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November 2011 Newsletter

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends


Eleventh Month 2011


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.

Sunday, 11/6 12:30 p.m. Potluck; 1:30 p.m. Ministry and Oversight Committee
Sunday, 11/13 10:10 2nd Sunday Discussion
Sunday, 11/20 12:30 Meeting for Worship for Business
Sunday, 11/27 12:30 Education Committee Discussion


The Monthly Query for the 11th month, 2011


“In Meeting for Worship, how do I clear my mind so that the Spirit has a place to enter?”

from Worship Section of Advices and Queries, IMYM Faith and Practice, p. 118




Nov. 2 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.

Nov. 6 – Day of Dead celebration in the First Day School: a celebration of Quakers who have died from our meeting will be honored.

Nov. 6 – Monthly Potluck: the meeting will honor new resident Ted Pomeroy with special cookies
baked by Ariel Harrison. There will also be a discussion of the IMYM proposals on restructuring IMYM and stewardship of IMYM resources. More at

Nov. 13 - Second Sunday Discussion will be announced in the weekly digest.

Nov. 13 – Peace & Social Concerns Committee will meet at the rise of the meeting in the garden around 12:30.

Nov. 16 - Bible Reading Group at the Meetinghouse 7-8 PM;, we will discuss our reading of the Gospel of John.

Nov. 27 – Education Committee 12:30 will host a discussion and topic to be announced.

Members/Attenders are reminded the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting accepts Automatic Contributions for donation; most banks and credit unions now offer a service -- typically free -- which allows you to set up an automatic payment on any frequency you desire.  There are two ways you might be able to set up an automatic payment: 1. Your bank or credit union will mail a check to the Meeting at 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501; or 2. Your bank or credit union will transfer the money electronically to the Meeting's account at Guadalupe Credit Union (contact the treasurer for the Meeting's account number and GCU routing number). More information at

Members are reminded to go to for current action information from the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group: Quaker House, 1730 Camino Carlos Rey #209 Santa Fe NM 87507 (505) 471-2288. Meeting is held in a rust-red building on the short end of Camino Carlos Rey, northwest of Cerrillos Road. Worship is every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Please send newsletter comments or suggestions to Marcy Pompei @

Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business:

Minutes for Ninth Month 2011 have been prepared and circulated as of 15 October 2011.

Present: Kathleen Burke, Philip Balcombe, Ann E. Beauchamp, David Giltrow, Anna Darrah, Peggy Giltrow, Rebecca Henderson, Pamela Geyer, Marcy Pompei, Ted Pomeroy, Bob Gaines, Clerk

Meeting began at 12:40 and ended at 1:50 p.m.

1.Minutes for Ninth Month approved as amended. Correction to Ninth Month minutes (underlined):
Ministry and Oversight:
John Kretzmann had been designated to present the M&O report, but he forgot. No report of M&O appears in the Appendix to these minutes, and the Report to Business Meeting for Ministry and Oversight for Ninth Month will be presented in Tenth Month. John expressed his apology. Ministry and Oversight will change its meeting time to the First Sunday, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. (See Ninth Month M&O Minutes appended to Tenth Month Report of Meeting for Business).

2. Traveling Minute for Rebecca Henderson and Anchor Committee's Report (attached): Anchor Committee Report and Traveling Minute read and approved by Meeting for Business. Discussion: “Anchor Committee” is a committee of support for those in Traveling Ministry, meeting with the minister before and after travel to confirm the leading and assist as needed to help the minister in being centered in her mission. Meeting for Business warmly approved this mission and process. Clerk Bob Gaines signed the letter which Rebecca will carry.

3. Peace & Social Concerns Report (attached): Report read and approved by Meeting for Business.

4. Ministry and Oversight Ninth and Tenth Month Reports (attached): Both reports read and accepted by Meeting for Business. Discussion: The new meeting time for M&O noted and the language for observations of 9am and 11am Meeting for Worship at the same time was noted (Ninth Month Report). 9am Worship will ask Nominating Committee about adding a representative on the M&O Committee. All members and attenders are invited to bring concerns to M&O during their regular committee meeting, see Ninth Month Report attached.

5. Envision Santa Fe Report (attached): Report read and accepted. Note that Envision seeks a Mentor for a 7-year old male, English speaking. Envision is celebrating their work and mission on December 1, from 5:30pm to 7pm, location to be announced. Discussion: What is a Mentor and what commitment? Peggy Giltrow will e-mail Bev of Envision Santa Fe (with copy to Frank Hirsch) to obtain a clarification of this. In general a Mentor makes a two-year commitment to meet with the individual served on a regular basis to assist in the transition from homelessness to a permanent living situation. A Minute of Appreciation was enthusiastically approved by Meeting for Business: Santa Fe Monthly Meeting thanks Kathleen Burke for her work as Envision Santa Fe Liaison. She has contributed immensely to the Envision program and represented Santa Fe Monthly Meeting with outstanding service.

6. Resident's Report, Kathleen Burke: Kathleen worked a total of 58 hours, taking 9 days away on holiday during the Ninth Month. The Guest Apartment was occupied 23 of 30 days, producing income for the building maintenance of $860.00. Report accepted by Meeting for Business. A Minute of Appreciation was approved enthusiastically: Santa Fe Monthly Meeting thanks Kathleen for her exemplary service over the last three years as Resident Friend. She has served with the greatest attention to the tasks of caring for the Meetinghouse, Garden and the People who are Members, Attenders and Guests of the Meeting.

7. Finance Committee Report (attached): Finance Committee Report read and accepted. Ann Beauchamp is now a member of this committee. Budget for 2012 will be presented in November. Discussion: Finance and Building Committees are requested to report to Meeting for Business what an appraisal of the artworks of Olive Rush will cost and how much it would cost to increase our insurance to cover the artworks.

8. Parents Committee Reports (attached): Both reports accepted. It was noted that the Ninth Month report was read at the Ninth Month Meeting for Business. Tenth Month Report read and accepted.

9. Announcements attached.

Meeting for Business adjourned at 2:30pm.


Traveling Minute for Rebecca Henderson - Approved at Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, October 16, 2011

The Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends sends greetings to the Colorado Regional Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. We are delighted that the Colorado Regional Meeting has invited Rebecca Henderson to speak on “Living Peaceably With Our Neighbors and Loved Ones” at their gathering in Estes Park on October 21-23, 2011.
Rebecca is a longtime Quaker, having grown up in the Paullina Monthly Meeting of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative). After her move to Albuquerque in 1985, she settled into the Albuquerque Meeting, and in 2003 became a member of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting. She has over the years served as clerk of the Iowa City and Santa Fe Monthly Meetings and Intermountain Yearly Meeting, and has led clerking workshops for IMYM and Wyoming Friends. She has served on multiple committees, including Friends World Committee for Consultation, the Coordinating Committee for Friends Peace Teams, and Scattergood Friends School Committee, and learned facilitation skills from the Alternatives to Violence Project. She currently serves on Santa Fe Monthly Meeting’s Ministry and Oversight Committee.
We appreciate and acknowledge the work, experience, and insight that Rebecca has in the area of conflict resolution and peaceable living. Over the years she has chosen to limit her income to below a taxable level in order not to pay war taxes. She resigned her position as an environmental consultant with a firm over its contract with the Trident Submarine base. She retrained as a bookbinder, a profession more in line with her peace testimony and desire for simplicity. With other lesbian radicals, she participated in the establishment of a land trust, which among other things educates women in sustainable building and living. In 1992 she married her longtime partner, Pelican Lee, in Albuquerque Monthly Meeting.
Nancy Rice of Albuquerque Monthly Meeting will be accompanying Rebecca as her companion in the ministry. Pelican Lee, who has been attending Santa Fe Meeting, will be coming for the weekend as well. We entrust Rebecca Henderson and these Friends to your care.

For Santa Fe Monthly Meeting:

Bob Gaines, Clerk

Anchor Committee Report

Colorado Regional Meeting has asked Rebecca Henderson to speak on “Living Peaceably With Our Neighbors and Loved Ones” at their gathering in Estes Park on October 21-23, 2011. To support her in this ministry, Rebecca asked the Ministry and Oversight Committee to appoint an anchor committee made up of Greg Cliburn (convener), Beverly Busching, and Pamela Geyer. We met at Pamela's home on Saturday, October 1, to learn about Rebecca's calling, to discuss her draft presentation, and to begin work on a traveling minute. Pam drafted the minute based on our discussion, and we refined it together via e-mail. It is attached for Meeting's consideration, and the clerk's signature, at business meeting on October 16. We ask the entire Meeting to join us in holding Rebecca in the Light as she goes forward in this ministry. Clerk, Greg Cliburn.

Report from the P&SC Committee:

The Peace and Social Concerns Committee met 2nd First Day, 10th month, with Lorraine Graham, Beverly Busching, Ann Anthony, and Pam Geyer attending.

Among several topics discussed, we decided to take action on two projects suggested by Friends in the threshing session concerning the Minute on our relationship to the environment. Beginning in November, we will post a bulletin board reminding us of the Minute and suggesting an action each month based on the "twelve most serious problems facing us today" from the book Collapse by Jared Diamond. Also, we will create a "Trash to Treasures" exchange board for the Meeting to be located on our website. We made plans for follow-up on the earlier meeting with Senator Tom Udall. Older Young Friends let us know that they would like to be included in any future activist letter writing.
Lorraine Graham and Beverly Busching.

Ministry and Oversight Report to Business Meeting - Ninth Month, 4th, 2011

Present: Pam Gilchrist, Greg Cliburn, Ann Beauchamp, John Kretzmann (facilitating co-clerk) Bob Gaines (ex-officio), and Rebecca Henderson (co-clerk, minutes.)

August Minutes: We made two corrections to our minutes.

Check-ins: This is a time we take to center ourselves and briefly share how things go with each of us.

Observations of the Spiritual Well-Being of the Meeting: We note that there is lots of verbal activity when we share joys, sorrows, and concerns toward the end of worship on First days, preceded by good, deep silent times. Another positive indicator is lots of interest in adult education programs and the Second Sunday discussion times.

To avoid future confusions we will consider the well-being of both the Canyon Road 9:00 Meeting and the Canyon Road 11:00 Meeting at the same time, avoiding the possibility that the 9:00 Meeting will be thought to be a worship group rather than a sitting of the Canyon Road Meeting.

New Attenders: At the October potluck following the rise of meeting on the First First Day we will have a gathering entitled “Sharing Our Experiences of Being, or Having Been, a New Attender.” We will extend a special welcome to new attenders.

Membership: The papers for acceptance of transfer of membership for Irene Webb from the Santa Monica Meeting to the Santa Fe Meeting have been signed by the Clerk of Santa Fe Meeting. The transfer was approved August 21, 2011 and Irene Webb was warmly welcomed into membership with us. Rebecca Henderson will send the original signed copy to Santa Monica, will send a copy to Irene Webb, a copy to our recorder, and maintain a copy in M & O’s records.

We note that whether a new membership or a transfer, the correspondence about the membership stays in the M & O files, along with a copy of the business meeting approval and any transfer papers. A copy of the business meeting minutes and a copy of the membership papers go to the Meeting Recorder who then initiates the completion of membership information sheets that the Meeting uses. The M & O Clerk is responsible for the M & O files and for seeing that they get transferred to the next clerk of M & O.

Our M & O Meeting Time: We have decided to change the time of our meeting from 9:00 a.m. on the First First Day to 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. that same day. This is a potluck First Day and we will meet in the First Day School Room. Friends are invited to bring their concerns to the committee at 2:00. This solves the problem of a conflict of time with the 9:00 Meeting, with time and space conflicts with First Day School preparation, and with the meetings of the First Day School Committee.

Meeting Closings: Pam Gilchrist will be the back-up person for Greg Cliburn for September. Greg Cliburn will be the back-up for Ann Beauchamp for October.

Queries: For Queries to be displayed in the Meeting Room we will use the Intermountain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice, beginning with the section on Worship. The Query for October will be part 1.–
“How do I prepare myself for worship? Do I set aside time during the week to strengthen my spirit? What is it that I bring to the meeting for worship?”
We wish to call attention to the Advices that are preliminary to each section of the queries. We will print out the Advices for Worship and have them available for people to take home and read. At the top of the sheet we will quote the sentence, “Advices and queries have represented a continuing exploration of our common faith and practice and continue to serve as a reminder of the insights of the Society.” with a reference to the entire introduction section of Advices and Queries in the IMYM Faith and Practice, pp 115-116.

Individuals and Worship Groups under our care: We reviewed the needs of individuals under our care and spoke about what we knew of the well-being of some of the worship groups.

Pamphlet: We have considered the little hand-out pamphlet published by Friends General Conference, “Silent Worship and Quaker Values, an Introduction,” by Marsha D. Holliday. We have all read this and feel it would be a good thing to have available to guests and new-comers if they wish some beginning explanation of Quakers. Pam Gilchrist will go ahead and order the number of copies she feels would be useful.

Meeting Concludes:

On Behalf of M & O,
Rebecca Henderson, co-clerk.

Ministry and Oversight Meeting Tenth Month 2nd, 2011

Present: Pam Gilchrist, Ann Beauchamp, John Kretzmann (facilitating co-clerk), Bob Gaines (ex-officio), Njoroge Tho-Biaz, Rebecca Henderson (co-clerk). Greg Cliburn sent regrets.

September Minutes: The September Minutes are approved and the Report to Business Meeting will be forwarded to Business Meeting in October. They were not presented in September.

Check-ins: We had thoughtful consideration of our various situations.

Observations of the Spiritual Life of the 9:00 and 11:00 Canyon Road Meetings: Things continue to go well in both Meetings as far as we can tell. The after-potluck sharing about Our Experiences of Being, or Having Been, a New Attender was well attended and lively. We needed more time as some didn’t get to share. We may consider repeating something along these lines again, periodically, and perhaps not on a potluck Sunday. We might consider something like a question-asking and question-answering time. We will consider this matter again later.

Meeting Closing for November: Pam Gilchrist, with Rebecca Henderson as back-up.

Query for November: (from Worship Section of Advices and Queries, IMYM Faith and Practice, slightly amended from “do I” to “how do I”) “In Meeting for Worship, how do I clear my mind so that the Spirit has a place to enter?”

Care of Individuals: We considered the needs of people who might need assistance.

First Day School for the Teens: Njoroge gave us a full report of working with parents and teens to try to devise some program or activities to help the teens find their spiritual base in Quakerism.  M & O members also had conversations with parents and the email correspondence was heavy.  A concern is how to develop something that is meaningful yet which does not lay additional heavy burdens on the teens whose school life is already filled to the brim.  We discussed various options and situation at length and are still deliberating the various questions raised, including how best to include the parents of the teens and the teens into the deliberation.

Anchor Committee for Rebecca Henderson: Greg Cliburn, convenor, sends news that the committee met with Rebecca on Saturday, October 1st, at Pamela Geyer’s house. They discussed some of the elements of her proposed presentation concerning “Living Peaceably with Neighbors and Family,” at Colorado Regional in October. They have prepared a travel minute which they will bring to business meeting for the meeting’s approval and the clerk’s signature.

On Behalf of the Meeting, Rebecca Henderson, Co-Clerk.

Envision Santa Fe Report to Tenth Month Meeting for Business 2011

This is my final report as Frank Hirsch will be taking on the liaison role in October 2011.

If anyone is interested in mentoring a 7 yr old boy please let Frank know.

To summarize:  Our families at this point are:
       A single mom and her 6 year old son (St. Bedes has a potential mentor for the mom; Friends is hoping to get a mentor for the son)
       A single undocumented mom with three children.  (Zia methodist might have a mentor for the mom who is a Spanish speaker and potentially one child.
        First Presbyterian Church may be interested in providing 2 other mentors)
       A single mom and 2 year old from Youth Shelter (Angela will see if the Unitarian Church can take provide mentors for this family)

The new mentor meeting will be MONDAY at 6 pm at Christ Lutheran.  Please let me or Bev ( who from your community will attend.

Next steering committee: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25  11:30 at Ellen Bierderman's home.

Celebration of Envision mentors, volunteers and faith communities: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1  5:30 – 7.  SAVE THE DATE

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Burke

Finance Committee Report to Business Meeting on Oct. 16, 2011

Finance Committee met on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2011
Present: Ann Beauchamp, Irene Webb, Marcy Pompei and Shelley Cohen

1. Audit 2010 issues: Shelley will start with Jan. 1, 2011 to see if she can make the books and the bank statement match to create a system of on-going reconciliation to be performed each 30 day period.

The Finance committee re-address the issue of an appraisal of the art work held by the meeting from the Estate of Olive Rush.
2. The Finance committee would like to publish the distribution of the contributions from Lee Carter Estate:

1st Distribution: 50% went to the new meeting house fund for bricks and mortar in the amount of $569.00 and 50% went to the general fund in the amount of $569.00.

2nd Distribution: 33% went to the new meeting house fund for bricks and mortar and 66% went to the General Fund.

3. The Finance Committee would like to extended a THANK YOU to Beverly Busching for her $4,000 donation to the new meetinghouse un-restricted fund.

5. The Finance Committee approved the development of the 2012 budget with Good Works to be the same as last year and to include the requests by each committee as submitted: Budget Document will be presented to the Business Committee at the November Business meeting.

6.The Finance Committee recommends Ann Beauchamp to Business Meeting for service with the Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee intends to open a new savings account within the current bank account to accommodate the new meetinghouse funds.

Treasurer's Report

I am sorry to report that there will not be a report from the Treasurer at Meeting for Business. I spent many hours on the preparation, but was unable to get it finished prior to my trip to Atlanta for my niece's wedding. My sincere apologies.
Shelley Cohen)

Parents meeting September 4. 2011


Present: Ariel, Jan-Willem, Marty, James, and Njoroge

  1. Cleaning of first day school room
  1. Decided it was important to have a big fall cleaning and to have quarterly maintenance cleanings thereafter. We set the date for the first one on September 18th after meeting.
  2. For the September 18th cleaning, we decided to focus on cleaning out the closet, moving the items in the armoir to the closet, removing the TV, and organizing the books.
  3. Set a long term goal of having a door with a lock for the closet.
  4. Need to keep a list of needs for first day school room, so that if folks from meeting want to donate something they can refer to the list.
  5. Need to figure out ways to discourage unwanted donations. Perhaps we will put a sign on the door or put it in the digest; that people should consult with Marty before making a donation to the first day school.
  6. James will talk to building committee to find out suggestions for re-locating the piano and the armoir to create more space and to make the first day school room more inviting for all who use it.
  1. Curriculum Marty requested feedback about curriculum.
  • Jan-Willem suggested using the Jena Plan as a model as well as dividing the time with 1/3 Christian, 1/3 Quaker and 1/3 world religions.
  • Marty wondered about getting more Quaker curriculum resources. James will ask Rebecca to contact a bay area friend who is involved in first day school to find out if they can suggest some resources.
  1. How to come more together as a parents group
  • Need to begin to make a list of desired service projects, for different age groups, so that we don't keep discussing the same service projects. Perhaps have a going list in the first day school room that parents/kids can add to.
  • Jan-Willem suggests to have an email survey to provide feedback on parents needs as well as curriculum feedback for Marty.
  1. Play Structure
  • Jan-Willem observed that implementing business meetings suggestions to create an ad-hoc committee has been challenging because of limitation of interested people as well as difficulty scheduling a meeting.
  • He proposes to continue to discuss it within in the first day school committee with the focus on short term and longer term solutions. Short them solutions would implement something soon that the kids can play on and long term solutions would require more research into placement, liability, fund-raising and building codes.
We set our next parents meeting for October 9th at 9:30. The agenda for that meeting will be a review of the decisions and action items of this meeting, working further on the survey, further discussion of the play structure, and setting a regular schedule of parents meetings or other ways of keeping in touch with each other that would accommodate the diverse needs of parents and kids, including teens.

Please join us for the fall cleaning of the first day school room immediately after meeting on September 18th.

Parents meeting 10-9-11 Minutes

Present: Marty, Ariel, Jan-Willem, James

Proposal from Marty: She suggested having a Day of the Dead offering table on November 6th. The kids will set up a table in the First Day School room as an offering table in celebration of Day of the Dead. The table will be decorated with photos of deceased loved ones (including pets), flowers, and favorite foods. Meeting is invited to participate. Kids will have the opportunity to share during First Day School about the people they are honoring. Also it will be a chance to honor members of meeting who have passed away and to invite members of meeting to briefly speak in First Day School about them. We made a list of deceased members of meeting that we would like to honor.
Kip Corneli
Brinton Turkle
Jeanette Young
Paul Olmstead
Mary Lantz
Tony Martinez
Lee Carter was also added to this list when Marty was announcing the event following meeting.

Cleaning follow up: We made a good start on the clean up in September. There is still a lot of book sorting that needs to be done as well as general cleaning and organizing. James mentioned an idea Rebecca had to put different colored dots on the cover of each book. Each color of dot will correspond to a different book category. This will make it easier to organize and re-shelve the books again when the time comes. The armoire will be moved to the Ramada on November 6th after meeting. It is very heavy, so any help people can offer with this is appreciated. It is mostly empty, except for the drawers which have beading supplies in them. Anyone motivated to organize and move them to another location in the room is welcome to do so. We also briefly discussed the piano again and considered whether it would be easier to sell it or give it away rather than the long term loan which hasn't turned up any takers. For now we will see how the room feels without the armoire and then further consider the piano. Once the armoire is moved out and the closet organized, a long term goal is to install a door on the closet with a lock. We set the next clean up date for November 13, after meeting.

Play Structure: Ariel to contact insurance to see what the liability issues are. In the short term we probably need a new rope for tire swing. There was a general consensus for keeping the play structure concept simple.

Survey: Jan-Willem will compose a survey that will be send out by email to get feedback from parents. We discussed the relevant questions to include in the survey.

Emails About the Teen Curriculum: We had a brief discussion on the recent emails that have gone out to the parents group about the teen curriculum. We concluded that the First Day School parents committee would like to host a meeting regarding the teen curriculum if teen care-givers are interested. This could either happen during the next scheduled parents meeting in November, or at another time and date that is more convenient to teen parents/grandparents. The survey to be sent out will also partially address this issue and will allow care-givers to indicate if they are interested in participating in a teen curriculum meeting and indicate times that are convenient.


Oct. 19 - Bible Reading Group at the Meetinghouse 7-8 PM;, we will discuss our reading of the Gospel of John.

Oct. 23 – Goodbye celebration at the rise of meeting for Resident, Kathleen Burke. Please join us in extending a heartfelt thank you to Kathleen for her commitment to our meeting as a member and as the resident for the past 3 years. A special cake and hors d'oeuvres will be shared after the rise of the meeting.

Oct. 30 – Meeting for Muffins at 10:10 am. The 9:00 meeting members will join the 11:00 meeting members in a meeting for muffins at the rise of the 9:00 meeting. Come one, come all! Everyone is welcome. Bring muffins, please.

Oct. 30 – Adult Education: Reuben Hersh will answer three questions to illuminate his spiritual journey: “What is a Jew?,” “What is a Quaker” and “Who is Reuben Hersh?” The Adult Education time is after rise of 11AM worship, approximately 12:30, till about 2PM.

Nov. 6 - “Day of the Dead” lesson in First Day School; those with a photo of departed Meeting Members (or another close to you) and a story about that person are invited to speak to Marty ahead of time, and then, join the lesson to share with the children. See the Newsletter for details under the Parents Meeting report for October.

Nov. 6 – Potluck; Welcome for Ted Pomeroy as the new Resident with special cookies during Potluck. Also, a discussion: “IMYM Questions to Monthly Meetings,” for more information contact Jennifer Wellington, IMYM Continuing Committee Representative.

Nov. 13 – Second First Day Discussion, 10:10AM to 10:50AM, topic to be announced.

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