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October 2010 Newsletter

Letter to Friends
Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends


Tenth Month 2010

Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting.  Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.
The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.

Sunday, 10/3     9:15 am Ministry and Oversight; 12:30 p.m. Potluck and discussion of "attendership"
Sunday, 10/10   10 10 am 2nd Sunday Discussion of "The Gathered Meeting"
Sunday, 10/17   12.30 pm Meeting for Worship for Attention to Business
Sunday, 10/24
Sunday, 10/31   10:10 am Meeting for Muffins

The Monthly Query for the 10th month, 2010
“Are we charitable with each other, being careful not to injure the reputations of others?”


Oct. 3 -- Discussion of the meaning of "attendership" during potluck.  Last month we discussed the meaning of membership.  Now attenders get to say what attending means for them.

Oct. 6  – People for Peace meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St.  Questions to Linda Hibbs, 983-3906.

Oct. 7 – Steve & Joan Spencer will host John Calvi, a Quaker healer from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  You are invited to bring friends at 2154 Calle de Sebastian.  The phone # is 984-2217.

John will offer a brief update on the Quaker Initiative to End Torture (QUIT) at 7:00 for ½ hour, avoiding all gruesome details.  This will be followed by a talk on deepening spiritual life with some disciplines regarding goodness, having a greater sense of our own goodness, goodness connecting ourselves to greater spiritual experience.  He will also model some deep relaxation as a way to open to more spiritual life and goodness.

John Calvi has been working with people surviving traumatic experience since 1982.  A certified message therapist, John began this work with women survivors of sexual abuse and then in the AIDS epidemic.  Later, he worked with inmates and hospice.  John’s spiritual gift as a Quaker healer is the release of physical and emotional pain following trauma.  Making 24 trips each year to teach, John has taught in four countries, fiver prisons, and ten yearly meetings.  Many of his workshops are attended by health care professionals and clergy working in crisis where pain is abundant and resources too few.

Oct. 10 – The Second Sunday Journal Discussion will be a continuation of our September consideration of The Gathered Meeting.  The articles to be considered are available beside the bird house in the library.  EVERYONE interested is encouraged to come and join in exploring this rich topic.  We will begin at 10:10 AM and close at 10:50 AM.  Friends are enthusiastically encouraged to bring FJ articles they would like to consider in future discussions!  If you have any questions, please call Howard Shulman (984 - 9908) or Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377.)

Oct. 10 – Pelican is hosting Max Dashu, founder of the Suppressed Histories Archives in Oakland, at 2:00 pm at the Southside Quaker Meeting House, 1730 Camino Carlos Rey North #209.  Come sample this rare visual medley of medicine women, ancient female figurines, goddesses, megalithic ancestors, indigenous liberators, female rebels, and spiritual treasures. Max founded the Suppressed Histories Archives to research and document women's history and heritages from an international perspective. She has been researching female spheres of power, sacred iconography, mother-right, and systems of domination for forty years. From her archive of over 15,000 slides, she has created 100 slide shows which she has presented in North America, Mexico, and Europe.

Friends are reminded to go to for current action information from the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group:  Quaker House, 1730 Camino Carlos Rey #209 Santa Fe NM 87507 (505) 471-2288. Meeting is held in a rust-red building on the short end of Camino Carlos Rey, northwest of Cerrillos Road.  Worship is every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and on the 3rd Wednesdays at 5:30pm before our simple supper pot-luck at 6pm.  In October our simple supper will become "Soup, Bread and Friends" simple supper.

Please send newsletter comments or suggestions to Marcy Pompei @>.

The Meeting Joins "Envision Santa Fe - faith communities ending homelessness one family at a time"

"Envision Santa Fe" (formerly referred to as "Imagine Santa Fe") is a project initiated by Temple Beth Shalom (TBS) and the Interfaith Leadership Alliance for congregations to mentor homeless families moving into what is hoped will be permanent housing. 

Temple Beth Shalom is mentoring two families, and St John's Methodist will mentor one family.  The families were selected by Adalante, Youth Shelters, and St. Elizabeth, which will provide the professional oversight and the major assistance to the families.  The mentoring commitment is from January 2011 to January 2013.

The Meeting agreed to join "Envision Santa Fe" in August, and we will be supporting Temple Beth Shalom, as will Christ Lutheran.  One of the TBS families is a single mother with three teens.  They know they need a home and the kids need a good education, and their prospects are good with some concrete help.

Ellen Biderman, one of the "Envision Santa Fe" leaders at TBS, asks that the Meeting help with things needed in a new home, such as furniture; with mentoring individual family members; and perhaps help with cooking/nutrition, budgeting, or transportation.
Kathleen Burke is our team leader, along with Lorraine Graham and Peggy Giltrow.  Others are also encouraged to volunteer -- for more on what will be expected of volunteers go to

All who work directly with the family must have training and must have a background check.  Mandatory training will be October 12 from 6 - 8:30 pm at Christ Lutheran Church on Arroyo Chamiso.   The training will focus on “Raising the level of understanding of people living in socio-economic crisis and the resulting trauma on the parents and children.”   A pizza dinner will be provided, and there will be an overview of the Envision Santa Fe program.  A follow-up mentor meeting will be held December 7 from 6:30 - 8 pm.

We will also make a financial contribution of $1,000 to help with the $6,000 TBS must raise for its two families.  $500 has already been promised, and members and attenders will be asked to contribute the remaining $500.  (Envision Santa Fe contributions should be in addition to your contributions to the support of the Meeting.)

For more information contact Kathleen Burke (983-7241 or

Meeting for Worship for Business, 19th day of Ninth Month 2010

Present: Bob Gaines (Clerk), Marguerite Kearns (Recording Clerk), Greg Cliburn, Beverly Busching, Pam Gilchrist, Peggy Giltrow, Wyn Lewis, Bettina Raphael, Barry Taylor, Philip Balcombe, Ted Pomeroy, David Giltrow, Marty Carroll, Reuben Hersh, Rebecca Henderson, Alan Rogers, Pamela Geyer.

The Meeting for Worship for Business started at 12:35 p.m. with silence in the meeting room at 630 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Bob Gaines read the following advice from Faith and Practice which was intended for Friends to consider: "All members are encouraged to attend meetings for business and to be faithful in the service of the meeting’s affairs. Appointments of office holders and committee members are most successful when made with careful consideration of the qualifications of the  nominees and of the opportunities for growth that may be afforded.   This is especially important when considering young Friends. In our meetings for business and in all the duties connected with them, we  are charged to make conscientious use of our gifts. " - IMYM Faith and Practice, p. 120.

(1.) Minutes: The minutes for the Eighth Month were accepted and approved by Friends.

(2.) Resident’s Committee: Marty Carroll read the following minute proposed by the Residence Committee:

“The Residence Committee met on July 29, 2010.  It is our experience that Kathleen Burke is doing an exceptional and spirit-filled job serving our Meeting as resident and our committee does not feel comfortable with an arbitrary ending date for her residence, justified simply because ‘it’s always been this way.’

“Therefore, the committee would like to see Meeting make an exception for Kathleen Burke to our usual tradition of three years maximum time period for the residency. In making this recommendation, we have considered the many months’ lead time necessary for both the Residence Committee and the Resident to prepare for a changeover. Should our proposal for a flexible ending date not be accepted, both the Residence Committee and Kathleen would need to start thinking very soon about making future plans to begin in September of 2011. We have seriously considered the benefits to both Kathleen and to the Meeting of a more flexible arrangement in her case, including noting the value such core stability offers in the face of so much change and uncertainty in the world.

“Therefore, our committee recommends to business meeting that we offer an OPTION of a fourth year to this resident. If this is approved, our committee will meet with Kathleen in January of 2011 to determine if this option will be exercised.”

Discussion about this issue included a review of past practice involving residents which has involved a residency of two years with an additional year as an option, making three years a term limit. This system was initiated in the early 1970s to guard against burnout, insure fresh energy for the task, and provide for an appropriate balance between the needs of the meeting and the resident. Kathleen Burke’s valuable service to the meeting was the primary consideration in determining that adding a year to Kathleen’s residency starting in January of 2011 would be in the best interest of both the meeting and the resident.

Friends approved the proposal to offer Kathleen Burke an optional fourth year, which would begin in September 2011.

(3.) Resident’s Report: The resident spent 70 hours in service during August. The guest apartment brought in $1,205 and the apartment was occupied 28 days out of 31.  Friends accepted the resident's report.

(4.) Future Planning Committee: Bettina Rafael presented a lengthy and thorough report addressing issues involving legal documents relative to the property at 630 Canyon Road and the importance of related matters being put into alignment. The entire document is included in the appendix to these minutes.

The committee's effort is a continuing work in progress that involves sorting out the various issues, including bringing all the related documents into one central location. The implications of tracking down missing paperwork was discussed, as well as determining the merits of attaching a preservation easement to the deed and maintaining a safety deposit box; the necessity of additional legal opinions; the budget for this process; whether or not it’s necessary to obtain title insurance and a survey; and the importance of resolving questions about boundaries with adjacent property owners.

The hard work of the Future Committee was noted and appreciation for the members’ dedication and attention to detail expressed.  Friends accepted the report.  Bob Gaines promised to make the appropriate information available on the web site.

(5.) Sponsorship of Community Event: Bettina Raphael shared the fact that she had been in touch with Jim Faris, who is active with a local group called Another Jewish Voice, which supports justice and progress for Palestinians. The group recently raised money for three water purification systems in Gaza.  They are hosting  a talk by Ali Abunimah, an outspoken advocate of Palestinian rights through his blog Electronic Entifada, on November 6th and are looking for local organizations to co-sponsor the event. Would SFMM be willing to join them.? Other current co-sponsors include Veterans for Peace, Women in Black and several others.  There is no financial or other resource commitment other than a sponsorship in name. 

After discussion of the organization, its mission, and related matters, Friends agreed to co-sponsor the event with Another Jewish Voice.

(6.) Nominating Committee: The committee nominated Pam Gilchrist to Ministry and Oversight to fill a vacancy created by Helen Corneli’s resignation from M&O for health reasons.  Beverly Busching presented a draft revision of the duties of the Nominating Committee.  Bob Gaines will post the draft on the website, and it will be considered at the next business meeting.

(7.) Ministry and Oversight: Rebecca Henderson read the M&O report that is included to the appendix to these minutes. See below. Friends accepted the report from M&O.

The query for the tenth month is as follows: “Are we charitable with each other, being careful not to injure the reputations of others?”

After thoughtful consideration, Friends agreed to designate two members to the Naming Committee in order to release one individual for service to SFMM. Friends considered the names of three individuals as candidates for the Naming Committee: Steve Spencer, David Henkel, and Pam Geyer. The Clerk will consult with the three individuals and determine their availability and desire to serve. In October, the Clerk will return with two names for a second reading.

Rebecca Cecil, Nichoe Lichen, and David Henkel were suggested as a possible representative to the IMYM Service Task Group. Clerk Bob Gaines will contact them about serving.

Friends approved M&O's recommendation to accept Jennifer Wellington’s transfer of her membership from Albuquerque MM.

(8.) Finance Committee: The Finance Committee report was approved by Friends. It is included in the Appendix to these minutes. Peggy Giltrow noted that the committee is discussing ways of increasing income to prevent a deficit.

(9.) Minutes of Appreciation: Pam Geyer will draft minutes of appreciation for Beverly Busching for her yard sale to benefit AFSC and for the work of the Garden Committee. She will bring the minutes to the next business meeting.

(10.) Announcements: There are opportunities for service at the homeless shelter. A welcome was extended to Ted Pomeroy from nine o’clock meeting for worship.

The Meeting for Worship for Business ended at 2:10 p.m. with silence.

Respectfully submitted,

Marguerite Kearns
Recording Clerk
            *            *            *


(1.) Future Planning Committee Report For the Ninth Month, 2010

The Future Planning/Stewardship Committee met on 8/18/10 with the following members attending:  Dave Giltrow, Frank Hirsch, Guthrie Miller, Bettina Raphael, Carolyn Stevenson, and Irene Webb.  The convener distributed a list of “Documents Related to the Rush Studio Property” which sought to bring together in one archive all legal documents, discussion papers, and correspondence from the last 50 years related to the ownership and the Meeting’s use of the Olive Rush Studio property at 630 Canyon Rd.  A copy of this list is attached to this report.  Part of this documentation process has been an effort to track down a copy of the Executors’ Deed to the property which could not be found at the Meetinghouse and was not easy to locate at the County Records Office.  A copy was recently obtained from the Stewart Title Co. which had been contacted by the Meeting in 1989 and again in 2008 to determine the Meeting’s Title Claim and availability of title insurance for the property.  A clear title has still never been obtained due to irregularities in the old survey that have never been formally addressed.  According to the Title Company, the Meeting still needs to obtain a “Quitclaim Deed from the adjoining owner to the west, in order to establish consensus as to the dimension and location of their common boundary line”.  In order to clarify all questions of legal identity of the property now and for future members of the Santa Fe Society of Friends, the Committee decided to pursue executing this Quitclaim and we are now looking into whether this will require the involvement of a lawyer, whether a new survey must be made, and how much the entire process could cost. 

A second check at the County Records Office did locate a deed and a plat on file there.  However, the mapping office did not have any record of our 630 Canyon Road address and a look at their map of the street shows our property line drawn to include some of the adjacent property to the west, including the building that is attached to our Ramada.  This does not conform to our old survey and plat of the property and it is not now clear who owns this piece of land.  The convener is working with the County Assessor’s Office to try to resolve this and will also be returning to the Stewart Title Co. to pursue what is required for the Quitclaim Deed and what the likely cost of title insurance might be if the Meeting decides to obtain such a policy.   

In addition during the meeting, the Committee reviewed Olive Rush’s 1966 Will and 1962 Agreement with the Meeting in light of a legal opinion obtained from the lawyer, George Snyder, in 1989.  In his letter to the Clerk of Meeting, Mr. Snyder concluded that the Meeting was the outright owner of the Olive Rush Studio property (no official Trust had been created) and that, in his opinion, the Agreement signed by Olive Rush and the Meeting was legally null and void with regard to restrictions on how the Meeting could use or sell the property and its obligation to pass the 630 Canyon Road  property on to the Historic Santa Fe Foundation, should it wish to stop using the facilities. While this seemed clear from his legal perspective, the Committee also acknowledged that more discussion is needed by Meeting to determine its stance on what might constitute honoring the “intent” if not the “word” of the Agreement in the future.  We also discussed what might be involved in asking the Historic Santa Fe Foundation to sign a Quitclaim Deed to resolve this ambiguity about ownership as was recommended by Snyder.  At the same time, the Committee is looking into what would be involved in creating a “Preservation Easement” that can be attached to a deed and can be used to protect and preserve historic properties for the future.


Prepared by Bettina Raphael 9/17/10

(2.) Ministry and Oversight Report to Business Meeting:

M&O met in the first day room on first first day, ninth month 2010, at 9:15 am. Attending were Rebecca Henderson, Alan Rogers, John Kretzmann and Bob Gaines, ex officio.

The committee reviewed the status of individuals in the meeting who may be in need of care and support and made plans to contact them. It also reviewed that status of support committees that have been set up to help individuals.

Maxx Cassidy and Suzanne Stradling visited the committee meeting and asked M&O to set up a clearness committee for marriage. M&O is in the process of organizing the clearness committee.

Proposed Query for 10th Month, 2010

Committee members agreed to present to Business meeting the following query for 10th month, “Are we charitable with each other, being careful not to injure the reputations of others?”

Matters of Concern 

Ministry and Oversight is making arrangements for Santa Fe Friends to visit Las Vegas Worship Group on October 10th. Please mark your calendars and watch for further announcements.

The worship groups under the care of Santa Fe MM maintain contact with the Meeting through a liaison. M&O committee members plan to engage in a discussion with Las Vegas Worship Group on this matter during the visit. M&O and the Nominating Committee need to keep looking for a liaison to Taos Worship Group.


M&O recommends to Business Meeting that it accept Jennifer Wellington’s transfer of membership to Santa Fe Monthly Meeting from Albuquerque MM.

M&O reminds the Business Meeting to set up a naming committee so that a new nominating committee can begin its work in a timely manner.

(3.) Finance Committee Report to SFMM Business Meeting of 9/19/10

     The Finance Committee met on Tuesday, 9/7/10. All committee members were present—Lee Carter, Greg Cliburn, Simon DeDeo, Peggy Giltrow and Marcy Pompei

     The Meeting has a number of restricted funds.  The Finance Committee has been asked to describe each fund.  The exercise proved helpful as we start to look at the 2011 budget.  We will bring the descriptions to Meeting at a later time. 

     Thanks to all committee conveners who have already replied to our request for estimates for line items in next year’s budget.

     Meeting last year committed to trying to produce a balanced budget, with expenses met by anticipated donations. Trying to budget responsibly proves difficult when Meeting realizes mid-year it needs to increase a particular line item, but obviously not all expenses are foreseeable. Each time that happens Meeting goes back to a deficit budget. Line items which are backed by restricted funds with money in them can be increased without raising the deficit, but funds as well as line items have to be supported from somewhere.  Besides donations, what other means are there, corporately, to raise revenues?  How do other Quaker organizations do it?  Although income and expenses are close so far this year, we see no evidence of increased donations to support an increase in the Good Works budget for 2011. We will continue working on the draft budget for 2011 and on ideas for increased funding, to be presented to the November business meeting.

     The Finance Committee discussed description and procedures for creation of an Emergency Assistance Fund to back the Emergencies line item.  We apologize that, in the time available, we were not able to come up with the wording which the August Meeting for Worship with Attention for Business had requested from us.

    Many thanks to Beverly Busching and all those who helped with her successful garage sale.  The resulting donation to the Meeting’s general fund was a significant help in achieving the current balance.

     The Finance Committee meeting ended with silence.

Respectfully submitted,
Peggy Giltrow, convener

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