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August 2011 Newsletter

Letter to Friends
Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Eighth Month 2011

Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting.  Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.
The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.

Sunday, 8/07     9:00    Ministry and Oversight Committee; 12:30 p.m. Potluck
Sunday, 8/14    10:10    2nd Sunday Discussion
Sunday, 8/21    12:30    Meeting for Worship for Business
Sunday, 8/28    12:30    Adult Education Committee Discussion

The Monthly Query for the 8th month, 2011

How do we share with others our understanding of service and commitment to Quaker witness?


Aug. 3 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St.  Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.

Aug. 6, 13, 20, & 27 – Garden Committee invites you to join us in the garden this and every Saturday at 9:30 for the remainder of the summer. There are lots of gentle tasks for all ages and abilities. Please come one and all join the committee to care for the garden. Thanks!

Aug. 14 -  Second Sunday Discussion   The FJ article to be considered at the August 14 Second Sunday Discussion Group is "Light through the Cracks" by Mary Ann Downey (FJ April 2002 and also available online at ).  Reprints of the article and an associated query will be available by the birdhouse in the library beginning July 31.  Everyone is heartily encouraged to read this article in the coming weeks and reflect upon it and the query.  We will share our reflections on Sunday 8/14 beginning promptly at 10:10 and ending at 10:50.  Friends are also invited to suggest FJ articles they would like to have considered at future discussions.  If you have questions, please call Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) or Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377). 

Aug. 14 – Peace & Social Concerns Committee will meet at the rise of the meeting in the garden around 12:30. 

Aug 28  - The Adult Education Committee holds a discussion after meeting on the last Sunday.  This month’s topic is to be announced in the weekly digest.

Members/Attenders are reminded the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting accepts Automatic Contributions for donation; most banks and credit unions now offer a service -- typically free -- which allows you to set up an automatic payment on any frequency you desire.  There are two ways you might be able to set up an automatic payment:  1. Your bank or credit union will mail a check to the Meeting at 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501; or 2.  Your bank or credit union will transfer the money electronically to the Meeting's account at Guadalupe Credit Union (contact the treasurer for the Meeting's account number and GCU routing number).  More information at

Members are reminded to go to for current action information from the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group:  Quaker House, 1730 Camino Carlos Rey #209 Santa Fe NM 87507 (505) 471-2288. Meeting is held in a rust-red building on the short end of Camino Carlos Rey, northwest of Cerrillos Road.  Worship is every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Please send newsletter comments or suggestions to Marcy Pompei @

Minutes of Business Meeting, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 17th day of Seventh Month 2011
Present:  Bob Gaines (Clerk), Marguerite Kearns (Recording Clerk), Kathleen Burke, Anne E. Beauchamp, Philip Balcombe, Pamela Geyer, Beverly Busching, Marty Carroll, Ted Pomeroy, Shelley Cohen, Lorraine Graham, John Kretzmann, Irene Webb, Marcy Pompei.
The meeting for worship for business started at 12:35 p.m. with silence in the meeting room at 630 Canyon Road. As is the usual practice, Clerk Bob Gaines read from our Faith and Practice advices to business meetings: "Friends’ way of conducting business is of central importance to the very existence of the monthly meeting. It is the Quaker way of living and working together; it is the way that creates and preserves a sense of fellowship in the meeting community. Friends must be mindful to conduct the business meeting as a meeting for worship with a concern for business. Those present help the meeting by exercising a spirit of wisdom, forbearance, and love. The right conduct of business meetings, even in routine matters, is a vital part of the worship experience. Individuals’ submitting themselves to the corporate revelation of Truth forms the basis of Friends’ approach to unity." - IMYM Faith and Practice, Advices, p. 119.
(1.) Minutes: Friends approved the minutes of the Sixth Month as published.
(2.) Report of the Residence Committee: Friends approved, with thanks and appreciation, the revised guidelines as proposed by the committee members and presented to business meeting by Marty Carroll: "The Resident makes a two-year commitment to the residency, with the option of extension by mutual agreement with the residence committee and with the approval of Meeting for Business. A review after the initial six months will give the Meeting and the Resident opportunity to confirm their compatibility. If circumstances change after the first year, for the Meeting or the Resident, either may give eight months notice to end the agreement."
Because three applicants for the position of Resident Friend have been under consideration, the committee requested that members be allowed to proceed with the decision-making process sooner, rather than later, in order for both sides to begin making plans for the future. A brief biographical sketch of each the three applicants were presented to the business meeting.
The residence committee members were of the opinion that waiting until the August business meeting would delay the applicants' plans for moving to Santa Fe. The description of the position has been rewritten, and it is available online. The new guidelines reflect a more focused expectation of the Resident Friend as the face of the Friends Meeting. The new guidelines are intended to include a deeper sense of what the Resident Friend can offer the Meeting community, an appreciation which has grown from the contributions of current resident, Kathleen Burke.
Friends accepted the report of the Residence Committee.
(3.) Nominating Committee: The report from the Nominating Committee was presented by Marguerite Kearns. This was the first reading of the nomination of Greg Cliburn to fill the open position on Ministry and Oversight. The Nominating Committee continues to look for people to fill positions on various committees. Friends accepted the Nominating Committees report with gratitude.
(4.) Ministry and Oversight: Friends accepted the monthly report from M&O which is included in the Appendix to these minutes. Friends also approved the written report for the May 29th meeting on Listening with Compassion which addresses tenderness toward everyone involved when resolving conflict among Friends. It is included in the Appendix to these Minutes. John Kretzmann, when presenting the two reports, shared the difficulty involved when attempting to describe the essence of the listening meeting and the participation of many individuals. Friends expressed appreciation for the thoughtful reports.
How do we share with others our understanding of service and commitment to Quaker witness? is the query for the Eighth Month.
(5.) Peace and Social Concerns: Friends wholeheartedly accepted the report of Peace and Social Concerns as presented by Pam Gilchrist. The report is included in the Appendix to the minutes for the Seventh Month. During discussion of the report a concern was raised about the lack of response from elected NM representatives to messages sent by Friends about their concerns. The Peace and Social Concerns Committee plans to visit Udall's office.
(6.) Treasurers Report: The treasurers report, as presented by Shelley Cohen, was approved by Friends. It is available in the Appendix to the minutes for the Seventh Month. Shelley said that the learning curve for treasurer is steep, and she is progressing well with the assistance of Greg Cliburn during the transition. No payments have been made to community groups on behalf of Good Works.
In other matters, the bill for reroofing the Ramada has been paid. The maintenance fund is in good shape. If Friends notice anything missing from the reports, contact Shelley at: <>.  We are in the black, the new treasurer noted when presenting her three-part report, and she added how she was glad to be back in this capacity to do service for SFMM.
(7.) Finance Committee: No formal report was presented this month. Marcy Pompei announced that over the next few weeks a notice will be sent to committee convenors to determine their budget needs for next year. The Finance Committee will contact the Good Works Committee to coordinate the distribution of Good Works contributions.  A proposed minute regarding the division of the gift from Lee Carter and a proposed description of the Meeting's restricted funds will be presented to the business meeting in August.
(8.) Residents Report:  Resident Kathleen Burke spent 72 hours working for the Meeting during June. The guest apartment income totaled $1,390. This reflects 24 of 30 days of occupancy. There was one cancellation in June and the resident stayed in the guest apartment for five days due to the Ramada roof repair.
(9.) Request from Sharon Fitzpatrick: Sharon plans to attend the St John's alumni weekend on September 16,17, and 18, and she will be staying in our guest apartment.  Sharon has a leading to offer a program of her poetry, some of which was inspired in her Sarasota FL meeting for worship, as her ministry to other meetings.  Sharon has a minute from her meeting supporting her ministry.  Friends agreed to invite Sharon to perform between the 9 am and 11 am meetings on September 18.

(10.) Announcements: There will be a second Sunday discussion in August, but no Friends Journal article has yet been selected. The Adult Education Committee will meet on the fourth First Day. Peace and Social Concerns will meet at the rise of Meeting on August 14th. And the Quaker Womens retreat is set for September 16, 17, and 18th in Reserve, NM.
The meeting for worship for business ended with silence at 1:40 p.m.
Appendix: For the Seventh Month
(1.)  M & O Committee - Report to Business Meeting , Seventh Month, 2011
M&O met on July 3, 2011 in the First Day School Room. Present were Pam Gilchrist, John Kretzmann, and Ann Beauchamp.  Bob Gaines (ex officio) arrived midway through the meeting.  The Minutes from Sixth Month were approved as amended.
Attached is a report to business meeting summarizing the Meeting for Listening held in May. 
The Committee recommends the following query for Eighth Month 2011: How do we share with others our understanding of service and commitment to Quaker witness.
Alan Rogers has decided that he will step down from the committee. Nominating committee is working on finding a new member for M&O.
The Committee reviewed the status of Friends who may be in need of care, as well as following up for new attenders and Friends requesting membership.
The committee is considering meeting at another time than 9 am on First Days to avoid meeting at the same time as 9 am Meeting for Worship.
The committee met again today at 9 a.m. The report from that meeting will be presented next month.
(2.) Report on the Meeting with Attention to Listening with Compassion on May 29, 2011 from the Ministry and Oversight Committee , July 17, 2011
 On May 29, twenty seven members and attenders of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting met for a Meeting with Attention to Listening with Compassion. The purpose was for each of us to listen as carefully as we could to what participants shared about what the Ministry and Oversight Committee (M & O) has named Adults in Conflict over Name Calling in First Day School. We began with and continued in worship. 
The Meeting was clerked by Pam Gilchrist, who read the Guidelines for the Meeting. The M & O report, which had previously been sent to everyone and heard at business meeting, was read aloud. The report contained M & O's findings gained through their listening over the course of several months this spring to 17 of the individuals identified as involved. That report and the guidelines are recorded in the Sixth Month Monthly Meeting Minutes.
Ted Pomeroy took notes during the meeting, and each speaker was later given an opportunity to review Ted's paraphrase of what they said and to make changes where necessary. All speakers gave permission to make their paraphrased messages public. If M & O and the Meeting agree to make the messages public, M & O believes that the speakers should not be identified to preserve the sense that this was an occasion for us to open our hearts.
Because the primary effort was listening and trying to understand each other, the paraphrases of the spoken messages cannot adequately reflect the tender and open experience many of us had. 
One friend expressed regret that she had not acted sooner or more effectively. Some friends expressed relief that this matter was at last being openly discussed and that M & O was trying to be more transparent in its work. Several felt a need to discuss the issue of confidentiality and the need for transparency. However, one friend was distressed that we are still discussing the conflicts.
Afterwards, several who were present but did not speak indicated they would like an opportunity to speak. Others who were not able to attend said they too would like to have an opportunity to participate. If this one meeting is not sufficient for people to be ready to lay the incidents aside, we ask that those who are uncomfortable with where things stand come speak with us, either at one of our regular meetings or as individuals. M & O is considering what might be done in addition and we ask individuals to bring their ideas and concerns to us. The issues raised - of name-calling, bullying, racism, and the need for tenderness toward children and adults in addressing conflict among Friends - will of course need our continued attention.
(3.) Treasurers Report is posted at


P&SC met on July 10, 2011 in the garden.  Present were  Beverly Busching, Pam Gilchrist, David Henkel, Margaret Kuhlen and Michael Simon

After reading the P & SC report of May 15, 2011 we entered into a period of silence.
David Henkel will make his booklet, Our Communities, Our Future, available to the committee, members will make use of some of the content in a rewrite of the minute.  

ACTION:  P&SC asks for a threshing session on the Environmental Minute on Sept. 4 during potluck.

It was noted there was no mention of environmental concerns at IMYM.  The early days workshop on Quaker Earthcare Witness drew only four people.  QEW would like a working relationship with IMYM

Asking ourselves the question of how to address the many pressing national and local issues, we noted the importance and opportunity for letter writing and visits to our congressional offices.  A sub group of P&SC   recently met with Senator Udall’s staff.  We asked that Senator Udall sign onto the CLEAR Act when it is reintroduced this fall.   FCNL supports the CLEAR Act.  One of our attenders will follow up on this visit with a letter to Sen. Udall.

We heard about the AFSC NM program that trains farmers in the South Valley of Albuquerque. Two examples of Quaker witness that are based on existing activity and represent a local focus are support of local food production and addressing soil erosion.  With new attenders, we also have a connection with the issues of New Energy Economy

On the state level we need to be vigilant about this administration’s bent for deregulation.  Conservation Voters NM  is an excellent resource. 

We agreed that the Meeting could offer a valuable contribution by concentrating on projects that heal the relationship between the people and the earth.  We want to increase our involvement and support of these projects.

The committee agreed that we offer help to the Santa Clara Pueblo and the Community Farm.  The Las Conchas fire devastated the Santa Clara pueblo and the threat of the erosion of farm land is great. 

We will notify the Meeting about how to help.

The committee heard a description of the TIME BANK  The mission is, “To strengthen our community by matching unmet needs with untapped resources and honor individual contributions by using a Time Dollar Exchange.”  We will send a short article for our monthly newsletter on ways to get involved.

An ongoing  local expression of the international network of WOMEN IN BLACK  is a silent vigil for peace every Friday at 5:00pm opposite the clock on the Plaza.  BOTH men and women are invited.  Please do not bring signs and please dress in black. 

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