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March 2013 Newsletter

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Third month 2013


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.


Sunday, 3/03 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting, 1:30 Ministry and Counsel Committee

Sunday, 3/10 10:10 2nd Sunday Friends Worship Sharing

Sunday, 3/17 12:30 10:10 am Peace & Social Concerns 12:30 am, Meeting for

Worship for Business

Sunday, 3/24 12:30 Adult Education Committee Discussion

Sunday, 3/31 10:00 Meeting for Muffins


The Monthly Query for the 3rd month, 2013


“Are our meetings for worship held in expectant waiting for divine
guidance and openness to the Inner Light? How do I discern the source of
a leading? How do I know when to speak?” pp. 118 and 119 of Faith and Practice.




March 3 – Monthly Potluck and Information Sharing Meeting about Vocal Ministry conducted by Jan-Willem Jansens at 12:30.

March. 3 – Ministry & Counsel will meet after the potluck, usually around 1:30 p.m.


March 6 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.


March 8 - the Annual Women's Worship Sharing and Potluck will be held at the home of Wyn Lewis. on Friday evening, Bettina Raphael will coordinate food.  Save the date and stay tuned for further details.


March 10 – The topic for the Second Sunday FJ Worship Sharing is Simplicity.  We will consider the poem:  To Run Joyfully Into The World  by Elsie Standing Kuhn, found on page 10 of the May 2012 Friends Journal.  Beginning this Sunday, copies of this very fine poem will be available next to the bird house in the library.  Everyone is joyfully invited to attend!  We will begin at 10:10 and close at 10:50.  Friends are also encouraged to suggest articles, letters, or poems from Friends Journal to consider in future worship sharings.  For questions, please call Howard Shulman (984-9908) or Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377.)


March 17 - Peace and Social Concerns meets the third First day of every month between worship services from 10:05 to 10:55 am. Next meeting with Go Green, Go and Local treats!


March 17 - 10:00 am - 3rd Sunday Singing -- A Capella singing as preparation for worship. This is meant to be singing for anyone that has a desire to sing ("if you can talk you can sing"). We will start with some improvised vocalization (making sounds and listening) for a warm up.  If you have a reading you like we can try singing it.  This is the definitely the time for Christmas Carols.  Come with your favorites in mind!  For questions or suggestions, please contact Guthrie Miller at 954-4224 or

March 17 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.

March 24 – The Adult Education Committee will sponsor a discussion & the topic will be announced in the Weekly Digest.


March 31 – Meeting for Muffins will be held at the rise of the 9:00 meeting, by 10:10 where members & attenders from both the 9:00 and the 1100 meeting will gather for fellowship and muffins.


April 12-14, in Silver City, NM, New Mexico Regional Meeting, Friends' Faith and Worship will be held You may want to review the chapter in IMYM's Faith and Practice on Friends' Faith, particularly pp 25-27. The link to the chapter is  If you're interested in hearing how others may experience a divine voice, or presence of the Spirit, or in sharing your own questions about it all, please come!    The highlights will be options to relax ad visit on Friday evening, the presentation by local Quaker scholar and author Sharman Russell on Sat. morning, Friendly fellowship time and sharing about how our faith is reflected in our lives on Sat. evening and the many moments for sharing and silent meditation throughout the weekend.  This meeting will take place at Marian Hall, a large, historic house located at the north end of St. Mary Spirituality Center, 1813 N. Alabama Street in Silver City, NM. The registration is due by March 15, 2013.


2013 IMYM Annual Gathering is scheduled for Wed. June 12 - Sun. June 16, with early days beginning Sun. June 9. The theme is "Simplicity and Ecojustice", responding to the FWCC Kabarak call. Steve Chase is the keynote speaker.


March 5 - Annual Gathering registration packet on


April 7 - DUE DATE for registrations. Housing may not be available for those registering after April 7.


April 8 - Beginning of Late registration (voluntary $25 late fee requested and housing may be unavailable).


May 1 - DUE DATE for payments.


Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, Second Month, 17th day, 2013.


Present: Philip Balcombe, Marty Carroll, Mary Ray Cate, Greg Cliburn, Bob Gaines, Pam Geyer, Pam Gilchrist, Dave Giltrow, David Henkel, Jan-Willem Jansens, Marguerite Kearns, Howard Shulman, Jon Kretzmann, Rebecca Henderson, Wyn Lewis, Rebecca Miles, Lester Maas, Alan Rogers, Carolina Sherman, Carolyn Sigstedt, Michael Simone, Steve Spencer, N’joroge Tho-Biaz, Irene Webb, Lowber Welsh, Allen Winchester, Dave Wunker

Meeting began at 12:40 pm with silence.

Meeting Query: Does there exist in our Meeting a sense of spiritual kinship for those who participate in it? (IMYM F&P, p126, #3).

Suspension of Business Meeting for the Annual Corporation Meeting


Meeting suspended at 12:47 to begin Corporation meeting. Corporation started in 2009, needed for legal proceedings. It is under the control of the Meeting. One meeting a year required and that is the purpose of meeting today. At least 10% of corporation membership needed for a quorum. All members of the Meeting are included unless they do not want to be included. Attenders can be corporation members if they request. At least 10% of members were present. Corporation minutes from last year’s meeting distributed. Appointment of officers – President (Philip Balcombe) and Recording Secretary (Marguerite Kearns) are willing to continue. The three directors accept their continued appointments. However, Marguerite’s term as director expires. She was approved to continue. Dave Wunker is willing to continue serving as the resident agent for the corporation. That was also approved. Acceptance of a bequest from Ann Baumann of about $56,000 and a watercolor of Ann Baumann by Olive Rush the were the only actions of the Corporation this year. Another resident agent will need to be appointed when Dave Wunker leaves. Corporation meeting closed in silence at 12:57 pm.


Resuming Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business:

Business Meeting resumed at 12:58 pm


Minutes for First Month 2013 Business Meeting – Request for approval.

Minutes approved.


Nominations Committee

Action Item (1): Approval of Nomination of a new member for M&C

Margy Willen nominated for a 2 year term to M&C. Nomination approved. Report accepted.


Naming Committee. Names not ready to put forward but should be ready within a week. Naming will be done by email so nominations can be approved at next month’s Business Meeting. Report accepted.


Future Planning Committee Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Future Planning Committee Report

The committee has met monthly since 2012 and less frequently since 2008. Two worship sharings in the past year. Diagram developed (the option tree) which was shared at a previous Business Meeting. This decision tree will be presented to the Meeting in the next month. Report accepted.


First Day School Committee Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of FDS Committee report

Proposal for swing set for back right of the garden. Proposal available. Fundraising of only a few hundred dollars to complete funding need. One foot of wood chips underneath recommended. Also important to have a border around the wood chips to keep them from dispersing. Donut tire swing without steel reinforcement recommended. Adult supervision also recommended. Children should not hang up-side-down. The proposal is for a commercial grade swing set and six inches of wood chips. The Meeting’s insurance company was contacted and they had no requirements. The clothes drier structure may need to be moved. The Committee was authorized at a previous meeting to make the purchase and the Meeting would cover any outstanding balance. Report accepted.


Action Item (2): Approval of proposal for purchase of swing set

Approved at previous Meeting for Business.


Garden Committee Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of report (and Worship Sharing observations)

Action Item (2): Approval of Garden budget proposal for 2013

Worship sharing regarding the Garden after last week’s Meeting. Two queries formulated by M and C for the worship sharing. They were: 1) How are our values reflected in our relationship to the garden? And 2) What resources can I individually and we as a Meeting realistically
allocate to the garden?
The garden and our individual relationships to the garden are reflected in our Quaker values. There was a sense of unity in the recent Worship Sharing that there are ways to fund needed garden work. There was a proposal to gather in a small group to fundraise for the garden. Several proposals were presented at the Worship Sharing. It was acknowledged at the Worship Sharing that there are others not present who may have different views. Garden Committee can work on further issues. Report accepted with thanks.

Ministry and Counsel Committee Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of M&C meeting report

Action Item (2): Approval of Query for Second Month of 2013:

March query:

Are our meetings for worship held in expectant waiting for divine guidance and openness to the Inner Light? How do I discern the source of a leading? How do I know when to speak?” (IMYM Faith & Practice, p 119, Query #8 and p 118 Query #3).


Closer for Feb for 11 am Meeting will be Mary Ray Cate. Observations of spiritual life: Several members recommended less detail on individuals appearing in the M and C report for Meeting for Business. Vocal ministry will be discussed by M and C at next meeting. New seating arrangements seem to be working except for today. South Santa Fe Meeting continues to wait on the bank for a short sale for a new Meetinghouse. Española efforts are underway for Friends to form a worship group in Española. Tres Piedras meets twice a month. Los Alamos has difficulty meeting because of health issues. Las Vegas meets twice a month. Taos meets twice a month. The meaning of membership suggested as a topic for future discussion. Associate membership status will be considered. There are plans for Beverly Busching’s memorial at 10:15 am on Saturday, February 23, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, with potluck to follow.


Mary Ray Cate is resigning as a member of our Meeting. She met with a clearness committee. Her letter of resignation was read. Her spiritual growth has come most through other channels and not through Quakerism. She wants to pursue other options for worship on Sunday mornings and to be true to herself and follow a spiritual path that meets her needs. Expressions of love for Mary Ray were given. Ample precedence of continuing to hold membership while doing something else was noted. Her action encourages everyone to consider their Quaker responsibilities. Recommendation to release her unconditionally in order to follow the path she is seeking. Business Meeting approved release of her membership with expressions of regret and love.


M&C report accepted.

Mary Ray Cate’s laying down of membership approved.

Frankie Green’s memorial approved.

Query for the second month approved.


State of the Meeting report continues to be worked on.


Peace & Social Concerns Committee

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Peace & Social Concerns Committee’s Report

Action Item (2): Approval of the mailing of Minute and personal letter

Concerns raised: how committees function. Do they need a neutral clerk? The clerk must temper personal views to achieve unity in a meeting. There is a difference between clerking and convening: A convener is the person who initially convenes a committee; a clerk is the chosen/appointed person to clerk the committee. Committees can decide if they need a clerk or not. A neutral clerk is especially needed for Business Meetings and larger groups, but not so much in small groups where things are more informal.


Letters available for signing in the library. Thirty were hand-delivered last week and thirty more will be delivered this week. They outline FCNL’s concern regarding a carbon tax and that there should be some tax shifting so that the poor are not unduly impacted. It was requested that our meeting contact all of the 17 meetings in IMYM and invite them to participate in contacting their congressional delegation regarding legislation that is coming up in Congress this year. It was proposed that this Meeting send an email to all 17 meetings about the Minute we came to unity on in Sept 2011. The Minute was read and is included in the Appendix to these Minutes. The words “once again” previously removed will be removed. Proposed email letter read and is included in the Appendix to these Minutes. Attached to the email would be a generic letter like ours with places left blank for including the names of Congressional representatives. This letter was also read. In personal letter “death” of a bioregion replaced by “destruction” of a bioregion. The personal letter is only an example and can be modified by the senders.


Report accepted.

Proposal to distribute Minute to IMYM Monthly Meetings and worship groups with attachment of letter was approved.


Finance Committee Report and Treasurer's Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report

Action Item (2): Acceptance of Finance Committee Report

We are searching a new Treasurer. Bob Gaines has agreed to be interim Treasurer. The only expenses have been for child care and cleaning within the last month. Reports of Treasurer and Finance Committees accepted. The process of how to arrive at budget allocations still needs to be addressed by Business Meeting.


Request for Use of Sufferings Fund for a Friend in Las Cruces


Las Cruces meeting member Vicky Aldrich has been a long-time tax resistor, has been in negotiation with the IRS, and is facing a large penalty. IMYM Sufferings Committee has asked monthly meetings to assist in paying penalties she is facing. It was proposed that Meeting donate $100 of the Sufferings Fund to IMYM’s Sufferings Fund for this purpose. It was recommended that local meetings pursue fundraising for this person and strive to raise awareness of tax resistance. It was recommended that we contribute more than the $100 if possible in the future. Having a forum on the subject was also recommended. It was also recommended that we find out the actual amount of penalties before we make a decision. It was noted that IMYM has already contributed and is only asking the monthly meetings to contribute to restoring the IMYM fund. There are no other persons known to be under IRS scrutiny within IMYM. There is a “no frivolous filings policy” now in force by the IRS and this is what Vicky is facing. Business Meeting approved making a donation of $100 to IMYM and launching a local fundraising and awareness campaign, which might include a forum on tax resistance issues. Howard, Wyn, and Pam Gilchrist will work on this and put information and announcements in the Weekly Digest.


Building Committee Report


Concern for the icing up of the canale and downspout was addressed and decisions were made about de-icing devices. The need for a third pan for washing dishes was discussed. A TV table has already been contributed by Pam Geyer for holding the third pan. The Committee also discussed some of the garden committee issues and the need to improve walkways for handicapped accessibility of the garden, with consideration of permeability of the walkway surfacing to rainwater. A hedge for a visual screen was also discussed and encouraged by the Garden Committee and funds are available through the Maintenance Fund because it is a capital expenditure just as the walkways would be. A closet curtain for the First Day School room was not recommended in winter because of fire danger due to proximity of the gas heater. It would be possible to have a curtain on a seasonal basis when the heater is off. The lock box key was stolen so locks were rekeyed. The switch on the kitchen water heater is now working. Some chairs are missing from the First Day School room. Foam has been bought to attach to the trunk of the mulberry tree in order to prevent injury if kids swing into it. It will be installed soon. Supplies and services of about $400 have been spent out of the Maintenance Fund this year. Greg Cliburn is to arrange a meeting here with fire department officials to design a preplan for fire response. There has been a suggestion for an open house this spring to display Olive Rush’s artwork, and this is being considered with security in mind.


The need for and suggestions for providing handicapped parking was discussed and referred to the building committee. Report accepted.


Resident's Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Resident’s Report

Besides usual tasks there was lots of snow shoveling. A de-icing cable was also installed along with a remote control for keeping the canale and downspout free of ice. Guest apartment occupancy: 7 nights out of a possible 31. Income: $390 (deposits and/or payments)
Report accepted with gratitude.


Co-Clerks’ Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Co-Clerks’ Report

Reviewed and responded to emails, edited minutes, prepared this meeting’s agenda, participated in M and C. , followed up on conflicts, participating in clearness committee, dealt with membership issues, facilitated worship sharing about garden, and participated in the naming and nomination process. Thanks given for clerk’s responding to multitudinous emails. Report accepted.



NM Regional Meeting formed ad hoc committee to recommend a NM Regional Meeting structure. David Henkel is the appointed clerk. A questionnaire about feedback to the Regional Meeting was presented. It will be discussed at the April meeting in Silver City. The questionnaire will be sent out in the Weekly Digest.


Tom Neilson will be at Quaker House Wednesday night at 6 pm and is highly recommended. Jim Hansen’s presentation on climate change (same night) is thought to be sold out. Jan-Willem Jansens will be speaking at Collected Works again next Sunday, 11 am, on decision making regarding water use in the Netherlands and Santa Fe. The Quaker Women’s Retreat will be April 26, 27, and 28 in Las Vegas at Juniper Hill.


Meeting closed at 3:00 pm with silence.




Future Planning Committee Report For the Second Month, 2013


The Future Planning Committee has met monthly since August, 2012, and less frequently since at least 2008. Many different approaches and proposals have been considered for advancing our assignment to explore options for improving, expanding or moving our meeting house to accommodate the needs expressed by various Friends. Two Worship Sharing gatherings have been held around the topic with the broader Meeting in the past year. In the process, we have developed a diagram of possible directions to take which we call the “Option Tree” which was shared with Business Meeting several months ago (a copy is attached here). The Committee believes we have made progress and we wish to share these findings with Meeting. Having gathered together a wide range of opinions, creative ideas and concrete information to clarify these various options, the Committee plans to share these with a broader gathering of members and attenders at a meeting to be scheduled hopefully in the next month. Thank you all for your patience.

Prepared by Bettina Raphael, Convener 2/16/13

Options if Santa Fe Monthly Meeting Keeps 630 Canyon Road

Options for Camino Lejo

Options if Santa Fe Monthly Meeting Does Not Keep 630 Canyon Road


Ministry & Counsel Report for Monthly Meeting for Business

M & C Committee met Sunday February 3, 2013. Seven of eight members attended.

Closer for February 11 a.m. Meeting: Mary Ray Cate

Closer for March 11 a.m. Meeting: Ann Beauchamp

Greeters will be arranged with Rebecca Allahyari by Carolyn Kuranz and Carolyn


March Query: “Are our meetings for worship held in expectant waiting for divine guidance

and openness to the Inner Light? How do I discern the source of a leading? How

do I know when to speak?” The first question comes from #8, page 119 of Faith and

Practice. The second and third questions came from question #3 on page 118.

Two Queries were chosen for the Garden Worship Sharing on Feb 10 too. They were:

“How are our values reflected in our relationship to the garden? and “What resources

can I, as an individual, and we as a Meeting, realistically allocate to the garden?” Jan-

Willem agreed to Clerk.

Observations on the Spiritual Life of the Meetings for Worship

9 a.m., Canyon Road: Several members recommended less details of individuals appear

in the M & C Reports to Meeting for Business. M & C agreed to be more aware of


11 a.m., Canyon Road: A member reported the meeting has been uplifting recently. It

was suggested and agreed the Vocal Ministry would be discussed by M & C at its next

meeting. It was reported that the new seating arrangement to make it easier for handicapped

and others to enter and leave meeting seems to be working. M & C agreed to

place our new Quaker Meeting for Worship cards on each seat on March 3rd. An announcement

will be made at the rise of Meeting about the Vocal Ministry discussion to

be held during Potluck that day. An announcement of this discussion will be announced

in Meetings later this month.

Observations from other Meetings for Worship:

South Santa Fe Meeting continues to wait for action from the bank on a short sale for a

new meeting house. They will have a Simple Supper at 6 p.m. Wednesday Feb 20 followed

by folk singing by Tom Neillson, a quaker from Massachusetts.

Espanola: Efforts are underway by several persons who would like to form a Friends

Meeting for Worship in Espanola. M & C has contacted three persons who have expressed

an interest and made them aware of one anotherʼs interest.

Tres Piedras: Friends meet twice a month with membership lower in the winter and

higher in the warmer months. The conveners attend Canyon Road Meeting as well.

Las Alamos: Friends are having difficulty meeting because of health issues.

Las Vegas: Friends meet twice monthly.

Taos Clear Light Meeting: Friends meet several times a month. A Clearness Committee

is being formed for an attender there who wishes to become a member of Santa Fe

Monthly Meeting.


Mary Ray Cate has requested to lay down her membership to pursue a wider range of

spiritual experiences. A clearness committee met with her on Feb 11 and supported her

decision. She is resigning from M & C as well.

A second member who requested their membership be laid down, has been encouraged

to put the request on hold for three to six months.

Roxanne Seagraves will contact the clerk of her present meeting to transfer her membership to Santa Fe Meeting.

John Skinner & Patrick French, who are brothers want to remain as members despite

living far from Santa Fe. Both consciously became Quakers while living in Santa Fe

with their family when they were younger. Bob Gaines suggested we consider: “What

is the meaning of membership; is it sentimental or an active participation in the Meeting?”

Mary Ray suggested we consider creating an associate member status for persons

unable to participate fully in Meeting. Both of these ideas will be discussed by M &

C in the future.

M & C discussed five other Friends who are experiencing various problems in their lives

and considered ways to help them. In one case a mediator may be asked to assist in a

disagreement between two Friends.


Frankie Green: Mary Ray composed and read the Frankie Green Memorial. A minor

change was suggested and it was approved.

Beverly Bushing Memorial Services: Carolyn will help other Friends with arrangements

for the service. Karen has volunteered to stay at Beverlyʼs house during the service as

a precautionary measure. Rebecca Henderson will preside over the service which begins

with music at 10:15 a.m. February 23 at the Unitarian Church. The service will begin

at 10:30 a.m. A potluck lunch will follow.

Recommended Action:

Approval of the Frankie Green Memorial.

Approval for Mary Ray Cate to lay her membership down



February 17, 2013

Peace and Social Concerns report to Worship with Attention to Business

Attending: Tim Downey, David Henkel, Njoroge Tho-Biaz & Pam Gilchrist

The P&SC committee discussed its structure. The convener expressed concern that she was not a “neutral” clerk per the preference expressed for such during a recent workshop. Another member drew the distinction between a convener, who gathers an agenda and brings people together and the role of the Meeting’s clerk which is to seek the unity in meeting for items brought before it by the committees.

Our Meeting’s letters to our Congressional delegation on the issue of climate change were hand delivered and will be again this week and next. We will continue the letter writing for the month of February. Congressman Lujan will hold open office hours at Natural Grocers on Monday, 2/17 from 4:30-5:30.

After seasoning, including a potluck discussion, P&SC proposes we send the attached to all Intermountain Meetings and worship groups.


To all IMYM monthly meetings worship groups:

In September of 2011, Santa Fe Friends Meeting came to unity on the following Minute:

We of the Santa Fé Monthly Meeting of Friends are deeply concerned by the diminishing biological diversity, resource depletion, and environmental pollution caused by corporate greed coupled with excessive political influence and rapid growth in population. These events are leading to climate change, poverty, malnutrition and wars waged over resources. The indiscriminate deployment of technology and excessive expansion of industry that are reflected in the collective economic choices we make illustrate our shared complicity. We believe that our lives must speak in harmony with all creation: in our households, our community, and in our larger society.

Our concerns emanate from our Peace testimony and our testimonies of Simplicity, Integrity, Community, and Equality - in that we are one with God’s creation and stewards of what we have inherited. We call upon ourselves to bring our lives into alignment with the natural systems upon which we depend for survival and right living, and to adopt modes of living, economic choices, and public advocacy that contribute to achieving a balance with the natural world.


Today we invite the Intermountain Yearly Meeting to urge your congressional delegation to take action on climate change legislation. Friends may look up their representative here:

WE SEEK AN EARTH RESTORED.  As Friends communicate with their congressional representatives on climate change legislation, the Friends Committee on National Legislation cautions that, "the impact of a carbon tax on the poor and low-income households is a significant concern."

Although this is a complex justice issue,  FCNL offers concrete suggestions that protect low income people by carbon tax shifting. Here is what FCNL suggests:

"With carbon tax shifting, other taxes would be reduced to help cushion the impact of carbon taxes on poor and low-income households. Off-setting tax adjustments might include reducing income taxes on, for example, the first $40,000 of income, or expanding the earned Income Tax Credit for low-income households, or providing a flat, annual tax rebate to all households.” With carbon tax shifting, FCNL has crafted a “win-win” idea, “[T]he more households reduce consumption of fossil fuels, the more they will benefit from the off-sets."

The link below will lead you to FCNL’s material on Carbon Tax Shifting.

ACT NOW: Let your legislators know that you support a carbon tax with carbon tax shifting to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and you support moving our economy rapidly toward a carbon neutral, energy efficient, renewable energy future. Urge your legislator to support carbon tax shifting with protections for the poor and low income households in the upcoming debate.

We hope this issue will rise to the floor of the IMYM Worship with Attention to Business meeting June, 2013.

Personal Letter example


Honorable ___________

(Your delegate’s name & local address here)


During this past year Americans felt the fury of climate change: devastating drought, the havoc of Hurricane Sandy and then the blizzard on the east coast. We in the Southwest face wildfires and an unrelenting drought that threatens the destruction of this bioregion. And this is just the beginning. Clearly, climate change is our greatest security threat.

As a member of ____________, we along with other faith traditions, seek an Earth restored. We call upon ourselves to bring our lives into alignment with the natural systems upon which we depend for survival and right living, and to adopt modes of living, economic choices, and public advocacy that contribute to achieving a balance with the natural world.

In that regard, I am writing to ask you to take leadership and enact legislation that places a fee on carbon-based fuels – coal, oil and gas – that will speed the transition to clean sources of energy from solar, wind, geothermal, water and other renewables.

  • Please work with the Task Force on Climate Change: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), to promote legislation that will:

1.     Put a steadily-rising fee on carbon-based fuels at the first point of sale.

2.     Return revenue to households to offset higher energy costs. Carbon tax shifting, with protections for the poor and low income households, is key in creating a progressive carbon tax policy.

3.     Impose tariffs on goods from nations that do not have similar carbon pricing..

Please let me know how you will work to mitigate Climate Change.






Santa Fe Monthly Meeting: Meeting for Attention to Business

Building Committee Report: Second Month, 17, 2013


The committee met on First Month, 21, 2013, at the meetinghouse. All four committee members attended: Bettina Raphael, John Kretzmann, Dave Wunker, and David Giltrow.

Several items were discussed and action taken as necessary. Additional items have arisen since that meeting and have been either dealt with or discussed for future action.

The items discussed at the meeting and any actions taken include:

--Sustained de-icing of garage canale and downspout with electric heat-tape. (Installed by BC members)

--Table for dishwashing pan is needed when disinfectant pan is added to dishwashing cycle at kitchen sink. (In place courtesy unknown donor)

--Responding to garden committee discussions: (a) Improve walkways in garden for accessibility. (b) Addition of hedges to visually screen compost project, play area, storage shed. (Further discussion required; consultation with garden committee)

--Responding to FDS committee’s suggested addition of a cloth curtain to FDS room’s storage closet for visual cover: Because curtain would be in close proximity to wall-mounted gas space heater (less than 10 inches), BC regards proposed curtain as unsafe and not in conformance to heater installation specifications. However, a possible compromise is to put curtain in place during shutdown of heater at end of April to end of October. Another suggestion has been a window blind with metal slats.

Activities/concerns following BC meeting include:

-- The resident discovered there was a missing key for portal/guest apartment. This required re-keying and producing replacement keys by a locksmith, and changing the lockbox combination outside the portal entrance.

--The new switch for the kitchen’s hot water heater is working satisfactorily (“up is on; down is off”).

--At least three wooden chairs and possibly several metal folding chairs are missing from FDS room without explanation.

--Together with FDS committee members, the resident is deciding the optimum safety padding for the mulberry tree’s tire swing.

--The maintenance expenses for services and materials from December to date described above are under $400 (de-icing supplies, electrician and locksmith services).

--Greg Cliburn is scheduling SF Fire Dept. officials for a visit to the meetinghouse to develop an operational pre-plan document for firemen responding to a fire in the meetinghouse/ramada. Topics will include best entry, location of electric panel and gas meter/shutoff, nearest fire hydrant, location of inhabitants, etc.)

--The suggestion to hold an open house this spring, focused on the Meeting’s collection of Olive Rush’s artwork, has been informally discussed by BC members with a focus on security considerations for—and after-- such an event.

Submitted by David Giltrow, convener

Resident's Report for January, 2013 (2nd month Business Meeting)


Resident worked about 10 hours a week during January. Activity included outdoor sweeping, handling trash and recycling, mail collection and distribution, guest apartment reservations, guest apartment cleaning and laundry, and Meetinghouse cleaning. Other activities included shoveling snow and purchasing and installing a deicing cable and remote control to keep the carport canale and downspout free of ice.


Guest apartment occupancy: 7 nights out of a possible 31.
Income: $390 (deposits and/or payments)

Submitted by Dave Wunker


Clerk’s Report

JANUARY 21 – FEBRUARY 17, 2013



Followed up on conflicts among Friends

Clerked January MfWwatB

Participated in a Clearness Committee for Friend

Reviewed/responded to e-mails

Facilitated communication about membership issues of several Friends

Reviewed/edited minutes for MfWwatB

Served as clerk for a Worship Sharing about the Meeting House Garden

Prepared MfWwAtB for February 2013

Support of nominations and naming committee process

Participated in Febraury M&C Committee Mtg (ex officio)



Document Actions