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July 2012 Newsletter



Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Seventh Month 2012


Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 am and 11:00 am. First Day School is during the 11:00 am Meeting.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30am on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.

Sunday, 7/1 12:30 pm Potluck, Ministry and Oversight Committee at 1:30pm

Sunday, 7/8 10:10 am 2nd Sunday Friends Worship Sharing, Peace and Social Concerns at 12:30pm

Sunday, 7/15 12:30 pm Meeting for Worship for Business

Sunday, 7/22 12:30 pm Adult Education Committee Discussion

Sunday, 7/29 10:10 am Meeting for Muffins



The Monthly Query for the 7th month, 2012

"Are we careful to ensure that we leave time between spoken messages so that they may be absorbed by those for whom they are intended?"

(IMYM Faith and Practice, p. 119)




July 1 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 am meeting.


July 4 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.

July 8 – Second Sunday Worship Sharing: The topic will be "Interdependence." We will focus on the Dec. 2007 FJ Article "Friends Testimonies and Ecological Understanding." by Keith Helmuth. Paper copies of selections from this article will be available next to the birdhouse in the Meeting House library beginning Sunday July 1. The Worship Sharing will begin 10:10am and close at 10:50am Everyone interested in this vital topic is invited to pick up a copy of this exceptional article, read it, and join us! Suggestions of articles for future FJ worship sharings are enthusiastically invited, as well. Questions may be directed to Howard Shulman (984- 9908) or Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377.)


July 15 – Meeting for Worship to attend to business will meet shortly after the rise of the meeting.

July 22 - The Adult Ed committee invites you to attend discussions on the 4th First Day of every month. Call Wyn Lewis: 982-4588 for more info.

July 29 – Meeting for Muffins, The 9:00 am Meeting attenders will stay late and the 11:00 am Meeting attenders are invited to come early to share fellowship over muffins.

October 5-7: The Quaker Women’s Retreat: Please plan to join with Quaker women, details below.



A PASSIONATE PERSON, Submitted by Friend Mary Ray Cate

As recent newspaper articles have pointed out, New Mexico leads the nation in drug overdose death. For many of us this does not mean much as we have not been directly affected, unless we are impacted personally by a drug-related crime. The death a year or so ago of a young man once associated with our Meeting did bring the epidemic that is ravishing northern New Mexico closer to home for those of us who remembered him.

Some members of our Meeting seeking affordable housing have settled in the middle-class suburban sprawl of El Dorado, but one Friend chose an area with a different demographic. Instead of driving 30 minutes to the south, she looked north to Espanola, about a 40-minute drive from the Meetinghouse, for a reasonably priced home to buy.

Living in Espanola gives one a different perspective on the drug problem in our area. Numerous people in Espanola have had a member of their family become addicted to prescription pain pills or illegal opiates, and about half the high school students have had at least one close friend or relative die as a result. “Everywhere you turn someone is dying of an overdose, “ she notes.

What strikes our Friend is that the shame and stigma associated with drug addiction has kept family members from talking about the problem or lobbying for effective, affordable treatment options. It is the elephant in the living room that very few people who are directly affected want to talk about. And each year there seems to be less money for treatment of addiction.

Our Friend is not one to ignore social problems or remain silent in the face of injustice. She has been interested in social issues her entire life. So when she enrolled in the cinematography program at Northern New Mexico College to learn new job skills, she decided to make a film to bring more attention to the problem and to promote awareness of an effective new treatment available in Mexico and other countries, but not in the USA. Her goal is to change attitudes and create a constituency for change.

Making an in-depth documentary film is an expensive undertaking. Although our Friend has recorded many hours of footage and found important people to interview, the project is very large and requires more time, energy and money. She is now waiting for way to open and looking for additional ways to accomplish her goal.

In the meantime she has almost completed another film. Entitled “Quaker Kringlas,” it is an extended interview with Rebecca Henderson and Roxanne Seagraves, with a guest appearance by Thandi Seagraves, on the subject of Quaker leadings. Those of you who have read Rebecca’s fascinating book about Norwegian Quaker farmers in Iowa will know what kringlas are. A previous version of the film was shown at the most recent Quaker Women’s Retreat, and it has been extensively edited since then.

The film will be available with discussion questions for use in adult education programs and First Day school classes. Our Friend needs a partner to help her complete the project and finance the production and distribution of the DVDs. Film-making skills are not necessary, but interest, encouragement, and some money to invest would be very helpful in making “Quaker Kringlas” available to the wider Friends community.

Ever passionate about causes and faithful in following leadings, our Friend has recently immersed herself in a community-organizing project connected with the New Mexico statehood centennial. She is on the advisory board for a national organization, Votes for Women 2020. When she discovered that the grandmother of one of her friends in Espanola knew Adelina Otero Warren, the woman whose persistence led to the state legislature’s ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution, she and her friend started a local NM chapter of Votes for Women 2020 to encourage strong women and develop women leaders.

The new organization is sponsoring two dramatic presentations at the Espanola Public Library and an exhibit at the LaFarge Library in Santa Fe during the month of August. Community members are invited to come to the presentations with stories and photos of family members whose challenges and leadership have inspired them. Details of these events are available at:

Our Friend’s goal is to help northern New Mexican women develop the inner strength to be agents for change, as were their mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers.

So who is this passionate person, our Friend with so much creativity, energy and concern for social justice? Although modest and low-key, she is a good example of following leadings and letting one’s Light shine. If you haven’t guessed who she is by now, her name is Marguerite Kearns.


Minutes for Sixth Month

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends

Sixth Month, 24th Day, 2012. 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM.


Present: Bob Gaines (Clerk), Marguerite Kearns (Recording Clerk), John Kretzmann, Bettina Raphael, Rebecca Henderson, Mary Ray Cate, Steve Spencer, Michael Simon, Greg Cliburn, Wyn Lewis, Allen Winchester, Pamela Geyer, Catherine Yoder, David Giltrow, Pam Gilchrist, Irene Weber, Alan Rogers, Marty Carroll, Jan-Willem Jansens.

"Are we prepared to let go of our individual desires and let the Holy Spirit lead us to unity? Do we accept with grace a decision of the meeting with which we are not entirely in agreement?" - IMYM Faith and Practice, Queries, p. 121.

The meeting for worship for business began at 12:40 pm with silence.

(1.) Friends approved the Minutes of the Fifth Month with the following correction under Peace and Social Concerns: “Action item: Will Friends allow our name to be used as a co-sponsor of the Hiroshima Commemorative Weekend, August 3 through 6, 2012? We are not committing funds, BUT WILL [by] be named a co-sponsor. Friends approved this item.”

(2.) First Day School Parents Committee:

Jan-Willem Jansens gave an oral report about the meeting between the First Day School Parents Committee and the Future Planning Committee. Members of both committees brainstormed options, ideas, and visions. No conclusions were reached, other than to note future needs relative to young Friends and the pattern of teens dropping out for lack of space and a program. The optimum solution would be a room both for younger and older Friends. A survey to determine needs and a willingness to adopt change was identified as a possible direction to move toward. Committee members appear to be open to “grow organically toward solutions, rather than following a strategic planning approach.” Friends accepted the oral report from the First Day School Parents Committee meeting with the Future Planning Committee. No written report was provided for the minutes.

(3.) Future Planning Committee

Irene Webb and Bettina Raphael read the report from the Future Planning Committee and noted the importance of adding two names to those attending the June 24th meeting: Beverly Busching and Pam Gilchrist. The report summarized the Future Planning Committee’s role, its current activities and recommendations. It was noted that the Future Planning Committee is not a decision-making committee, but rather a committee with the charge of developing facts relevant for future planning for consideration by the Meeting’s members and attenders.

Anyone interested in offering input should do so in writing and submit it to Bettina Raphael, Irene Webb, or anyone else on the committee. Friends accepted the report of the Future Planning Committee, as amended with the two names. A digital copy of the Future Planning Committee report is included in the Appendix of these minutes for the sixth month.

(4.) Nominating Committee

Steve Spencer presented the names of those nominated for service with SFMM for a second reading. The names in bold on the list represent the first reading. See the entire list in the Appendix to these minutes. Friends accepted the report of the Nominating Committee and expressed appreciation for the committee’s hard work.

(5.) Garden Committee Report

Alan Rogers presented a report from the Garden Committee with the explanation that although he may be the convenor, the committee is not functioning as a decision-making and working group. Individual committee members volunteer, but there’s a lack of clarity about future direction and vision, as well as committee members available to commit to the hard work associated with garden maintenance.

Alan raised questions relative to the role that the garden plays in the life of SFMM and the alignment between Olive Rush’s vision and that of SFMM members and attenders. He suggested that future planning include the garden in its considerations and raised the question of what it would take to meet the basic level of upkeep needed for the garden to continue in its present state; putting the work out for bid is a consideration. Alan suggested that because volunteers are not available to give five to ten hours a week to the garden that Buildings and Grounds, as well as the Future Planning Committee, consider the possibility of paying an outside person for ongoing help. Appreciation was expressed for Alan’s concern and past contributions to the garden; for the benefits the garden makes to the environment as a habitat; and for the enjoyment the garden provides for many people, inside and outside of the SFMM community.

Friends approved the Garden Committee report, as well as the recommendation that the Garden Committee, Buildings and Grounds, and other interested individuals meet to propose recommendations about the SFMM garden’s future based on several areas of concern: short-term needs, long-term needs, ongoing maintenance, and the development of a long-term vision. Bettina will get this process started. Friends agreed that Bettina, Alan, and David Giltrow are authorized to determine an amount to spend on the garden to deal with the immediate priorities Alan identified in his report. The business meeting will decide next month from which account to draw the funds. The Garden Committee report is included in the Appendix to these Minutes.

(6.) Treasurer and Finance Committee Reports

Ted Pomeroy presented the report of the Treasurer and the May operating summary which are included in the Appendix to these Minutes. The report highlights the fact that the May balance reconciled with the bank statement and that the total receipts were greater than expenses. The goal for the next month is to have reports for each committee.

Friends accepted the report of the treasurer with gratitude. Ted reported for the Finance Committee that the bequest from the estate of Ann Baumann had been received. Friends approved the oral report of the Finance Committee. No hard or digital version of the Finance Committee report was available for inclusion in these Minutes.

(7.) Peace and Social Concerns:

An action item for consideration was SFMM’s co-sponsorship of the following conference: The Sabeel conference will be held in Albuquerque on September 28 and 29 at Immanuel Presbyterian Church. Sabeel is a Palestinian Christian organization founded in Jerusalem about a dozen years ago. The conference, entitled, “Justice: the Path to Peace in Palestine-Israel,” will run for two full days. The Santa Fe Friends P&SC committee recommended co-sponsorship. One member made a donation of $50. Friends expressed support for the sponsorship. See the Peace and Social Concerns report in the Appendix to these minutes for other issues under consideration.

Concern was expressed by two Friends about Pam Gilchrist’s participation in a hunger strike relative to the action in early August about the Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemoration. The hunger strike is part of the program. Pam said that she will consider all advice offered by individuals. Pam says she views the dialogue as a process to determine action from Spirit and she suggested a statement signed by SFMM be submitted to local newspapers presenting the historic Quaker position on disarmament. A clearness committee for Pam’s participation in the fast was proposed.

Friends accepted the Peace and Social Concerns report.

(8.) Ministry and Counsel:

Greg Cliburn presented the report which is included in the Appendix to these Minutes. He suggested that Friends watch the weekly digest for a recent letter that was sent to Friends who have been out of touch with SFMM.

Friends accepted Allen Winchester as a new member of SFMM. Friends welcomed him into the SFMM community.

Friends accepted the recommendation to release Roger Sanders and Ann Lown from membership.

Friends accepted the report.

(9.) Regional Meeting and Clerking Workshop

Wyn Lewis brought up the interest and need for a clerking workshop, for which SFMM has budgeted $600 for a clerking workshop November 9-11, 2012 in Albuquerque. Friends agreed to take this on. Three volunteers are needed to work on this event. The workshop is open to meetings all over New Mexico. Attendance is encouraged from SFMM members and attenders.

(10.) Resident’s Committee

Ted Pomeroy presented the report of the Resident’s Committee which is included in the Appendix to these Minutes. Friends accepted the report.

(11.) Announcements:

The July 8 Second Sunday Worship Sharing topic will be "Interdependence." We will focus on the Dec. 2007 FJ Article "Friends Testimonies and Ecological Understanding." by Keith Helmuth. Paper copies of selections from this article will be available next to the birdhouse in the Meeting House library beginning Sunday July 1. The Worship Sharing will begin 10:10 and close at 10:50. Everyone interested in this vital topic is invited to pick up a copy of this exceptional article, read it, and join us! Suggestions of articles for future FJ worship sharings are enthusiastically invited, as well. Questions may be directed to Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) or Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377.)

The Quaker Women’s Retreat: Please plan to join with Quaker women from around New Mexico and environs for a weekend of fun, relaxation, worship and sharing, October 5-7 at the Norbertine Retreat Center in Albuquerque ( The theme will be “Living from the Center.” We will consider the writings of Valerie Brown from her Pendle Hill Pamphlet, Living from the Center and Patricia Loring's Listening Spirituality I and II. And we will ask ourselves: "How do I center in meeting for worship" and "How do I move from "secular" life to the "sacred work of God"?”

Friends, whose schedules permit, are welcome to arrive on Friday afternoon, settle in, have dinner and relax. Saturday morning we will gather and center on our theme. There will be a time for worship sharing in the afternoon and in the evening we will come together to share personal projects, ideas and general musings. Throughout the day there will plenty of time for napping, hiking, journaling, relaxing, etc. Sunday morning will begin with a leisurely breakfast, followed by Meeting for Worship, a planning meeting for our spring retreat, lunch and packing and cleaning up.

Everyone is encouraged to attend as much of the retreat as they can. If joining us on Saturday for the day works for you, please do so. The cost will be $40 per person per night. Scholarship funds are available and some fund raising activities are in the works, so please do not let finances stand in your way.

Additional information and directions will follow in September. In the meantime, mark your calendar and feel free to contact Shelley Cohen with your questions at

The Meeting for Worship for Business ended at 2:45 p.m. with silence.

Appendix to the Minutes of the Sixth Month, 2012.

(1.) Report of the Nominating Committee

(2.) Garden Committee Report

(3.) Treasurer’s Report

(4.) Peace and Social Concerns

(5.) Ministry and Counsel

(6.) Resident’s Committee

(7.) Future Planning Committee

(1.) Report of the Nominating Committee

Co-Clerks of Meeting: Jan-Willem Jansens and Bob Gaines

Recording Clerk: Dave Wunker

Treasurer: Ted Pomeroy

Recorder: Philip Balcombe

Resident: Dave Wunker

Archivist: David Giltrow

Future Planning Committee: Co-Conveners Bettina Raphael and Irene Webb

Adult Education Committee: Wyn Lewis, Convener

Building Committee: David Giltrow

Communications and Newsletter Committee: Marcy Pompei, Convener

Committee on Conscientious Objection: Howard Shulman, Convener

Meeting for Worship Greeter: Rebecca Allahyari

Finance Committee: Frank Hirsch and Roxanne Seagraves co-conveners, with Ann Beauchamp and Catherine Yoder.

Garden Committee: Alan Rogers, Convener

Good Works Committee: Anna Darrah, Convener

Housekeeping Committee: Pam Geyer, Convener

History Committee: David Giltrow, Convener

Library Committee: Ted Pomeroy, assisted by Jonathan Ashworth

Ministry and Counsel Committee: Carolyn Sigstedt, Mary Ray Cate, Karen Kuranz, and Allen Winchester, (all starting at rise of June Meeting for Business, for 2 year terms, joining current members Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Ann Beauchamp, and Greg Cliburn)

Naming Committee: To be chosen by Meeting for Business

Nominating Committee: To be chosen by Naming Committee

Peace and Social Concerns Committee: Pam Gilchrist

Residence Committee: Co-Conveners Ted Pomeroy and Marty Carroll

Parents First Day School Committee: James Hogan, convener.

Worship Group Liaisons:

Las Vegas: David Henkel

Los Alamos: Martha Davis

South Santa Fe: Pam Gilchrist

Taos (Clearlight): Irene Webb

IMYM Continuing Committee: Jennifer Wellington

IMYM Nominating Committee: Rebecca Henderson

IMYM Finance Committee: Bettina Raphael NM Regional Representative.

AFSC Liaison: Co-Conveners: David Henkel and Mi'Jan Tho-Biaz

FCNL Liaison: Pam Gilchrist

Pendle Hill Liaison: Marty Carroll

NM Regional Meeting Liaison: Rebecca Henderson

Interfaith Leadership Alliance: Bob Gaines

(2.) Garden Committee Report

6th Month, 2012

Members of the committee continue to work on Saturdays with Lorraine and Alan alternating Saturdays and others joining in as able. Dave participates during the week as his schedule allows. A few Friends have attended the workdays. Weeding continues.

Attempts at getting the committee together to discuss issues raised at the last Business Meeting were unsuccessful. Friends did weigh in that the most important issue seemed to be getting the garden heavily mulched. To that end, Alan purchased 4 pickup loads (nearly 12 yards) of organic mulch from SF Greenhouses. Much of it purchased at a 20% discount to take advantage of a sale, One load has been spread with the assistance of Bob Gaines and Tammi Hayes in the southernmost bed. The other load was 1/2 spread with the assistance of Tammi Hayes. 2 additional loads remain to be picked up and spread.

Organic fertilizer was purchased for the general plantings and specifically for the roses. The northern bed (including the crab apple) was weeded, fertilized and mulched with the assistance of Tammi Hayes. Overgrown shrubs were thinned. The drip line about the crab apple was scratched in with fertilizer and hand watered.

Much work remains to be done. Few seem willing, or able, to participate in the work. A typical Saturday finds me with one other Friend and occasionally two. I would ask of Meeting to consider the role of the Gardening Committee. I would estimate that once the garden is running smoothly, that there are 5-10 hours of manual labor a week for a supervised crew for 8 months of the year. Getting to that level would seem to require a more intensive short term burst of dedicated labor. I have no idea how many hours that would take, perhaps 40-60?

Who is that crew? Certainly not Friends in our current configuration. Who is the supervisor? What role do Friends on the Gardening Committee wish to play? It would seem that coming occasionally to work fits the needs of most. But, the garden needs regular attention.

I attempted to hire a laborer, but he was unavailable and unreachable on the day agreed upon. I did the work myself, but can’t commit to doing that work to the level that is needed. Nor do I want to. I want to enjoy being in the garden and not feel that it is never ending work that needs many more (unwilling or unable) hands.

I would propose that we put this out for a bid. We do the same with Building maintenance. We don’t ask the Building Committee to undertake the major work on the building. We would need a group to decide on the scope of the work.

Truth be told, there really isn’t a Garden Committee per se, but rather a loosely knit group of people who care about the Garden and want to spend time working in it for a number of reasons, both personal and communal. My sense is that the Garden Committee might properly be laid down and rolled into the Building and Grounds Committee as far as decision making and planning and the Garden Committee could function more as “Friends interested in gardening.”

If Friends feel we should engage day laborers, then we need some method for arranging this.

In addition, there are two trees that need attention. I would propose that we hire an arborist for advice on the Mulberry and the ailing Apricot along the easy walkway.

There is the issue raised by Ted Pomeroy about the water bill. Friends need to address how to allocate the water bill that seems related to the landscaping. If it is felt that this should come out of the Gardening Committee budget, then the Garden Committee Budget should be amended to reflect this increased allocation.

It has come to my attention that it might be possible to request of the majordomo that whatever ditch rights we had, and lost, years ago be returned to us. Apparently there is a process.

As it is, I suspect that the Garden Committee is over-budget with a decision by me to purchase mulch when it was on a 20% off sale. I have receipts for the following:


3 yards Soil Mender Composted Cotton Burr Mulch $168.77


3 yards Soil Mender Composted Cotton Burr Mulch $168.77


3 yards Soil Mender Composted Cotton Burr Mulch $156

30# Soil Mender Rose Food $49.99

Dramm Brass Shut Off (Heavy Duty) (20% off) $15.19

Tax $18.11

Total $239.29


2.5 yards Soil Mender Composted Cotton Burr Mulch $130

Gilmour Metal Y Shutoff (20% off) $8.79

Tax $11.36

Total $150.15


40# Bag Yum-Yum Mix Fertilizer $44.99

Dramm 170 PL Water Breaker (20% off) $4.79

Tax $4.08

Total $53.86

Grand total materials $780.84

County Landfill (green waste-4/21/12) $6.10

County Landfill (green waste-5/27/12) $5.25

Total Landfill $11.35

County Landfill (Refrigerator-5/27/12) $10.50

I suspect that Dave Wunker and Ariel Harrison have receipts for the materials for the drip system maintenance and upgrades.

Respectfully submitted,

Alan Rogers

(3.) Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer's Report June 2012 Santa Fe Monthly Meeting

1) Our May accounts balance and have been reconciled with the bank statement.

2) A deposit was made in June for the bequest from the estate of Ann Baumann. The amount is $56,559.27, deposited to an account which earns a small amount of interest. The Finance Committee will follow up at their July meeting. At present it appears there is no directive or request on how these funds are to be used by the Meeting.

3) In the posted report note that Receipts are ahead of Payments, but that both are lower than in our budget projections. Also note that in this report the General Fund and the Maintenance Fund are separated. Maintenance is no longer considered a sub-category of our General Budget, which reflects our use of a separate bank account for Maintenance. (Maintenance receipts and payments recorded before the end of February will remain as posted under the General Funds Maintenance categories.)

4) We are now carrying New Meetinghouse, Future Planning and Play Structure as designated accounts per previous approval in Meeting for Business. Each of these has a balance as indicated.

Submitted by Ted Pomeroy, Treasurer


(4.) Peace and Social Concerns

Peace & Social Concerns report to the 6/24/2012 Worship With Attention to Business.

P&SC met on 6/10/2012 with Beverly Busching, Mary Ray Cate, Lorraine Graham, Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Jennifer Wellington and Pam Gilchrist attending.

1. The following information on the Sabeel Conference was posted to the digest two times per request of the meeting:

The Sabeel conference will be held in Albuquerque on September 28 and 29. Sabeel is a Palestinian Christian organization founded in Jerusalem about a dozen years ago.  The US arm is FOSNA--Friends of Sabeel North America.  The objective is to educate people on the injustices Palestinians face and try to find a way that will lead to peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Its official position calls for coexistence with Israel and support for the two-state solution. Sabeel's position can be found on the FOSNA website at

The conference, entitled - Justice: the Path to Peace in Palestine-Israel, will run for two full days. It will feature plenary talks by six speakers, as well as 12 workshops on various aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli situation, running concurrently in groups of four during three different time frames.

Two lunches and a dinner will be provided as part of the registration fee, which is $75 for both days, $45 for one day.

The Santa Fe Friends P&SC committee agreed to be a co-sponsor the Sabeel Conference. A member made a donation of $50.

Action: Would Santa Fe Friends Meeting be a co-sponsor of the Sabeel conference?

2. Information on Jennifer Wellington’s two IMYM interest groups on sustainable agriculture were sent to all IMYM clerks and continuing committee members with a request that the information be emailed to members of their meetings. Colorful posters were created and posted at IMYM.

3. In conjunction with the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemoration, the P&SC members will write a letter to the editor, or a my view, regarding the Hunger Strike which begins on July 16; the day of the atomic bomb test at the Trinity site in 1945.

We discussed the possibility of a candlelight vigil to take place at dusk at the time of the Hunger Striker’s last supper on the 15th - possibly at the Capital East Plaza.

Pam has committed to participate in the Hunger Strike July 16 – August 6. Beverly will serve as point person to coordinate transportation for occasional trips to Los Alamos if needed.

4. At our 7/8/2012, P&SC meeting we will discuss the feasibility of hosting a forum for Martin Heinrick and Heather Wilson – perhaps in coalition with others.

Pam Gilchrist

(5.) Ministry and Counsel

Ministry and Counsel Committee Report

Sixth Month 2012

Ministry and Counsel Committee met on the Third Day of Sixth Month at 1:30 p.m. in the Meetinghouse.

Present: John Kretzmann, (Co-Clerk), Rebecca Henderson (Co-Clerk), Ann Beauchamp, Greg Cliburn, Bob Gaines (ex-officio), Pam Gilchrist

Meeting Time for Seventh Month: July 1, 1:30, First Day School Room.

Fifth Month Minutes: Postponed to Seventh Month, as most members had not had an opportunity to review.

Check-Ins: We briefly shared consideration of our various situations. This was the last committee meeting for Bob, Pam, Rebecca, and John. We are grateful for their loving work on behalf of the Meeting.

Observations of the Spiritual Life of the Nine O’Clock and 11 O’Clock Canyon Road Meetings for Worship: At 11 o’clock, attendance is strong and vocal ministry is deep. Attenders at nine o’clock continue to give special attention to the care of an attender in trouble.


Meeting Closings for Seventh Month: Ann will close 11 o’clock meeting for worship.

Query for Seventh Month: Continuing in the Worship section of the IMYM Advices and Queries, “Are we careful to ensure that we leave time between spoken messages so that they may be absorbed by those for whom they are intended?”

Absent Members and Members at a Distance: Bob reported that letters have been sent to identified members by e-mail when possible (15), and otherwise by “snail mail” (25). Some have been returned as undeliverable, and some responses have been received. Bob will continue to report to the committee as more responses come in.

  • Judith Duncan. Letter returned as undeliverable. Judith’s address is in El Prado; Rebecca will ask Irene Webb of the Taos Worship Group to follow up.

  • Ann Lown. Refused multiple phone calls from Pam.

  • Barbara Reily and Zeke. Have reaffirmed their desire to continue as members.

  • Roger Sanders. Unable to contact.

The committee aims to conclude this project by the beginning of Ninth Month. Meanwhile, we will publish the “absent and distant members” letter for all to read in the weekly digest, with an introduction by Rebecca. Later in the project we will publish the names of those members we have tried to contact but have not heard back from. At a later time the committee will take up questions about the status of those who were junior/associate members, those who may believe themselves to be members by virtue of having “grown up in the Meeting,” and whether to encourage those living at a distance to transfer their membership to a nearby meeting, as recommended in Faith and Practice.

Membership: Action items:

  • The committee received the report of the clearness committee and recommends that the Meeting accept Allen Winchester as a member. John will contact Allen.

  • As a result of the process of attempting to contact absent and distant members, the committee recommends that the Meeting terminate the memberships of Ann Lown and Roger Sanders, in keeping with IMYM Faith and Practice, pp. 86-87.

Memorial Minutes: John is committed to completing the minute for Joanne McCaffrey and is trying to get input from Don. Rebecca asks that the new committee take up work on the minute for Jean Malcomb; we will try to get a copy of a minute from her home meeting.

Care of Individuals: We considered the various situations of individuals under our care.

Worship Groups:

  • Irene Webb is the new liaison for Taos.

  • The clerk of the Meeting will communicate to the IMYM clerk that Tres Piedras is now under our care; Mary Wyse will keep Ann informed about Tres Piedras.

  • Pam and John, who are both on the Future Planning Committee, will look into how to ensure South Santa Fe is appropriately included in that committee’s work.

  • We do not have news from Las Vegas or Los Alamos.

We are reminded that Ministry and Counsel should make sure worship groups are informed about activities of the quarterly and yearly meetings. Liaisons should remind members who attend worship groups to consider their financial support of the Meeting.

Closing Meeting for Worship. More discussion is needed about standard announcements (identifying Ministry and Counsel members, opportunities for service to the Meeting, signing up for e-mails and newsletter, etc.).

Committee Transition. Greg will convene the committee’s Seventh Month meeting and will contact Nominating Committee about who will serve as committee clerk. Rebecca will organize committee records and circulate a draft “calendar” of committee tasks and responsibilities. We recommend to Nominating Committee that Allen Winchester be added to Ministry and Counsel as a representative of the South Santa Fe worship group.

Prepared on behalf of the Ministry and Counsel Committee by Greg Cliburn

(6.) Resident’s Committee

Residence Committee Report to June Meeting for Business:

As requested by Business Meeting, the Residence Committee has met with our Resident, Dave Wunker, for our six-month check-in, at 1:00 on June 8. Our committee's sense is that the meeting seems comfortable with Dave, and appreciative of his work and presence. Dave seems comfortable with his position as well. No major issues were presented. Dave is still committed to staying until at least the start of summer 2013. When we meet with him again in December of this year, we will get a better sense of whether he wishes to stay longer than that, or not. We heard about his vacation plans for this summer, and considered ways to cover his responsibilities during his absences. Some are still not resolved, in particular the issue of feeding Sasha, the Meetinghouse cat and mouser, during Dave's absences. However, we have planned various avenues to pursue in resolving this matter. We adjourned at 2:00. Addendum: Dave has managed to fix the coyote fence that was falling over between our grounds and Alice Parrot's house, using metal supports and a post-hole digger. Much appreciated!

Submitted by Ted Pomeroy for the committee

(7.) Future Planning Committee

June 24, 2012

FPC Committee members include Frank Hirsch, David Giltrow, John Kretzmann , Irene Webb, Bettina Raphael, Carolyn Stevenson, Martha Davis, and Guthrie Miller. Friends who have attended and contributed to our meetings include Phillip Balcomb, Wyn Lewis, and Betsy Lombardy.

Recap of Future Planning Comm.’s role: The FPC was formed a number of years ago to address a concern in Meeting that the current space is not adequate and to evaluate alternatives; this group has recently been revitalized; concerns have focused on the current space not being comfortable or conducive to Meeting, inadequate space for children, especially given age range, current space limits the growth of the Meeting community, parking remains a problem, and at the same time there is significant attachment to the current facility . Some feel strongly that the current space makes it very challenging to provide a welcoming environment to new attendees and their children

Current Activities:

1. The Comm. is consulting with other Meetings that have gone through a building process or consideration of a change in their facilities to learn from their experiences and to see what communication approaches have worked best for involving the entire Meeting in such discussions and in seeking discernment of solutions.

2. Members of the Comm. have volunteered to gather specific information on concrete short term and long term options for an expanded worship space in order to bring a full picture of possibilities, pros and cons to the body of the Meeting in the near future.

3. The Comm. is proceeding with a survey of the Canyon Road property, which should take place within the next week or two using Southwest Mountain Surveys with the aid of Colin Holloway.

4. Members of FPC met with the First Day School Committee to share ideas and visions for facilities.

Current Recommendations from FPC:

1.The FPC will meet every month on the second Tuesday at 5:30 PM except the first week in July on the 3rd. Meetings will be held at the Canyon Road Meeting House.

2. Members of the committee will develop a pamphlet with details about the different options being considered and some history of the meeting house and past efforts to accommodate more attendees on Sundays.

3. Incoming clerks might consider attending our meetings. Conveners of other committees might try to attend as well. For example: Rebecca Miles will attend FPC and provide coordination and with FDS.

4. M&O might provide a set of queries to help clarify the desires and vision of Meeting members and to help discern why people have left Meeting in the past.

5. Anyone interested in offering his/her thoughts please do so in writing if possible and email or mail/hand to Bettina Raphael or Irene Webb.

The Comm. does not have any action item for Business Meeting at present .

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