued that is not used. Bob Gaines will talk with Howard Shulman and make a recommendation to the Business Meeting. Report accepted.

10. Resident's Report: Resident worked an average of 26 hours per week doing usual tasks plus raking leaves. Also sidewalk project. Guest apartment occupied for 15 days out of a possible 30 and income was $1,165 (deposits and payments). Report accepted

11. Announcements: Friends Journal worship sharing: poem will be discussed on 2nd Sunday in January. Christmas Eve activities are scheduled. Meeting for Worship from 5:30 to 6:15 pm. Assistance will be needed. Pamela Benson who cleans the Meetinghouse once a month was thanked and appreciated.


Meeting adjourned at 3:32 pm with silence.




Resident Committee Report, 12th Month, 12th Day, 2012

Present: Marty Carroll, Ted Pomeroy (co-Convenors), Carly Newfeld, Guthrie Miller and Dave Wunker (Resident).
Meeting began at 4:30pm with silence, Ted asked all to hold Beverly Busching in the Light during our silence.

1) We asked Dave how he is doing: He is juggling four jobs (Resident, substitute teaching in public schools, Home Depot return desk and a small cleaning job (Self Realization Center). He says he is doing well and also getting some recreation in when he reminds himself to balance his activity. He will be visited by family early in the new year as there will be a family wedding in Cedar Crest. He says he enjoyed the work of the brick paved walk, for which he volunteered to challenge himself. He is glad others appreciate his work. He also accepted the task of repairing the tire swing for First Day Sch., but ended up re-building it after a little research on the Internet. We now have a first rate swing for the children. The Committee offered thanks and praise for his efforts.

2) We asked Dave about the requests for tasks outside the job description: As noted he enjoyed the two items noted above. He is also willing to do the closing chores for the Christmas Eve events at the
Meetinghouse. Ted outlined his experience of last year, noting especially the monitoring and dowsing of the farolitos and luminaria. We addressed the issue of a member approaching Dave directly about closing the Meetinghouse after weekly meeting for worship. Marty clarified that this is not in the job description and that members/attenders should approach the committee members with requests rather than speak to the Resident. It was noted that the Committee feels that closing the meetinghouse after worship is an obligation of the Meeting. The Resident does do a nightly check on the condition of the property, which is a double check that those who use the meetinghouse have properly closed up.
3) We asked Dave about communication in general and he reports it goes well. Marty noted that he is "in the Meeting," that is he is involved and active as a member - he is Recording Clerk for the Meeting. The committee again thanks and observes the positive presence of our Resident in our Meeting.

4) We addressed the issue of a budget request: Ted suggested we ask for $200 as a beginning budget, as we will have to place ads for a new Resident when Dave's tenure is up. This is the sense of our . So, Ted will add this request to the budget for 2013 in his role as treasurer.

5) As anticipated above, we asked Dave about his plans: He will stay through the summer, departing at the end of August 2013. So, we will need to find a new Resident to start on September 1st, 2013. This will be a First Day. Dave's own plans include learning to drive a commercial truck and try his hand at long haul trucking.

6) Our plan: A) Ad in Friends' Journal - deadline Jan 15 for March 2013 issue (3 months of ads planned) B) Ad in Western Friend - deadline Feb 10 for Mar/Apr issue (2 issues of ads planned) C) review the wording of our ad - Ted and Marty to find records and circulate the ad for committee review in December, D) Job Description review - Ted to find records and circulate the current "Job Description" for review by the committee in December.

submitted, Marty Carroll and Ted Pomeroy

Resident's Report for December, 2012

Resident worked about 26 hours a week during November Activity included outdoor sweeping, handling trash and recycling, mail collection and distribution, guest apartment reservations, guest apartment cleaning and laundry, Meetinghouse cleaning, and garden watering. Seasonal activities included raking leaves. Other projects included the sidewalk and tire swing.

Guest Apartment: 15 guest nights out of a possible 30.

$1,165 (deposits and/or payments)

Submitted by Dave Wunker

Ministry & Counsel December 2012 Report to Santa Fe Monthly Business Meeting

M & C met Dec 2, 2012 with all members and two ex-officio members present. One member was absent. Meeting Time for January 2013: 1:30 p.m. Jan 6, First Day School Room
January, 2013 Query: “As members of a spiritual community, do we actively work to maintain love and unity?” (Faith & Practice: Mutual Care Queries, last sentence of Query 1, page 124.

Meeting Closer for January 2013: Njoroge Tho-Biaz
Christmas & New Year’s Worship Services: Arrangements are being handled by Bob Gaines.

Request for New Committee Member: M & C would like a new committee member appointed to replace Greg Cliburn who resigned last month.

Care of Individuals: M & C discussed the needs and concerns of 14 members or attenders.
Education Committee and M & C Joint Meeting: Two members of M & C met with Wyn Lewis and Ted Pomeroy (Education Committee) and Rebecca Henderson to discuss and edit Rebeccaʼs new pamphlet: “Quaker Practice and Business Meetings.” Plans are underway for Rebecca to present information from the pamphlet in January with a day long workshop February 9. A second meeting was held Dec. 3.

State of Meeting Report: Jan-Willem has volunteered to work on this with Rebecca Henderson.

Next Month’s M & C Agenda Includes: Discussion of Challenge & Trust among Friends: Working Draft June 10, 2012. Discussion of request by Philip Balcombe for training of regular attenders on what to do when visitors are in wheelchairs.

Treasurer's Report for December Meeting w/ attention to Business

A) Monthly report:

1. The accounts balance and have been reconciled with the bank, as reported to the Finance Committee. The Treasurer's Report is posted on the website, showing our figures through the end of November. As noted in the summary, year-to-date expenses have exceeded donations by $3,274.15, which is less than previous months. Our General Fund balance at the end of November was $7,008.10; the Maintenance Fund balance was $14,354.48.


2) Expenses for the month were: General fund, $1,128.70; Good Works, $3,050.00; for a total of $4,178.70. Income for the month was General Fund, $5,714.50. Maintenance Fund income $1,663.14, expenses $0.

3) Meeting for Worship with attention to business discussed the 2013 Budget in November and we will address it again in December.

4) Good Works donations were made in November to complete the budgeted donation amounts.

5) No further information is available about the rather high water bills in the last six months. this has been referred to the Building committee.


1.Overview of third draft:

Meeting $7,300.00 23%

Program 4,800.00 15%

Committees 975.00 3%

Good Works 5,915.00 18%

Meetinghouse 13,400.00 41%

Total 32,390.00

2. Recommendation by Ted for further adjustments:

Meeting 7,300.00 22.6%

Program 4,800.00 14.8%

Committees 1,000.00 3.1%

Good Works 6,400.00 19.8%

Meetinghouse 12,800.00 39.6%

Total $32,300.00

Explanation: In the recommendation the Meetinghouse is double the Goodworks amount, the Meeting is only 3% bigger than the Goodworks amount. This describes our use of resources to match values as I see them. Both the Meeting and Meetinghouse are fixed expenses, we have agreed on the IMYM assessment, we plan to pay our utility bills, insurance and advertising. We will have to reduce the garden increase to $1,650.00 or 220%, and make the budget for 2013 Garden $2,400.00. Just tripling the garden budget, but keeping it below our local giving. I would be distressed if we should choose to spend more on the garden than on the total of local giving.

Alternately we can accept trimming the local Goodworks amount and spend the difference in the garden. I would rather support the charities, shelters and health providers in this period of social crisis and need.

Submitted, Ted Pomeroy, Treasurer






























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