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April 2013 Newsletter

 Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Fourth month 2013


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.


Sunday, 4/07 12:30 Potluck @ Rise of Meeting, 1:30 Ministry and Counsel Committee

Sunday, 4/14 10:10 2nd Sunday Friends Worship Sharing

Sunday, 4/21 12:30 10:10 am Peace & Social Concerns &/or A Capella singing, 12:30 am,

Meeting for Worship for Business

Sunday, 4/28 12:30 Adult Education Committee Discussion



The Monthly Query for the 4th month, 2013


Are we prepared to let go of our individual desires and let the Holy Spirit lead us to unity? Do we accept with grace a decision of the meeting with which we are not entirely in agreement? (IMYM F&P, p121, #6)




April 7 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 a.m. meeting. A discussion will be held in the garden regarding the placement of a swing for young friends. See next message please!

April 7 - FDS requests input regarding installation of swing set:  Meeting has purchased a swing set for use by the First Day School children and anyone else in meeting who is a child at heart.  The swing set will be installed in the southwest corner of the garden.  After the rise of meeting on April 7th we will meet informally during potluck to discuss the details of installation including the exact location, preparation of the area, ground cover, timeline of tasks and how volunteers from meeting can help.   All are welcome to join the conversation.  If you are interested please contact James Hogan at

April 7 – Ministry & Counsel will meet after the potluck, usually around 1:30 p.m.


April 3 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.


April 14 – The ARTICLE for the Second Sunday FRIENDS JOURNAL Worship Sharing is “WALKING FROM THE SHADOWS INTO THE LIGHT” by PETER LANG, found on page 24 of the APRIL 2012 Friends Journal.  Beginning this Sunday, copies of this ARTICLE will be available next to the bird house in the library.  Everyone is invited to attend!  We will begin at 10:10 and close at 10:50.  Friends are also encouraged to suggest articles, letters, or poems from Friends Journal to consider in future worship sharings.  For questions, please call Howard Shulman (984-9908)


April 21 - Peace and Social Concerns meets the third First day of every month between worship services from 10:05 to 10:55 am.


April 21 - 10:00 am - 3rd Sunday Singing -- A Capella singing as preparation for worship. This is meant to be singing for anyone that has a desire to sing ("if you can talk you can sing"). We will start with some improvised vocalization (making sounds and listening) for a warm up.  If you have a reading you like we can try singing it.  This is the definitely the time for Christmas Carols.  Come with your favorites in mind!  For questions or suggestions, please contact Guthrie Miller at 954-4224 or

April 21 - Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.


April 28 – The Adult Education Committee will sponsor a discussion & the topic will be announced in the Weekly Digest.


Minutes of Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, Third Month, 17th Day, 2013

Present: Philip Balcombe, Marty Carroll, Bob Gaines, Pam Geyer, Dave Giltrow, Frank Hirsch, Jan-Willem Jansens, John Kretzmann, Karen Kuranz, Guthrie Miller, Lester Maas, Bettina Raphael, Carolyn Sigstedt, Allen Winchester, Dave Wunker


Meeting began at 12:42 with silence.

Meeting Query: Are we prepared to let go of our individual desires and let the Holy Spirit lead us to unity? Do we accept with grace a decision of the meeting with which we are not entirely in agreement? (IMYM F&P, p121, #6).

Minutes for Second Month 2013 Business Meeting – Request for approval. Approved

Residence Committee Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Residence Committee report. Report accepted with thanks.

Action Item (2): Approval of recommendation for the next Resident Friend and Caretaker. New resident recommended. David Murphy of Williamsburg, Virginia is to start Sept 1. He attended Wilmington College, OH. He is a member of Stockholm, Sweden Meeting. Has worked as a teacher and has been a former caretaker. He is a Virginia Master Naturalist. He holds two MA's: one in Teaching English and one Literature. He is the author of two volumes of Quaker poetry. His good references spoke highly of him. The recommendation was approved.

First Day School Committee Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of FDS Committee report. Report accepted.

Swing set purchase order has been sent. April 7 meeting to discuss location and what is necessary for installation. James will put out a request for help with installation. The installation will hopefully be done by May. Weed barrier recommended. It has been decided to use wood chips for cushioning. Rubber is too hot in the summer and might outgas fumes. The City discontinued rubber because kids burn their hands and feet on it in the summer and it is messy. How to keep groundcover contained was discussed; an earthen berm was suggested. A bench was also suggested. Jeanette Young Fund approved for funding a bench about a year ago by Business Meeting. Behavior guidelines adapted by FDS. Dave Wunker discussed installation of the swing set including preparing the space, erecting the frame, and needed tools. Jan-Willem can volunteer a chain saw. Frank Hirsch volunteered a pickup. Previously, Lowber Welsh volunteered to help and he is a former builder. Rational for switching to swing set from play structure based mainly on cost. The swing set cost is just over $1500. Footprint of play structure would be bigger than the structure itself because of safety space for swings. Kids and others said the swings were the most desired part of the play structure. Also Margaret Stanicci interested in funding a swing set. In early 2012, Business Meeting approved funding of the play structure including any needed hired labor. Sand may need to be placed underneath the wood chips. Getting the play structure has been a four-year process.

Naming Committee Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Naming Committee report. Report accepted.

Action Item (2): Approval of members for the 2013 Nominating Committee. David Giltrow, David Henkel, and Greg Cliburn were nominated to serve on the Nominating Committee. They will serve for one year. Nominations approved. Electronic copy of report in Appendix below.

Ministry and Counsel Committee Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of M&C meeting report. M&C report accepted.

Action Item (2): Approval of Query for Fourth Month of 2013: “Is there a living silence in which we feel drawn together by the power of God in our midst? In what ways do our meetings for worship provide a source of strength and guidance to those present?” (IMYM Faith & Practice, p 119, Query #8). Second half felt by one to be a tenant of Faith and Practice. Concern was expressed about the first part because it appears to be a yes or no question. It was noted that both are existing queries in Faith and Practice. It was agreed that the first half of the query would read: "Do we have a have sense of a living silence in our Meeting in which we feel drawn together by the power of God in our midst?” Query approved with these changes.

Action Item (3): Approval of a Minute about vocal ministry in our Meeting. The committee recommended moving “Joys, Sorrows, and Concerns” to 12 noon for 5 to 10 minutes, and to hold requests or expressions of personal needs until Announcements. It was also recommended to continue using both educational cards since they are complimentary. However, they will no longer be put on the seats, but will be handed out by greeters and the M&C Meeting Clerk of the month. It was recommended that Friends acknowledge the breadth of views on vocal ministry in our community. Perhaps another meeting on vocal ministry later in year would be useful. After some discernment, Business Meeting minuted that we will be starting an experiments about the time of inviting ”Joys, Sorrows, and Concerns”. First we will experiment with having it at 12 noon to provide more time for silent worship during Meeting for Worship. When kids come back to join Meeting is still to be decided. After that, we will experiment with having ”Joys, Sorrows, and Concerns” as a community sharing before Announcements. Lastly, we will experiment with not having any time for ”Joys, Sorrows, and Concerns” at all. The changes are to start 2nd week of April. Each experiment will last at least one month. This fall, we will review what we prefer; for example this could be done during the proposed Worship Sharing about vocal ministry later this year.

Action Item (4): Approval of transfer of membership of Roxanne Seagraves to Santa Fe Monthly Meeting. Approved with joy.

Action Item (5): Approval of Final Draft of the 2012 State of the Meeting Report. Report approved with minor changes.

Report read by clerk (included in the appendix below). It was felt that it was important to mention the things the Meeting was grappling with as well as what was going well. Many friends had said that past reports were too general. The contributions of worship groups have been incorporated almost verbatim. Eight to ten individuals provided feedback. The report was praised for being specific. A Friend clarified that Ann Baumann had never been a member of our Meeting although she did attend many events. She was a Presbyterian. To be added that the play structure was the result of 4 years of deliberation. Also to be added is that Alicia Robinson was the Young Friend from Taos who went to Vasser College.

Meeting closer for April is N’joroge Tho-Biaz.

Efforts to start a worship group in Espanola delayed.

Clearness committee meeting named regarding Lowber Welsh to become a member.

M&C invites members to come to committee meetings for the first 15 minutes to express questions or concerns. Electronic copy of M&C repot in Appendix below.

Recorder’s Report. Will be deferred until next month.

Peace & Social Concerns Committee

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Peace & Social Concerns Committee’s Report. Report postponed to Fourth Month.

Future Planning Committee Report.

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Future Planning Committee Report. Report accepted with tremendous thanks.

Initial report handed out. More detailed report will be circulated by email. Committee is aware of perceived inadequacies of current Meeting place. There are different degrees of urgency and attachment by committee members. Any change will require a focus of spirit energy and financial commitment. The full range of options explored was documented. These follow the pattern of the "Options Tree" presented previously. The complexity of the options is shared in the documents. There is no strong sense of consensus or one clear recommended solution. The Committee will propose a called worship meeting or threshing session to consider these concerns on a weeknight in 3 to 4 weeks. After contacting the property's neighbor, it has been concluded that the Meeting cannot build on the Camino Lejo property. Guthrie Miller has agreed to buy it back. Committee recommends that the Meeting consider this offer with thanks to Guthrie. A quarterly meeting is proposed for the Santa Fe Quaker community and groups under our care. The Committee recommends one additional meeting each Sunday for Canyon Road. Also, a meeting is needed to have more complete awareness on what the Committee has been considering, its complexity, and possible solution. A discussion followed as to what kind of meeting it should be. The main reason for having another meeting is because there has been a concern in the Meeting that the Committee has not been doing what it is supposed to be doing. The Committee has made a decision about the Camino Lejo property but has not made any positive recommendations. The meeting would be informational and would be a discussion of the pros and cons of the different options. People should come prepared with their opinions and questions. It was decided to have a threshing session with the intended outcome the sharing of information and viewpoints, and the identification of solutions and their pros and cons.

The Committee recommends that Meeting engage with Guthrie about the option for him to buy back the property. There are advantages to both parties. An opinion was offered that the Meeting is willing to buy back the property as long as details of transaction are satisfactory. Guthrie desires to put it in an open space trust so that he would not be paying taxes on it and prefers that it not be developed except for a Meeting house. Due to the complexity of the proposition it will be addressed in the future. The Future Planning Committee will consider this issue and present it at a future Business Meeting. The Future Planning Committee will discern whether this property will meet the purposes for a potential site for a meetinghouse, and other pros and cons for our Meeting to own the property, and bring back to Business Meeting a preferred mode of action. This will be provided to Business Meeting in two months. The other three items that require action: 1) Quarterly Meeting, 2) Additional Meeting on Sunday, and 3) when to have the threshing meeting, shall be moved to the next Business Meeting.

Finance Committee Report and Treasurer's Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report. Report accepted.

Action Item (2): Acceptance of Finance Committee Report. Report accepted.

Action Item (3): Confirmation and approval of budget item on IMYM/ FGC scholarships. It was proposed to accept $2500 in our budget for IMYM and FGC. Increase from past years due to FGC. Approved.

Action Item (4): Confirmation and approval of budget line item for the garden. Not decided because Garden Convener not present.

Action Item (5): Discernment processes and timelines for year 2014 budget and Ann Baumann bequest. Finance Committee will provide a process method by next Business Meeting.

Treasurer's report. Acting treasurer is actively awaiting the appointment of a real treasurer. All bills have been paid, and donation acknowledgement letters were sent out last week.

Finance Committee report. Only assignment is to meet with Good Works. No prospects for a Treasurer at this time even though a couple of people have been talked to. Inquiry as to whether we go to an outside organization or person and pay them? Do the bylaws require a treasurer? Probably yes. This would be an outside bookkeeper under the purview of the Finance Committee. The Finance committee will return with a recommendation about what to do about a treasurer.

Garden Committee Report.

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Garden Committee report. No report.

Building Committee Report.

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Building Committee report. Report accepted.

City Fire Department personnel did a walk-though and a preplan in the event of a fire. One recommendation was that in the event of a fire all persons should go to the back garden because fire equipment and personnel will be occupying the front. An emergency exit from the garden will need to be arranged by the Building Committee.

Carolina Sherman has requested an open house to show off Olive Rush's works. Dave Giltrow has concerns about security. This would be a community effort and well-policed by members and others. Perhaps to be done in May or June. A proposal about more paved pathways in the garden will be considered at a futute Building Committee meeting.

Resident's Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Resident’s Report. Report accepted.

Besides usual duties the resident shoveled snow and installed a piece of foam on the mulberry tree to cushion kids if they swing into it on the tire swing. Guest apartment occupancy: 21 nights out of a possible 28. Income: $490 (deposits and/or payments). There is a need for a committee to come up with a written policy on Meetinghouse and grounds use including fees and a policy regarding alcohol use on Meeting property. Dave Giltrow will see if we have existing policies. Electronic copy of report in Appendix below.

Co-Clerks’ Report

Action Item (1): Acceptance of Co-Clerks’ Report. Report accepted.

Addressed Friend's concerns about membership, vocal ministry, clerked meeting about vocal ministry. communicated with UCC member about earth care principles, early and final drafts about State of the Meeting, participation in spring regional meeting planning for 2014, assisted with Naming Committee process, attended open house meeting with Ben Lujan, and addressed final affairs documents, and specific care needs for certain individuals.

Question whether our meeting could commit to supporting spring 2014 regional meeting in Santa Fe. Need to have someone agree to be meeting coordinator before we can agree to take it on. This needs to be known before next Business Meeting. Thank you letter regarding the memorial gathering for Beverly Busching from Mary Lee Greenfield read by the clerk. Copy of report in Appendix below.

Watching Committee. In existence, members present? Three members of it are present: John Kretzmann, Bettina Raphael, and David Giltrow. Previously, the Names were brought forward for first reading but were not formally approved. Business Meeting now approved the Watching Committee.

Interest was expressed in Interfaith sharing of earth care principles with United Church of Christ and other . Should this be done in preparation for IMYM or is IMYM going to help generate this? Pam Geyer is willing to work as a liaison between SFMM and UCC. The Clerk and Pam will do this together. We have sent a minute to other meetings and IMYM about this. Material from UCC will be distributed through the Digest, on our website.

Announcements. No announcements.

Meeting closed at 3:37 pm in silence.


Resident's Committee Report To Business Meeting, c/o Jan-Willem Jansens, Clerk

The Residence Committee (Guthrie Miller, Carolyn Sigstedt, Carly Newfeld, Greg Cliburn, and Marty Carroll) met on Monday, March 11, to consider our task of recommending a Resident Friend and Caretaker, to take up duties on Sept. 1, 2013.  We are in unity in recommending David Murphy, currently of Williamsburg, Virginia, for this position. 

David Murphy is a convinced Friend who first became involved with Quakers during the Vietnam War.  He attended a Quaker college, Wilmington College in Ohio.  He officially joined the Society of Friends while living in Stockholm, Sweden, and is still a member of Stockholm Monthly Meeting. 

David has lived in both Sweden and Spain, working as a teacher of English.  More recently he has worked as a Montessori teacher in Florida and Virginia.  He has held a number of caretaking positions, including four months as caretaker of the Stockholm Friends Meeting-house.   He is a Virginia Master Naturalist, with a strong interest in gardening and landscaping.  He also has experience as a librarian. He holds two master’s degrees, in teaching English and in literature.   He was a co-editor of two volumes of Quaker poetry. 

Our committee has spoken with David extensively by phone.  We have also contacted four of his references, who spoke very highly of him.  We feel he will do an excellent job as Resident Friend and Caretaker, and we have no hesitation in recommending him for this position.

Report of the Naming Committee to Business Meeting, March 17, 2013

After careful consideration, the Naming Committee, consisting of Pelican Lee and Greg Cliburn, puts forward the names of three Friends to serve on Nominating Committee: David Giltrow, David Henkel, and Greg Cliburn (clerk).

As agreed at the February business meeting, the first reading of these names was accomplished with publication in the Meeting's e-mail digest, on March 11, 2013.  Today's report is offered as the second reading.

In the Light,

Greg Cliburn

For the Naming Committee

Ministry & Counsel Report for Business Meeting (March 17, 2013)

M & C met March 3. All members attended except one who was out of town. Margy Willen participated in her first meeting after being approved in February by the Business Meeting. Meeting Closer for April: N’joroge Tho-Biaz. The spiritual life of the Canyon Road meetings and worship groups was discussed. Efforts to start a Quaker Meeting in Espanola have been delayed because the person who requested starting it has been out of contact with M & C.

Action Item (1): Acceptance of M&C meeting report - (TBD)

Action Item (2): Approval of Query for Fourth Month of 2013: "Is there a living silence in which we feel drawn together by the power of God in our midst? In what ways do our meetings for worship provide a source of strength and guidance to those present?"

" (IMYM Faith & Practice, p 119, Query #8).

Action Item (3): Approval of a Minute about vocal ministry in our Meeting

a. We recommend that we move Joys, Sorrows, and Concerns to 12:00 (for 5 - 10 minutes, depending on need), before breaking Meeting and announcements, and we ask Friends to hold requests for personal needs until announcements

b. We recommend using both educational cards (the one made 4 years ago and the new one), because we feel they are complementary; but no longer put them on seats; only have the in hand of the greeters and of the M&C clerk who ushers people into the Meeting Room, and to hand them out only in a gentle and Friendly manner if people want them.

c. We recommend acknowledgement of the breadth of viewpoints and feelings about vocal ministry in our Meeting, and encourage Friends to see it as a continuous learning process to discern and communicate our values and feelings about vocal ministry as a community. Consider organizing a follow meeting about vocal ministry at rise of meeting later this year.

Action Item (4): Approval of transfer of membership of Roxanne Seagraves to Santa Fe Monthly Meeting

Action Item (5): Approval of Final Draft of the 2012 State of the Meeting Report - (Jan-Willem will present and discuss this.)

A Clearness Committee was named to meet with Lowber Welsh regarding his request to become a member of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting. Ann Beauchamp is the convener. Beverly Busching Memorial Minute: Carolyn Sigstedt has agreed to write this with the help of Rebecca Henderson. Individuals under our care: M & C discussed ways to assist eight members.

Resident's Report for February, 2013 (3nd month Business Meeting)

Resident worked about 11 hours a week during January. Activity included outdoor sweeping, handling trash and recycling, mail collection and distribution, guest apartment reservations, guest apartment cleaning and laundry, and Meetinghouse cleaning. Other activities included shoveling snow and purchasing and installing foam on the mulberry tree to cushion any collisions of children on the tire swing.

Guest apartment occupancy: 21 nights out of a possible 28. Income: $490 (deposits and/or payments). Resident requested that a written policy regarding Meetinghouse and garden use, fees, and use of alcohol on Meeting property.

Submitted by Dave Wunker

Thank you letter to Wyn from Mary Lee Greenfield.

Dear Wyn,

 i have been wanting to write and thank you for the very lovely and moving memorial service you, Rebecca and a host of others planned and hosted in remembrance of our dear Beverly.   I felt such caring all around and a warm celebration of the friendship which Beverly had extended to so many others over the years.  The pot luck was a huge undertaking and huge success!!!  Family and friends had ample time to exchange memories and stories and everyone remarked on the wonderful food.

I took away a profound appreciation for conducting the service in a circle and allowing plenty of time between speakers.  There was a sense of peace and spirit which one took away from the gathering.  I feel so glad I was there.  Please extend my gratitude to the Friends Society for all they did in such generosity.  Would love to have coffee or tea some day when you catch up with yourself.  Maybe in my garden when things blossom out again.  Be well, Love, Mary Lee

Mary Lee Greenfield

125 West Berger Street

Santa Fe, NM 87505





Addressed Friends’ concerns about Meeting’s communication about membership

Clerked February MfWwatB

Addressed Friends’ concerns about Meeting’s communication about vocal ministry

Reviewed/edited February Minutes for MfWwatB

Clerked a special meeting at rise of First First Day Meeting for Worship about vocal ministry

Prepared MfWwAtB for March 2013

Shared communication with a member of United Church of Christ of Santa Fe about their Earth Care principles and resolutions and possibilities for interfaith collaboration on this topic with a view toward the 2013 IMYM theme

Reviewed/responded to many e-mails and calls, and had several personal meetings with Friends

Prepared early and final drafts for the State of the Meeting report for 2012

Participated in March M&C Committee Mtg (ex officio)

Communicated with Clerk of Regional Meeting about SF Monthly Meeting participation at upcoming spring 2013 Regional Meeting and reading of our 2012 State of the Meeting Report, and about planning the 2014 Regional Meeting gathering in Santa Fe


Assisted the Naming Committee process toward nominations for a 2013 Nominating Committee


Attended an Open House meeting of Peace & Social Concerns Committee with Rep. Ben Ray Lujan and spoke with him about climate change policies and carbon tax shifting


Addressed concerns about final affairs documents; received files for our final affairs documents


Followed up on specific care needs for certain Friends




State of the Meeting Report to Intermountain Yearly Meeting 2012-2013

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends


In 2012 Santa Fe Monthly Meeting has been doing well. The Meeting showed many signs of a pursuit of Peace and Unity. Weekly Meetings for Worship were held on First Days at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 am, and in various worship groups across northern New Mexico. Monthly Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business were attended by 10 to 20 members and attenders. Additionally, two called Meetings for Business with attention to a City beer & wine license for a neighboring business were held.


Worship groups under our care included South Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Los Alamos, Taos, and a newly formed group in Tres Piedras. We also received a request for assistance with the creation of a new worship group in Española. The South Santa Fe Worship Group, which met weekly and was regularly attended by six to twelve people, offered monthly education discussions from January to May and September to December. Surviving Sisters and We are People Here – a local group that advocates for democracy issues – used the South Santa Fe space as well. Quakers participated in both groups. The Las Vegas, New Mexico, Worship Group, with 30 people on its e-mail list, met every Second and Fourth First Day in members’ homes. Attendance varied from as few as four to twelve. The Las Vegas (NM) Worship Group enjoyed the company of visitors from Texas and Virginia. Members were involved in various individual peace and justice endeavors. The Las Vegas (NM) Worship Group also co-sponsored a screening of “Globalized Soul” with the Las Vegas Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and the First United Presbyterian Church. The Clearlight Worship Group in Taos, New Mexico, counted attendance of a small but faithful group of six to eight Friends. Meeting twice monthly, the Clearlight Worship Group held Worship Sharings on second First Days, Meetings for Worship and fourth First Days, and Meeting, Eating and Business on any Fifth First Days. With joy the Clearlight Worship Group saw a Alicia Robinson off to Vassar on a full scholarship, while she began attending Poughkeepsie Meeting and continued her active participation in Young Friends’ activities at Intermountain Yearly Meeting. After meeting in various locations, the Clearlight Worship Group began regular meetings at the Taos Retirement Village’s community center.


Formal information flow among members and attenders of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting continued to be digital via a Weekly Digest, our (IMYM) website, and a monthly newsletter. Informal communication at the Canyon Road Meeting House was realized through weekly fellowship at rise of Meeting, monthly gatherings for singing, and Meetings for Muffins (whenever there was a fifth First Day in a month), which allowed Canyon Road’s 9:00-worshippers and 11:00-worshippers to connect and socialize. Highlights of our community life included the presentation of Rebecca Henderson’s book “Ingrid's Tales, A Norwegian-American Quaker Farming Story,” weekly educational gatherings at the South Santa Fe Quaker House, several Quaker Women’s Retreats, and the participation of many Friends at IMYM in June 2012.


Our Meeting continued to spend a considerable amount of its Strength and Light in “asset stewardship”. The Building Committee completed a boundary survey, realized several repairs, and assisted with the paving of our sidewalk (completed by our Resident). The Resident and Garden Committee exhibited much Strength and Light in weeding, plantings, tire swing repair, and general garden improvements. Other assets that continued to receive our attention included the Camino Lejo property, our Olive Rush legacy (paintings, art work, and archive), our library, our Guest Apartment, and our Finances. Additionally, our Meeting was most grateful in receiving a bequest from deceased Friend Ann Baumann.


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting also faced a considerable number of thorny issues which challenged our communal and individual sense of Strength and Light. After much initial work on the cleanup and improvement of the Canyon Road Meeting House garden, a lack of volunteer energy led our Meeting to spend considerable funds on hired help to complete the weeding that was initiated earlier. Yet, a number of Friends raised serious concerns whether the additional costs along with high water uses for the garden were sufficiently prudent and based on our shared Quaker values. Additionally, the unusually rapid decision making process through two called Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business regarding a request of support for a City beer and wine license for a neighboring business created concern about the right Quaker decision making process and how to give adequate time for discernment. The concerns about garden maintenance and the requested approval of a City beer and wine license prompted our Meeting to study more intently what constitutes good Quaker decision making process. In addition, our Meeting was grappling with a number of other concerns, such as the meaning of membership and how to stay in touch with distant members; a meaningful planning process about the future of our Meeting and the need for a new worship space; questions about our unity in identifying what constitutes good spoken ministry; better ways of welcoming newcomers; and the concern about the aging of our community.


Our Ministry & Counsel (M&C) Committee offered much care and support in addressing the aforementioned challenges of our Meeting as well as the needs of individuals in our Meeting. M&C completed a 3-year process of contacting absent members in and outside Santa Fe, resulting in a number of members asking to lay down their memberships and several affirming they wished to maintain theirs. Our Meeting also witnessed the passing of Ann Baumann (age 84, of Santa Rosa, CA), Joanne McCaffery, and Beverly Busching. We enjoyed in the birth of a son of one couple who have been attending our Meeting. We supported one Friend who was arrested and required psychiatric care. Our Meeting also supported a Friend who was arrested for an act of civil disobedience at Los Alamos National Laboratory on August 6, 2012, Hiroshima Day and faced imprisonment. M&C regularly offered guidance on vocal ministry, spiritual preparation, and welcoming new attenders through queries and education. M&C facilitated several Worship Sharings, such as those about “Service Projects as a Meeting-wide and Inclusive Activity” and “Future Planning”, and M&C addressed concerns about interpersonal conflicts between members and Quaker decision making process.


We continued to hold our future Meeting community in the Light as we discerned our needs for an alternative Meeting space to the Canyon Road Meeting House. Our Future Planning Committee was taxed in its Strength and Light as it made monthly presentations in Business Meetings and facilitated several Worship Sharings. Our First Day School kept growing in numbers and required improvements to its limited space. Considerable cleanup of furniture and supplies was achieved while needs and wishes were shared with the Future Planning Committee as well. Additionally, the First Day School Committee raised the funds and prepared the logistics and purchase of a play structure/ swing set in our Meeting House garden. The decision to purchase a swing set was the culmination of four years of planning and decision making.


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting offered monthly Adult Education along with Second Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing gatherings. Adult Education discussion topics included a 4-month series on “Discernment and Quaker Practices” as well as topics such as “Meditation, Prayer and Contemplation”, our future Meeting space, and the preparation of an education program on Quaker Practices and Business Meetings by Rebecca Henderson. Santa Fe Friends also actively participated in and were inspired by the gathering of 45 Quakers from across New Mexico during a NM Regional Meeting clerking workshop by Elizabeth Boardman (from California) on November 9-11, 2012 in Albuquerque.


Our Meeting’s involvement in the community was very rich and included financial support for Santa Fe homeless shelters, a rape crisis and trauma center, and the Food Depot. We also provided specific engagement and support through our Peace & Social Concerns Committee, and Friends’ involvement in other activities, such as conscientious objection, war tax resistance, Occupy Santa Fe, and People for Peace meetings and activities. Peace & Social Concerns initiatives included Meeting-sponsored minutes expressing: our opposition to the repeal of New Mexico’s drivers license bill; support for the Santa Fe City Council in taking a stand against war in Iran; our support as a co-sponsor of the Hiroshima Commemorative Weekend, August 3 through 6, 2012; and our support for reduction of Pentagon spending and a budget that reduces deadly conflict and meets human needs. Our Meeting also actively participated in and maintained active relationships with IMYM, Mountain Friends Camp, NM Regional Meeting activities, AFSC (regionally and nationally), FCNL, Pendle Hill, Interfaith Leadership Alliance, and Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts.

Document Actions