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September 2012 Newsletter

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Ninth month 2012


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.


Sunday, 9/2 12:30 Potluck, Ministry and Oversight Committee 1:30

Sunday, 9/9 10:10 2nd Sunday Friends Worship Sharing

Sunday, 9/16 12:30 Meeting for Worship for Business

Sunday, 9/23 12:30 Adult Education Committee Discussion

Sunday, 9/30 10:10 Meeting for Muffins


The Monthly Query for the 9th month, 2012


"Do we love on another as becomes the followers of the Light, even to the point of sharing one another's burdens?" (IMYM Faith & Practice, p. 124)




Sept. 2 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 am meeting.


Sept. 5 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.


Sept. 9 – The Friends Journal Worship Sharing for Sept. 9 will consider John Greenleaf Whittier's poem, "Forgiveness", published in the December 2007 FJ.  Copies of this poem will be available next to the birdhouse in the library beginning 9/2.  We will begin promptly at 10:10 and close at 10:50, and all interested Friends are invited to attend!  Friends are encouraged to suggest FJ articles, poems, and letters for future consideration.  For questions or suggestions, please contact Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) or Pamela Geyer (984 – 0377.)


Sept. 9 – Peace & Social Concerns will meet at the rise of meeting. Topics to be discussed are gathered monthly by Pam Gilchrist who can be reached at


Sept. 16 – Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.


Sept. 23 – The Adult Education Committee will partner with the Future Planning Committee, and the Ministry & Counsel Committee to participate in a worship sharing about Friends Meeting: in the meeting room on Canyon Road. This discussion will guide those on these Committees, as they examine the needs of our meeting and meeting space. We hope that many of you will attend. It is the second of a series of gatherings which will introduce to the full meeting the considerations that are being addressed by the these working committees.

There will be simple food and childcare for all attenders.

According to Patricia Loring, "when Friends make a decision, they are not seeking consensus of the membership. They are seeking the will of God in a particular matter. They have found that the most reliable guide to that will be the sense of the meeting. The sense of the meeting...can arise only out of a membership which has...given itself over to seeking the will of God and has prepared itself spiritually for the search." (from "Spiritual responsibility in the meeting for business", FGC, 1993)

The following queries were considered during the worship sharing. On Aug. 26th:

1) What is of foremost importance to you about Friends Meeting?

2) How important to your spiritual life is the particular space in which meeting for worship is held?

The next discussion will consider the last query:

3) What do you value most about Santa Fe Monthly Meeting? What do you value about our meeting space?

Please join us on Sunday, Sept. 23rd, at 12:30 as we worship together while holding these queries in our hearts.


Sept. 30 – Meeting for Muffins will offer fellowship of the members/attenders of the 9:00 and the 11:00 meetings by sharing muffins at 10:10 am and concluding by 10:50 am.


Save the Date: Nov. 9 to 11th- A date has been set for the Clerking Workshop for new Mexico Regional Meeting at Albuquerque Meetinghouse. Elizabeth Boardman will be the facilitator. We encourage all people who are meeting, worship group, committee clerks or who think they might ever be or who think they'd like to be supportive of those who do clerk, to attend this workshop. There may be a small fee involved. We'll send more information when it is certain. For now, please spread the word and put these dates on your calendar.


Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, Eighth Month, 19th day, 2012.


Present: Jan-Willem Jansens (Clerk), Dave Wunker (Recording Clerk), Rebecca Allayari, Philip Balcombe, Ann Beauchamp, Mary Ray Cate, Bob Gaines, Pam Gilchrist, Rebecca Henderson, Frank Hirsch, John Kretzmann, Ted Pomeroy, Alan Rogers, Mary Ross Taylor, Cate Yoder.


“As difficult problems arise are we careful to meet them in a spirit of love and humility with minds receptive to creative solutions? Do we avoid pressure of time, neither unnecessarily prolonging nor unduly curtailing full discussion? “ IMYM Faith and Practice, Queries, 120.


The meeting for worship for business began at 12:48 pm with silence.


(1) Approval of Minutes. Under #5 Garden Committee Report, strike sentence that begins with: “An immediate decision is needed...” Change the next sentence to: “the amount that Bettina etc were authorized to spend at the June business Meeting is to come out of the Operating Budget”.


(2) Finance Committee. At last business meeting the committee was charged with a threshing session. The committee wishes to hold off on the threshing session because more will be clarified at the Future Planning Committee meeting. Items for the threshing session include what to do with the Ann Bauman bequest to the meeting. Possibilities include: to restore Olive Rush frescos, purchase a play structure, pay for hired garden maintenance, hire another first day teacher, increase three permanent funds, hold for future planning, homeless shelter contributions, and other needs that would help nurture the meeting and faith community in general. Also need to postpone budget needs. Oral report accepted. No electronic report received.

(3) Treasurer's Report. July accounts reconciled, figures posed on website. Receipts increased by Ann Baumann bequest. Members encouraged to continue contributions. There are restricted accounts for the Ann Baumann bequest and play structure contributions. No memorial funds have been used. Garden expenditures and building expenditures have been paid. These were equal to about $1,000 which was $600 over budget and approved last Business Meeting. Finance Committee commends Ted Pomeroy for his work as treasurer. Discussion over when to give Meeting contributions to Good Works agencies. It was decided to continue to contribute throughout the year instead of only end of year. Oral report accepted. Electronic report in appendix below.


(4) Future Planning. The Future Planning Committee is having a worship sharing on August 26, at 12:30 pm to discuss and get input regarding the future setting of the Meeting. Queries to be considered are: 1) What is of foremost importance to you about Friend's Meeting?, 2) How important to your spiritual life is the particular space in which meeting for worship is held? 3) What do you value most about Santa Fe Monthly Meeting? And its Meeting House? Oral report accepted. No electronic report received.


(5) Young Friends. No report. Parents committee wants to find ways to increase donation to play structure. They have identified a play structure they want to purchase. $400 raised so far but only 12-14% of what is needed.

(6) Garden Committee. A fifteen minute walk through the garden was taken by those present and present work and future needs for the garden were outlined by Alan and Dave. A lot of weeding has been done and more is needed. Collected debris were hauled to the dump. The Garden Committee is hopeful that as temperatures cool more people will volunteer for garden work. Martha Davis recently evaluated some of the trees. At a Garden Planning Group meeting this week we talked about what needed to be done this fall. The garden needs to be weeded two or three times more before winter. October as “garden month” would focus on preparing the garden for winter. The Garden Planning Group is asking the business meeting to approve the expenditure of $450 for garden maintenance through the first freeze. Water needs for possible new plants was presented. There is a need for a budget for next year. This will be planned for in October. The issue of accessibility in the garden was mentioned and it was asked to be considered in the future. Attenders of Rebecca Henderson's party commented favorably on the garden. Recommendation to involve children in the garden made. An additional $450 plus possible $180 was approved for rest of the year, to be paid out of general funds. The Garden Committee report was accepted. Electronic report in appendix below.


(7) Directory. No one has ever been taken out of the directory unless they have asked. Currently there are 119 names listed, 68 are not members, and 29 are not recognized by Bob. Issue: what should we do with names that no one has claimed? Should these be dropped? What will be done with these names will be discussed at next Business Meeting. The question of what we want the directory to be will also be discussed at the next Business Meeting. People will have 4 weeks to claim their names.


(8) Ministry and Counsel. Conveners are Caroline Sigstedt and Allen Winchester. There is concern over absentee members. A letter has been sent to them asking them to respond by October 1 or they will be dropped from membership. A minute for the approval of drops will be brought to the October meeting. Concerning the issue of children who are now adults but were enrolled by their parents, M&C recommends that they should reapply for membership. Letters will be sent to them. Self-addressed stamped envelopes are being sent to these groups. Most people under care are doing well. Input to queries has been provided and also to the Future Planning Committee. Queries or Point of Information will be sent to members regarding Meeting responsibilities. Ministry and Counsel wishes to adopt the following query for the Meeting: “Do we love one another as becomes followers of the Light even to share one another's burdens?” IMYM Faith and Practice, Queries, 124. The query was accepted for the next month. Business Meeting decided that queries brought by Ministry and Counsel for the Meeting need to be approved by Business Meeting. Oral report accepted. No electronic report received.

(9) Peace and Social Concerns. Continued discussion of co-sponsoring a forum with the League of Women voters with Representatives Wilson and Heinrich. First question to be resolved: Would the Meeting cosponsor the forum or would just the Peace and Social Concerns Committee cosponsor the forum? Second question: Are there any Friends who would want to work with the League of Women Voters to organize the forum? Sponsorship would obligate Meeting members to do something. Meeting should only sponsor the forum if someone will volunteer to do the work. This possibility will be pursued and the results if any brought to September Business Meeting. The Committee circulated a minute from FCNL, which supports the reduction of Pentagon spending and a budget that reduces deadly conflict and meets human needs. It originated from the Eugene, OR Meeting and it is asked to be supported by our Meeting. The Minute was read and is included in the Committee repor . The proposed Minute was approved. The Minute should be sent to elected representatives, local newspapers, and the Meeting Weekly Digest. Related to the above Minute, the U.S. Department of Defense plans to bring more radioactive waste to WIPP and LANL. There is opportunity to speak against this at future hearings. This will be put on the Weekly Digest. Mr. Holmes, the hired facilitator for the hearings, has had Quaker connections in the past. Oral report accepted. Electronic report in appendix below.

(10) Resident's Report. The Resident noted that there was much weeding done in preparation for extensive mulch spreading. Fallen fruit collection was also needed. A few corrections to previous reports were noted. Oral report accepted. Electronic report in appendix below.

(11) Announcements. There will be a Regional Meeting clerking workshop in Albuquerque Nov 9, 10 and 11th. Elizabeth Boardman is coming and it is for everyone, not just clerks. Wyn is on the committee. It is not decided yet if Ms. Boardman will be coming to Santa Fe. There will be a Quaker women retreat Oct. 5, 6, and 7th at the Norbertine Center in Albuquerque, Shelley Cohen is the contact. There will be worship sharing next week at rise of Meeting on Future of the Meeting.


Meeting concluded with silence at 2:54 pm.


Appendix to the Minutes of the Eighth Month, July 2012.


1. Treasurer's Report


Treasurer's Report August 2012 Santa Fe Monthly Meeting


1) Our July accounts have been reconciled with the bank statement, as reported in detail to the Finance committee.

2) The Treasurer's Report figures are posted on our website: ( Note that Receipts are increased by the Ann Baumann bequest which is larger than our annual budget. Since this gift is not part of our usual donations and may be set aside for future use, we encourage members and attenders to continue giving as always.

3) Good Works disbursements have not been made, but I hope to confirm amounts and verify the correct recipients with Good Works committee in the coming month. Once these details are confirmed I will write the checks and send them.

4)The $100 miscellaneous expense in July was for the Ann Baumann memorial reception.

5) We are now carrying the Ann Baumann, New Meetinghouse, Future Planning and Play Structure as restricted accounts.

6) We have not used any amounts from the memorial funds this year.

submitted by Ted Pomeroy, Treasurer


2. Peace and Social Concerns Committee Report


August 19, 2012 P&SC Report to the Santa Fe Friends Worship with Attention to Business


P&SC met briefly last first day at rise of meeting. Attending were Beverly Busching, Lorraine Graham, Marcy Pompei (first half) and Pam Gilchrist


1. We continued our discussion about cosponsoring a forum with the LWV for Heather Wilson and Martin Heinrick . We are in conversion with members of the League and the person who is in charge of forums is returning from vacation this coming week.


DISCUSSION: If cosponsoring such an event, P&SC would like to know if the Meeting would co-sponsor the forum or just P&SC? Are there Friends who would work with LWV members to organize the forum?


2.P&SC circulated a minute sent out by FCNL by email and discussed the minute at our 8/12 meeting. Following the Eugene Friends Meeting, our P&SC supports the reduction in projected Pentagon spending and the preservation of federal budgets which support human needs and the peaceful prevention of deadly conflict and so propose to replicate the Eugene Friends Meeting Minute.

We carry a concern for the critical decisions on the federal budget that must be made by the end of this year (2012). Growth of U.S. spending on war threatens our ability to address essential human needs. Current law–the Budget Control Act of 2011–requires a reduction in projected Pentagon spending of $1 trillion over 10 years. This law provides a momentous opportunity to shift budget priorities. However, this prospect faces powerful opposition that could persuade Congress to restore Pentagon funding by making major reductions in budgets for the peaceful prevention of deadly conflict and other human needs.

Friends Committee on National Legislation has identified this Pentagon budget reduction as a means to realign national priorities and now urges active engagement and lobbying efforts from Friends across the nation.

Santa Fe Friends P&SC will gather information on our federal budget priorities and suggest actions to take for the purpose of implementing the above minute during the few months.

Minute proposal: Santa Fe Friends Meeting supports the reduction in projected Pentagon spending and the preservation of federal budgets which support human needs and the peaceful prevention of deadly conflict. We encourage Friends to communicate their support for these budget priorities to the public and to Congress, and to contact our elected officials to report this message.

3.Related to the above minute and critical for New Mexicans to know: The Department of Energy (DOE) plans to bring more plutonium to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) under a proposal to deal with 13 metric tons of what has been declared "surplus plutonium." Three public hearings in New Mexico on the draft Surplus Plutonium Disposition Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement are scheduled for Los Alamos on Tuesday, August 21st; for Santa Fe on Thursday, August 23rd at the Courtyard Marriott on Cerrillos Rd; and for Carlsbad on Tuesday, August 28th. The hearings will be held from 5:30 pm to 8 pm, with public comments beginning at 6:30.

Information went out on the Digest last week and will go out again tomorrow with a link to the Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety web site where more information is available, including a fact sheet.


3. Garden Committee Report


Garden Committee Report

8th Month, 2012


Since last Business Meeting, the Smallz brothers along with Dave Wunker finished the weeding and spreading of the mulch. Dave and Alan Rogers worked together on Saturday, August 11th weeding, pruning, turning the compost and cleanup near the compost piles with an large load of green waste and other materials taken to the dump and the sand box getting cleaned and passed along to a family with a toddler for use since FDS had indicated they no longer wanted it. Dave has weeded and done other garden maintenance at other times. It is not clear if any other Friends have participated in maintaining the garden this past month. We are hopeful that as the seasons change and the temperatures cool more Friends will see their way clear to participate. Alan plans to continue to convene the Garden Committee every other Saturday, but will not be available next Saturday, August 25th, but will be here the following Saturday, September 1st as well as September 8th and September 22th.


Martha Davis has surveyed the trees and sent along a report about what she recommends. It is attached.


The ad-hoc Garden Planning Committee has met twice on 7/23/12 and 8/16/12. The meeting notes are attached and I’ll reference them.


Our next meeting will follow rise of Meeting for Worship on 9/23/2012 in the First Day School.


Respectfully submitted,

Alan Rogers


  1. Ad-Hoc Garden Planning Committee Report of August 16, 2012


PRESENT: Jan-Willem Jansens, Bettina Raphael, Alan Rogers, Dave Wunker


  • Recent Accomplishments:

  • Compost piles have been cleaned up and rubbish behind it has been removed

  • Several shrubs and trees have been pruned

  • All green waste (and other waste) has been hauled off; the plastic sand box has been removed

  • Lots of weeding has been done (more is needed)

  • Things to do for this fall:

  • More weeding (in beds and esp. on trails); for the next 8-10 weeks

  • Fruit waste pick up

  • Possibly planting of some new plants and some donated plant material (e.g., irises)

  • Planning for 2013

  • Budget Request to Business Meeting:

  • The Ad Hoc Garden Planning Committee proposes the following additional budget request for 2012:

$450 immediate allocation request for garden maintenance

$180 reserve funds request for weeding if support from Friends falls short and/or other needs arise

  1. Clarification:

  2. $450 = $360 for hiring the Smalls brothers as contractors for 2 6-hour weeding days + $40 for supplies and green waste drop off fees + $50 for plant purchases

  3. NOTES:

  4. With some supervision, the Smallz brothers have proved to be effective and efficient workers;

  5. Based on recent experiences, we anticipate that we cannot mobilize a sufficient number of Friends to help with gardening/weeding;

  6. We anticipate one or two volunteer days for weeding in October;

  7. We will plan a Garden celebration: October will be Garden Month, and we will organize gardening days to mobilize Friends to help in the garden with weeding, pruning, and planting (including self-brought plants); and we will organize a series of long-term garden planning meetings to discuss the vision for the garden, its maintenance needs and costs, ways and means for achieving the vision, and budget needs for 2013;

  8. We need a back up amount of $180 to hire the Smalls brothers if volunteer action in October is not realized or insufficient;

  9. We need to buy some irrigation emitters and pay for possibly two waste drop off loads;

  10. 50% of new plants will be donated by Friends; no additional water needs (costs) are anticipated for 2012; the plants will require perhaps 1,000 gallons of additional irrigation water in 2013 (amount to be verified), which is a very low additional amount and low cost.

  • Long-term Garden Planning:

  1. Meeting on this topic is postponed until we have more people in attendance. Our next meeting will be on Sunday September 23 at Rise of Meeting. Our agenda for this meeting will include:

    1. Preparation for the October Garden Month Initiative

      1. Identification of work days and events

      2. Identification of logistics and material needs

      3. Outreach to inspire people to attend

      4. Solving practical issues: how, when, what, who

    2. Preparation of long-term planning meetings: how, when, what, who, and queries for the meetings.

Jan-Willem Jansens


5. Ad-Hoc Garden Planning Group Report of July 23, 2012


Garden Planning Group

Minutes of Meeting from July 23, 2012


Attending the meeting were Dave Wunker, Mary Ross Taylor, Bettina Raphael, and Jan-Willem Jansens, who served as convener. Gathering at the Meeting house, the group started with a moment of silence.


Up-dates from the past weeks

  • The continued work of Dave Wunker and the hired workers Justin and Chris Small, has completed spreading more fertilizer, compost and the final 3 yards of the mulch delivered 7/16 (no charge for delivery). The total cost to date for the yard workers was $585 and included the sifting and spreading of the final compost container at the back of the garden. Ted Pomeroy and the Finance Comm. will determine where this money will come from.

  • The drip system was checked and is not leaking and comparisons suggest that the current water-use is reasonable.

  • Follow up on Alan’s report to Business Meeting and the need to establish a reasonable budget for rest of the year.


Short Term Activities Proposed for next month or so

  • Check each zone of drip system every few weeks to make sure all are working well. It would also be a good idea to check on water use over the next few months and compare with past usage.

  • On-going weeding by Dave Wunker and hopefully others. Suggestions included: having people adopt a zone of the garden to keep weeded, having a weeding party, getting more information on the best time to weed and/or to remove their seeds for specific plants so that their seeds do not spread.

  • Move compost from first two bins into last two.

  • Define the role, scope and expectations of the Garden Comm. more clearly and its relationship to the Building Comm. while clarifying who wants to be on the gardening committee.

  • Define the Garden Committee’s budget for the rest of the year.


Mid-term Projects for the Fall

  • Add drip system outlets to plum trees

  • Review Master Gardener’s planting recommendations and map to see what plants we may wish to be added and at least transplant a few of the front lilacs to the back while putting off buying more plants perhaps until next Spring.

  • Involve Meeting members and perhaps especially teens to document sections of the garden with photos and plant I.D.s. These could become on-going projects with section adopted by sponsor groups.

  • Ask Martha Davis or Atkinson to give their opinion about some of trees to see if drought was their main problem.

  • Install a more permanent and practical sidewalk in front of the Meeting house. The consensus seemed to be to use bricks on sand to match the driveway and entrance at gate. Dave Wunker was going to get prices on sand, brick etc. and logistics of doing the work in-house. The possible need to remove the existing boulders along the road and the requirements of the City would be considered.

  • Get in-put from the “User Communities” (including the AA group, Children, Guests in Apartment, etc.) on what they enjoy about the garden and how they might participate in its up-keep.

  • Begin to put together a garden budget for the coming year. Establish some sort of schedule of activities or maintenance tasks for the different seasons and anticipate what costs and labor might be required. Consider perhaps having 3 different categories: 1) On-going maintenance, 2) Improvements and new additions, 3) Unexpected or emergency expenditures.


A meeting in four weeks on August 16 was proposed to develop a budget for the rest of the year, better define the Garden Comm. role, establish a liaison with the Building Committee, and address some long-term ideas.


Prepared by Bettina Raphael 7/27, 2012


6. Martha Davis Garden Report


August 18, 2012 Report of Martha Davis on the state of selected trees at Santa Fe Friends Meeting


Hi Alan,


Mulberry: This seems to be pretty healthy despite appearance. They are tough and as long as it gets water it should be OK.


Apricot on the eastern edge between the walk and the wall I assume this is the one you meant:  I see no borer damage which is often a problem if it is weak.  The dead branchlets should be removed.  There is also a pruning stub that should be removed at the branch collar, otherwise it could be an entry point for rot.  Generally it seems healthy.


Catalpa: It is in pretty bad shape for it's size.  You may well lose it. It certainly could be removed.


Crab apple in center:  While it has a rotten center apple trees are long lived and generally are fairly tough as trees.  The vertical water sprouts should be pruned out.  If someone feels that they must do something about the rotten center, then they can do a combined mudpack with beneficial bacteria and nematodes.  No paint, no tar, no sealant, no cement and no other fillers. Those will make things worse.


Weeping plum:  I'm not sure I looked at this


2 plums near carport: One of them may be what you were talking about. Both plums have some bark damage. The southern one is pretty bad, it's not quite girdled.  Peel off all the loose bark.  I think that this is southwest injury due to hot winter sun thawing things out and then really cold winter nights producing sudden freezing and physical damage.  Painting the trunk with dilute indoor white latex paint can prevent further injury of this sort (surround clay mixture mixed with dried milk can also work.  Neither are terribly aesthetic.  It could be removed.  Any similar tree with smooth bark will be vulnerable to the same problem.


Tree in front on Canyon road.  I forgot to look at this when I was at the wedding anniversary.  Will try to get to it.


I will not be available for pruning or tree removal as I am starting a clinical trial later this month.


I am available with some suggestions especially for fruit trees and their varieties and I will see if I can ID that tree.




7. Resident's Report


Resident worked an average of about 45 hours but was on vacation for one week. Activity included outdoor sweeping, handling trash and recycling, mail collection and distribution, guest apartment reservations, guest apartment cleaning and laundry, Meetinghouse cleaning, and garden watering. Many hours were devoted to weeding and mulch spreading and there was also the need to collect fallen fruit.


Guest Apartment: 23 guest nights out of a possible 31.

Income: $620 (deposits and/or payments)

In reviewing previous apartment occupancy and income I found two errors. In April the apartment was occupied for 15 nights instead of 11 and June's occupancy was 20 of a possible 30 days instead of 16 and income was $730 instead of $610.

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