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May 2013 Newsletter

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Fifth month 2013


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.


Sunday, 5/05 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting, 1:30 Ministry and Counsel Committee

Sunday, 5/12 10:10 2nd Sunday Friends Worship Sharing

Sunday, 5/19 12:30 10:10 am P&SC &/or A Capella singing, 12:30 Meeting for Business

Sunday, 5/26 12:30 Adult Education Committee Discussion



The Monthly Query for the 5th month, 2013

"Do we have a have sense of a living silence in our Meeting in which we feel drawn together by the power of God in our midst? In what ways do our meetings for worship provide a source of strength and guidance to those present?” (IMYM Faith & Practice, p 119, Query #8).



May 2 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.


May 5 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 a.m. meeting. A discussion will be held in the garden regarding the placement of a swing for young friends. See next message please!


May 5 – Ministry & Counsel will meet after the potluck, usually around 1:30 p.m.


May 12 – May 12: 2ND Sunday Friends Journal Worship sharing topic is announced to be “Walking From the Shadows into The Light” by Peter Lang, found on page 24 of the April 2012 Friends Journal. Beginning this Sunday, copies of this article will be available in the folder next to the bird house in the library. Everyone is invited to attend! We will begin at 10:10 am and close at 10:50 am. Friends are encouraged to suggest articles, letters or poems from Friends Journal to consider in future worship sharings. For Questions please call Howard Shulman @ 984-9908.


May 19- Peace and Social Concerns meets the third First day of every month between worship services from 10:05 to 10:55 am.


May 19 - 10:00 am - 3rd Sunday Singing -- A Capella singing as preparation for worship. This is meant to be singing for anyone that has a desire to sing ("if you can talk you can sing"). We will start with some improvised vocalization (making sounds and listening) for a warm up.  If you have a reading you like we can try singing it.  This is the definitely the time for Christmas Carols.  Come with your favorites in mind!  For questions or suggestions, please contact Guthrie Miller at 954-4224 or


May 19 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.


May 26– The Adult Education Committee will sponsor a discussion & the topic will be announced in the Weekly Digest.


Minutes for April 21, 2013 Santa Fe Meeting for Worship for Business


Present: Jan-Willem Jansens, Clerk; Bob Gaines, recording clerk; Peggy and David Giltrow; Elliott Skinner; Shelley Cohen; Pam Geyer; Njoroge Tho-Baiz; Philip Balcombe; Frank Hirsch; John Kretzmann; Carolyn Sigstedt; Pam Gilchrist; Rebecca Henderson.


1. March Minutes – Approved


2. Reporting Process – The Clerk suggested that committee reports should be succinct and cover specific points (actions, decisions, and clarification of contextual information if necessary to understand the actions and decisions). The Clerk requests that committees send their reports to the Clerk and Recording Clerk by Sunday evening the week preceding business meeting. If possible, the reports will be posted on the web site and links to them will be included in the digest.


3. June business meeting – Friends agreed to have it on the 4th Sunday in June in order not to conflict with Yearly Meeting.


4. John Calvi – Friends agreed to host John for a workshop on Saturday, June 22, preferably on burnout, possibly adding time for QUIT (on torture). Shelley Cohen will arrange with John, including determining what stipend John needs to do the workshop.


5. Resident – Carolyn Sigstedt reported that Dave has arranged with the new resident to arrive early if Dave gets a summer job.


6. Future Committee – John Kretzmann reported that Bettina Raphael has resigned as convener, and Philip Balcombe and Frank Hirsch are the new co-conveners. The committee is not yet clear about Guthrie Miller's proposal to buy back the land he donated to the Meeting. John, Bettina, and Carolyn will meet with Guthrie to clarify the proposal. Once it is clear what Guthrie wants, the committee believes Guthrie's wishes for the land should receive serious consideration. There are complications to building on the site, and the Meeting will need to begin paying taxes of about $1,800 annually in 2015, when the gift is complete. The Future Committee will meet at the South Santa Fe WG meetinghouse at 5:30 on the first Monday of each Month. Report accepted.


7. Recorder – Philip Balcombe reported from memory that as of December 31, 45 members lived in Santa Fe and 31 outside Santa Fe. Since January 1 there is one new member and one member has resigned. M&C will consider how to represent members in worship groups (currently, all members are identified with an asterisk in the Santa Fe and outside Santa Fe directories, but only South Santa Fe WG members are listed separately as a WG). Report accepted.


8. M&C – Carolyn Sigstedt reported that M&C recommends Ted Pomeroy's membership be laid down as requested by Ted. Friends agreed with regret. Friends agreed to use the query approved at the March business meeting. Report accepted.


9. P&SC – Pam Gilchrist reported that the committee had put 6 notices in the digest about torture, climate change and local issues in the previous month. A committee member will attend the interfaith initiative “Citizens in Schools” at First Presbyterian Church. The committee is working to bring the issue of climate change to the IMYM Annual Gathering.


10. Finance – Frank Hirsch reported that the committee recommends investigating the use of a bookkeeper if Nominating Committee is unable to find a treasurer. The committee recommends having two threshing sessions to consider how to use the bequest from Ann Baumann. The committee will collect ideas for using the bequest and then schedule the first session. Report accepted.


11. Nominating – David Giltrow reported that the committee has reviewed 37% to 42% of the positions to be filled and identified several conveners who do not wish to continue for the next year. Report accepted.


12. Building – David Giltrow reported that the Fire Department inspectors made several recommendations (see report), including installing an AED (resuscitation unit). Pam Geyer will determine whether a used one might be donated by a foundation (the units cost several thousand new). The committee will arrange with the Garden Committee to install a paving block path in the garden. There has been a request for WiFi coverage in the guest apartment. The WiFi and AED issues can be taken up at the next business meeting. Report accepted.




The Clerk announced that the Yearly Meeting is seeking volunteers to run the Junior Young Friends YM beginning in 2014. The Clerk will put the notice in the digest.


John Kretzmann and Rebecca Henderson reported that about 60 persons – including John, Rebecca, and Ann Beauchamp – attended the NM Regional Meeting in Silver City. Sharman Apt Russell, a long-time attender of Gila Meeting, spoke. See Rebecca to borrow her book “Standing in the Light.” NMRM agreed to request a voluntary $5 per member assessment to provide funds to hold the regional meetings twice a year. The spring meeting will be primarily for fellowship, the fall meeting will be a workshop. Our meeting will host the spring 2014 meeting.







Assisted in announcing IMYM scholarship funding opportunities for 2013, and administering scholarship requests/applications; informed Friends about scholarship awards

Clerked March MfWwatB


Reviewed/edited March Minutes for MfWwatB


Prepared MfWwAtB for April 2013


Reviewed/responded to many e-mails and calls, and had several personal meetings with Friends


Participated in April M&C Committee Mtg (ex officio)


John Calvi’s Visitation with Santa Fe Friends

I have known John for many years through my affiliation with Friends for Lesbian Gay Transgender and Queer Concerns (FLGBTQC). He is an extraordinarily gifted healer and teacher as his bio suggests.


John Calvi has been working with people surviving traumatic experience since 1982. A certified massage therapist, John began this work with women survivors of sexual abuse and then in the AIDS epidemic. Later, he worked with inmates, tortured refugees, ritual abuse survivors, addicts, and hospice. John’s spiritual gift as a Quaker healer is the release of physical and emotional pain following trauma. Making 24 trips each year to teach, John has taught in four countries, five prisons, and ten yearly meetings. Many of his workshops are attended by health care professionals and clergy working in crisis where pain is abundant and resources too few.



- learning beginning energy work and having a meeting for healing with some history of Friends and healing.

- learning about having a sense of ones own goodness as a way to develop deeper spiritual life and service.

- learning about the recent history and current circumstances of American torture and what the Quaker Initiative to End Torture - QUIT! is doing to gather Friends in this great spiritual work to end torture.

- learning how we can avoid burnout and heal from burnout when we become weary and overwhelmed by the personal and professional work of caregiving, peacemaking, witnessing suffering, and healing our own life wounds.



John will be meeting with Albuquerque Friends June 18-21, following IMYM. He could be with Santa Fe Friends both Saturday and Sunday 6/22 & 23 and during that week preceding FGC Mon - Wed  6/24 – 26.


Respectfully submitted by,

Shelley Cohen


Planning Committee Report to Business Meeting, 2013.04.21


(Note to Clerk: No action items, but discussion of some issues likely to arise)


The committee opened with Silence at 5:30 pm on 4/09/2013 at the Santa Fe Friends Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road. Attending were Bettina Raphael (clerk), John Kretzmann (recording clerk pro-tem), Philip Balcombe, David Giltrow, Frank Hirsch, Wyn Lewis, Rebecca Miles, and Carolyn Sigstedt.


1. Reorganization of the committee


The committee thanks Bettina for her long and faithful service to the Planning Committee and understands the need for her to step down from that role. She will remain a member of the committee.


The committee recognized the need to reorganize the committee to reduce the burden on the committee clerk by sharing responsibilities and doing more to support each other. Following discussion, the committee appoints Philip Balcombe and Frank Hirsch as co-clerks of the committee and John Kretzmann and Rebecca Miles as recording clerks.


Whenever possible the committee will limit it deliberations to one and a half hours.


The committee continues to search for a day of the week that works for everyone’s schedules.


2. Camino Lejo Property Considerations


The committee recognized that it is not fully clear what Guthrie’s buyback offer entails. It also recognized that the construction of a Meetinghouse is not an immediate option, for the reason that a neighbor has affirmed his decision to exercise his covenant right to block such a building on the site. Other likely options are outlined below.


Because moving ahead on a Meetinghouse at the property is not immediately possible, the committee agrees that Guthrie’s offer should be considered.


Discussion of the Meeting’s options for the property identified the following issues that need resolution:

  1. Some committee members felt that they are and the Meeting will probably be of the opinion that the Meeting should honor Guthrie’s wishes, even if these have changed since the signing of the original 2008 documents and particularly the 2010 amendments.


  3. Some committee members questioned whether it was reasonable to expect to be able to build on the property at some time in the future. The following would be some of the hurdles to pass before construction, even if the uncooperative neighbor changed his mind, moved or passed away. The first is to meet City zoning, fire access and traffic requirements – it appears that, with a building of 2000 to 3000 square feet or space for 80 worshippers, 20 parking spaces would be required and perhaps separate access and egress points for cars. Because these requirements may change in the future the committee decided not to research them further at this time. In addition the City has a new requirement for a special use permit for churches in residential neighborhoods, opening any proposal to build a Meetinghouse to review and comment by the entire neighborhood, which is known for being difficult to satisfy in such matters. One Friend spoke of listening for what the land wanted and hearing that it wanted to be cared for, a responsibility that the Meeting may or may not be willing to take on.


  5. The potential advantages of holding on to the property are that the Meeting will have greater flexibility and more options in the future, even if development of the property for a Meetinghouse or other use does not take place for five or more years. In the meantime the Meeting might consider working to build up its building fund, which could be used in the future at our current meeting location, Camino Lejo or elsewhere. Meeting could then revisit the decision to continue to hold onto the Camino Lejo property at appropriate times. In 2015 Meeting will become responsible for approximately $1800 per year in property taxes.


The committee agreed to form a subcommittee to meet with Guthrie to further clarify his offer. Guthrie plans to consult with a lawyer to determine the legal issues connected with his offer. The Camino Lejo subcommittee will consist of Bettina, John and Carolyn.


3. Threshing Session plans


The agenda for the next committee’s meeting will include beginning to plan a Meeting-wide Threshing Session to present the findings of the committee to date and to consider together and with the Spirit options to move ahead.


The committee adjourned at 8:10 pm with Silence.


Committee recording clerk, John Kretzmann




Because of responsibilities from other Meeting business and the health distraction of the resident, an ex-officio member of the committee, the committee has not met since the last business meeting. However, to keep the Meeting informed, the following is a summary of building-related items which are part of the committee’s agenda for the next few months.


1. Action items resulting from SFFD visits. The two visits (pre-planning and fire prevention) resulted in several specific recommendations and observations.

a. Develop an evacuation plan in print and an oral explanation which emphasizes gathering in the garden rather that going onto Canyon Rd. in front of the meetinghouse. This is to avoid interfering with fire engine, ambulance and police vehicles in the event of an emergency.

b. Create an emergency gate on the west side of the garden which allows people to depart via the alleyway leading to Canyon Rd.

c. For the First Day schoolroom, use a fireproof panel to create a door for the storage closet next to the wall-mounted gas heater.

d. Add a CO detector/alarm to the storage area of the ramada which contains the gas water heater. Also, trim the holly bush outside the ramada where the gas heater discharge outlet emits high temperatures. [Dave Wunker has addressed these concerns.]

e. The committee was concerned whether the ramada roof which is part of a joint roof with the small apartment/storage area to the west should be separated. The fire prevention officer did not feel this was a major issue requiring immediate attention.

f. The SFFD personnel commented about the amount of dirt on the meetinghouse roof. The dirt between the roofing paper and the top of the wooden roofing boards can be considerable and in the event of a fire, can press down on the old, dry wood (including vigas) and cause the roof to collapse before the interior fire can be brought under control. A committee member later commented that we have experience in removing dirt from the top of the garage and discovering that, over time, the vigas “spring back” from their slight bowing caused by the weight and provoke issues with the walls which are supporting the vigas. When it is time to reroof the main building, we’ll likely discuss this topic further, given the two issues involved.

g. Both the station crew and the fire prevention officer agreed that having a basic resuscitation unit available along with a training session for Meeting members and attenders would be desirable. We have several offers for training by both SFFD and Meeting members and attenders. This items is referred to business meeting for discussion and decision.

h. In all, the four person crew from Station 1 and the fire prevention officer felt that we had adequately addressed exits, sufficient fire extinguishers and smoke detectors/alarms and appreciated being able to visit the meetinghouse with its various characteristics.


2. The committee expects to work with the garden committee to install an accessible path around the garden in the next few months. This would likely be composed of paving blocks sufficiently wide enough for standard wheelchairs without interfering with the present plantings. The path would provide access up to the ramada coming off the bricked walkway out of the garage.

Respectfully submitted, David Giltrow


Memorial Minute for Beverly Busching


BUSCHING--Beverly Ann Busching, 75, on DECEMBER 20, 2012, passed away in her Santa Fe, NM home, of ovarian cancer. She was born in Dallas, Texas on July 6, 1937. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University, receiving a BA in Psychology, in 1958. She was awarded a Masters in Elementary Education from Harvard and an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia. Beverly taught in the College of Education at the University of South Carolina until she retired in 2002 as a Distinguished Professor Emeritus. Throughout her career she was recognized with numerous awards and honors and was invited to teach at international schools in Kenya, Singapore, Burma, Burkina Faso, and Sweden. In 1982, she founded the Midlands Writing Project, a collaborative program of the University and South Carolina school districts dedicated to improving the teaching of writing in elementary and secondary schools. She also worked with the National Writing Project to create a national network of local leaders who explored ways to connect schools with their communities. She published extensively in her field, including her most recent book, It's Our World Too: Socially Responsive Learners in Middle School Language Arts. After relocating to Santa Fe in 2002, she continued as a consultant to teacher education programs. Beverly was a longtime member of the Religious Society of Friends and a beloved member of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting, where she had served as Clerk. She was an active member of Peace and Social Concerns, the Future Committee, and the Immigrant Alliance, where she advocated for rights for undocumented immigrants. Prior to moving to Santa Fe, she was an active member of the Columbia, SC Friends Meeting, where she served as Clerk of Ministry and Oversight, on the Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Clerk of First Day School Committee and volunteered with First Day School for many years. She was active in the South Carolina Christian Action Council as an advocate for social justice. She first began attending Quaker Meetings in college in Palo Alto, CA and later during graduate school in Boston. In 1960 she and her former husband were co-directors of an AFSC work camp on the Tule River Indian Reservation in California. Her pacifism and commitment to the tenants of Quakerism were the foundation of a lifestyle of simplicity and lifelong participation in the peace movement and other social justice movements. She had an active mind, always finding precise words to express opinions with both kindness and strength. She also expressed herself as an accomplished painter. Her family and many cherished friends will remember her generosity, grace, and intelligence as well as her love of books, art, music and nature. Beverly led and participated in many volunteer projects. She was active in the League of Women Voters Santa Fe County, a member of the board and treasurer of the Alternatives to Violence Project of Northern New Mexico, a member of the board of the Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund, among other volunteer activities. Beverly’s parents were Daniel Grafton Bell and Bennie Warren Bell. Beverly is survived by two children, Sarah Busching of Harrisonburg, Virginia and Alice Reynolds (Daniel) of San Francisco, California, and their father, Bruce Busching of Harrisonburg, Virginia; brother, Alan Bell (Inger); two grandchildren, Ruby and Oscar Reynolds; niece, Kirsten Bell (Aref); nephew, Duncan Bell (Melanie); and five grand nieces and one grand nephew. A Quaker memorial service was held  February 23, 2013 in Santa Fe

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