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February 2012 Newsletter

Letter to Friends


Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends


Second Month 2012


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.


Sunday, 2/05 12:30 p.m. Potluck, Discussion: Service Projects as a Meeting-wide and inclusive activity; Ministry and Counsel 1:30 p.m.

Sunday, 2/12 10:10 2nd Sunday Worship Sharing: “Love is Rigorous”; Peace and Social Concerns 12:30 p.m.

Sunday, 2/19 12:30 Meeting for Worship for Business and annual Corporation Meeting

Sunday, 2/26 12:30 Adult Education Committee Discussion, “Discernment and Clearness Committees”


The Monthly Query for the 2nd Month, 2012:

“How do I discern the source of a leading. How do I know when to speak?”




Corporation annual meeting in February in conjunction with Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business: Second Month, 19th Day at rise of regular 11AM Meeting for Worship (12:30 p.m.).


Feb. 2: Lutheran Advocacy (Lobbying) Training, at Christ Lutheran Church, Arroyo Chamiso Road, contact Beverly Busching for details. Luncheon, Thursday, February 2. To register or for more information contact Beverly Busching, 984-8742, for reservations.


Feb. 5: February Potluck discussion topic: Service Projects as a Meeting-wide and inclusive activity.

Feb. 5: Ministry and Counsel, 1:30 p.m.


Feb. 8: People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.


Feb.12: The topic for our Second Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing on February 12th will be the December 2011 FJ article "Love Is Rigorous" by Brian Drayton. Copies of the article will be available next to the birdhouse in the library after January 15. All interested persons are enthusiastically encouraged to attend! We begin at 10:10 and close at 10:50. Friends are also encouraged to suggest other FJ articles they would like to consider at future worship sharings. For questions or further information, please contact Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) or Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377). (You may notice that we have changed the word "discussion" to "worship sharing." It is more descriptive of the intent of the gathering.)

Feb. 12- Peace & Social Concerns, Second First Day, 12:30 p.m.


Feb. 19: Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business at rise of 11:00 a.m. Worship (12:30 p.m.) this month combined with a Corporation Annual Meeting.


Feb. 26: Adult Education Discussion: "Discernment, including its use in the Clearness Committee process," at rise of 11:00 a.m. Worship. The Adult Ed committee invites you to attend discussions on the 4th First Day of every month. The series for January through May will focus on Quaker Disciplines/Practices. Topics are to be determined. Mar. 25, April 22, May 27 Save the Dates. Call Wyn: 982-4588 or Ted: 570-9967 for more info. Suggested readings include: Discernment readings, most of which are available in the Canyon Road library:

Barbour, Hugh, "Five Tests for Discerning a True Leading," (based on his 1964 book: "The Quakers of Puritan England") Tract Association of Friends, on the web at:

Five Tests for Discerning a True Leading (

Bieber, Nancy, "Descision Making and Spiritual Discernment, The Sacred Art of Finding Your Way," 2010, Skylight Paths, 195 pages .

Conti-Entin, Carol "Improvisation & Spiritual Discernment, Continuing the Divine Human Duet," 1989, Pendle Hill Pamphlet, #288 .

Keane, Sheila, "Prayer: Beginning Again," 1998, Pendle Hill Pamphlet, #33.

Loring, Patricia, "Listening Spirituality, vol. 1, Personal Spiritual Practices Among Friends," 1997, Openings Press, 208 pages .

Loring, Patricia, "Spiritual Discernment: the Context and Goal of Clearness Committees Among Friends," 1992, Pendle Hill Pamphlet, #305.

Martin, Marcelle, "Invitation to a Deeper Communion," 2003, Pendle Hill Pamphlet, #366 .

Wajda, Michael, "Expectant Listening: Finding God's Thread of Guidance," 2007, Pendle Hill Pamphlet, #388.



April 13,14 and 15 New Mexico Regional Meeting in Albuquerque. Please reserve the dates. We are delighted to announce that Ruth Flower, from FCNL, will join us as speaker. Her topic will be "Taking Heart Messages into Action". Regional will begin Friday evening at 5:30 p.m. with a soup supper. We then have the wonderful opportunity of viewing the AFSC produced art exhibit, "Windows and Mirrors," an installation of twenty-five panels depicting the war in Afghanistan through the eyes of Afghan children and U.S. professional artists. This exhibit has been touring nationally and is brought to Albuquerque by an interfaith ad hoc group headed up by Quakers. We will offer worship sharing at the exhibit from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Friday evening. Saturday morning Ruth Flower will make her presentation beginning at 9:30 a.m.. Ruth has worked at Friends Committee on National Legislation in varying capacities beginning in 1981. Currently she lobbies on the federal budget, military spending, immigration and other domestic issues. She is a member of Adelphi Friends Meeting of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. She is also a member of the California and Federal bars. Meeting for Worship for Business will be held after Saturday lunch. Later in the afternoon whoever is interested can gather for discussion of Quaker response to the Occupy/UnOccupy Movement in New Mexico. Items TBA. Sunday morning 9:00 AM will be worship sharing and Worship at 10:30 am.

This is a longer Regional than we have had lately. We very much hope that people will be able to arrive Friday night in time to view “Windows and Mirrors,” a powerful statement against war. Albuquerque Monthly Meeting will offer housing hospitality. A registration form will be available very soon. Please mark your calendars for regional now.


April 20, 21 and 22: New Mexico Quaker Women's Retreat at Juniper Hill, where the Las Vegas Worship Group Meets, near Las Vegas, NM. The theme will be “Weaving the Fabric of our Lives.”


The passing of Ann Baumann, age 84, of Santa Rosa, CA, is noted. She was the daughter of Gustave and Jane Baumann and was a generous supporter of Santa Fe Friends Meeting.


Resource reminder: "Agencies that can help your family as prepared by Adelante!" at


CCI, The Center for Cultural Interchange, invites you and your family to experience the enriching and rewarding experience of becoming a volunteer host family. Bring the world home-- host an exchange student with CCI.

You will make the lifelong dream of an international student come true and contribute in a small but significant way to global peace and understanding. Exploring your differences, discovering surprising similarities, and teaching your new host son or daughter about your way of life, values and beliefs. Imagine sharing the beauty, history and culture of America with an inquisitive, teenage foreign exchange student from Russia, Vietnam, Brazil, Germany, Korea, Spain, or one of 60 other countries!

We ask that host families provide a separate bed, which can be in a shared room and a quiet place to study, three daily meals and local transportation (students are not permitted to drive while on the program). The program is open to families with kids of any age, as well as families with no children at home and even singles.

Please contact your Local Coordinator for CCI, Kirsten Szykitka, at (360) 643-3951 or for further information on becoming a host family or if you know someone who may be interested.

Kirsten Szykitka , Local Coordinator , Center for Cultural Interchange and Greenheart

The Greenheart of Cultural Exchange

Santa Fe | New Mexico

Phone: (360) 643-3951,,


2012 Meeting Directories (inside Santa Fe and outside Santa Fe) are available upon request from Bob Gaines (


Members/Attenders are reminded the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting accepts Automatic Contributions for donation; most banks and credit unions now offer a service -- typically free -- which allows you to set up an automatic payment on any frequency you desire. There are two ways you might be able to set up an automatic payment: 1. Your bank or credit union will mail a check to the Meeting at 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501; or 2. Your bank or credit union will transfer the money electronically to the Meeting's account at Guadalupe Credit Union (contact the treasurer for the Meeting's account number and GCU routing number). More information at


Peace and Social Concern Opportunities for 2012:

1. P&SC, working with the Continuing Committee, supports bringing environmental issues to IMYM for one or possibly two afternoon interest groups. We will help promote the workshop(s) in advance in other Meetings in order to increase attendance. We also will help to:

b. Offer environment related videos for viewing at IMYM in the evening.

c. Greening the Yearly Meeting itself

d. Writing a Minute to be presented as an action item for business meeting.

e. Developing a youth-produced media

2. SFFM to consider ways we may support the asylum seekers sheltered by the Westminster Presbyterian Church. Arrange for Cipriana Girado to speak to us.

3. Form a working group considering Sabbath/moral economics.


Members are reminded to go to for current action information from the Friends Committee on National Legislation.


Please send newsletter comments or suggestions to Marcy Pompei at



Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business


Meeting for Worship for Business, First Month, 15th Day, 2012


Present: Rebecca Henderson (Clerk for the day), Peggy Giltrow, John Kretzmann, Pam Gilchrist, Steve Spencer, Shelley Cohen, David Giltrow, Mary Ray Cate, Dave Wunker, Pamela Geyer, Jan-Willem Jansens, Ted Pomeroy (Recording Clerk for the day)


“How well do our meetings for business lead to a corporate search for and revelation of the Light?” IMYM Faith and Practice, Queries, p. 120.


Meeting for Worship for Attention to Business began at 12:45PM with silence.


Friends approved the Minutes of the Twelfth Month of 2011, with one correction to the spelling of Marcy Pompei's name in the Ministry and Counsel Report.


The Corporation Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Meeting for Worship for Attention to Business on the Second Month, 19th Day at the rise of the regular 11AM Meeting for Worship. (about 12:30 PM)


Naming Committee Report, Peggy Giltrow, the Naming Committee is pleased to recommend the following three names for Meeting Approval as the new Nominating Committee: Ann Lindsay, Steve Spencer and Mi'Jan Tho-Biaz. Respectfully submitted, Peggy Giltrow and Allen Winchester.

Steve Spencer agreed to be convener of the first meeting of this committee.

We ask the new Nominating Committee to confer with the former Nominating Committee, as the latter are willing to assist. We thank the Naming Committee for their work.

Friends approve the report of the Naming Committee.


First Day School Committee, Jan-Willem Jansens,

First Day School Committee has been considering service projects, but feels that this is beyond the curriculum of First Day School. First Day School may ask the teens to assist within FDS, but the Committee asks Meeting or the Peace and Social Concerns Committee to consider service projects which would be inclusive and intergenerational. FDS parents and teens considered a Quaker 101, but had only two replies. For the time being, instead of a new course they will suggest that those interested take advantage of the Second First Day Worship Sharing based on Friends Journal articles which meets from 10:10AM to 10:45 AM on second First Day each month and the Fourth First Day Adult Education which meets at rise of 11AM Meeting for Worship, Adult Education is currently offering a Four month series on “Discernment and Quaker Practices.”


First Day School Committee presents their work on a play structure for the Garden:

-There are two structures which recommend themselves for installation: one used, made of wood and available for nominal cost (transportation and re-assembly in our garden) or a new wooden structure costing about $1500.

-Location could be either: a) in the South end of the garden where we are now composting, b) in the Southwest corner which is not currently in use except for some piles of soil and other excess materials, or c) where the current clothes drying pole and line are. They recommend b)- the Southwest corner.

-Site preparation is integral to the project: a) grading, b) proper anchor footing for the structure, c) appropriate ground cover of shredded rubber tires (preferred over sand or wood chips)

-A bench for parents/caregivers to be included as a part of the project

A further consideration is necessary maintenance after the project is finished, in order to ensure continued safety and soundness of the structure and all its parts.


Building Committee is in agreement, most especially in the recommendation of the shredded rubber tire material and southwest location.


We thank the First Day School Committee for their work and research. If Friends have questions about this proposal, they are encouraged to contact the First Day School Committee.


Minute of the Meeting:

We have heard the plans of the First Day School Committee for a play structure in the southwest corner of the Garden. They have conferred with the Building Committee, who concur. Our understanding is that our property insurance would cover liability without needing to make any additions to that policy. We ask that Friends participate in fund raising for this project. We ask that funds from the Janette Young Fund be used also. We authorize expenditure of up to $2,500 for this project which will be carried out by the first day school committee and others who wish to help.


Minute of the Meeting:

Meeting discussed the suggestion of First Day School Committee that we have a Meeting-wide service project. We know there are many opportunities for service projects. People participating in or knowing of a service projects can post information on the First Day School bulletin board and invite teens to join them by supplying contact information. We lay this aside for further discussion at the Potluck in February on the first First Day of that month, (February 5th). This discussion will be convened by Peace and Social Concerns Committee.

The report of the first day school committee is attached.


Treasurer's Report: Report Highlights:

1.Bank Accounts and Fund Balances: The year ended with a total of $34, 458 in the bank divided between our checking account, savings account, Certificates of Deposit and Money Market. Meeting currently has two funds dedicated to our on-going expenses (utilities, insurance, supplies, maintenance, etc.), the General Fund and the Maintenance Fund and eight restricted fund accounts: Olmstead, Sufferings, Turkle, Adult Education, Young, New Meetinghouse, New Meetinghouse “Bricks and Mortar” and Emergency Assistance. The balances in each of our bank accounts and funds at year-end are detailed in the respective reports.


2.Income and Expense Statements: These reports detail our income and expenses for the year in our two most active accounts, the General Fund and the Maintenance Fund, and compares that activity to last year.

General Fund: The total income into the General Fund was $30,115 about the same as last year’s income of $30,072 and a noteworthy $2,499 increase over our projected income for the year. Our total expenses the year were $25,117 including our IMYM assessment and Good Works contributions. Subtracting total expenses from our total income, leaves a net income of $3,299.

    Maintenance Fund: The total income to the Maintenance Fund from Guest Apartment rental and Meetinghouse Use by community groups was $11,414, an increase of $2,414 over the $9,000 projected income. Maintenance expenses exceeded our income by $898; however, due to the carry over to that fund from last year our current balance in the Maintenance Fund is $6,034.

3. Good Works Detail and IMYM Assessment: Meeting’s contributions to other organizations are divided into two categories: Broader Quaker Concerns and Local Community Needs. These contributions come from the General Fund. A total of $2,975 was contributed to Broader Quaker Concerns and $2,750 was contributed to Local Community Needs. Meeting’s annual contribution to Intermountain Yearly Meeting also appears here ($3,115) as do scholarships for meeting members and attenders to participate in activities of the wider Quaker community. This year’s total contribution was an increase of $513 over last year’s. Note Friends Peace Teams ($150) and Quaker Earthcare Witness ($75) did not receive their second disbursement due to Treasurer’s oversight.

Respectfully submitted, Shelley Cohen, Treasurer


We thank the Treasurer for her detailed reports. Treasurer's Year End Report is attached to the minutes. The Year End Report is a part of our minutes and will also be available on the Meeting webpage at

Friends accept the report.


Finance Committee, no report. Finance committee will meet next week.


Ministry and Counsel Report, John Kretzmann, see full report attached to the minutes.

Friends accept the report. We approve the query for February and encourage Ministry and Counsel to think about more diversity of topics for the queries than there has been recently.


Peace and Social Concerns, Pam Gilchrist, see full report attached to the minutes.

Friends accept the report.


Minute of the Meeting:

We have read An Open Letter from New Mexico Religious Leaders

to the New Mexico State Legislators.” Several of our members have signed this letter. We will post a copy of this letter in the Digest and if anyone wishes to sign, they may e-mail Holly Beaumont at


Minute of the Meeting:

We approve sending a letter to legislators Brian Egolf and Peter Wirth. under the Clerk’s signature, indicating our opposition to repeal of New Mexico’s drivers license bill. We ask Ted Pomeroy and Rebecca Henderson to draft this letter, including moral as well as economic arguments for keeping the law. the proposed text, approved by Bob Gaines, follows:


The Santa Fe Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), meeting at their business meeting on January 15th, strongly supports the 2003 New Mexico Law that enables people residing within our state who do not have a social security number, to use instead their federal tax identification number, along with proof of residency to obtain a New Mexico driver's license. Since this legislation went into effect in 2003, the number of uninsured motorists has decreased from 21% to 9%. Over 17 million dollars additional revenue has been received by MVD for license and registration fees because of the law.

The argument for keeping the 9 year old current driver's license law is more than economic. There is the argument for justice and equality. The law currently provides a way all New Mexico drivers to comply with existing regulations with dignity and honor. Discontinuing the driver's license program for recent immigrants would create a group within our state that does not have equal rights and responsibilities. They would face even more discrimination in housing and seeking work and earning a decent living. Any re-verification and renewal requirements must apply equally to all drivers. Anything else would be unfair to all of us.

We want to let you know that you have our support in OPPOSING REPEAL of the 2003 driver's license law. You may share this statement with other legislators if you would find that helpful.

On Behalf of the Meeting, Bob Gaines, Clerk.


Building Committee Report, David Giltrow, see attached report.

Friends accept the report of the Building Committee, and ask friends to prepare for further discussion of the idea of beginning to set aside funds for eventual meeting house roof repair.


Resident's Report, Ted Pomeroy, see attached report. Note that Dave Wunker the new Resident is present.

Friends accept the Resident's report.



Corporation annual meeting in February in conjunction with Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business: Second Month, 19th Day at rise of regular 11AM Meeting for Worship.


The topic for our Second Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing on February 12th will be the December 2011 FJ article "Love Is Rigorous" by Brian Drayton. Copies of the article will be available next to the birdhouse in the library after January 15. All interested persons are enthusiastically encouraged to attend! We begin at 10:10 and close at 10:50. Friends are also encouraged to suggest other FJ articles they would like to consider at future worship sharings. For questions or further information, please contact Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) or Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377). (You may notice that we have changed the word "discussion" to "worship sharing." It is more descriptive of the intent of the gathering.)


Peace and Social Concerns Committee reminds all of the Rally at the Roundhouse, Tuesday, January 17, from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM.


Immigrant Day of Action, January 24, 2012, details to be posted in the Digest.


New Mexico Regional Meeting in Albuquerque the weekend of April 13,14 and 15. Please reserve the dates.


New Mexico Quaker Women's Retreat at Juniper Hill, where the Las Vegas Worship Group Meets, near Las Vegas, NM, April 20,21 and 22. The theme will be “Weaving the Fabric of our Lives.”


The passing of Ann Baumann, age 84, of Santa Rosa, CA, is noted. She was the daughter of Gustave and Jane Baumann and was a generous supporter of Santa Fe Friends Meeting.


Lutheran Advocacy (Lobbying) Training, February 2nd, at Christ Lutheran Church, Arroyo Chamiso Road, contact Beverly Busching for details. Luncheon, Thursday, February 2. To register or for more information contact Beverly Busching, 984-8742, for reservations.


February Potluck discussion topic: Service Projects as a Meeting-wide and inclusive activity.


Meeting for Business adjourned at 3:15 pm.


Reports for Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business follow:


First Day School (FDS)/Parents Committee Meeting 1/8/2012 Committee Meeting Minutes

PRESENT: Beverley Weiler, James Hogan, Jan-Willem Jansens; Marty Carroll was absent


  1. Follow-up on previous meeting notes

  2. Review/Update goal statement

  3. Quaker 101 program needs/interest update

  4. Play structure update

  5. Confirmation of next meeting date/time and agenda; who will report to Business Meeting?



No comments other than covered in agenda items below.


Service Projects: Beverley suggested that it’s too much for Marty to take this on. We need to find people in Meeting to take it on.


JW mentioned that we decided in the last meeting to let it rest. Marty was willing to offer teens service tasks in relation and support of curriculum; i.e. to help her.


James mentioned that in the past teen parents mentioned that there is no immediate need for service projects; teens are already very busy at school with service projects, and are not ready to work on other service projects, such as through Meeting.


We will ask Meeting (M&C) to consider whether Meeting wants to take on service projects, and if so, how and what. Then we’ll have to see what role FDS can and might play in this, and if it inspires teens and others in FDS to take on a part of it.



No other comments were received. However, we reviewed the goal statement and suggested a shortened phrasing:


It is our goal to create an optimally enabling FDS environment that meets the diversity of needs of children, parents, teachers, and Meeting in general. We do this in such a way that we address immediate and structural/long-term concerns and needs regarding FDS facilities, processes, communication, and curriculum.



Rebecca Allahyari reported that Lila is interested in a Quakerism 101 program; perhaps best to be scheduled in the summer. No other feedback was received. The M&C Committee has advised that people interested in a Quaker 101 program perhaps check out first the Quaker Spirituality Discussion Group meetings on Second First Day from 10:10 – 10:50 am and the Adult Education meeting every Fourth First Day at Rise of Meeting until about 2:00 pm to see if that meets their needs. We’ll table the item for the time being and may pick it up again when a greater expression of need arises.



Ariel found a used structure online (brand “Rainbow”, a top-of-the line brand). It’s 8-10 years old, in good condition and rather big. 2 swings + tire swing, slide; look out tower; climbing wall; and a 3rd “saucer” swing. The company can come to disassemble and reassemble it for a reasonable fee. The structure is made of wood and has be maintained yearly with linseed oil. We need to confirm insurance concerns of Meeting. Ariel inquired with Meeting’s insurance agency and learned that there is no insurance claim problem with obtaining a used structure from the insurer’s point of view. JW will talk with Bob Gaines; to be discussed further in Business Meeting.


Rebecca and James report that the best option is still the product “Lookout”: about $1,500; size 21’x10’. Rebecca checked with Sam’s Club: nothing suitable.


Next steps: Ground cover?; Bench?;Total cost?; Realistic budget?


James and JW looked at available space and concluded that we cannot accommodate a structure that is much better than the ones proposed (21’x10’), given that we need space around it for safety and play space.



  • Confirm insurance issues w/Business Meeting

  • Confirm size of used structure; Take a look at the used structure

  • Make a budget and fund raising plan:

      Structure (costs or transportation & installing): New: approx. $1,500; used: TBD

      Grading: in-kind (do ourselves); perhaps $100 for rental of supplies (tiller?)

      Foundation system (concrete, fasteners): $100 for supplies; in kind labor

      Ground cover: shredded rubber or wood chips (perhaps $200)

      Bench: perhaps $200

  • Total costs $2,000 - $2,500 – to be raised. Fund raising plan TBD.

Next meeting:

JW will try to report next week to Business Meeting.

Next FDS meeting: February 12 at 10:00 am.

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Review previous meeting notes and goal statement

  2. Play structure: confirmation of plan options and details and location; fund raising plan development

  3. Curriculum review and assistance needs for Marty

  4. Next meeting



Treasurer's Report:

2011 Year End Income and Expense Statement: General Fund

January 1 to December 31








Annual Budgeted

Actual to Date

Difference to Date

Actual 2010 Year End

General Fund










Donations, Interest, Etc.






Transfer from AE Fund





Transfer from Turkle Fund





Transfer from Olmstead Fund





Transfer from New Meetinghouse Fund





Total Income










Transfer to Sufferings Fund





FDS staff





FDS supplies





Child Care





Teen Programs





Young Adult Friends





Adult Education





Subscriptions for library





Library books










Conscientious Objection






























Peace & Social Concerns





Future Planning















MH supplies
















IMYM travel







$ 583








IMYM Assessment





Good Works










Total Expenses










Net Income







Ministry and Counsel Report to Business Meeting


First Month 8th 2012

1:30 p.m., First Day School Room


Present: John Kretzmann, (Co-clerk), Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Rebecca Henderson (Co-clerk), Greg Cliburn,. Pam Gilchrist and Bob Gaines sent regrets.


Meeting Time for February: February 5th, 1:30, First Day School Room


December Minutes: Approved with a note that the change in the Ministry and Counsel Meeting date from New Years Day to January 8th was not noted in the minutes.


Check-Ins: We briefly shared consideration of our various situations.


Observations of the Spiritual Life of the 9:00 and 11:00 Canyon Road Meetings.

We think things are going well in both Meetings.


Meeting Closings for February: Greg Cliburn except for February 12th. John Kretzmann will be backup.


Query for February: Continuing in the Worship Section of IMYM Advices and Queries, “How do I discern the source of a leading. How do I know when to speak?”


First Day School: Njoroge reported his observations. Parents of teens want somehow to teach the teens about their faith. What do we do in Meeting? Parents want their teens to get a sense of how and where Quakerism fits in with other major religions. The idea to do community service was laid aside because the teens do that kind of work through the schools. Rebecca will be in touch with Wyn Lewis to follow up from our notes in the December minutes.


Care of Individuals: We discussed what additional news we have, and what additional support might be needed for the eighteen Friends we hold in our care. If other Friends have cares or concerns they wish to discuss with Ministry and Counsel, contact the co-clerks, John Kretzmann or Rebecca Henderson.


Membership: Greg Cliburn (as a former M & C clerk) received communication from Mary Gamble Wyse inquiring about her membership in Santa Fe Meeting. If anyone knows anything about her membership, please contact Rebecca Henderson. Also, if anyone knows of the location of Ministry and Counsel minutes for the 1990’s, and from 2006 to 2010, let us know. We will even accept minutes mysteriously left upon our doorstep. Does anyone have electronic M & O files from these two periods?


Worship Groups:

Los Alamos. Martha Davis and Jonathan Thron-Weber are currently hosting meetings for worship.

Taos Clearlight. No news. We need to inquire about visiting in the spring.

Las Vegas. No new news of note.

Southside. No news.


Absent Members: We read through the list of members of the Santa Fe Meeting prepared by Bob Gaines. We will return to this again, to try to sort out which members are in which worship groups. Rebecca will check with Shelley Cohen, meeting treasurer, to see if those we might not have heard from in years might have been making contributions. We are particularly interested in contacting members and attenders we’ve not seen recently, just to be in touch and send them greetings from the Meeting. We want to keep in touch with members who are away from New Mexico. Discussion will continue.


Share the Care: The copy of Share the Care that Pam Gilchrist purchased for us is going to Njoroge. Greg is next on the list. We will continue to discuss how we organize ourselves to be more helpful to friends needing help of various kinds.

On behalf of Ministry and Counsel, Rebecca Henderson Co-clerk.



Peace and Social Concerns:

Peace and Social Concerns Committee meeting Report to Worship with attention to business, January 15, 2012

Attendees: Beverly Busching, Pam Gilchrist, Lorraine Graham, Rebecca Henderson, John Kretzmann, Pelican Lee, Guthrie Miller, Njoroge C. Thor-Biaz, Jennifer Wellington

After a period of silence, we discussed the following;


REVIEW OF OCCUPY SANTA FE AND FRIENDS SILENT MEETING December 11, 2011. Attendees found it deeply meaningful; we will work with Occupy’s Inclusivity group if and when we are led to plan another worship.


As we did last year, we endorsed and urge Friends to attend the Interfaith Worker Justice program to be held at the opening of the Legislative session in the Rotunda on Tuesday, January 17, 11-12 noon.

We encourage Friends to attend the HUGE RALLY AT THE ROUND HOUSE Tuesday, JAN. 17, 10:30-5:00, on the East side of the Roundhouse, Paseo de Peralta  at Old Santa Fe Trail

We are impressed with the work of PETER WIRTH & BRIAN EGOLF – check their web sites for ways to be involved this session. We are encouraging Friends to attend Committee Meetings and hearings and voice their support or concerns.


Jennifer Wellington carries our concerns to the Continuing Committee Meeting this weekend.

I. How can we strengthen our response to environmental concerns at IMYM?

Several possibilities were reviewed (detailed in November’s report):

a. Two afternoon interest groups

b. Offering environment related videos in the evening.

c. Greening the Yearly Meeting itself.

d. Writing a Minute to be presented as an action item for business meeting.

e. Developing a youth-produced media project

Friends were encouraged to attend yesterday’s workshop Santa María de la Paz and follow the issue this legislative session.


Thursday, February 2. To register or for more information [ email ] Or contact Beverly Busching, 984-8742, for reservations.



Pelican Lee will be in touch with David Henkel regarding homelessness in Santa Fe and the support we offer through the Good Works Committee. Lorraine offered to locate a list of current Resources available to the homeless for use by our meeting.

We closed our meeting with silent worship.

Pam Gilchrist



Building Committee:

Building Committee Report: First month, 15, 2012

The committee discussed a wide range of topics ranging from current small maintenance projects to future major undertakings. This was the first meeting for the new resident, who serves as an ex-officio member of the committee, and it was appropriate to review the condition of the ramada. The following is a summary of our first meeting of 2012.


Overall budget for 2012: Emergency set aside: $5,000. Routine maintenance (e.g., furniture repair, painting, plumbing, heating, electrical, replace appliances): $2,500. More extensive projects requiring specialists (e.g., adobe repairs): $2,500. Total: $10,000. This reflects anticipated 2012 income plus carry over from 2011. We also speculated about converting the current Maintenance Fund to a separate Maintenance Account and will discuss the pros and cons with the finance committee and treasurer.


Ramada: Gas Co. of NM inspection with possible repairs to gas heater, weatherizing windows and doors, painting/staining of exterior wood and security doors. Repair of armoire recently moved from First Day schoolroom.


General maintenance: Replacement of foam inserts in banco cushions, reupholstering of outdoor chair cushions, application of wood preservative materials as needed inside and outside, painting as needed, adjustment of electric baseboard control to increase heat during First Day occupancy of meetingroom, repair of brown folding chairs as needed. On portal floor, restoration of Olive Rush design at main exterior entrance (decorative smooth rocks set in concrete).

Guest apartment: No specific needs have been identified. Possible cleaning and application of wood preservative on hardwood floor will be considered later in year.


Furnishings and paintings: The Meeting is planning to have the paintings and selected furniture items appraised for insurance purposes. The committee will assist in this process and work on a detailed inventory of the various items throughout the property. The immediate past resident has provided an inventory of the ramada furnishings and we have a detailed inventory of the “Olive Rush Archives” along with previous inventories.

Discussion of the piano resulted in the committee agreeing that another notice be given that the piano is available “as is” and that a donation could be made rather than the initially suggested long term loan. We have an evaluation of the piano’s condition with various categories of needed restoration with the estimated cost for the repairs and upgrades. We also have a standing offer of financial support for professionally moving the piano to another Santa Fe location.


Long term planning and projects: The committee is reminded by last year’s ramada re-roofing that within the next 5-10 years, the meetinghouse roof will likely needed to be replaced. It is the committee’s suggestion that the Meeting set aside $2,000 per year into a special fund for such a purpose. This would not necessarily pay for the total cost, but would avoid a major expenditure all in one year. Note that the cost of the ramada re-roofing was approximately $4,500. The ramada’s roof is probably 1/5 the size of the meetinghouse’s roof with less complexity such as height above ground with pipes, wiring, vents and chimneys.

We also discussed the need to research the restoration of the meetingroom and First Day schoolroom’s floors. These floors have an unusual composition, likely dating back to the late 1920s when Olive Rush added the guest apartment and a bedroom, now the First Day schoolroom.

Other long term items discussed include widening and improving the surface of the walkway/sidewalk in front of the meetinghouse…Also, restoration of the doors which once existed at the south end of the garage… As improved and cheaper technology appears, the addition of solar panels on the roof would allow a savings in our electrical consumption by moving the PNM electric meter “backward”…At some point, we’ll need to consider replacing the 26 brown folding chairs which are now 20+ years old.

Respectfully submitted, David Giltrow, convener



Resident's Report:

December, 2011 Resident's Report:

Resident worked an average of about 12-14 hours per week: snow removal, Guest Apartment reservations, guest apartment cleaning and Meetinghouse touch up cleaning, a few hours in the third week in preparation and follow-up of the Christmas Eve Canyon Road Farolito walk and home-coming event at the Meetinghouse.

At a special Meeting for Worship with attention to Business on December 11th Dave Wunker was approved as new Resident, to begin in December. I wish to thank the Resident Committee and Dave for their speed in the search and selection and Dave for his willingness to jump right in. He and I have been going over some of the details of the Resident's duties.

On December 28, 2011 Ted moved out of the Ramada and Dave moved in, providing continuous coverage of the Resident position and duties. He and I remain in touch as he assumes the full duties.

Guest Apartment: 18 guest nights out of 31.

Income: $940.00 (deposits and/or payments)

Respectfully submitted, Ted Pomeroy, Resident November and December, 2011


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