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May 2012 Newsletter

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Fifth Month 2012


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM First Day School is during the 11:00 AM Meeting.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 AM on the top floor at 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.


Sunday, 5/5 9:15 AM 12:30 PM Potluck

Sunday, 5/13 10 10 AM 2nd Sunday Friends Worship Sharing; 12:30 PM Ministry and Counsel Committee

Sunday, 5/20 12.30 PM Meeting for Worship for Business

Sunday, 5/27 12:30 PM Adult Education Committee Discussion



The Monthly Query for the 5th month, 2012

“What brings me back to center? back to my inner wisdom, home to myself?

and how can I make that a regular practice?”




May 2 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.


May 5 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 AM Meeting.


May 13 – The topic for our Second Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing on will be "The original spirit and meaning of Mothers' Day" and Peace activism. Copies of the selected article selections with the Julia Ward Howe Proclamation are available in the folder next to the Birdhouse in the Library. The Mothers' Day Proclamation can also be found at <>.
All interested persons are enthusiastically encouraged to attend. We will begin at 10:10 AM and close at 10:50 AM Friends are invited to suggest FJ articles for future worship sharing’s – Please contact Pam Geyer 984-0377 or Howard Shulman 984-9908.

May 13– Peace & Social Concerns Committee will meet at the rise of meeting. Ministry and Counsel Committee will meet at the rise of meeting. (re-scheduled due to May 6th Peace Walk.)


May 13– Olive Rush Home on The Historic Santa Fe Foundation Tour. Historic Santa Fe Foundation annual tour includes our Meetinghouse. Tour is 1:00 PM to 4 PM.


May 20 – Business Meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the meeting.


May 27 - The Adult Ed committee invites you to attend discussions on the 4th First Day of every month. The series for January through May will focus on Quaker Disciplines/Practices. For May 27th: "Conditions that facilitate prayer and meditation, what is your experience?" Please bring a reading, a prayer or a personal story of how you have encountered time for personal prayer or meditation to share with us at the next Adult Education Sharing on May 27 at rise of 11:00 AM Worship. Call Wyn: 982-4588 or Ted: 570-9967 for more info.



Fourth Month, 22nd day, 2012

Present: Bob Gaines (Clerk), Marguerite Kearns (Recording Clerk), Steve Spencer, Joan Spencer, Philip Balcombe, Mary Ray Cate, Ann E. Beauchamp, Shelley Cohen, David Henkel, Ted Pomeroy, Pamela Geyer, Carolyn Sigstedt, Guthrie Miller, Pam Gilchrist, Irene Webb, Martha Davis, Bettina Raphael, Marcy Pompey, David Giltrow, Mi’Jan Tho-Biaz.


"As difficult problems arise, are we careful to meet them in a spirit of love and humility with minds receptive to creative solutions? Do we avoid pressure of time, neither unnecessarily prolonging nor unduly curtailing full discussion?" - IMYM Faith and Practice, Queries, p. 120.


The meeting for worship for business began at 12:35 PM with silence.


(1.) Friends approved the Minutes of the Third month without corrections.


(2.) Future Committee: Bettina Raphael introduced the concerns under consideration by the committee that involve more demands on the present Meeting House structure on Canyon Road in terms of space, comfort, and environmental issues. Future Committee members have met with the Southside Worship Group in order to exchange information about that group’s needs and future plans. No decisions have been made, and no decisions are anticipated in the near future.


The focus now is information gathering and clarity about ongoing issues. Several possibilities for discussion have led the Future Committee to return to an unfinished matter which is the lack of a current survey for the Canyon Road property. An estimate of about $2,000 is anticipated for the cost of such a survey. SFMM has the deed for the property, but the property boundaries with the neighbors are not clearly established. A new survey and quitclaims from neighbors to resolve ambiguities about the west boundary is required to obtain a clear title to the property. Even though no proposals are on the table about the future of 630 Canyon Road, Future Committee members believe that clearing up the property boundaries should be completed in order to simplify all options and have any and all facts at the disposal of SFMM members and attenders for decision making.


Friends agreed to spend up to $2,000 on a survey of 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM and to charge the Future Committee and the Finance Committee to sort out the details of how to pay for such a survey. Friends agreed that individuals can also contribute to such a survey with an earmarked donation. Friends accepted the Future Committee’s report.


(3.) Guthrie Miller raised the issue of tax obligations for the Camino Lejo property on the part of the donor and SFMM while the property is jointly owned by Guthrie and the meeting. The merits of the argument about tax obligations and payment raised issues of whether or not the legal agreement between the donor and SFMM would have to be revised and formally agreed to. There was lack of clarity and some confusion over the implications of a change in the agreement. Those in attendance at the business meeting were not able to reach a decision without consultation with a tax attorney and the clarification of certain issues. The topic may be carried over to the Fifth Month business meeting in order to reach a better understanding about the tax obligations to the City of Santa Fe and the ways in which the donor and SFMM can work together to sort through the complications. Guthrie Miller’s generosity and his vision of the Camino Lejo property to be used for a Meeting House was acknowledged.


(4.) Nominating Committee: Steve Spencer presented a preliminary list of individuals who have indicated their willingness to serve or are considering such service fro SFMM. A revised version of the list is included in the Appendix to these Minutes. Responsibilities change at the end of Meeting for Worship for Business in June.


(5.) Treasurer’s Report: Shelley Cohen presented the Treasurer’s Report to the business meeting. Friends accepted the report. Shelley highlighted various transactions and said she had decided to step down as treasurer. The treasurer’s report is included in the Appendix to these minutes. Friends thanked Shelley for her hard work and dedication in carrying out the complex duties and responsibilities of the treasurer for SFMM. Friends agreed that Ted Pomeroy would take over the treasurer’s position ASAP.


(6.) Peace and Social Concerns: Pam Gilchrist requested SFMM to be listed as a sponsor of the upcoming Peace Walk. Friends approved the endorsement. The issue of whether or not to endorse a list of demands proposed by Occupy LANL will be returned for consideration at the Fifth Month 2012 business meeting.


(7.) Ministry and Counsel: John Kretzmann read the report for Ministry and Counsel which is included in the Appendix to these minutes. Friends approved the recommendation to lay down of Ralph Luce’s membership as we have not had any way of contacting him for many years and believe he may no longer be alive. Friends accepted the report from Ministry and Counsel.


(8.) Report of NM Regional Meeting: John Kretzmann gave a report highlighting NM Regional Meeting. He gave feedback on the AFSC exhibit in Albuquerque and recommended Friends see it before the show closes. He discussed Ruth Flowers from FCNL who presented on “Politics and Heart” and how this relates to lobbying the U.S. Congress; Parker Palmer who introduced his book, “Healing the Heart of Democracy”; reported on the discussion about a more fixed schedule for regional meeting or not; and shared the broader interest in regional meeting sponsoring a clerking workshop (SFMM has $600 in its budget to go toward such a program). Friends accepted the report from John Kretzmann.


(9.) Quaker Film: Marguerite Kearns brought to the attention of Friends her ongoing work on a 25-minute documentary about Quaker leadings featuring Rebecca Henderson, Roxanne Seagraves, and Thandi Seagraves filmed in the garden and kitchen of SFMM. The film will be shown at Northern New Mexico College on May 3rd. The work received feedback from participants at Quaker Women’s Retreat in April. Feedback from other Friends is welcome during post production this summer so it can be used in programs for Young Friends and adult education in the future.


(10.) Residents Report: Friends accepted the report of resident Dave Wunker which is included in the Appendix to these minutes for the Fourth Month.


The Meeting for Worship for Business ended at 3:05 PM with silence.


Appendix to the Minutes of the Fourth Month, April 2012.


(1.) Nominating Committee


Note: Nominating committee is charged with the responsibility of proposing for approval the names of Friends and Attenders whom the committee believes to be suitable for the positions to be filled, and who have agreed to serve in those positions. The positions include those of officers, contact or liaison people, and committee conveners, but not committee members, with the exception of Ministry and Counsel members, all of whom we are charged to nominate. The M&C members serve 2 year terms, and select their own convener. We have been in touch with several folks who expressed an interest in serving on certain committees, but not as conveners. We ask that they contact the relevant conveners. Also, when this process has been completed, we will be happy to let committee conveners know the names of those who have served on their committee this year and those who are interested in serving next term. Except where noted, the names below are those of conveners. Respectfully: Frank Hirsch, Steve Spencer, Mi’Jan Tho-Biaz, and Carolyn Sigstedt (Nominating Committee).


Clerk of Meeting: Jan-Willem Jansens (he is considering, will let us know).

Recording Clerk: Dave Wunker

Treasurer: Ted Pomeroy

Recorder: Philip Balcombe

Resident: Dave Wunker

Archivist: David Giltrow

Future Planning Committee: Co-Conveners Bettina Raphael and Irene Webb

Adult Education: Wyn Lewis

Building: David Giltrow

Communications and Newsletter: Marcy Pompei

Committee on Conscientious Objection: Howard Shulman

Greeter (formerly Fellowship): Rebecca Allahyari

Finance: Marcy Pompei, with Roxanne Seagraves, Frank Hirsch, and Ann Beauchamp

Garden: Dave Wunker

Good Works: Anna Darrah

Housekeeping: Pam Geyer

History: David Giltrow

Library: Ted Pomeroy, assisted by Jonathan Ashworth

Ministry and Counsel (dates staggered to coincide with end of terms of current members): Carolyn Sigstedt starting in April, Mary Ray Cate starting in July, and Simon Dedeo (We are waiting for his response.)

Peace and Social Concerns: Pam Gilchrist

Residence: Co-Conveners Ted Pomeroy and Marty Carroll

Parents First Day School (formerly Young Friends): Marty Carroll

Worship Group Liaisons: Las Vegas: David Henkel; Los Alamos: Martha Davis; South Santa Fe: Pam Gilchrist; Taos (Clearlight): Irene Webb

IMYM Continuing Committee: Jennifer Wellington

IMYM Nominating Committee: Rebecca Henderson

IMYM Finance Committee: Bob Gaines

AFSC Liaison: Co-Conveners: David Henkel and Mi’Jan Tho-Biaz

FCNL Liaison: Pam Gilchrist

Pendle Hill Liaison: Marty Caroll

NM Regional Meeting Liaison: Rebecca Henderson

Interfaith Leadership Alliance: Bob Gaines


(2.) Treasurer’s Report:




(3.) Ministry and Counsel:

Ministry and Counsel Committee Report to Business Meeting

Fourth Month 2012


Ministry and Counsel Committee met on the First Day of Fourth Month at 1:30 PM in the Meetinghouse garden.


Present: John Kretzmann, (Co-Clerk), Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Ann Beauchamp, Bob Gaines (ex-officio), Pam Gilchrist, Greg Cliburn. Rebecca Henderson (Co-Clerk) was unable to attend.


Meeting Time for May: May 6, 1:30, First Day School Room.


Third Month Minutes: Approved.


Check-Ins: We briefly shared consideration of our various situations. We were informed that Pamela Benson, who cleans the Meetinghouse, left a message requesting prayers for a friend with leukemia.


Observations of the Spiritual Life of the Nine O’Clock and 11 O’Clock Canyon Road Meetings for Worship: At the 11 o’clock Meeting for Worship, we have observed that many speak during the final ten minutes set aside for sharing of joys, sorrows, and concerns, even when few may have been moved to vocal ministry. We take this to mean that Friends and attenders understand the difference between vocal ministry and sharing, value both, and participate in each appropriately. As far as we know, the nine o’clock Meeting for Worship is doing well.


Meeting Closings for May: Ann will close 11 O’Clock Meeting in May, except for May 20, when Njoroge will fill in.


Query for May: Continuing in the Worship section of the IMYM Advices and Queries, “What brings me back to center? back to my inner wisdom, home to myself? and how can I make that a regular practice?”


Absent Members and Members at a Distance: We agreed that the letter drafted by Rebecca and most recently revised by Bob is ready to send out, and that the same letter is appropriate to send to both groups (Group One, distant Friends with whom we have not had correspondence in several years, and Group Two, local Friends who have not been attending in recent times). Bob will prepare the letters. They will be signed by the Clerk of the Meeting and the Co-Clerks of Ministry and Counsel. They will be sent via e-mail to those for whom we have e-mail addresses. Pam will call those for whom we have only phone numbers.

We will review the list again to try to ensure that the letter does not go to Friends who in fact are attending, including those who may be attending South Santa Fe Worship Group.


Membership: Peter Gardiner has written to withdraw his application for membership, citing the difficulties of work, activism, and managing his properties, but intends to remain an attender. John and Rebecca will correspond with him.

We have no contact information for Ralph Luce, and have not been able to learn his whereabouts or situation. We recommend that he be removed from the membership rolls.

Our discussion of distant and absent Friends made us aware that we should look into the status of some who may believe they are members by virtue of having grown up in the Meeting, though Santa Fe Monthly Meeting does not have junior or associate membership.


Memorial Minutes: John and Carolyn Sigstedt are working on a minute for Joanne McCaffrey. Rebecca is working on a minute for Jean Malcomb.


Care of Individuals: We discussed the situations for those under our care.


Worship Groups: Annual reports from Taos and South Santa Fe were circulated to M&C and forwarded to Regional Meeting and Yearly Meeting. Nominating Committee is seeking a liaison to Las Vegas. Pam Gilchrist has agreed to serve as liaison to South Santa Fe. We do not have news from Los Alamos.


Prepared on behalf of the Ministry and Counsel Committee by Greg Cliburn


(4.) Resident’s report


Resident Dave Wunker worked an average of about 20 hours per week doing snow removal, outdoor sweeping, handling trash and recycling, mail collection and distribution, guest apartment reservations, guest apartment cleaning and laundry, Meetinghouse cleaning, garden watering, and attending Business Meeting. Resident also helped solve problem with power outage in the guest apartment and moved the ramada thermostat away from the gas furnace.

Guest Apartment: 18 guest nights out of a possible 31.

Income: $880.00 (deposits and/or payments)


(Addendum) Garden Committee Report by Alan Rogers:

What a Cinco de Mayo "Garden Committee Meeting" we had we had.

More people than I can recall at the Garden in some time. I can't recall making that many latte's at one sitting. Even a steamed half and half for Lorraine (whose comment about the coffee experience can not be extracted from me, but perhaps Pam Giltrow will reveal it? Lots of munchies and coffees. The machine puts out piping hot water for tea for those so interested. BTW, If you want a double or triple latte, bring your own oversize cup as Meeting's cups are average size. Save 5+ bucks on your Saturday "joe" and pull a few weeds in exchange in our amazing garden. Despite the "work", I can attest that there was connection amongst Friends and friends and across cultures. I'm thinking of renaming this, "Meeting for Worship with Attention to Gardening". Perhaps we could gather a few minutes before diving in. What say you? If you get there early to work and beat the heat, perhaps we could break for this, have refreshments and get back to it? Is 10 the time to start or should we look at 9'ish or 9:30?

The next time that I can be their is Saturday, May 19th. Ariel suggested that we get together once a month. Lorraine suggested weekly. As the convener, I can commit to every other week due to my work schedule at Urgent Care. I would suggest that those who want to come every week do so and search out direction from Lorraine if she is there or work an area that they feel attached to or weed plants that they know are invasive or water things that look parched. (Others please weigh in here).

For those who think every week is too much or even every other week is too much, I hear you. Come when you can. If you can commit to every 4 weeks (once a month), that would be great. No pressure to come more that you can.

Let's see (these are my observations and other/more activity could have, and likely did, occur).

Anne Beauchamp - Major Weeding to the west of the south central garden area.

Ariel Harrison (weeding and planning plus working on the drip before the 5th with Dave Wunker), Jan-Willem Jansens (extensive weeding in front of the and Roan ("my mom paid me 2 cents a weed and I pulled 54 weeds on the paths") and Rosie (who seemed to be hanging from low lying limbs on an apricot and letting me know when she would turn 7).

Dave Giltrow - not present on the 5th, but coordination with Dave Wunker about soaker hoses in the front of Meetinghouse.

Dave Wunker - Not present on the 5th but lots of weeding during the week (we emptied 2 trash barrels full of weeds into my truck from the prior week) and coordination with Ariel about the drip system

Lorraine Graham and her friend from Indonesia (oops, I don't know her name. Is it Julianne?) - Weeding all over and strategizing.

Pam Gilchrist - Weeding about the entrance to Meetinghouse, beneath the Apricot primarily.

Mary Ray Cate - Composting, screening finished compost and sreading it out front

Ted Pomeroy - Major weeding along the east path and into the south central garden area.

I trust that I haven't overlooked the presence or involvement of anyone.

I spent my time out front; weeding, amending the soil and watering it in.

People seem to have arrived before 10 AM and departed on their own schedules over the day. People were there from before 10 until after 5 and people stayed for 2-7 hours.

Future directions: Ariel is going to get with Dave Wunker about the drip and hand watering schedule for those things which are not on the drip. The areas that I see are in need are the front which either needs to be connected to a drip of some sorts as the soaker hoses aren't doing it (both the the east and west of the driveway) and the north end of the west side of the Meetinghouse where the drip seems to sop just short of the end of the vinca. You can see where it is much less vibrant than to the south of the first 5-10 feet as you enter through the gate.

There is much weeding to be done. Particularly in the southernmost central area and the back yard area. The Historic Santa Fe Foundation tour is this coming Sunday, Mother's Day. I can't be there this Saturday, but if anyone can come, weed, mow the "back 40" and tidy up, that would be great. If you're going to mow, bring your own mower.

Otherwise, I will be there with caffeine on the 19th. Then again, I can swing by with the caffeine machine this Saturday about 8:30 to provide specialty coffees for those who want to come this weekend, or you can come by UltiMed on Paseo de Peralta and I'll make you one to take with you to work at Meeting. Let me know what works.

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