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October 2012 Letter to Friends

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Tenth month 2012


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.



Sunday, 9/30 10:10 Meeting for Muffins; 12:30 Worship sharing on future of the Meeting

Sunday,10/7 12:30 Potluck

Sunday,10/14 10:10 2nd Sunday Friends Worship Sharing

Sunday,10/21 12:30 Meeting for Worship for Business

Sunday,10/28 12:30 Adult Education Committee Discussion


The Monthly Query for the 10th month, 2012

"Do we trust sufficiently the goodwill of our meeting members and attenders to make our needs and concerns known?"  This is from the first of the queries under the topic "Mutual Care" in IMYM Faith and Practice (p. 124; carried over from September).




October 5-7Women’s Retreat at the Norbertine Retreat Center in Albuquerque. Please plan to join with Quaker women from around New Mexico and environs for a weekend of fun, relaxation, worship and sharing, Our theme will be Living from the Center. We will consider the writings of Valerie Brown from her Pendle Hill Pamphlet, Living from the Center and Patricia Loring's Listening Spirituality I and II. And we will ask ourselves: "How Do I Center in Meeting for Worship" and "How Do I Move from ‘Secular’ Life to the ‘Sacred’ Work of God"?


Oct. 6 – Garden Committee Alan Rodgers will host a work day in the garden.


Oct. 7 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 am meeting.


Oct. 9 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.


Oct. 14 – The Second Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing will consider the April 2009 FJ article by Herbert Lape entitled "A Case for Eldering and Discipline."  To deepen our consideration of this topic, we will also reflect on related sections of IMYM's Faith and Practice.  Copies of these readings will be available next to the birdhouse beginning September 23.  Interested friends are encouraged to pick up a copy with plenty of time to read and reflect on this rich subject well in also invited to suggest FJ articles for future consideration.  Feel free to call Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377) or Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) with any questions.


Oct. 13 – Garden Committee Jan-Willem will host a work day in the garden.


Oct. 14 – Peace & Social Concerns will meet at the rise of meeting. Topics to be discussed are gathered monthly by Pam Gilchrist who can be reached at


Oct. 14 – The Garden Committee is planning a Special Fall Day in the Garden. Friends are invited between Rise of Meeting and 4:00 pm to help “put the garden to bed for the winter.” There will be work on incorporating soil amendments under the plants, weeding, compost turning, and other pleasant gardening chores.  Please bring gloves, hand tools, water, and potluck lunch and/or snacks. Additionally, Alan will be working in the garden on Saturday October 6 and 20, and Jan-Willem on October 13. Please join them to help with weeding! Please know that your support will help Meeting offset the costs of hiring contractors to complete the work!


Oct. 20 – Garden Committee Alan Rodgers will host a work day in the garden.

Oct. 21 – Business meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.

Oct. 27 – The Adult Education Committee will sponsor a discussion & the topic will be announced in the Weekly Digest.


This quarterly newsletter by Friend Marguerite Kearns is inspired by her Quaker grandmother's suffrage campaign wagon on exhibit now at the state capitol in Albany, NY. Please visit the website:

Women's votes are extremely important in the upcoming 2012 election. When we remember our roots, we feel differently about this essential right. Quaker women were in the forefront of this nation's early organizing efforts of women's rights and the leadings of Friends today continue in the same spirit. Share this fall issue of the quarterly newsletter of Suffrage Wagon News Channel with your friends. Remember the grandmothers! They sacrificed for us. We can be inspired by them today!

Nov. 9 and 10 -- New Mexico Regional Meeting Workshop on Clerking and Quaker Process, With Elizabeth Boardman, @ the Albuquerque Meetinghouse

Elizabeth Boardman is the author of Where Should I Stand? : A Field Guide for Monthly Meeting Clerks (Quaker Press,2008). She is a longtime member of San Francisco Friends Meeting, where she served as monthly meeting clerk from 2002-2006. She is also the author of Taking a Stand: A Guide to Peace Teams and Accompaniment Projects (New Society Publishers, 2005), inspired by her trip to Iraq with Voices in the Wilderness peace team in 2002. She more recently wrote:  Letters from Lillian: Faith and Practice among modern liberal Quakers.  For 30 years a developer and manager of health care services for frail elders, Elizabeth is now a full-time writer and war tax resister with numerous offspring.


Anyone interested in Quaker process, Friends, attenders, seekers, spiritual scholars, elders, committee and Meeting clerks, former clerks, committee clerks, those who serve on committees, those who come to Meeting for Business and those who think they might attend sometime.

WHY COME?? Are you new to Quakerism and interested in learning more about Quakers and how we really operate? Wouldn't you love to know who's really running the Meeting? Would you like to understand more Quaker jargon...rise of meeting, sense of the meeting, right order, unity, standing aside? How are these expressions used? How do we uphold the work of the clerk and good order in the Meeting? Would you like guidance in how to clerk a Meeting or a committee? Are you curious about what's cutting edge in Quakerism these days?


Friday: 6:30-8:30 pm Simple supper and intro to Quaker terms and expressions; a family affair

Saturday: 9-12 Our Quaker lives and practice, committees, hierarchies and the lack thereof

1-5 pm Clerkship and the meeting community

6-8 pm Supper and workshop leftovers

Sunday: Join Albuquerque Monthly Meeting for Meeting for worship at 10:30 a.m.


Please send registrations by October 15, 2012 so that we may make arrangements for food and housing. A $10 donation will be collected at the door.

Send to : Wyn Lewis, 214 Sereno Dr, Santa Fe NM 87501 or

Miriam Bennett, 4711 McKnight Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 or

Call with questions: Miriam: 505/344-4158 Wyn: 505/982-4588


Number of people in party:

Children needing childcare with ages:

Contact info:

Phone Email

Dietary restrictions:

Hospitality needed? Friday 11/9 Saturday 11/10

Allergies or other special considerations for hospitality:


Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, Ninth- Month, 16th day, 2012.


In attendance: Clerk Jan-Willem Jansens, Pam Geyer, Ted Pomeroy, Steve Spencer, Joan Spencer, John Kretzmann, Wyn Lewis, Rebecca Henderson, Frank Hirsch, Alan Rogers, Allen Winchester, Bob Gaines, acting recording clerk.


The meeting began with silence. The Clerk opened the meeting at about 12:40 and offered this advice from Faith & Practice: “Are we aware that we speak through inaction as well as action?”


1. Minutes. Friends approved the minutes of the August business meeting. The minutes for the September 2 and 3 called meetings (included in the appendix) were approved with this addition: “Rebecca Henderson offered to assist with helping the meeting understand better how Quakers make decisions. Clerk Jan-Willem Jansens announced that M&C is also considering ways to help with decision-making.”


2. Treasurer's report. The treasurer will post a detailed report on the meeting's website about a week before business meeting (; logon ID is george, password is george). Unforeseen expenses for the garden and future planning approved at recent business meetings have required increases in the budget from $31,396 to $34,618 ($2,000.00 for the property survey, for which we have received a donor restricted donation and $1,250.00 for the garden). A revised budget will be posted. The Good Works donations to others will be made soon. Report accepted (included in appendix).


3. Finance. Donations are lagging, and the committee has considered several ways of increasing donations: making self-addressed envelopes available near the birdhouse; providing other ways to contribute, such as donating services or crafts to create cash donations; and a report to alert folks to the need for contributions. The meeting recommended sending the report via email to those with email addresses and by postal mail to those without. The committee was requested to return to the business meeting with a recommendation on whether to continue to make the budget public (it is available to anyone on our website). Report accepted.


4. Directory. Bob Gaines reported that Carolyn Sigstedt and Mary Ray Cate took on the task of updating the directories. After circulating copies of the directory in August during announcements, 18 persons had changed their information, 23 indicated no change was needed, and 3 persons were added, leaving 77 entries unverified. Of the total of 121 persons in the local directory, 49 are members and 72 are attenders. Mary Ray will be away until the end of the year, and Carolyn is away in October; Carolyn will look for assistance in continuing the update. Bob pointed out that perhaps as many as 30 attenders in the directory may no longer have any connection with the meeting (only those who requested have had their names removed since about 2006). M&C was asked to consider what the meeting expects from the directory and to make a recommendation to the business meeting. Alan Rogers offered to work on the updating once there is guidance from the meeting on who should be in it. Report accepted.


5. Ministry and Counsel. M&C is charged with responsibility for overseeing the spiritual life of the meeting, including the business meeting. The September 2 called business meeting suggested that many are not familiar with Quaker decision-making. M&C considered ways to assist the meeting become better acquainted with our way of arriving at unity and feels that this needs to be a year-long process. As first steps, there is a clerking workshop in Albuquerque on the weekend of November 9, and Rebecca Henderson, who has given several clerking workshops for others in the Yearly Meeting, will consult with M&C. The Clerk asked for concerns or suggestions to help M&C address this matter and received the following:

* What is the relationship between clerking and our process?

* We need reminders that we must listen deeply to what is behind the spoken words

* Is there a way to get ourselves back on track in the midst of a difficult patch in the business meeting?

* We learn our process by observing it, so we need to find ways of involving more people in experiencing it

* Committees can provide that opportunity

* The recent worship sharing was attended by about 30, and it was very powerful

* We need to understand the difference between dealing with decisions that must be made immediately and those where we have more time

* There is a difference between unity and consensus; how do we know when we have reached unity?

* Are there stories that might help illustrate, such as the business meeting in “Friendly Persuasion”?


M&C recommended and Friends agreed:

* To transfer Finn Yarborough’s membership to South Starksboro Meeting in Vermont at his request.

* That Cathy Turner be released from membership at her request.

* To accept the transfer of membership of Dimitri Mihalas from Boulder Meeting.

* To accept the transfer of membership of Ann Beauchamp from Little Falls Meeting.


M&C was requested to find replacements for our greeters. Pam Gilchrist used to forward the names from the visitors book to Caroline Rackley, who sent them welcoming cards. Report accepted.


6. Future. The committee is hosting another worship sharing on September 30. Friends agreed that funds for snacks could come from the Adult Education Committee's budget.


7. Garden. An end of season cleanup will probably be in October. The hired labor requires more supervision. Apart from the hired labor, most (maybe all) recent work has been done by Alan and Dave Wunker. Alan requests more volunteers. The committee is working on the budget for next year. Report accepted (included in appendix).


8. First Day School. Previous months' reports are included in the appendix.




October 5-7 at the Norbertine Retreat Center in Albuquerque a Women’s Retreat. Please plan to join with Quaker women from around New Mexico and environs for a weekend of fun, relaxation, worship and sharing, Our theme will be Living from the Center. We will consider the writings of Valerie Brown from her Pendle Hill Pamphlet, Living from the Center and Patricia Loring's Listening Spirituality I and II. And we will ask ourselves: "How Do I Center in Meeting for Worship" and "How Do I Move from ‘Secular’ Life to the ‘Sacred’ Work of God"?


A clerking workshop will be presented by Elizabeth Boardman in the Albuquerque meetinghouse on November 9-11.


The meeting closed with silence at about 3:30.




1. Minutes of Called Business Meeting, September 2, 2012


The business meeting began immediately after introductions following the 11 am worship.


Co-clerk Bob Gaines explained the purpose: to address a request from a neighbor – Mirador Gallery at 616 Canyon Road – for a letter of support for an application for a beer and wine license for the Dish and Spoon Cafe in the gallery.


When it became clear that there were sufficient objections and concerns that it would not be possible to reach unity in the time allotted, the clerk closed the meeting at about 12:30 with the intent of finding whether a later meeting would be possible.


After discussions with the persons with objections or concerns, Co-clerk Jan-Willem Jansens arranged for a meeting on Monday afternoon. An email notice was sent around 4 pm.


Minutes of Called Business Meeting, September 3, 2012


Co-clerk Jan-Willem Jansens opened the meeting at 5 pm. Present: Steve Spencer, Pam Geyer, Frank Hirsch, John Kretzmann, Ted Pomeroy, Rebecca Henderson, Joan Spencer, Carolyn Sigstedt, Roxanne Seagraves, Dave Wunker, Guthrie Miller, Ann Beauchamp, Marguerite Kearns, and David Giltrow. Bob Gaines acted as recording clerk.


After most had an opportunity to speak, Friends agreed to provide a letter to the Dish and Spoon Cafe stating that we have no objection to the application for a beer and wine license.


Friends generally agreed that it was appropriate to consider the neighbor's request separately from our concerns about the general issue of substance abuse. Several Friends stated that AA did not oppose alcohol as such, only its abuse, so the AA group using the meetinghouse was unlikely to be concerned. Others said it was unFriendly to delay a response to the neighbor (causing hardship for his business) until we had sorted out the issues raised about substance abuse and our decision-making process.


Rebecca Henderson offered to assist with helping the meeting understand better how Quakers make decisions. Clerk Jan-Willem Jansens announced that M&C is also considering ways to help with decision-making.


One Friend urged the meeting to continue to address the issue of substance abuse in our community and in our state. Another Friend asked that we develop a policy on whether alcohol could be used in the meetinghouse or garden.


The clerk closed the meeting at about 6:10.


2. Treasurer's Report September, 2012


1) Our accounts have been reconciled to the bank statement as reported to the finance committee.

2) The monthly figures through August are posted on the website

3) As indicated our General Fund is negative: expenses have exceeded donations by $5,279.99. This has been made possible by the $2, 978.00 in restricted funds in our checking account and the beginning balance of several thousand combined dollars in the checking account on January 1st, 2012. We will of course need to make up this gap by the end of the year.

4) In addition to the imbalance of expenses and donations, our budget has increased from $31,396.00 to $34,618.00. The increase is $2,000.00 for the property survey, for which we have received a donor restricted donation and $1,250.00 for the garden, to come out of the operating budget general funds.

5) As indicated in the Finance Committee report I will be switching to a spreadsheet based reporting in the hope of being able to present the figures more clearly and concisely.

6) I have communicated with the Good Works committee and we are going to begin processing our donations soon.

Submitted Ted Pomeroy, Treasurer


3. Garden Committee Report, 9th Month, 2012


Since last Business Meeting, the Smallz brothers did the first of 3 planned weeding days putting in 6 hours each. That was not enough time to get the entire gardens weeded again. Dave Wunker finished the weeding that they didn’t get to. In addition, they weeded out some annuals that were flowering, indicating that they will need more in the way of supervision than was initially believed. This will be discussed at the next meeting of the Garden Planning Conference.


Alan Rogers purchased perennials at SF Greenhouses at their final sale, purchasing many for $1 marked down from $6 and a few at $3 marked down from$10. Dave Wunker and Alan Rogers worked together on Saturday, September 8th and Sunday September 9th weeding, pruning and initially laying out the purchased perennials as far as design thoughts for planting later this month or next. Attention was directed to the Catalpa, Mulberry and Salt Cedars. Overgrowth that was into our neighbor’s driveway to the west was removed. A large load of green waste is ready to be taken to the dump with another load needing to be taken as well.


It is not clear if any other Friends have participated in maintaining the garden this past month. We remain hopeful that as the seasons change and the temperatures cool more Friends will see their way clear to participate. Alan plans to continue to convene the Garden Committee every other Saturday, with the next time being September 22th.


Our next meeting will follow rise of Meeting for Worship on 9/23/2012 in the First Day School. We will address issues related to the hiring of workers for the Fall and next year, consider plans for the October Garden Month proposed by Jan-Willem Jansens and pull together a budget proposal for 2013.


Respectfully submitted,

Alan Rogers


4. First Day School


Notes from the First Day School (FDS) Committee meeting – June 10, 2012

Present: Marty Carroll, Jan-Willem Jansens, Ariel Harrison, Irene Webb, Bettina Raphael, Carolyn Stephenson, Rebecca Miles, James Hogan

The FDS Committee met with several members of the Future Planning Committee (FPC) to discuss future needs of the Santa Fe Friends Meeting (SFFM). The notes below provide an overview of the discussion. There were a few small follow-up items but overall this will be an on-going discussion for both the FDS Committee as well as the Meeting as a whole.

The meeting began with a moment of silence.

The query presented by the FPC to the FDS Committee was: “How can adults and children best live in a joyous Quaker community in Santa Fe”

FPC gave a brief history of their committee– it has been in existence for 4-5 years and was started to address a concern in Meeting that the current space is not adequate and to evaluate alternatives; this group has recently been revitalized; concerns have focused on the current space not being comfortable/conducive to Meeting, inadequate space for children esp. given age range, current space limits the growth of the Meeting community, and at the same time there is significant attachment to the current space. Others offered that the current space makes it very challenging to provide a welcoming environment to new attendees and their children.

The FPC members provided a brief outline of the options that have been discussed at various times:

One option is to rent a larger space – potentially working with the Southside worship group

A second option is to build a new Meeting house on property donated to SFFM on Camino Lejo (Museum Hill)

A third option is to build a new Meeting house in the back of the garden – this would be a simple structure –perhaps 1200-1500 sq. ft. with room for 80 to 100 worshipers with bathroom/wheelchair access;

The fourth option is that the current interior space can be reconfigured

Discussion and input related to these options followed:

Jan-Willem offered that this is really an issue of scale and that the size of Meeting will determine the size of FDS and determine the space needs.

Marty mentioned the FDS children tend to drop out of meeting at age 13-14 when having a peer group is really critical and there is not enough to sustain a youth group; also offered that Mountain View Meeting in Denver has a very active FDS program with a number of different age groups. However, Mountain View Meeting is located in one of the largest cities in the Rocky Mt. area.... I don't think we can expect the same kind of FDS population in a city the size of Santa Fe.

Irene – the view of the FPC is that the growth of Meeting can happen organically but right now the current space is limiting this from happening – the view of the FPC was not really focused on set numbers; not looking at the issue this way

Rebecca – ideally there would be two rooms for FDS - for two age groups – need not be any larger than could be available in the current Meeting House– but this is the critical need

Irene – if a building were built in the back of the Meeting lot, how might this relate to a FDS play structure in the garden?

Marty raised the question if you can legally swap properties or otherwise change title to current property – there was significant discussion about this and not a clear consensus

Carolyn – offered that there are issues with building on the property – but there are issues with all options – one additional possibility is an interfaith trading option - Jewish Synagogue – use this space on Sunday - how about test something like this out for 6 months

Ariel - But what about FDS with this option – would there be space; what about where to put our supplies etc.

Irene – one of the actions of the FPC is to do a survey of the Meeting to find out their needs/wants and their willingness to change

Bettina – been in dialog with Southside worship group – they are looking for change in location and have to make a decision about this within about a year - they are willing to discuss this but have no interest in returning to Canyon Road

Irene – part of the challenge is that there are so many options

Carolyn – and there is also so much information to hold and consider in this process

Jan-Willem – returning to the needs of FDS, 2 rooms is a key need, each that holds 10-12 persons – one for younger kids the other for teens and overflow; FDS would need a play area in the garden

Marty – we all need to follow the Quaker process and be open to all options/allow persons to move away from pre-conceived notions

Bettina – the process also needs to identify those options which will not work

Carolyn – how can we improve this process – FPC needs to make sure that we get all of Meeting involved in the process

Jan-Willem – what about looking at those who have left and ask why – the building has been part of the Meeting and those who remain have self-selected to current situation – those who left offer a different perspective to be considered

Carolyn – but we also need to remember the past success of this space – there used to be a Quaker pre-school in the Meeting

Those attending went to the back of the garden and looked at where a structure could be build and discussed options for the play structure location.

The meeting finished with discussion of next steps

It was recommended that the FPC develop a pamphlet of possible options with pro/cons to provide information to the Meeting

M&O to provide set of queries to help clarify the desires and vision of Meeting members and to help discern why people have left Meeting in the past. Rebecca Miles to attend FPC and provide coordination/communication with FDS committee

Since members of the FPC are on many of the primary Meeting committees, there should be some effort to involve these committees in the process.

The meeting closed with a moment of silence.


First Day School Committee Meeting – August 2012

Date: 8/12/12

Present: Marty Carrol, Beverly Weiler, James Hogan, and Rebecca Miles


1.  We discussed recent First Day school lessons and ideas for the future:

- Marty mentioned that Margarite Kerns will be doing a lesson on the Woman's Suffrage movement, which will feature the use of cookies to teach lessons of fairness and equality. Please speak with Marty if you have any concerns about the use of cookies in a FDS lesson.

- Marty will be out of town during the month of November. Beverly will be leading FDS during this time.

- We discussed ideas for FDS lessons that are interactive and engaging for the children. If anyone has any ideas on this topic, please let us know.


2.  Play structure

- We have identified the type of play structure we would like and received approval from Meeting to do fundraising.

-  Fundraising has started, however we need to develop some ideas/initiatives to continue moving towards our goal.

- It was suggested that next month's meeting focus on the topic of fundraising for the play structure.


3.  We cleaned up the FDS room and completed the organization of the books.


Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas for the next meeting.

Thanks, James Hogan

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