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April 2012 Newsletter

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Fourth Month 2012

Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M., First Day School is during the 11:00 A.M. Meeting. 
The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 A.M. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.

Sunday, 4/01 12:30 P.M. Potluck, Discussion: Mountain Friends Camp, information below. Ministry and Counsel 1:30 P.M.
Sunday, 4/08 10:10-10:50 A.M. 2nd Sunday Worship Sharing: “Transformation in the Garden”; Peace and Social Concerns 12:30 P.M.
Sunday, 4/15 12:30 P.M. Meeting for Worship for Business
Sunday, 4/22 12:30 P.M. Adult Education Committee Discussion, “Meditation, Prayer and Silence”
Sunday, 4/29  10:10-10:50  A.M. Meeting for Muffins: coffee, tea, muffins & fellowship

The Monthly Query for the 4th Month, 2012:
“Does attendance at Meeting for Worship strengthen my Spirit for the week ahead?”



April 1 – Monthly Potluck will take place at the rise of the 11:00 A.M. meeting for worship. Visitors from AFSC and Mountain Friends Camp. Ariel Bibby of MFC presented recent history and future plans. For more information see their website: <>.
April 4 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 P.M. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St.  Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.

April 8  –  The topic for our Second Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing will be Friends Journal Article: “Transformation in the Garden from Winter’s Barrenness to Summer’s Bounty,” by Pat Dewitt-Thomas. Copies of the article are available in the folder next to the Birdhouse in the Library and on the Friend’s Journal website - .  All interested persons are enthusiastically encouraged to attend.  We will begin at 10:10 A.M. and close at 10:50 A.M.  Friends are invited to suggest FJ articles for future worship sharing’s – Please contact Pam Geyer 984-0377 or Howard Shulman 984-9908.

April 8 – Peace & Social Concerns Committee will meet at the rise of 11:00 A.M.Meeting for Worship.

April 13 to 15 - New Mexico Regional Meeting will be held at Albuquerque Meetinghouse:
We are delighted to announce that Ruth Flower, from FCNL, will come and join us as speaker. Her topic will be "Taking Heart Messages into Action". Regional will begin Friday evening at 5:30 with a
soup supper. We then have the wonderful opportunity of viewing the AFSC produced art exhibit, Windows and Mirrors, an installation of 25 panels depicting the war in Afghanistan through the eyes of Afghan children and US professional artists. This exhibit has been touring nationally and is
brought to Albuquerque by an interfaith ad hoc group headed up by Quakers. We will offer worship sharing at the exhibit from 7:30 – 8:30 P.M. Friday evening.
Saturday morning Ruth Flower will make her presentation beginning at 9:30 A.M. Ruth has worked at Friends Committee on National Legislation in varying capacities beginning in 1981. Currently she lobbies on the federal budget, military spending, immigration and other domestic issues. She is a member of Adelphi Friends Meeting of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. She is also a member of the California and Federal bars.
Meeting for Worship for Business will be held after Saturday lunch. Later in the afternoon whoever is interested can gather for discussion of Quaker response to the Occupy/UnOccupy Movement in New Mexico. Items TBA.
Sunday morning 9:00 A.M. will be worship sharing and Worship at 10:30 A.M.  This is a longer Regional than we have had lately. We very much hope that people will be able to arrive Friday night in time to view Windows and Mirrors, a powerful statement against war. Albuquerque Monthly Meeting will offer housing hospitality. A registration form will be available very soon.
Please mark your calendars for regional now!

April 15 – Business Meeting for Worship will meet at the rise of the 11:00 A.M. Worship.

April 20, 21 and 22: New Mexico Quaker Women's Retreat at Juniper Hill, where the Las Vegas Worship Group Meets, near Las Vegas, NM.  The theme will be “Weaving the Fabric of our Lives.”

April 22 - The Adult Education committee invites you to attend  discussions on the 4th First Day of every month.  The series for January through May is focusing on Quaker Disciplines/Practices. Readings will be suggested prior to the discussions. The monthly topic is: April 22, “Meditation, Prayer and Contemplation, part 2.” Call Wyn: 982-4588 or Ted: 570-9967 for more information.

April 24 - IMYM Annual Gathering is  June 10-17 at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu.  Registration must be postmarked by April 24 to avoid a $25 late fee.  Registration forms are at: (no password required).

Also for Yearly Meeting of IMYM:
The World Conference of Friends is to be in Kenya April 17-25, 2012.  The theme of the conference is: "Being Salt and Light - Friends living the Kingdom of God in a broken world." The website for the World Conference: Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) anticipates and expects that the excitement and energy from the World Conference will revitalize the Quaker way and will form and enthuse the next generation of Friends. About 1,000 Friends from around the world are registered to attend.  IMYM is to be represented at the World Conference with 4 delegates, 2 Senior Young Friends, and 2 people attending on their own.  Those registered to attend are:  Brian Martin (SLC), Cheryl Speirs-Phillips (NM), Sarah Buetel/Banks (DEN), Katya Thronweber (DEN), Jerry Peterson (DEN), Damon Motz-Storey (DEN), and Carlton Halaby (Boulder). Wednesday evening at IMYM this summer the folks attending will present their experience and insights from the World Conference. Please hold both the World Conference and those of us attending from IMYM in the Light as we embark upon this adventure.

April 29 –  Meeting for Muffins, 10:10 A.M. -10:50 A.M., sharing with the 9A.M. & 11 A.M. Meetings, bring your favorite muffins or cookies; coffee and tea on the portal.

FDS - Please join First Day School parents in "Raising the Play Structure"! It is our goal is to raise $2,500 by June 30. Please join the First Day School parents in their efforts to contribute to the costs of a play structure for our Young Friends! Please give according to your ability and make your check out to SF Friends Meeting with a note/memo description that your donation is for the play structure.  You can drop your check or envelope in the Bird House or give it to Marcy Pompei, or to Jan-Willem or Ariel. A "contributions thermometer" in the shape of a play structure in the First Day School Room will show how far we are in reaching our goal.

Please send newsletter comments or suggestions to Marcy Pompei:

Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends. Third Month, 18th day, 2012. 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

Present: Rebecca Henderson for Bob Gaines (Clerk), Marguerite Kearns (Recording Clerk), John Kretzmann, Pam Gilchrist, Peggy Giltrow, Mary Ray Cate, Rebecca Allayari, Dave Wunker, Ted Pomeroy, Dave Giltrow, Philip Balcombe, Dorothy Lear, Marcy Pompei, Jan-Willem Jansens.

"How effectively do members of the meeting temper and strengthen individuals' leadings?" - IMYM Faith and Practice, Queries, p. 120.

The meeting for worship for business began at 12:45 P.M. with silence.

Friends approved the Minutes of the Second Month without corrections.

Peace and Social Concerns: Friends accepted the report Pam Gilchrist read on behalf of Peace and Social Concerns, and in particular a resolution intended for the Santa Fe City Council relative to that elected body taking a stand against war in Iran. The entire proposed resolution is included in the Appendix to these minutes. Friends agreed to the following language that the clerk of the meeting will send to the city council:

To the Santa Fe City Council:
A Message from the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends (Quakers)
630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, 87501
We have heard the proposed Resolution Calling for the City Council of Santa Fe to Petition the President and Congress of the United States to Say No to the War with Iran, No to any Pre-emptive Strike on Iran and No to Weapons Furnished and Paid for by the United States Used in an Attack on Iran.  This resolution will go to the Santa Fe City Council on March 28th, 2012.  We of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, as a decision of our business meeting, encourage the Santa Fe City Council to carefully consider this Resolution to petition the federal government to resist all efforts for military intervention in Iran.  We support the intent of the resolution.

Finance Committee Report: Friends accepted the Finance Committee report as presented by Marcy Pompei. Friends approved setting up a separate account for building maintenance as this will simplify decisions for the Building Committee. David Giltrow noted that a separate account had been set up for the Building Committee back in 1967. An ongoing file on on property inventories was noted as including an inventory list prepared by Kathleen Burke when she left as resident Friend. An appeal for much-needed help for the Finance Committee resulted in Friends agreeing to ask the Nominating Committee to find someone who's available to make deposits once a week. Three pieces of furniture remain at 630 Canyon Road which Olive Rush designated to be donated to the AFSC in Pasadena, CA. The matter will be turned over to the Watching Committee of SFMM for recommendations. The question of taxes on the donated land, as described in #4 of the report of the Finance Committee (available in the Appendix to these minutes) will be referred to the Future Committee.

Treasurer's Report: The treasurer's report couldn't be completed in time. Friends will consider the second and third month reports at the business meeting in the fourth month.

Ministry and Counsel: Rebecca Henderson read the State of the Meeting report which Friends accepted with gratitude. The full report is included in the Appendix to these minutes. The State of the Meeting report will be sent to Regional Meeting and IMYM. David Giltrow reported that the State of the Meeting reports in the archives is 'spotty,' and how in many years the State of the Meeting report could only be found in the SFMM newsletter. The minutes of M&C for the Third month are included in the Appendix to these minutes.
Query for the 4th Month, 2012: “Does attendance at Meeting for Worship strengthen my Spirit for the week ahead?” (IMYM Faith & Practice, page 118)

Future Committee Report: Bettina Rafael asked David Giltrow to report, which he did. No copy of the report was available for inclusion in these minutes.

IMYM Directory: Business meeting participants directed their attention to the continuing discussion of whether or not SFMM would participate as a Meeting in a directory for the use of Friends General Conference for the purpose of mailing conference announcements and fund raising appeals.
Friends approved the following minute: Santa Fe Meeting encourages individuals to participate in being listed in the new IMYM Directory.  The Meeting as a whole decides to opt out.  Rebecca Henderson volunteered to coordinate the information for those who wish to be listed.

Mountain Friends Camp: Friends approved the following minute: Santa Fe Monthly Meeting is excited about supporting Mountain Friends Camp. This is a positive development. We encourage Mountain Friends Camp in pursuit of nonprofit status to handle all the business aspects of their work in due course and time.  We also support an increase in the IMYM assessment to help with start up costs.  We suggest that IMYM serve in an advisory and fund-raising role for Mountain Friends Camp.  IMYM can provide critical support at this time as they develop their program and operational nonprofit structure. We clearly see the need for programs for youth of IMYM as they grow into their teen and young adult years.

Resident's Report: Friends accepted the report of resident Dave Wunker who said he had worked an average of about 10 hours per week doing snow removal, outdoor sweeping, handling trash and recycling, mail collection and distribution, guest apartment reservations, guest apartment cleaning and laundry, Meetinghouse cleaning, and attending Business Meeting.
Guest Apartment: 12 guest nights out of a possible 29. Income: $830 (deposits and/or payments)

Announcements: NM Regional Meeting (April 13-15) and Quaker Women's Retreat (April 20-22, Las Vegas). More information in weekly digest.

Meeting for worship for business adjourned with silence at 2:55 P.M.

Appendix to the Minutes of the Third Month:

(1.) Report of Peace and Social Concerns:
 Very brief notes: 3/11/12, Attendees:  Beverly Busching, Rebecca Henderson, Ruben Hersh, Pam Gilchrist and Njoroge Tho-Biaz.
 1. We agreed to bring the Occupy IRAN City resolution (proposed) to business for Meeting sponsorship.  (see attached)
 2. P&SC support for the work of Occupy LANL will be brought to Meeting in April.
 3. Pam gave a brief summary of the City sponsored conference on Climate Change.  A written report is forthcoming.
 4. P&SC members agreed to look at the IMYM schedule to see what is posted re: environmental education. We agreed to circulate a letter re:  Jennifer's interest group:  Permaculture in times of Climate Change.  We will ask Jennifer to coordinate our effort.  Pam will follow up with Jennifer.

(2.) Finance Committee Report:
Finance Committee Report of Jan. 23, 2012, to Business Meeting for Worship, March 18, 2012
  1. Finance committee concurs with the Building Committee that requests the funds collected from the building (donations from rent from the apt., or the meeting house/AA Monday evenings) be deposited into a separate bank account.  The Finance committee recommends that account be set up as a money market account to gather higher interest rate and will be restricted to 6 withdraws in any 30 day period.
 2. It was agreed that Shelly Cohen and Marcy Pompei would submit to Ann Beauchamp next Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012 the documentation for the annual audit.  Marcy will request from David Giltrow a list of fixed assets.
 3. Through e-mail discussions in preparation for the audit it was brought to the committee's attention that the Canyon Road meeting holds 3 pieces of furniture that was given to the FCNL in 1960.  The Finance committee poses the following query to the business meeting:  What responsibility does the Canyon Road meeting have to transfer or liquidate and transfer these 3 pieces of furniture?
4. Here are a couple of notes on the land donation in process with the Religious Society of Friends in Santa Fe.  This message was sent to Marcy Pompei from Chris Hoffmann, CPA and personal friend when we requested his opinion on how to handle the payment of taxes on the land:
“It is my opinion that the certain zoning battle with city hall and the historical society should be fought in order to satisfy those who believe the site could be used for "church" purposes. Accepting this land could be a waste of time and money, given the certain outcome and the fact that the site wouldn't then meet the needs of your organization.
“There is a presumption associated with all donations to non-profits: assets will be converted into cash so the organization can effectively carry out its mission. The terms of the donation on this property will not allow a sale (without an IRS look back) for three years after the meeting takes full ownership. This means a possible delay and certain tax liability.
“This is not heavily researched information so I recommend the meeting to talk to a professional lawyer or tax accountant.  At this time requesting an opinion on the variance of the property to be used as a site for a meetinghouse would be prudent.”
(3.) Ministry and Counsel:

Ministry and Counsel Report to Business Meeting
Third Month 4th 2012, 1:30 p.m., First Day School Room
Present:  John Kretzmann, (Co-clerk),  Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Rebecca Henderson (Co-clerk), , Ann Beauchamp, Bob Gaines (ex-officio), Pam Gilchrist. Greg Cliburn sends regrets.
Meeting Time for April:  April 1st, 1:30, First Day School Room 
February Minutes:  Approved.
Check-Ins: We briefly shared consideration of our various situations.
Observations of the Spiritual Life of the 9:00 and 11:00 Canyon Road Meetings. 
    The 11:00 Meeting is sometimes packed to capacity.  It is good that the Future Planning Committee has been active recently. Silent worship has been deep. We note that the queries about speaking in Meeting may have made some of us self-conscious.  As far as we know, the 9:00 Meeting is doing well.
Meeting Closings for April: John and Greg will work out closings between them.  Ann can do Meeting closings in May, except for the 20th. 
Query for March:  Continuing in the Worship Section of IMYM  Advices and Queries,  “Does attendance at Meeting for Worship strengthen my Spirit for the week ahead?”
Membership:  We note for the record that Meeting for Worship for Business on February 19th agreed to correct the status of Mary Gamble Wyse and Olivia Gamble Payne of Tres Piedras, NM, who were accepted as SFMM members in 1997.  Their membership with Santa Fe Monthly Meeting is confirmed.
Absent Members and Members at a Distance:  We examined the data bases prepared by Bob Gaines concerning the contact information and history of members who have not been seen recently.  We shared what information we had about each person or made arrangements to find out more.  Rebecca H. will draft a letter and send it out by email to other M & C members in the coming month, and if way is clear we can send the letter to two groups we have identified: Group One, distant Friends with whom we have not had correspondence in several years, and Group Two, local Friends who have not been attending in recent times.
    The purpose of the letter is to let them know that we cherish them and wish to be in better contact with them.  If they are living at a distance and are very active in another Meeting we can encourage them by providing a sojourning membership letter or arranging for a transfer if they wish.  We know that membership is enhanced by regular contact with Friends and participation in a local group.  Some people may have moved away to points where there is no compatible Meeting nearby and wish to retain their membership with us.  In any case we hope to hear from them and we welcome them to stay with us.
    The following are people we identified for each group. If any Friends have recently been in contact with any of these people, and have current contact information, please let Bob Gaines know about it.
    Group One:  John McLeod, Rosellen Aleguire, Miguel Deluca, Judith Duncan, Jim Griffith, Dick Lang, Laurie Lange, Ann Lown, John Miller, John O’Brien, Elizabeth O’Brien, Lovel Pratt, Barri Sanders, Gary Ward, Ralph Luce, Karin Salzman.
    Group Two: Ken Winston Caine, Rachel Rebecca Corry, Frankie Greene, Bob Hall, Colin Holloway, Anne Kunz, Michael Lantz, Diane LeResche, Barbara Riley,  Nina Sammons,  Rich and Carol Schrader, Cathy Turner.
Memorial Minutes:  John will continue working on a memorial minute for Joanne McCaffrey.   Rebecca will see if we can find the memorial written for Jean Malcomb.     
Care of Individuals:  We discussed the situations for those under our care.
 Worship Groups:  We have not had recent contact from those in the worship groups.
Calendar:  We are asked by new M & C members to make up a calendar of things to be done each year by M & C before the older crew rotates off.
On Behalf of M & C, Rebecca Henderson.

(4.) State of the Meeting Report
State of the Meeting Report to Intermountain Yearly Meeting 2011-2012
Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

In the past year Santa Fe Meeting has done well.  We continue to hope that our good works have matched our spiritual intentions.  Meetings for Worship have been consistently well attended, with abundant vocal ministry, and at other times the depth of  silence has been nurturing to many.  Meetings for Worship with Attention to Business have been well attended and fruitful.
We continue deliberations about a future Meeting space because sometimes the 11:00 Canyon Road Meeting is filled and overflowing to the library and the portal.  Our main meeting room holds about fifty worshipers.  The future planning committee is still at work.  Both the 9:00 A.M. Canyon Road Meeting, and the 10:30 A.M. South Santa Fe Worship Group consistently have about ten to fifteen attenders.

We have several families with young children so our First Day School Program has been lively this year.  The First Day School Committee and better coordination have both helped provide more structure.  More attention has been paid this year to basic Quaker principles and practices, and how to show care and respect for one another.  Children have also learned about other religions of the world.  Some days the First Day School room is also very crowded.

Adult First Day programs include frequent discussions at the rise of potluck on the first First Day of the month.  On the second First Day, we have a discussion centering around a Friends Journal article between the 9:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. Meetings.  The Religious Education Committee has provided discussions after meeting on the 4th First Days around the topics of discernment and clearness.  They also sponsored some meaningful sessions with several elders who shared their spiritual experiences with us.  One First Day we heard Reflections on Lucretia Mott presented by one of her descendants.  Fifth Sunday Meeting for Muffins between 9:00 A.M.. and 11:00 A.M. Meetings continues with good cheer.

Our good works budget includes financial contributions to fifteen local organizations which help meet pressing needs for food and shelter for children, youth, and adults who are struggling with homelessness. Friends continue to be involved in the Inter-Faith Leadership Alliance and programs for homeless people such as Envision Santa Fe. At Thanksgiving many of us joined our potluck skills to provide a Thanksgiving Dinner for about eighty people at the shelter. We contribute to ten Quaker organizations which are active on more national levels.  We continue to support the Alternatives to Violence Northern New Mexico programs at both the men's and women's prisons here.  We note that eight members and attenders serve in Yearly Meeting positions and on committees.  Participation by members and attenders in the ongoing committee work of the Santa Fe Meeting continues to be strong.  In August we hosted the IMYM Executive Committee at South Santa Fe's space.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee has encouraged member involvement on current issues from Occupy to climate change.  The committee has been very active this year and has studied many of the threats we face due to actions and inaction by national, state and local governments that are increasingly controlled by corporations more than is beneficial to the general public, the environment, and the welfare of democracy and citizen's rights. Peace and Social Concerns and the Meeting held a special Meeting for Worship at the Occupy Santa Fe Encampment at their request in December. About thirty people participated.  Several in the Meeting have been active in the Occupy movement and have provided insights about nonviolence and group decision-making.

Several in the Meeting continue to be active on immigrant issues.  At the legislature there was an attempt to rescind NM driver's license availability to foreign nationals who have federal income tax identification numbers and other necessary documentation.  The law had resulted in a great decrease in the number of uninsured drivers in NM and increased state revenues. Changes in the law were successfully opposed.

Work in the past years on the building, garden, and grounds of the Meeting are beginning to show results of careful planning and diligent maintenance. The Ramada was re-roofed. The Meeting received the Architectural Stewardship Award of 2011 from the Historic Santa Fe Foundation in June. Garden workdays have been coordinated by our capable garden committee.  We treasure the beauty that is provided.  We are especially mindful of the drought here in New Mexico and of the effects of the mega-forest fires in NM and Arizona this past year. The Tsunami in Japan also held our attention and concerns for people and the environment. We are aware that in the world, many things are difficult for many people.

We changed the name of Ministry and Oversight to Ministry and Counsel to better reflect the work of that committee.  About eighteen individual Friends have come under the care of the committee in this past year.  Former tensions in the Meeting around First Day School issues were eased by listening sessions with individuals and with a Meeting for Worship for Listening with Compassion in May.  We sense improvement from everyone paying more attention to showing respect for other people's perspectives and cultures.  We feel the Meeting is in a stronger spiritual place than it was before our difficulties arose, although we recognize that some Friends still carry wounds from the incidents.

Jean Malcomb, an attender for several years who came to us from San Diego Meeting, passed away in May of 2011.  We were also saddened by the death of Joann McCaffrey in January.  She was a long time attender of our meeting.  We held one marriage under our care in the spring of 2011, for Maxx Cassidy and Suzanne Stradling.

Since our last report on worship groups under our care, the Taos Clearlight Worship Group now has a regular place for their meetings on the second and last First Days of the month.  The Las Vegas Worship Group continues meeting at either Juniper Hill or in Las Vegas on the second and fourth First Days.  Los Alamos Worship Group is struggling a bit because they do not have a regular place to meet.  The South Santa Fe Worship Group continues meeting each First Day at 10:30 A.M. and they have set up a planning committee to consider what to do when their lease expires in a few years time.  Ministry and Counsel sent visitors to the groups which requested assistance.

We hope to continue to be led by the Spirit as we try to discern Truth for ourselves and share it with those around us.

(5.) First Day School (FDS)/Parents Committee Meeting 3/11/2012
Committee Meeting Minutes
Present:   James Hogan, Ariel Harrison, Jan-Willem Jansens, Marty Carroll
1.Clean up and maintenance
2.Play structure: fund raising plan development
3.Next meeting
Clean up & maintenance:
We decided to have quarterly clean up meetings (“Meeting for Cleaning”). If possible, we’ll do maintenance each month; like today.
Play structure update:
The play structure at the Commons is not available. We reached the owner of the other bigger structure we wanted to take over or buy. We will be in touch with the owner on Thursday and look at the structure on Sunday 3/18. We still need to re-verify the dimensions in the garden.
Our fund raising plan starts with formulating a request for initial challenge pledges from Meeting donors. Parents will donate the first challenge base amount. We may involve the kids by having a bake sale at Meeting – present cookies or muffins at rise of meeting and ask for donations (we will announce this beforehand so people are prepared to give). We will also announce when we’re “halfway to the goal” and give periodic updates.
We have not used the money for baby sitters and for teen trips. We should consider whether we need it. Ariel wants to keep the $ for baby sitters; we need find one. We will send out a question to parents so that we can create a list of baby sitters to call. We will make inquiries with a short list of people we already identified.
Next meeting:
Jan-Willem will try to report next week (March 18) to Business Meeting.
Rebecca and Ariel can go look at the structure any time next week or Saturday, March 17.
Jan-Willem will do a program on Earth Day 4/22 on plants and animals of in Australia – slides; use poster of kangaroos. Bring koala stuffed animals; bring eucalyptus soap or so to smell
Next FDS meeting: (Irregular date!) Palm Sunday, April 1 at 10:00 am in the FDS room (we later canceled this month’s meeting; the next meeting is on May 13).

Santa Fe Meeting for Worship for Business, March 18, 2012

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