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May 2011 Newsletter

Letter to Friends
Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Fifth Month 2011

Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.
The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.

Sunday, 5/01 12:30 p.m. Potluck
Sunday, 5/08 9:00 Ministry and Oversight Committee; 10:10 2nd Sunday Discussion
Sunday, 5/15 12:30 Meeting for Worship for Business
Sunday, 5/22 12:30 Adult Education Committee Discussion
Sunday, 5/29 10:10 Meeting for Muffins

The Monthly Query for the 5th month, 2011

“How do we discern that of God in others in all our interactions?”
(from a leading from Alan Rogers)


May 4 – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St. Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.

May 6 – 7 Making the Connections: Creation Care and Community Networks is a program sponsored by Greenfaith with Rev. Fletcher Harper @ The United Church. 7:00 pm Friday is Bridging the Divide: Faith and Environmentalism, Keynote by Rev. Fletcher Harper of Greenfaith, followed by response from Ethicist Dr. Larry Rasmussen, Rev. Talitha Arnold and Rev. Brandon Johnson. 9:00 am Sat. Honoring the Earth and Taking Action, Presentation by Rev. Harper, 10:30 to 12:00 Interfaith Power and Light: Tewa Women United, Roots and Shoots, 12:15 What Next?, Lunch discussion with lunch catered by Real Food Nation, 2:00 to 4:00 Youth and Adult Earth Care Project, led by Fletcher Harper & Brandon Johnson.

May 8 – The Second Sunday Journal Discussion: The FJ article to be considered at our May 8 Second Sunday Discussion is Keith Helmuth's piece entitled "Ritual, Symbol, and Ceremony in Quaker Meeting" from the April 2011 Friends Journal. Our discussion will be held in the Meeting House, beginning at 10:10 and closing at 10:50. Copies of the article are available next to the bird house in the library. Everyone is invited to this discussion, and Friends are encouraged to suggest other FJ articles they would like to have considered. Please feel free to call Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) or Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377) with any questions.

May 22 - The Adult Education Committee usually holds a discussion after meeting on the fourth Sunday. This month’s topic is to be announced in the weekly digest.

May 29 – 10:10am The 9:00 meeting participants will stay late & invite the 11:00 participants to join them early for Meeting for Muffins in the Library.

Members/Attenders are reminded the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting accepts Automatic Contributions for donation; most banks and credit unions now offer a service -- typically free -- which allows you to set up an automatic payment on any frequency you desire. There are two ways you might be able to set up an automatic payment: 1. Your bank or credit union will mail a check to the Meeting at 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501; or 2. Your bank or credit union will transfer the money electronically to the Meeting's account at Guadalupe Credit Union (contact the treasurer for the Meeting's account number and GCU routing number). More information at

Members are reminded to go to for current action information from the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group: Quaker House, 1730 Camino Carlos Rey #209 Santa Fe NM 87507 (505) 471-2288. Meeting is held in a rust-red building on the short end of Camino Carlos Rey, northwest of Cerrillos Road. Worship is every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Please send newsletter comments or suggestions to Marcy Pompei @

Meeting for Worship for Business, Minutes, April 17, 2011

The meeting began at approximately 12:40 pm and closed at about 2:20 pm. Present: David Henkel, John Kretzmann, Elliot Skinner, Rebecca Henderson, Wyn Lewis, Greg Cliburn, Linda Hibbs, Michael Simon, Ted Pomeroy, Philip Balcombe, Bettina Raphael, Kathleen Burke, Pam Geyer, Pam Gilchrist, Bob Gaines.

Bob Gaines read the following query for business meetings: "As difficult problems arise, are we careful to meet them in a spirit of love and humility with minds receptive to creative solutions? Do we avoid pressure of time, neither unnecessarily prolonging nor unduly curtailing full discussion?" - IMYM Faith and Practice, Queries, p. 120-121.

1. Friends approved the minutes for Third Month with the correction that the 9 am meeting is not one of the worship groups under the care of the meeting.

2. Watching Committee proposal - The meeting laid down the Meetinghouse Trustees at the March 2010 business meeting and established a Watching Committee with the charge and structure to be agreed to later. David Henkel, one of the three former trustees, presented a proposal, which is appended. Elliot Skinner and Bettina Raphael will consider the suggestions made during the discussion and make a report to the business meeting.

3. Ministry and Oversight Committee Report - Friends agreed to authorize John Kretzmann to sign the state-required form for the marriage of Maxx Cassidy and Suzanne Stradling. The query for the fifth month is "How do we discern that of God in others in all of our interactions?" Friends accepted the committee report, which is appended.

4. Treasurer's Report - Friends accepted the report (posted at

5. Future Committee Report - Bettina Raphael reported that the committee has been collecting all of the documents available on the ownership of the Canyon Road meetinghouse. The property boundaries are not clearly established, and a survey may be necessary to obtain a title abstract and transfer the property to the meeting's corporation. She will consult the lawyer who assisted us with the Camino Lejo property for assistance with obtaining quitclaims from one or more of the neighbors. Bettina has been in communication with the South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group's planning committee, and she requested clarification of the relationship of the worship group to the meeting. Bob Gaines will consult the minutes around the time the worship group was established and report to the business meeting. Friends accepted the committee report, which is appended.

6. Nominating Committee Report - Wyn Lewis presented the names of Ann Beauchamp for M&O and Shelley Cohen as treasurer. The committee will have more nominations next month. The committee noted that parents of young children are not able to attend business meeting or committee meetings on Sundays. Friends accepted the committee report.

7. Housekeeping Committee Report - Pam Geyer requested that committees which intend to meet after the rise of meeting inform Pam, who is convener of the Housekeeping Committee, of who on their committee will be closing the meetinghouse after they meet.

8. Resident's Report - Kathleen Burke gave the Resident's report, and then reported for the Building Committee that a new roof is urgently needed for the Ramada. The committee is getting bids, and one is for about $6,500. Friends authorized the Building Committee to select the best bid and have the work done. Friends accepted the Resident's report.

9. Envision Santa Fe Report - Kathleen reported that a homeless mother with three teenagers have been moved into an apartment with help from the meeting, Christ Lutheran, and Temple Beth Shalom; Envision Santa Fe provided the security deposit. The family mentored by St. John's Methodist is on the wait list for Sage Apartments. Envision hopes to mentor three more families next year. Our meeting has committed to support Envision through the end of 2012 with volunteers and our contribution of $1,000 last January. Kathleen will report to the business meeting on what Envision would expect from the meeting after 2012. Friends accepted the Envision report.

Announcements - Suggestions are solicited for readings for the second Sunday discussion.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Gaines, Clerk

Committee Reports

Watching Committee for Meeting House and Grounds of Santa Fé Monthly Meeting

The Santa Fé Monthly Meeting approved in March 2010 the laying down of the trustee function that previously oversaw the alignment between the use of the meeting house and grounds and the wishes expressed by Olive Rush in placing them under our care. To fill that role, we borrowed an application from the practices of our Yearly Meeting and approved the appointment of a Watching Committee, but did not specify its role.
At the annual gathering of Intermountain Yearly Meeting we appoint a committee to "watch during the yearly meeting for the growth of a message expressing the spirit and concern of IMYM that might be sent as its epistle to Friends everywhere."1 This Watching Committee is appointed for a two-year term but with responsibilities at the annual gathering rather than continuously.

Role of the Committee

A Watching Committee directed to the care of the meeting house and grounds of Santa Fé monthly Meeting might best serve two functions:

1. Pay special attention to the uses of the Meeting House and grounds so that they are consistent with the wishes expressed by Olive Rush in placing the facilities under our care. Where inconsistencies seem to appear the Watching Committee to bring them before the Monthly Meeting for our consideration.

2. Respond to requests for clarity about whether a proposed use or modification of the facilities is consistent with the spirit in which the meeting has received them from Olive Rush.

It would be helpful to the monthly meeting if the Watching Committee were to report annually on its sense of our adherence to the spirit in which we have received care of the facilities. This might be, but need not be, provided prior to the annual meeting of the Corporation.

Expectations of Committee Members by the Monthly Meeting

The Watching Committee should consist of three people who agree to be appointed for a three-year term. The term may be staggered to ensure continuity, but this need not be the case.

Each of the committee members should be familiar (or become familiar) with the conditions under which Olive Rush conveyed the care of the Meeting House and grounds to the Santa Fé Monthly Meeting of Friends and with the wishes that she expressed for its continued use.

It is desirable that among the collective knowledge and skills of the members of this committee there be familiarity with (a) the physical conditions of the property, (b) the uses to which it has been put in the past and, if possible (c) a range of examples from other monthly meetings that might be helpful as a guide to us in our determinations for its use.

The Committee can communicate on an ad hoc basis in response to proposals for new or modified use of the Meeting House and grounds, but it is recommended that the members meet annually to reaffirm their purpose and to discuss how changing times may help the Meeting to evolve its sense of what constitutes desirable uses of the property.

M&O Report to Business Meeting, Fourth Month, 2011

M&O met on 4/2 at 9:15 AM in the First Day schoolroom. Present were Bob Gaines (ex officio), Pam Gilchrist, Rebecca Henderson, John Kretzmann, and Alan Rogers.

The Ministry and Oversight Committee continues to work on the issue alluded to in the last two reports to Business Meetings and will bring the issue to Santa Fe Friends Meeting when it is appropriate.

Bob Gaines, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting’s clerk is unable to attend the marriage for Maxx Cassidy and Suzanne Stradling on April 30 in Los Alamos. The Committee recommends to Business Meeting that it authorize John Kretzmann to sign the marriage license

The following proposed query for Fifth month was taken from a leading from Alan Rogers: “How do we discern that of God in others in all our interactions?”

Respectfully submitted,
John Kretzmann

Future Planning Committee Minutes of Meting from March 7, 2011

Attending the meeting were Frank Hirsch, Guthrie Miller, John Kretzman, Dave Giltrow and Bettina Raphael, Convener. Several issues were discussed relating to the Canyon Road Meeting property, the Camino Lejo property, and thr role the Committee might play in relationship to the South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group.

The South Santa Fe Group has formed a Long Range Planning Committee to help direct planning for facilities after the current lease at the property on Camino Carols Rey runs out in July 2013. Ford Robbins, convener of their Committee has been sharing minutes of their discussions with Bettina Raphael. The Group apparently still has over $100,000 from the original gift from Alison Martinez and is considering buying or renting a facility to use as a meeting space and for other activities. Since the South Santa Fe Group was incorporated separately and their status as a worship group under the care of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting is not entirely clear, the Future Planning Comm. felt that there was no need to initiate a role in their decision-making and that we would wait to be asked for specific help.

The Camino Lejo Property was discussed with regards to whether the covenant on the land restricting buildings to residences might be challenged either through consultation with the City’s Zoning Dept. or through the lawyer, Tony Sawtell. Guthrie Miller reported on his efforts to invite the immediate neighbors to a house blessing at his home which unfortunately none of them attended. Various options were discussed for how the Meeting might make use of the land in the interim including erecting a tent or other temporary structure, holding an outdoor meeting for worship there, and encouraging the children’s group of our Meeting to explore the land. Since several members of the Planning Committee have never seen the land up close, we resolved to hold our next meeting on the Camino Lejo property .

The Canyon Road Meetinghouse was never provided a Title Abstract when the property was transferred from Olive Rush to the Meeting. In exploring what would be involved in obtaining a title report, we find that some ambiguity exists about the exact western boundary of the property and that we would need to obtain a Quitclaim from one or more of our neighbors. A number of years ago, John Kretzman found that the 1967 survey of the property had a ca. 2’ discrepancy and it may be necessary to have the lot resurveyed in order to establish the clear boundaries. These questions are being raised with the lawyer, Tony Sawtell, to determine what would be required to obtain the Quitclaim and at the same time to see how the Meeting can change the deed for this property now that we are incorporated.

Finally, Bettina reported that she had met with Elaine Bergman of the Historic Santa Fe Foundation to explore what was involved in the process of creating a Preservation Easement on an historic property. This is a legal document that becomes part of a property’s deed and includes numerous restrictions on future alterations to the building and grounds. It is based on a study to document the history of the building and to identify an inventory of significant historic features to be protected. These studies might be useful for the Meeting to pursue even if an easement is not eventually created. In the discussion, Ms. Bergman recognized that the Meeting someday might wish to sell the Olive Rush property and want to put in place protections and guidelines for its long term use and preservation. This should allay some fears expressed in the past by members of Meeting regarding the Historic Santa Fe Foundation’s intentions as it is clear that the Foundation is not anxious to acquire the Olive Rush property and does not anticipate taking it over if the Meeting were to cease to use it This means that the Meeting should feel confident as full owner of the property as specified in Olive’s Will which superseded the Agreement she created before that, indicating that the property would revert to the Historic Santa Fe Foundation.

Prepared by B. Raphael 3/14/11

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