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August 2012 Newsletter

Letter to Friends


Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Eighth Month 2012


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 am and 11:00 am, First Day School is during the 11:00 am Meeting.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 am on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.



Sunday, 08/05 12:30 pm -Monthly Potluck, Ministry and Counsel 1:30 pm

Sunday, 08/12 10:10-10:50 am -2nd Sunday Worship Sharing: “Friends Testimonies and Ecological Understanding;" Peace and Social  Concerns at 12:30 pm

Sunday, 08/19 12:30 pm -Meeting for Worship for Business and annual Corporation Meeting

Sunday, 08/26 12:30 pm -Adult Education Committee Discussion,


The Monthly Query for the 4th Month, 2012:

“How do we encourage and foster the spiritual gifts of those who attend our meeting? How do we foster these gifts within ourselves?”




Aug 5 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 am meeting.


Aug. 5 – 1:30 pm at the Canyon Rd. Meetinghouse after the potluck David Henkel would like to share with Friends his observations gained from his experiences in Beit Jala, Ramallah, the Jordan Valley, and Jerusalem. His presentation will include some video presentation and will be held in the main room of the Canyon Rd. meetinghouse.


Aug. 8 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.


Aug. 12 – The Friends Journal Worship Sharing for August 12 is a continuation of our consideration of Keith Helmuth's "Friends Testimonies and Ecological Understanding", published in the Dec 2007 FJ ( We began with Simplicity on 7/8, and will continue on with Peace, Equality, Integrity, Community, and Service. Copies of selections from this article are available beside the birdhouse in the library. We will begin at 10:10 and conclude at 10:50. Everyone is invited to come. Friends are also encouraged to submit FJ articles they would like to reflect upon at future FJ worship sharings! For questions, please contact either Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377) or Howard Shulman (984 - 9908.)

August 12 – 4 pm - A PARTY TO CELEBRATE PELICAN'S and REBECCA'S ANNIVERSARY and BIRTHDAYS. It's been 20 years since we got married in the Albuquerque Quaker Meeting! Please come celebrate with us at the Santa Fe Quaker Meeting House and garden at 630 Canyon Road. Parking is usually available on Escondido Street, off Canyon Road toward the river shortly before you get to the Meeting House. This is an accessible building (park in the driveway on the right of the building and enter there). Please no gifts, but contributions for potluck nibbles / supper are welcome. Hope to see you there! Pelican Lee and Rebecca Henderson.


Aug 19 – Meeting for Worship with attention to business will meet shortly after the rise of the 11 am Meeting for Worship..


Aug 26 - The Adult Ed committee invites you to attend discussions on the 4th First Day of every month. This month’s topic will be announced in the Weekly Digest. Call Wyn: 982-4588 or Ted: 570-9967 for more info.


Save the Date: Nov. 9 to 11th- A date has been set for the Clerking Workshop for new Mexico Regional Meeting at Albuquerque Meetinghouse. Elizabeth Boardman will be the facilitator. We encourage all people who are meeting, worship group, committee clerks or who think they might ever be or who think they'd like to be supportive of those who do clerk, to attend this workshop. There may be a small fee involved. We'll send more information when it is certain. For now, please spread the word and put these dates on your calendar.


Minutes of Seventh Month Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business


Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, Seventh Month, 22th day, 2012.


Present: Jan-Willem Jansens (Clerk), Dave Wunker (Recording Clerk), Ann Beauchamp, Philip Balcombe, Mary Ray Cate, Bob Gaines, Pamela Geyer, Pam Gilchrist, Rebecca Henderson, Frank Hirsch, John Kretzmann, Ted Pomeroy, Bettina Raphael, Alan Rogers, Irene Webb.


“What are we doing to recognize the varied skills and spiritual gifts of the members, attenders, and children among us? Are we tender and loving toward those with gifts different from the commonplace?” IMYM Faith and Practice, Queries, page 122.


The meeting for worship for business began at 12:30 pm with silence.


(1) Approval of Minutes. Friends approved the Minutes of the Sixth Month without corrections.


(2) Finance Committee. Finance Committee expressed appreciation to the new Treasurer, Ted Pomeroy. It was suggested that there be a Meeting discernment process on how to use the recent bequest of $56,000. The Finance Committee will outline a threshing session for consideration of how the money shall be used. The Finance Committee report was accepted. No electronic report received.


(3) Treasurer's Report. June account balances have been reconciled. Other deposits for June have been delayed and will be included in the August meeting report. The General fund and Maintenance funds have been separated. Expenses and balances of various committees have been posted with the exception of the Garden Committee. Olmsted, Turkle, and Young funds will be considered for closing out at a future meeting. Planning for what to do with these funds will be considered along with future planning for the Baumann fund. The Earthcare Committee had been laid down and will be deleted from Treasurer's Report. Resident's budget shall be deleted of $180 not spent because of a voided check. The Treasurer's Report was accepted and is included in the Appendix to these minutes. For figures go to:


(4) Future Planning Committee. Members of the committee met with the trustee of the neighboring Alice Parrott property to determine whether he might consider selling the property behind the Meeting garden. He declined for now. Caroline Stevenson to pursue contact with Camino Lejo property resident who opposes a Quaker meetinghouse there. She did research about access and found that the property can only be accessed off of Camino Lejo. Michele Wilkins of Blacksburg, VA Meeting presented their experiences in building a new Meetinghouse to a few on the Future Planning Committee. Nichoe Lichen and Ford Robbins presented what their future plans are after vacating the (South Side) Quaker House (Camino Carlos Rey) next July. Ford expressed new interest in collaborating with Canyon Rd Meeting for a new combined Meetinghouse. The Future Planning Committee will work with Ministry and Counsel in worship-sharing format for future planning. Options tree presented by John Kretzmann which was derived from M&C Committee meeting. Questions and suggestions solicited after a moment of silence. Meeting decided to set aside for future discussions. Communication between Finance and Future Planning recommended. Further needs assessment has been done with First Day School, and fall queries with M&C will inform the general Meeting. Informal assessment has been ongoing for 20+ years. Past worship sharing meetings have addressed this and will be summarized and presented. Future Planning Committee report was accepted with appreciation and is included in the Appendix to these minutes.


(5) Garden Committee. Garden Committee requested the authorization of an unforeseen disbursement (beyond current budget limit). There was a meeting concerning the garden at Meetinghouse on July 12. Immediate needs were discussed. Future requirements and financial requirements considered. A future meeting was set for July 23, and all welcome. Appreciation expressed for labor already contributed. Recent garden expenses and related budget process discussed. Further expenditures were authorized at last business meeting. Some expenses can come out of Building Committee Maintenance Fund but this is yet to be determined. It was observed that the garden serves a broader purpose and may need a separate fund. An immediate decision needed as to where a $500 additional expense should be charged. It was authorized to come out of the operating budget. $5,000 per year estimated for annual expense of garden. $2,000 estimate for remainder of this year. The authorization to spend what is needed for immediate needs was reiterated from last meeting with report at next business meeting. Intermediate needs will be discussed at next one or two meetings of garden planning committee and presented to the next business meeting. The method of allocating money to Good Works and other committees from Operating budget was discussed. Issue will be taken up at next meeting to be facilitated by the Finance Committee. The Garden Committee Report was accepted and appreciation to those involved was expressed. The Garden Committee Report is included in the Appendix to these minutes.


(6) Good Works Committee. No oral report presented and no electronic report received. The contribution of $100 to honor Ann Baumann reception authorized from the General Fund. Reception to be 5:00-6:30 pm, Tuesday July 31, at the Fine Arts Museum.


(7) Peace and Social Concerns. Consideration of participation with Representative Martin Heinrich and Senator Heather Wilson in a forum . FCNL request for letters to the editor about NM nuclear facilities requested. Plans for a hunger strike and vigils in commemoration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki events also presented. Meeting endorsement of a Clean Energy Standard to be filed with the Public Regulation Commission was proposed. It was decided that Peace and Social Concerns Committee will sign the petition and that Meeting individuals can do so also. The report of Peace and Social Concerns Committee was accepted and is included in the Appendix to these minutes.


(8) Ministry and Counsel. August query adopted: “How do we encourage and foster the spiritual gifts of those in our meeting and how do we foster these gifts in ourselves?” Survey to absentee Friends, young friends’ membership issues, and how to hold people with pastoral needs was addressed. Clearness Committee for Pam Gilchrist and Ministry and Counsel met. Ministry and Counsel report accepted. No electronic copy of report received.


(9) Resident's Report. Resident's reports for May and June were accepted are included in the Appendix to these minutes. A question arose as to why it seemed that this year's occupancy and income of the guest apartment did not seem as much as last year's. The resident did not know. The Treasurer suggested that those interested can compare the figures for 2011 with 2012 figures on our website.


(10) First Day School Report. An oral report was not given but a written report is included in the Appendix below for informational purposes.


(11) Announcements. Mountain View Friends will be notified that we don't need a paper copy but we would accept an electronic copy. Quaker women’s retreat Oct 5,6,7 at the Norbertine Center in Albuquerque; Shelley Cohen is the contact. Clerking workshop at Regional Meeting on November 9, 10, 11. Elizabeth Ordeman of the San Francisco Meeting will lead the workshop and the contact is Wyn Lewis. Friends Journal worship sharing will happen on second Sunday in August and will be announced in the Weekly Digest. Location of information on Quaker process in Faith and Practice noted as beginning on page 35.


Appreciation was given to the clerk in regard to the handling of his first business meeting.


Meeting concluded with silence at 2:49 pm.



Appendix to the Minutes of the Seventh Month, July 2012.


1. Treasurer's Report.

1) Our June accounts balance and have been reconciled with the bank statement.

2) A deposit was made in June for the bequest from the estate of Ann Baumann. The amount of $56,560 is deposited to a CD which earns a small amount of interest. The Finance Committee will research the best stewardship for this donation. At present it appears there is no directive or request on how these funds are to be used by the Meeting. Other deposits for June were delayed and will be seen in the July accounts, reported in August.

3) The detailed Treasurer's Report is posted on our website: ( note that Receipts lag behind Payments. We have now paid out more than one half our expenses for the year. IMYM assessment and scholarships are a large part of this. We remain solvent, but remind Members and Attenders that we appreciate donations throughout the year. Note that the General Fund and the Maintenance Fund are separated. (Maintenance receipts and payments recorded before the end of February will remain as posted under the General Funds Maintenance categories.)

4) I have not been able to do multiple reports to committees about their budget status. The Treasurer's Report as posted shows those committees which have had expenses and their balance remaining. One exception is the Garden committee, they have a budget of $750, but have submitted $790 in receipts, but these have not been paid pending the review with the Future Planning committee. Good Works - Scholarships and Friends Mountain Camp have used their full budget. The Library committee has used about 50% of its budget, leaving $78 for subscriptions and $57 for books. Most other committees can refer to the 2012 Budget as posted on the website.

5) We are now carrying the Ann Baumann, New Meetinghouse, Future Planning, and Play Structure as designated accounts.

6) We have not used any amounts from the memorial funds this year.


2. Future Planning Committee Report.

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting, Future Planning Committee, Minutes of Meeting from July 3, 2012


Attending were Committee members: Martha Davis, David Giltrow, Frank Hirsch, John Kretzmann, Irene Webb, Bettina Raphael, and interested individuals Philip Balcombe, Wyn Lewis, Mary Ray Cate, and Ford Robbins. We met in the Meeting’s garden and began with the reading a Query from IMYM Faith and Practice, brought to our attention by Bob Gaines: “Are we prepared to let go of our individual desires and let the Holy Spirit lead us to unity? Do we accept with grace a decision of the meeting, with which we are not entirely in agreement?” This was followed by moments of silence.

A summary was given of the meeting between members of the Future Planning Comm. and the First Day School Comm. (see circulated minutes of that meeting)

A report provided by Carolyn Stevenson was shared regarding 1) her intention to meet with the neighbor on Camino Lejo when she returns, 2) her visit to the City’s Traffic Dept. which resulted in the determination that if we built on Camino Lejo, we could not access the property directly from Pecos Trail or from the parallel leg of Camino Lejo, &3) her visit to the main synagogue as a potential temporary meeting site.

A report was made on the meeting between Bettina, Irene, Dave G. and Paul Kagawa, the trustee of the neighboring Alice Parrott property. Besides establishing a friendly relationship, we informed him of our need to expand our meeting space and posed the question of whether he might consider selling the converted weaving studio with its parking area behind the Olive Rush garden. He did not have any plans to sell but said he would keep the Meeting in mind and offered to send us contact information on everyone living or working now on the Parrott property.

An email from Nichoe Lichen was read outlining the current options that the South Santa Fe Worship Group is exploring for a new home. Ford Robbins was present to represent that Worship Group and their Future Planning Comm. Both his remarks and Nichoe’s message reinforced the sense that members of South Side Worship Group were increasingly serious about joining efforts with the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends to find a new facility to meet our joint needs. Some issues remain to consider including their time restrains in wishing to have a temporary or permanent solution by next July, and their hesitation to be part of a solution that remained located at the Canyon Road property. The committee welcomed the thought of reuniting the two groups. And will continue to share ideas and information.

The idea of conducting a survey among members/attenders was again raised and in conjunction with this some survey questions and approaches used by the Durango and Albuquerque Meetings were discussed.

Dave and Mary Ray summarized the 90-minute meeting with Michelle Wilkins from the Blacksburg, VA Meeting. Over a 10 year period, that meeting of about 10 families was able to raise about $800,000 to buy land and build a meeting house (with ca. 700 sq. ft. of worship space) through soliciting pledges from their members, obtaining a loan from the FGC and a final bank loan resulting in an on-going $4000/mo. mortgage. The project involved a professional fund-raiser and training of Friends on how to approach members for pledges of support money. One observation from our group was the importance of the community having made a serious, long-term commitment based on clarity around the question: “Why do you want to build a meeting house?”

With regard to obtaining a loan or mortgage, Phillip asked do we need proof of income as well as equity?

In contrast to the Blacksburg Meeting which raised all of its money in-house, the idea was proposed by John that our Meeting might have a good chance at raising money from outside our members because of the interest we could generate around being the first meeting in New Mexico (?) and the history around Olive Rush and her Canyon Road property. If our new building had a novel or artistic design, like the Houston Meeting with the John Turrell roof, we might be able to garner substantial support from the art community of Santa Fe. It was mentioned in regard to past outside fundraising that a British Meeting had solicited donations for its worship space through the Friends Journal.

Question was raised about who or how to decide what facility options are included in a presentation to the full Meeting, whether these options would be laid out in a pamphlet, or discussed by committee members with individuals, and it was decided the committee should season this issue. In conjunction with this there was discussion about the importance of opening a free-flowing dialog with members on the facilities issue and of presenting alternatives clearing without bias for consideration to avoid any sense of shutting off people with objections or questions. The Future Planning Comm.’s job is not to make a decision. The hope is that our efforts lead to some concrete decision and action by the full Meeting.

In this vane, John Kretzmann had made good on his promise to develop a flow chart or “decision tree” to help the committee and the broader membership clearly view what decisions need to be made in what order, and what their ramifications are. The chart was enthusiastically received and discussion followed about how and when it might be brought to the rest of the Meeting.

Some concern was expressed that before looking at the “facts” as a group, the Meeting should first gather in some sort of worship sharing context to explore the more spiritual aspects of what the Meeting means to people, what they like about it and how people would like to see it change. With the current “Garden Survey” as a model, it was suggested that a gathering of the whole Meeting could be planned where some basic queries could be posed about how members feel about their Meeting, their facilities, and how they envision the future. Several from our group propose to draw up a set of queries, gather in-put, and present them to the Ministry and Council Comm.’s next meeting in early August. With the M&C Comm. we would plan a time to gather everyone from the Meeting, including the South Side Worship Group, and M & C would present the queries for a worship sharing session. No date or specific plan is yet in place.

In the meantime, it was agreed that the “decision tree” would be reviewed by everyone on Future Planning Comm., edited and presented to the Business Meeting before it was presented or shared with the rest of the Meeting.

The next meeting of the FPComm. will be for August 14th.

Prepared by B. Raphael 7/10/12


2. Garden Committee Report --What a difference a few weeks makes.


After the last Business Meeting, Bettina Raphael took the bull by the horns and hired a couple of laborers, who along with Dave Wunker have weeded most of the garden, fertilized many areas and applied another 3 yards of mulch along with the existing 1.5 yards that was awaiting application. They have a bit more weeding to do, a bit more fertilizing and the application of about 3 more yards of mulch. This should be completed by early this coming week. This has taken roughly 21+ hours of paid labor at $15 per hour (total of $320 to date) and an additional 20 hours of labor (this last week) by Dave Wunker, resident Friend. It is estimated that another 12 hours of paid labor (another $180), along with another 6 hours of Dave’s time, is going to be needed to finish these immediate needs. The Garden Committee is requesting that Business Meeting authorize a disbursement for these amounts as we have exceeded our budget for the year already.


Bettina organized a meeting, held 7/11/12 from 5:30 to 7 PM in FDS at the Meetinghouse for Friends with concerns about the Garden. In attendance were Bettina, Jan-Willem Jansens, Dave Wunker, Dave Giltrow, Mary Ross Taylor, Alan Rogers, Mary Ray Cate and Ariel Harrison. Jan-Willem facilitated. Each of us offered input into the process. We decided to look at the garden from the following perspectives:


Immediate Needs

Intermediate Needs/Ongoing Maintenance Issues

Long Terms Planning (wants/needs/ what we can afford/interface with Long Term Planning Committee)

Social Aspects (how to involve people)


We addressed immediate needs only at this meeting. Bettina and Dave gave reports of activities over the preceding 3 weeks. Alan gave a report of an estimate from a landscaping company for their estimate of getting the garden into shape and for ongoing maintenance. Native Earth Landscaping offered that it would take a crew of 3 at $30/hour each about 5-8 hours to “whip it into shape”. That would be $420 to $750. This is largely what has just happened as detailed above. They would estimate that a similar crew of 3 would be needed for 2-3 hours every 2 weeks or about $5,000 a year. This led to a brief discussion about how we select a landscaping company; what would be the scope of the work, references, cost, ability to interface with Garden Committee volunteers vs. hiring and supervising laborers ourselves. We discussed recent water bill, who benefits from the garden (Guest apt, resident, Meeting members/attenders, young Friends), need for arborist consultation (Alan will contact Martha Davis with Rich Atkinson as a backup) and the potential for getting ditch rights back. We toured the garden and thanked Bettina and Dave for their efforts over the last few weeks as the improvements were immediately obvious to all. We ate many of the ripe apricots.


We agreed to meet again on Monday July 23rd at FDS at 5:30 to continue the discussion and plans. Interested Friends are invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Alan Rogers


3. Peace and Social Concerns.

P&SC met 7/8/2012 at rise of Meeting and by email with Beverly Busching, Lorraine Graham and Pam Gilchrist attending.


1.Following a moment of silence, we discussed the importance of organizing or participating in a forum with Heather Wilson and Martin Heinrich. We will determine the forum schedule for the League of Women Voters and other group’s scheduling forums as/when they become available. Jay Coughlin, with Nuke Watch NM, as well as Joni Arends with CCNS, urge that questions be asked of the candidates related to the CMRR and exposing the false notion that weapons production is good for the NM economy.

2.FCNL sent a request for letter to the editor in response to a recent editorial, the Albuquerque Journal wrote, beginning with this excerpt: "[H]ow the nation maintains its nuclear stockpile, and what the stockpile consists of, should be front and center for New Mexico voters." FCNL notes that New Mexico hosts two of the three U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories. As a result, billions of dollars are spent every year in New Mexico supporting the nuclear weapons infrastructure. FCNL urges that we voice our concerns about the size and expense of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. New Mexico is one of the only states in which nuclear weapons will be an election issue this fall. We will send FCNL’s request for letters to the editor of the Albuquerque Journal out on our Digest; we’ll include talking points from Nuclear Watch NM and FCNL.

3. We sent the following information on the Hunger Strike and the start of the Hiroshima Nagasaki commemoration to the Digest:

- Sunday, July 15, 8 pm at the Roundhouse (East side): Celebration Meal before the Hunger Strike followed by a candlelight vigil. Please bring a potluck dish to share, a candle in a clear plastic cup and a chair.

- Monday, July 16, Hunger Strike begins; consider joining this action for any period of time.

- Monday, July 16, 11 - 1 pm Trinity Vigil, at the corner of West Jemez & Diamond, Los Alamos


4. Our Meeting is invited to endorse an initiative that New Energy Economy (NEE) is working on. NEE is partnering with Western Resource Advocates (WRA) to present a Clean Energy Standard (CES) to the NM Public Regulation Commission (PRC).

The CES proposes using clean energy credits to compel emission reductions thereby effecting a substantial reduction in total carbon dioxide emitted. It also results in meaningful reductions of other harmful pollutants, as well as, a dramatic decrease in water consumption. This Standard works well with our existing renewable energy standard, and would incorporate easily with existing and future green house gas regulations. The CES encourages and enables energy efficiency and renewable energy development. The cost of this regulation is minimal. For a typical electric utility, customer rates would increase less than one percent per year.


Action Item: Will the Santa Fe Meeting ask their Co-Clerks to sign the Petition for a Clean Energy Standard, which will be filed before the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) to reduce emissions, particularly CO2 emissions?

Beverly closed our meeting with a Hafez poem and a moment of silence.


4. Resident's Report

Resident Report for May, 2012: Resident worked an average of about 15 hours per week doing outdoor sweeping, handling trash and recycling, mail collection and distribution, guest apartment reservations, guest apartment cleaning and laundry, Meetinghouse cleaning, garden watering, weeding, and pruning, and attending Business Meeting. Resident also expanded the drip system in the garden to trees and other plants not previously on it and to increase drip to large trees that were inadequately served. Guest Apartment: 11 guest nights out of a possible 31. Income: $640.00 (deposits and/or payments)

Resident Report for June, 2012: Resident worked an average of about 12 hours per week doing outdoor sweeping, handling trash and recycling, mail collection and distribution, guest apartment reservations, guest apartment cleaning and laundry, Meetinghouse cleaning, and garden watering. Resident also started a veggie garden, repaired the coyote fence along the eastern property boundary, and unplugged the guest apartment bathtub drain. Guest Apartment: 16 guest nights out of a possible 30. Income: $610.00 (deposits and/or payments)


5. First Day School Committee Report.

Notes from the First Day School (FDS) Committee meeting – June 10, 2012

Present: Marty Carroll, Jan-Willem Jansens, Ariel Harrison, Irene Webb, Bettina Raphael, Carolyn Stephenson, Rebecca Miles, James Hogan

The FDS Committee met with several members of the Future Planning Committee (FPC) to discuss future needs of the Santa Fe Friends Meeting (SFFM). The notes below provide an overview of the discussion. There were a few small follow-up items but overall this will be an on-going discussion for both the FDS Committee as well as the Meeting as a whole.

The meeting began with a moment of silence.

The query presented by the FPC to the FDS Committee was: “How can adults and children best live in a joyous Quaker community in Santa Fe”

FPC gave a brief history of their committee– it has been in existence for 4-5 years and was started to address a concern in Meeting that the current space is not adequate and to evaluate alternatives; this group has recently been revitalized; concerns have focused on the current space not being comfortable/conducive to Meeting, inadequate space for children esp. given age range, current space limits the growth of the Meeting community, and at the same time there is significant attachment to the current space. Others offered that the current space makes it very challenging to provide a welcoming environment to new attendees and their children.

The FPC members provided a brief outline of the options that have been discussed at various times:

One option is to rent a larger space – potentially working with the Southside worship group

A second option is to build a new Meeting house on property donated to SFFM on Camino Lejo (Museum Hill)

A third option is to build a new Meeting house in the back of the garden – this would be a simple structure –perhaps 1200-1500 sq. ft. with room for 80 to 100 worshipers with bathroom/wheelchair access;

The fourth option is that the current interior space can be reconfigured

Discussion and input related to these options followed:

Jan-Willem offered that this is really an issue of scale and that the size of Meeting will determine the size of FDS and determine the space needs.

Marty mentioned the FDS children tend to drop out of meeting at age 13-14 when having a peer group is really critical and there is not enough to sustain a youth group; also offered that Mountain View Meeting in Denver has a very active FDS program with a number of different age groups. However, Mountain View Meeting is located in one of the largest cities in the Rocky Mt. area.... I don't think we can expect the same kind of FDS population in a city the size of Santa Fe.

Irene – the view of the FPC is that the growth of Meeting can happen organically but right now the current space is limiting this from happening – the view of the FPC was not really focused on set numbers; not looking at the issue this way

Rebecca – ideally there would be two rooms for FDS - for two age groups – need not be any larger than could be available in the current Meeting House– but this is the critical need

Irene – if a building were built in the back of the Meeting lot, how might this relate to a FDS play structure in the garden?

Marty raised the question if you can legally swap properties or otherwise change title to current property – there was significant discussion about this and not a clear consensus

Carolyn – offered that there are issues with building on the property – but there are issues with all options – one additional possibility is an interfaith trading option - Jewish Synagogue – use this space on Sunday - how about test something like this out for 6 months

Ariel - But what about FDS with this option – would there be space; what about where to put our supplies etc.

Irene – one of the actions of the FPC is to do a survey of the Meeting to find out their needs/wants and their willingness to change

Bettina – been in dialog with Southside worship group – they are looking for change in location and have to make a decision about this within about a year - they are willing to discuss this but have no interest in returning to Canyon Road

Irene – part of the challenge is that there are so many options

Carolyn – and there is also so much information to hold and consider in this process

Jan-Willem – returning to the needs of FDS, 2 rooms is a key need, each that holds 10-12 persons – one for younger kids the other for teens and overflow; FDS would need a play area in the garden

Marty – we all need to follow the Quaker process and be open to all options/allow persons to move away from pre-conceived notions

Bettina – the process also needs to identify those options which will not work

Carolyn – how can we improve this process – FPC needs to make sure that we get all of Meeting involved in the process

Jan-Willem – what about looking at those who have left and ask why – the building has been part of the Meeting and those who remain have self-selected to current situation – those who left offer a different perspective to be considered

Carolyn – but we also need to remember the past success of this space – there used to be a Quaker pre-school in the Meeting

Those attending went to the back of the garden and looked at where a structure could be build and discussed options for the play structure location.

The meeting finished with discussion of next steps

It was recommended that the FPC develop a pamphlet of possible options with pro/cons to provide information to the Meeting

M&O to provide set of queries to help clarify the desires and vision of Meeting members and to help discern why people have left Meeting in the past. Rebecca Miles to attend FPC and provide coordination/communication with FDS committee

Since members of the FPC are on many of the primary Meeting committees, there should be some effort to involve these committees in the process.

The meeting closed with a moment of silence.

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