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June 2012 Newsletter

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Sixth Month 2012

Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00am and 11:00am, First Day School is during the 11:00am Meeting.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30am on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.

Sunday, 06/03 12:30pm Potluck, Ministry and Counsel 1:30pm

Sunday, 06/10 10:10-10:50am 2nd Sunday Worship Sharing: "To Run Joyfully Into The World" and IMYM begins with Early Days arrival, meetings and dinner at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM

Sunday, 06/17 IMYM. At Ghost Ranch – Session ends with Morning Worship and sack lunch

Sunday, 06/24 12:30pm Meeting for Worship for Business

The Monthly Query for the 6th Month, 2012:

“Do our meetings for worship give evidence that Friends come with hearts and minds prepared and open to the experience of God? How does the meeting help individuals and the group become gathered?”(IMYM Faith & Practice, page 119)


June 3rd - Potluck at rise of 11am Worship , Ministry & Counsel 1:30pm

June 6th – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.

June 10th - The topic for our June 10 Second Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing will be the poem "To Run Joyfully Into The World" by Elsie Standing Kuhn, from the May 2012 Friends Journal. Copies of the poem will be available next to the bird house in the library beginning May 27. We will begin at 10:10am and conclude at 10:50am. All interested persons are enthusiastically invited to attend! Suggestions of FJ articles to consider at future worship sharings are very much appreciated. Please call Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) or Pamela Geyer (983 - 0377) with any suggestions or questions.

June 10th – Peace & Social Concerns at 12:30pm (one hour)

June 10th - IMYM begins this afternoon , Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM

June 17th - IMYM ends after lunch this day. (no Meeting for Business, see June 24)

June 24 - Meeting For Business at rise of 11am Worship., Lucretia Mott breakfast group at rise of 9am worship. No Adult Education session this month.

Certain sections of the meeting's website ( are password-protected to protect contact information that might have been included in the newsletter or committee documents. To see the sections that require a password: login name: george pw: george


Interfaith Community Shelter: summer showers will begin on May 22 at the Shelter. I am coordinating the program for the summer and desperately need volunteers. I am making the schedule for May - July. I will send Aug - Oct. and later. The time is 9-11AM., with Volunteer arrival time at 8:30AM to get everything ready for 9AM. I need volunteers on Tuesday and Friday every week. If any Faith Group would like to be responsible for a specific day each month and recruit 3 volunteers, that would be wonderful. Volunteers can contact me at the following email or phone #'s My email is / phone: 466-1139; 670-6261. Barbara Medina

Peace and Social Concerns Committee action item:

Would Santa Fe Friends Meeting co-sponsor the Sabeel conference? The Sabeel conference will be held in Albuquerque on September 28 and 29. Sabeel is a Palestinian Christian organization founded in Jerusalem about a dozen years ago. The US arm is FOSNA--Friends of Sabeel North America. The objective is to educate people on the injustices Palestinians face and try to find a way that will lead to peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Its official position calls for coexistence with Israel and support for the two-state solution. Sabeel's position can be found on the FOSNA website at The conference, entitled - Justice: the Path to Peace in Palestine-Israel, will run for two full days at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John in Albuquerque. It will feature plenary talks by six speakers, as well as 12 workshops on various aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli situation, running concurrently in groups of four during three different time frames.

Two lunches and a dinner will be provided as part of the registration fee, which is set at $75 for both days, $45 for one day. The Santa Fe Friends P&SC Committee agreed to be a co-sponsor the Sabeel Conference. A member made a donation of $50.

Our action item for our next Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business on June 24 is: Would Santa Fe Friends Meeting be a co-sponsor the Sabeel conference?

The May Historic House Tour was a success, our Meetinghouse was visited by 150-200 people. Building Committee also notes that the new cushions have been placed on the garden chairs.

Library Committee announces the arrival of “Ingrid's Tales, A Norwegian-American Quaker Farming Story,” by our own Rebecca Henderson. A copy is available in the Library.

Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends. Fifth Month, 20th day, 2012. 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

Present: Bob Gaines, Clerk, Ted Pomeroy, temporary Recording Clerk, James Hogan, Rebecca Henderson, Carolyn Sigstedt, Pamela Gilchrist, Dave Wunker, David Giltrow, Pamela Geyer, Peggy Giltrow, Philip Balcombe, John Kretzmann, Alan Rogers

Meeting for Business began at 12:30 with silence followed by reading of the query:

“Are we aware that we speak through inaction as well as action?” IMYM Faith and Practice, Queries, page 121.

Minutes for the Fourth Month as posted were approved.

First Day School Report: (see full report appended below) The play structure project continues, selection of a structure based on current and projected needs. The First Day School parents' committee requests approval to increase the goal amount to be raised to $3,500. The initial fund raising to be among the parents themselves, then the Meeting, then through bake sales and similar projects. Parents have expressed a desire to have outdoor cooperative play as an important part of nurturing the children. The use of 'confidential fund raising' is encouraged, and the use of bake sales was approved. Next Parents/First Day School committee meeting is June 10, 2012 at 9:30am.

Action: Meeting approved the request to raise the Fund raising goal to $3,500.

Friends accepted the report.

Nominating Committee: (see full report appended below) A list of new Convenors of committees and other Meeting posts as prepared by the Nominating Committee is appended. Note that the Recorder keeps the records of Membership and the Recording Clerk assists the Clerk to record and report the Minutes of Meeting for Business. Aside from this the Directory is maintained by Bob Gaines with assist from Pam Gilchrist.

Many of the names on the report are presented for a second reading, but Karen Kurantz, James Hogan, Alan Rogers, Ted Pomeroy as Co-convenor of Resident Committee and Bob Gaines as Co-Clerk are first readings.

Action: Meeting approves those on the list as second readings, and will ask for a second reading of the names above at our next Meeting for Business in Sixth Month.

Friends accepted the report.


Garden Committee: See full report attached below. The Garden Committee every member and attender to come and help, see their report and notices in the Digest and Newsletter for schedule. The committee raised the question of whether they might seek volunteers from outside the Meeting. For example, in the past the Master Gardener program has been consulted.

Friends accepted the report.

Finance: See full report attached below. This committee will need a new convenor and Nominating Committee will pursue this. Building Committee and Finance Committee will meet after the Finance Committee is reconstituted, to work together to address making a fund or funds for re-roofing.

Friends accepted the report.

Treasurer's Report: See full report attached below. Ted Pomeroy has taken over as Treasurer and he presented his report and will work to get reports out in a timely way. January and February, 2012, have been reconciled with the Bank statements. Friends accepted the report.

Peace and Social Concerns: See full report attached below. Report includes an outline of the Hiroshima Commemorative Weekend and we are asked:

Action item: Will Friends allow our name to be used as a co-sponsor of the Hiroshima Commemorative Weekend, August 3 through 6, 2012? We are not committing funds, but will be named a co-sponsor. Friends approved this item.

Action item: Will Friends co-sponsor the Sabeel Conference to be held in Albuquerque, NM in September 2012? Sabeel and FOSNA have been in existence in a number of years, more information is available at the FOSNA website: &

Friends ask more time to consider this request and time to read the information available. This item will be considered at the June Meeting for Business.

Friends accepted the report.

Ministry and Counsel Committee: See full report attached below.

Action item: Shall Friends accept a new Worship Group at Tres Piedras? Friends accept.

A liaison to this group need to be appointed. Note, Tres Piedras is west of Taos, NM and has five attenders.

Also discussed was the letter to absent members and members at a distance be posted so that Friends may read the final form of this letter. The Clerk and the Committee agree to do this. Discussion followed about the meeting directory. Carolyn Sigstedt volunteered to update contact information for Members and Attenders.

Action item: Shall Santa Fe Monthly Meeting re-schedule the June Meeting for Business, due to the IMYM schedule, which runs from June 10th to June 17th? Friends approve.

Adult Education Committee will be informed of the change of schedule to avoid conflict with the usual Adult Education session on fourth First Days each month.

Friends accepted the report.

Resident's Report: See full report attached below. Friends accepted the report.


Inter Mountain Yearly Meeting:

Begins on Sunday, June 10th with arrival for Early Days and dinner at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu.

Ends, Sunday, June 17th, Morning Worship followed by sack lunch.

Second Sunday Sharing: --June 10th

The topic for our June 10 Second Sunday Friends Journal Worship Sharing will be the poem "To Run Joyfully Into The World" by Elsie Standing Kuhn, from the May 2012 Friends Journal. Copies of the poem will be available next to the bird house in the library beginning May 27. We will begin at 10:10am and conclude at 10:50am. All interested persons are enthusiastically invited to attend! Suggestions of FJ articles to consider at future worship sharings are very much appreciated. Please call Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) or Pamela Geyer (983 - 0377) with any suggestions or questions.

Fourth Sunday -- June 24

Meeting For Business at rise of 11:00am Worship.

Historic House Tour was a success, our Meetinghouse was visited by 150-200 people. Building Committee also notes that the new cushions have been placed on the garden chairs.

Library Committee announces the arrival of “Ingrid's Tales, A Norwegian-American Quaker Farming Story,” by our own Rebecca Henderson. A copy will be available in the Library Sunday, May 27th.

Meeting for Business ended with silence. Meeting for Business rose at 2:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Gaines, Clerk

Ted Pomeroy, temporary Recording Clerk


FDS Parents Committee Report May 2012 , Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends

First Day School (FDS)/Parents Committee Meeting 5/13/2012

Committee Meeting Minutes (for Business Meeting)

PRESENT: Ariel Harrison, Jan-Willem Jansens, James Hogan, Marty Carroll


1. Agenda

2. Play structure update: next steps?

3. Future FDS Needs: ideas, queries, process for addressing the topic, communication with Future

Planning Committee (contact person)

4. Previous meeting notes (esp. child care and budget; clean up days)

5. Next meeting (6/10 at 9:30; Reporting to Business Mtg; Next year’s convener?)


The elusive play structure we went to look at on Sunday 3/18 had disappeared. As a result, this option is no longer available. Rebecca Miles and James Hogan researched some alternatives from and Rainbow Systems. We are now leaning to selecting a sturdier version with 3 swings, a slide, tower, and climbing wall (approx. $2,750 plus tax, delivery, installation, and some minor costs for underlayment and fastening the structure to the ground). This may bring the total budget from $2,500 as approved a few months ago to $3,500. To date we received three donations.

We decided to address fund raising in phases:

1. Finish fund raising from parents. Rebecca and James are willing to offer another challenge donation to motivate other parents.

2. Approach the rest of meeting (probably with a letter and an color image of the desired structure).

3. Collect any remaining funds with creative initiatives; e.g., doing a “Read-to-Feed” fund raising

program this summer with Heifer International (last year the teens raised >$400).

We will ask Business Meeting to reapprove the new fund raising goal of $3,500 and to help decide how to go about the administrative aspects of this special fund raising initiative (esp. separate fund tracking from regular – non earmarked – donations to Meeting, and other details).


Rebecca and James will consider serving as Future Planning Committee liaisons (for the moment). We will have a special FDS meeting on June 10 meeting at 9:30 am which will be entirely devoted to future planning. While the meeting will coincide with IMYM , we realize that we may need to have several meetings; this will not be the only one. We will invite all members and attenders who are interested and also hope to see as many people from the Future Planning Committee as possible. We will ask the Future Planning Committee to offer a brief overview and introduction (e.g., a summary of their goals and process), help us constrain our process, and offer queries before that meeting.


Child Care:

Two Young Friends are interested in doing child care. We will request to maintain our budget for childcare for 2012/2013.


Next FDS Committee meeting: June 10, 2012, at 9:30. Who will be convener for next year’s FDS Committee will have to be sorted out. On the Agenda for next FDS Committee Meeting is the Play Structure, Future Planning, and Budget.

Nominating Committee Report for May 20, 2012 Meeting for Business

Nominating committee is charged with the responsibility of proposing for approval the names of Friends and Attenders whom the committee believes to be suitable for the positions to be filled, and who have agreed to serve in those positions. The positions include those of officers, contact or liaison people, and committee conveners, but not committee members, with the exception of Ministry and Counsel members, all of whom we are charged to nominate. The M&C members serve 2 year terms, and select their own convener. We have been in touch with several folks who expressed an interest in serving on certain committees, but not as conveners. We ask that they contact the relevant conveners. Respectfully: Frank Hirsch, Carolyn Sigstedt, Steve Spencer, Mi’Jan Tho-Biaz.

Co-Clerks of Meeting: Jan-Willem Jansens and Bob Gaines

Recording Clerk: Dave Wunker

Treasurer: Ted Pomeroy

Recorder: Philip Balcombe

Resident: Dave Wunker

Archivist: David Giltrow

Future Planning Committee: Co-Conveners Bettina Raphael and Irene Webb

Adult Education Committee: Wyn Lewis, Convener

Building Committee: David Giltrow

Communications and Newsletter Committee: Marcy Pompei, Convener

Committee on Conscientious Objection: Howard Shulman, Convener

Meeting for Worship Greeter: Rebecca Allahyari

Finance Committee: Convener, with Roxanne Seagraves, Frank Hirsch, and Ann Beauchamp

Garden Committee: Alan Rogers, Convener

Good Works Committee: Anna Darrah, Convener

Housekeeping Committee: Pam Geyer, Convener

History Committee: David Giltrow, Convener

Library Committee: Ted Pomeroy, assisted by Jonathan Ashworth

Ministry and Counsel Committee: Carolyn Sigstedt, Mary Ray Cate, and Karen Kuranz. (Starting at rise of June Meeting for Business, for 2 year terms, joining current members Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Ann Beauchamp, and Greg Cliburn)

Naming Committee: To be chosen by Meeting for Business

Nominating Committee: To be chosen by Naming Committee

Peace and Social Concerns Committee: Pam Gilchrist

Residence Committee: Co-Conveners Ted Pomeroy and Marty Carroll

Parents First Day School Committee: They will select their own convener.

Worship Group Liaisons:

Las Vegas: David Henkel

Los Alamos: Martha Davis

South Santa Fe: Pam Gilchrist

Taos (Clearlight Meeting): Irene Webb

IMYM Continuing Committee Representative: Jennifer Wellington

IMYM Nominating Committee Representative: Rebecca Henderson

IMYM Finance Committee Representative: Bob Gaines

AFSC Liaison: David Henkel and Mi’Jan Tho-Biaz

FCNL Liaison: Pam Gilchrist

Pendle Hill Liaison: Marty Carroll

NM Regional Meeting Liaison: Rebecca Henderson

Interfaith Leadership Alliance Representative: Bob Gaines

Garden Committee Report, Fifth Month : Dave Wunker asked to be relieved of his duties as convener and Alan Rogers has assumed that role. Does Business Meeting need to approve this change?

Garden Committee is meeting every other Saturday from mid morning through mid afternoon with Friends joining in as their schedules allow. People also have been putting time in outside of these workdays. We have time for visiting, sharing delicious espresso drinks & snacks as well as digging into the work. We very much need, and would welcome, regular or occasional help from others.

The members and/or helpers of the committee to date are: Ann Beauchamp, Mary Ray Cate, Jamie Gagan, Lorraine Graham, Pam Gilchrist, Ariel Harrison, Jan-Willem Jansens, Ronan Jansens, Rosie Jansens, Ted Pomeroy, Alan Rogers, Carolina Sherman and Dave Wunker. Friends have also brought friends to assist. Forgive me if I have overlooked anyone. You don’t need to be a member to help.

The main focus has been on pruning and weeding with 2 full pickups of green waste having been taken to the dump.

In addition, Dave Wunker and Ariel Harrison have been working on the drip; identifying and repairing leaks, extending the line to bring water to plants that hadn’t been on the system and modifying the system as needed to bring adequate water the trees that had been getting less water than needed. Alan has started with plant identification to better know the specific requirements of what we have. Combined with this is a look at what we have that is in the wrong spots and is too labor intensive or creates other issues with the foundation.

There is much work that we have identified that needs to be done. Lots of weeding, soil amending, mulching and replacement of specimens that didn’t make it through the winter or last season’s drought. Consideration of planting bare areas. Funds are limited. People power has been spotty most days but with an incredible showing on May 5th when there were more than a dozen people who participated. I am hopeful that, with continued outreach to Meeting, we can increase participation.

If not, I would like to seek counsel from Business Meeting about how to proceed to maintain the grounds. I wonder if Meeting might be able to forge partnerships with other non-profits and local businesses for cash or in kind contributions of labor or materials? What is reasonable to expect of ourselves in terms of time and financial contributions to maintain Olive’s bequest? And if we can’t muster the people power ourselves, should we be looking to hire someone or a company to assist in the upkeep?

Respectfully submitted, Alan Rogers

Finance Committee Report to the May Business Meeting from the April 29, 2012:

Finance Committee met at the home of Marcy Pompei. Present: Marcy Pompei, Shelley Cohen, Roxanne Seagraves, Bettina Raphael, Ann Beauchamp and Ted Pomeroy.

1.The Finance Committee requests approval of a Budget Adjustment Request to increase by $2,000 to the Future Committee, earmarked for the survey of the Canyon Road Property.

2.The Finance Committee thanks Bettina Raphael for attending the April meeting and for sharing critical operational information. Please let it be noted that the Future Committee was given no budget for the current year and thus may need to request an increase before the end of the year. A discussion took place regarding the insurance to cover the assets inside the meetinghouse and it was noted that $1500 was included in the budget for an appraisal and to cover a rider to the homeowners policy. Bettina reviewed Olive Rush’s estate and it has been determined that all assets have been distributed.

3.Audit Report: is complete by Ann Beauchamp and can be reported to the business committee.

4.Marcy Pompei has stepped down as Convenor of this committee, effective immediately.

5. Building Committee has requested that Meeting set aside $2,000 per year for several years in anticipation of re-roofing expenses. One possible arrangement for this would be for the Maintenance and General Fund budgets to each set aside $1,000 per year to achieve this goal. The two committees will have to meet in the future to find a clearness on this issue. This will be postponed until the Finance Committee has met with a new convenor.

Treasurer's Report through April 2012




Donor Restricted


Meetinghouse use




Guest Apartment


Meetinghouse use




Restricted - Bricks and Mortar






First Day School staff



Subscriptions for library



Adult Education



Young Adult Friends



Library books






Future Planning



Broader Quaker: Mountain Friends



Broader Quaker: Friends Journal



IMYM Assessment


















Guest Apartment




The Peace and Social Concerns committee met on 5/13/2012 with Beverly Busching and Pam Gilchrist in consultation with Reuben Hersh.

1. We will create a poster inviting IMYM participants to the Interest groups offered by Jennifer Wellington and Don Bustos. The poster will be emailed to IMYM Meetings. Beverly Busching will create posters to put up at IMYM. (see attached)

2. We will write a letter to the editor about the hearings on Oil and Gas regulations urging that the ‘Pit Rule’ not be changed. We will attend the hearings the week of 5/14 as time permits. We will include pertinent information for the Digest.

3. At our March meeting the P&SC committee agreed to support the Hiroshima Commemorative being organized by a coalition of religious and community groups. At our April business meeting P&SC was asked for details: What are the demands of the Hunger Strike and what are the components of the weekend?

Hunger Strikers call for:

1) a meeting with our Congressional representatives, and with LANL Director Charles McMillan to transform all nuclear weapons work at LANL into clean-up, remediation, and peaceful production

2) Creation of decontamination jobs

3 Permanent cancellation of plans to build the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) facility and a moratorium on all work that employs plutonium or other Special Nuclear Materials.

4) LANL’s compliance with the New Mexico Environment Department’s Consent Order of 2005 that requires the closure of Technical Area G where 42,000 barrels of radioactive wastes are stored.

5) Compensate New Mexico residents who have suffered illness and loss of loved ones as a result of our state’s nuclear weapons activities.

The components of the weekend include:

Friday – Speakers to welcome those gathered and bless what we are doing together, to bring a land-based consciousness; to inspire by looking at the whole sweep of the movement.

Saturday To educate specifically about Los Alamos and the national nuclear industry and to inspire to action on Sunday the 5th and beyond. Panels: History; Interfaith discussion; Clean-up and Healing; Corporate profit in the military production; Nonviolent direct action training

Music - Possibly a concurrent Film festival:

Sunday afternoon/eve there will be an Interfaith program. At 4.50pm: Fr. John Dear introduces silent contemplation and commemoration of what took place 67 years ago.

5pm – silent meditation - audio broadcast of bell ringing in Hiroshima at 5:18pm.

Silent procession of Commemoration and Peace to the gates of the lab and back to Ashley Pond Park, led by Pax Christi. Float lanterns on the pond, and then disperse.

The Hiroshima Commemorative continues Monday, 8/6 with Civil disobedience organized by Santa Fe Veterans for Peace and Unoccupy from Albuquerque.

Action item: Would Santa Fe Friends Meeting cosponsor a Hiroshima Commemorative weekend in Los Alamos and Santa Fe Friday, Aug. 3 through Monday, Aug. 6 with a growing coalition of religious and community groups.

4. The Sabeel Conference will be held in Albuquerque on September 28 and 29. Sabeel is a Palestinian Christian organization founded in Jerusalem about a dozen years ago. The US arm is FOSNA--Friends of Sabeel North America. The objective is to educate people on the injustices Palestinians face and try to find a way out from under that will lead to peace between Palestinians and Israelis. Information can be found at: &

The P&SC committee agreed to sponsor the Sabeel Conference. A member offered a donation of $50.

Action item: Would Santa Fe Friends Meeting co-sponsor the Sabeel Conference?

Ministry and Counsel Committee Report to Business Meeting, Fifth Month 2012. Ministry and Counsel Committee met on the second First Day of Fifth Month at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Ann Beauchamp.

Present: John Kretzmann, Rebecca Henderson (Co-Clerks), Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Ann Beauchamp, Bob Gaines (ex-officio), Pam Gilchrist. Greg Cliburn was unable to attend.

Meeting Time for June: June 3, 1:30, First Day School Room.

Fourth Month Minutes: Approved.

Check-Ins: We briefly shared consideration of our various situations. We were happy to have Rebecca Henderson present following her recent eye surgery.

Observations of the Spiritual Life of the Nine O’clock and Eleven O’clock Canyon Road Meetings for Worship: Worship at 9:00 and 11:00 are well attended. The quality of worship seems to show quality in extended silence and well-considered vocal ministry.

Ministry & Counsel is sensitive to the difficulties being faced by an attender at 9:00 worship and hold him and his family in the Light. We appreciate the compassionate actions taken by Ted Pomeroy and Pam Gilchrist and others on his behalf.

Meeting Closings for June: Ann will close Eleven O’Clock Meeting in June, except for June 10, when Njoroge will fill in.

Query for June: Continuing in the Worship section of the IMYM Advices and Queries:

“Do our meetings for worship give evidence that Friends come with hearts and minds prepared and open to the experience of God? How does the meeting help individuals and the group become gathered?”

Absent Members and Members at a Distance: We agreed last month that the letter drafted by Rebecca and most recently revised by Bob is ready to send out, and that the same letter is appropriate to send to both groups (Group One, distant Friends with whom we have not had correspondence in several years, and Group Two, local Friends who have not been attending in recent times). Bob will prepare the letters. They will be signed by the Clerk of the Meeting and the Co-Clerks of Ministry and Counsel. They will be sent via e-mail to those for whom we have e-mail addresses. Pam will call those for whom we have only phone numbers.

We reviewed the list again and made changes to try to ensure that the letter does not go to Friends who in fact are attending, including those who may be attending South Santa Fe Worship Group.

Membership: Alan Winchester, an attender at the South Side Worship Group has applied for membership in SFMM. Ministry and Counsel have requested Ford Robbins and Pam Gilchrist serve on Alan’s clearness committee for membership.

Memorial Minutes: It was noted that memorial minutes for Joanne McCaffrey and Jean Malcomb will not be ready in time for yearly meeting. These memorial minutes will be held over until IMYM 2013.

Care of Individuals: We discussed the situations for those under our care.

Marriage: Ministry and Counsel received a request from Guthrie Miller and Stephanie Kirchhoffer to be married under the care of SFMM during IMYM at Ghost Ranch in Sixth Month, 2012. If that was not possible, Guthrie indicated to M & C that he would like to be married in the manner of Friends at IMYM. M & C has informed Guthrie that the committee is unable to support a marriage under the care of the meeting or to participate in a marriage in the manner of Friends during IMYM because there is insufficient time for a clearness committee to be formed and to complete its work in the good order of Friends. M & C has advised the couple to seek more clearness regarding their marriage, either from a clearness committee appointed by M & C or from other sources, and M & C recommended against a marriage in the manner of Friends at IMYM without first finding clearness.

Worship Groups: A new worship group is forming in Tres Piedras and asks to be placed under care of SFMM. Contact is Mary Wyse and her daughter Olivia Gamble Payne, who have been attending SFMM on first and third Sundays. The worship group plans to meet second and fourth Sundays. Mary expects five people as regular attenders to start. The group is working to make ready a building as a place to meet. Ministry and Counsel recommends accepting care of the Tres Piedras worship group under the care of SFMM.

Calendar: We are asked by new M & C members to make up a calendar of things to be done each year by M & C before the older crew rotates off.

Prepared on behalf of the Ministry and Counsel Committee by Ann Beauchamp.

Resident's Report for April 2012

Resident worked an average of about 16 hours per week doing outdoor sweeping, handling trash and recycling, mail collection and distribution, guest apartment reservations, guest apartment cleaning and laundry, Meetinghouse cleaning, garden watering, weeding, and pruning, and attending Business Meeting. Resident also repaired window latch in guest apartment and bought new refrigerator for kitchen.Guest Apartment: 11 guest nights out of a possible 30.

Income: $580.00 (deposits and/or payments)


Document Actions