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February 2010 Newsletter

Letter to Friends
Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Second Month 2010

Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting.  Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.
The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.

Sunday, 2/7  -  9:15 a.m. Ministry and Oversight Committee; 12:30 p.m. Potluck
Sunday, 2/14 - 10:10  Discussion Group in the Library
Sunday, 2/21 - 12.30 p.m. Meeting for Worship for Business
Sunday, 2/28

The Monthly Query for the 2nd month, 2010

“When differences arise, what endeavors are made to settle them in a timely way
and in a spirit of meekness and love?”


Feb. 3, 2010 ( Wednesday) People for Peace meets the first Wednesday of the month, at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St.

Feb 12-17, 2010 at the Southside Quaker Meetinghouse the Friends in the Arts will host Ira Progoff's Intensive Journal Program of Self Development with Paul Ilecki, EdD.  This three part series helps one to gain a foundation & perspective to realize the continuity and director of life, helps participants to build a solid basis for future decision and offers a method to connect more deeply with personal relationships, career interests and one’s self.  Using dreams and imagery as a guide, this process promises to be beneficial.  To register contact Kathleen Burke, Resident Friend, 983-7241 or at

Feb. 14, 2010 Friends are invited to join a discussion group on the article by Heidi Hart entitled “Quakerism and the Passionate Life” (FJ 09/2008).  Copies are available next to the birdhouse in the library.  Pamela Geyer (984-0377) and/or Howard Shulman (984-9908) are the contacts.  Friends are invited to attend & to bring other FJ articles for future consideration.

Feb. 17, 5:30 PM SOUP, BREAD AND FRIENDS - Everyone is welcome (do bring your friends and family!) at this tradition held the third Wednesday of every month during the cooler months of the year. The atmosphere is warm and the food is extraordinary. The main menu includes soup, bread and tea. You may contribute food if you like but are not required to do so. There is no charge.  Quaker House, 1730 Camino Carlos Rey #209.

Feb. 18, 2010 Friends in the Arts [FITA] will meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month, at the Canyon Road Meeting House at 6:00 pm.  Creative people welcome.

SAVE THE DATES:      April 6, 2010 3rd annual Miriam’s Song Women’s Seder offers an inter-faith opportunity to share a seder meal, dance, sing & enjoy a common spiritual event with the Temple Beth Shalom community.  Please call 988-1470 or see letter posted in the library.

April 3 to 5th,  2010 Quaker Women’s Spring Retreat will be held at the Norbertine Retreat Center in southwest Albuquerque.  The theme will be “What do we bring to our communities and what do we get?  How do we create and maintain this community?”  Contact Rebecca Henderson for more information.

April 17-19th Regional Meeting at the Southside Quaker Meetinghouse will focus on worship and the appointment of positions for the Yearly Mountain Meeting.  Queries to be considered are:  How we can work more effectively within the communities that surround our Monthly  Meetings?  Are there things that get in the way of our participation in local service?  What Friends among us are working within local community organizations?  How can we strengthen and support that work?  Contact Rebecca Henderson for more information.

Members are reminded to go to for current action information from the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group:  Quaker House, 1730 Camino Carlos Rey #209 Santa Fe NM 87507 (505) 471-2288. Meeting is held in a rust-red building on the short end of Camino Carlos Rey, northwest of Cerrillos Road.  Worship is every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Welcome!

Send comments or suggestions to Marcy <>.

Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business:

Minutes of Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business:  Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 17th Day of First Month, 2010

Present:  Bob Gaines (Clerk), Peggy Giltrow (substituting for Recording Clerk), Kathleen Burke, David Giltrow, Philip Balcombe, Wyn Lewis, Greg Cliburn, Martha Davis, Rebecca Henderson, Elliott Skinner, John Kretzmann, Rebecca Allahyari, Carolyn Stephenson.

Meeting began with silence at 12:40 p.m. in the meeting room at 630 Canyon Road.  Clerk Bob Gaines read from p. 120 of Faith and Practice, the first query about how Friends conduct their business:  “Are our monthly meetings held in the spirit of a meeting for worship in which we, in love and mutual respect, seek divine guidance?”

1. Minutes for 12th Month were accepted with one correction, the spelling of Ken Winston-Caine’s name.

2. The Treasurer presented the End of Year Report, which can be found in the Appendix to the Minutes.  General Fund income of $28,782 was smaller than the budgeted amount of $31,243, but income exceeded General Fund expenses of $28,128 by $654.  $6,000 of those donations came in December, including one substantial donation specifically for the purpose of staying in the black.  The Maintenance Fund, which receives all its income from use of the guest apartment, Meeting House, and grounds, is healthy.  The report of the Treasurer was gratefully accepted.

3. The Finance Committee report can be found in the Appendix to the Minutes.  The Committee wishes to thank Friends for their generosity as Meeting has become aware of the deficit funding of the last few years and of the need to think critically about how to follow Spirit in balancing desires to be charitable in distressed times with the desire to live within our means.  The Committee also acknowledges the needs and vitality of the New Mexico Alternatives to Violence Project.  Friends are encouraged to contact Beverly Busching (984-8742) or Irene Web (988-1817) to find out how to become involved with the expanding work of AVP.

Addendum:  Finance and Good Works committees learned about a reduction in the IMYM assessment for 2010 less than 48 hours ago.  The $10 per member reduction would result in a projected budget surplus of about $430.  The Good Works committee would like time to work carefully on recommendations about how to deal with the funds released. The committee does recommend that part of that $430 (up to $250) be sent immediately to AFSC earmarked for disaster relief in Haiti.

Meeting accepted the Finance Committee report and approved a donation of $250 to AFSC for disaster relief in Haiti.  To allow AFSC to use the donation where it is most needed, the donation will be worded so that the intent is clear but flexibility is possible.

4. The 2010 Operating Budget may be found in the Appendix.  It differs from the budget presented last month only in the amount of the IMYM assessment and the effect this has in changing from a deficit of about $500 to a surplus of $430 if donations are received as anticipated.  The Communications expenses in 2009 were lower than budgeted because fewer and shorter paper newsletters were needed and David Vaux considered paying for the production and mailing of the paper newsletters a contribution to the Meeting.  Aside from IMYM assessment money and scholarship requests, most good works donations will be deferred and considered again in May and September in terms of donations received, in hopes Quakers continue to support good works in the community and the world. Meeting agreed to accept the 2010 Operating Budget.

5. The 2010 Maintenance Budget may be found in the Appendix.  The difference from the draft last month is the result of a mistake in arithmetic.  Meeting approved the 2010 Maintenance Budget.

The Garden project is a projected one-time expense to be accomplished with the help of the Master Gardeners, who will donate trees and their labor for planting and pruning.  Meeting will provide materials, at perhaps a significantly lower cost than listed.

The Building Committee emphasizes that donations to Meeting are not used for the maintenance of the meetinghouse and grounds.  The property is self-supporting, except for special projects such as making the meetinghouse wheelchair accessible, from income from the use of the guest apartment, meeting room, and grounds.  This income is placed in the Maintenance Fund, which ends 2009 with a balance of $15,168.  In 1966, shortly after the donation of the property to the Meeting, a separate committee and account were established for building maintenance (currently the meeting treasurer uses the same bank account for the Maintenance Fund as for the other meeting funds, but the maintenance money is accounted for separately from other funds).  Donations to Meeting are used only for operating expenses and good works, unless earmarked for maintenance.

6. Appointment of initial three corporate directors and the registered agent.  Three individuals have agreed to serve as corporate directors if approved by Meeting.  They are Marguerite Kearns (three year term), Greg Cliburn (two year term), and Philip Balcombe (one year term).  They are appointed as individuals, but also currently serve the Meeting as Recording Clerk, Treasurer, and Clerk of Ministry and Oversight.  Kathleen Burke has agreed to serve as registered agent if approved by Meeting.  The sole responsibility of the registered agent is to insure that mail from the state is received by the Meeting.  The first annual meeting of the Corporation will occur in February, immediately following the monthly Business Meeting.

Meeting agreed, with thanks, to the appointment of these individuals as corporate directors and registered agent.  Meeting asks that Nominating Committee bring forward nominations for these corporate positions in the future, as needed.

7. Report on Plan for Meeting Retreat.  Wyn Lewis and Martha Davis are working with Friends General Conference Traveling Ministries to hold a retreat in March to explore Meeting’s spiritual base and roots.  Possible topics are Spirituality as Journey, Centering in Times of Stress, and How the Divine Works in Daily Life.  IMYM is now affiliated with FGC. The retreat is an opportunity to make use of FGC’s resources to enrich the spiritual life of this Meeting. Everyone involved with Santa Fe Monthly Meeting is invited to participate, particularly worship groups near and far.

Several individuals have been suggested as leaders of the retreat. FGC is in the process of extending invitations to those suggested.  The retreat will last from Friday night to Sunday morning.  On Friday night and between 9 and 11 a.m. meetings on Sunday are open to all, including young Friends.  Saturday will be for retreat participants.  A donation of $20 per participant is requested to help cover costs.  Friends who are not participating in the retreat are asked to provide food for lunch on Saturday and a place for the retreat leaders to stay. Caroline Stephenson offered the restaurant as back-up space if needed. Meeting accepted the report with gratitude.

8.  The Nominating Committee, composed of Beverly Busching, Jesse Bertron, and Kathleen Burke, has been asked to clarify its purpose.  A copy of the committee’s current job description, with suggested changes in capital letters, can be found in the Appendix.  Friends are asked to look it over carefully before the next business meeting, when it will be considered again.  (For instance, it is Quaker practice for the Naming Committee to be appointed by Business Meeting rather than by the Nominating Committee.)  Questions may be directed to Kathleen Burke, committee co-convener, at 983-4271 or

9. The Ministry and Oversight Report can be found in the Appendix. Members suggested that the Query for the 2nd month be changed to read “When differences arise, what endeavors are made to settle them in a timely way and in a spirit of meekness and love?” (“speedily” in the report was changed to “in a timely way”).  It was noted that January has 5 Sundays, and Philip Balcombe agreed to break 11 o’clock meeting that day also.  The Clerk of M & O stated that the concern with decorating the meeting room with greens at Christmas was based on the allergy to juniper of some in the 9 am meeting.  Rebecca Henderson reported that the Taos Worship Group is thriving and well, and now meeting in Friends' homes rather than at Peace House.   The M & O report was accepted with thanks.

10. The method Meeting uses to allocate scholarship funds.  Friends agreed that the Clerk, Clerk of M & O, and convener of Finance Committee can make allocations of scholarship funds to those attending IMYM annual gathering or other gatherings in the spirit of Friends.  Those in need of scholarship funds can contact Clerk Bob Gaines at 466-1746 or 

Information about costs and registration for IMYM Annual Gathering will be available by mid-February.  Registration packets will be available March 1.  Last year, the Meeting budgeted $1500 for scholarships, and all funds were allotted, with several requests at the last minute.  For 2010 the Meeting has budgeted $1200, so members and attenders are encouraged to request assistance as soon as possible.  IMYM is committed to provide financial assistance to all who need it to attend the Annual Gathering.  The Annual Gathering is self-supporting, so IMYM scholarship funds come from registrations.  Two new attenders have indicated an interest in Annual Gathering.

11. Report from Bob Gaines, IMYM Continuing Committee representative:

The Yearly Meeting Clerk prepared a summary of the query responses for consideration by the IMYM Continuing Committee at its meeting last weekend.  Friends are encouraged to read the summary, which can be found at

The 2010 budget approved last June at the Annual Gathering included $24,000 for the Joint Service Project and a monthly meeting assessment of $45 per member, $10 of which was earmarked for JSP.  However, the Yearly Meeting also failed to agree on whether to continue the JSP, which in effect meant that it was laid down.

That left the Yearly Meeting with a 2010 budget that included a $10 assessment for a program that would not exist in 2010 and still required a $7,000 transfer from reserves to balance.

In light of the responses from the monthly meetings, the Continuing Committee decided to remove the $24,000 budget item for JSP and reduce the assessment to $35 per member.  The 2010 income from assessments would therefore be reduced by about $10,000, but the income is now anticipated to exceed expenses by about $3,000, which will go into the reserve fund.

The Continuing Committee could not come to unity on whether to include any support for service in the 2010 or 2011 budgets.  It decided simply to propose at the Annual Gathering in June forming a committee to investigate future Yearly Meeting service possibilities.

Our meeting's response to the queries (and that of several other meetings) requested that the Yearly Meeting continue to support service.  If that is to happen in 2011, the Yearly Meeting will need to include it in the 2011 budget to be adopted in June.

Bob asked if Santa Fe Monthly Meeting wants to make a recommendation to the IMYM Finance committee by April about whether to fund service opportunities in the 2011 IMYM budget.  Note, the theme of the 2010 IMYM annual gathering is “Quaker Service in the 21st Century.”  John Kretzmann suggested that IMYM start with something simple, such as service needed by Ghost Ranch, and build on that.  Friends agreed that this might be attractive to Young and Senior Young Friends, who love Ghost Ranch and might be excited about earth care there.  Previous suggestions have included scholarship assistance from IMYM for projects which already exist and are in tune with Quaker values.  We will continue discussion at the February meeting for business.

12. Resident’s Report for 12th month, 2009.  The Resident spent 52 hours on Meeting business such as mail, phone and internet queries, shopping, guest apartment turnovers, trash.  Guest apartment was occupied for 15 of 31 days, generating income of $750.

13. Need for Greeter.  Steve Spencer, who had been asked by Nominating Committee to organize a schedule of Greeters for each Sunday, has asked Meeting to address this question.  Those who have served as Greeter for the 11 o’clock meeting feel that this is an essential service, beneficial to the Greeter as well as those arriving at Meeting.  The building is not easy to navigate, and people can feel unwelcome.  Being personally welcomed makes a difference.  The Greeter needs to stand at the back door or at the southeast corner of the building during clement weather, and at least in the kitchen when it is cold.

Meeting agreed that a Greeter is needed.  The problem is how to get people to volunteer.  It was suggested that a job description and explanation of the importance of having a Greeter be put in the Meeting Digest and announcements be made at rise of Meeting. 

Meeting also agreed that the whole Meeting community needs to greet newcomers after Meeting.  We too easily fall into conversation with each other, and it is easy for newcomers to feel left out.  All Friends are encouraged to make people welcome.  We will return to ideas about how to make this a more welcoming Meeting.


During potluck on February 7, Josef Bartels (now working at St. Elizabeth’s shelter), will make a presentation about his service as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Ukraine
Meeting for Muffins will be held from 10:10 to 10:50 on January 31st, the Fifth Sunday. Bring your favorite muffins or cookies to share with the 9 and 11 a.m. meetings.
Friends were invited to view the reconfigured kitchen in the guest apartment.

Meeting for Worship for Business ended with silence at about 2:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Peggy Giltrow, substituting for Recording Clerk


(1.) Treasurer’s Year End Report and year end Bank and Fund balances are posted at

(2.)  Finance Committee Report to Business Meeting of 1-17-2010    

     Finance Committee would like to thank Friends for their generous giving throughout 2009, and particularly during December.  The amount of donations for 2009 approaches the amount spent during the year, and definitely exceeds the amount of donations needed to achieve the balanced budget proposed for 2010. 

     We would also like to thank the Good Works Committee for helping the Meeting become aware of the deficit funding of the last few years and think critically about how to follow Spirit in balancing our desire to be charitable during distressed times with our desire to live within our means.  Meeting agreed in December to the recommendation to delay payment of Good Works donations (beyond the IMYM assessment and possibly some scholarships) until the Good Works Committee meets in May.  Adjustments to the Good Works budget will be made in May and September to in light of how well Meeting is meeting its budget commitments for 2010.

     A request has been made to increase the 2010 projected donation to the Alternatives to Violence Project.  It, as all local organizations, was cut by about 60% (to $150 for 2010, from $400 for 2009, $300 for 2008).  The Good Works and Finance Committees appreciate the importance of the work being done by the New Mexico Alternatives to Violence Project in prisons and other vital locations, the Quaker roots of AVP, and the extent of Friends involvement (individuals from SF Meeting 9 and 11 a.m. groups, South Santa Fe and Las Vegas Worship groups).  As the year progresses, the needs of AVP will be given priority consideration as funds come in.  Meanwhile, Friends are encouraged to contact Beverly Busching (984-8742) or Irene Web (988-1817) to find out how to become involved in this important effort to promote peace and nonviolence as the NM AVP extends its work to include the men’s prison in Santa Fe.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Giltrow for Finance Committee

(3.)  2010 Operating Budget, as approved by the Business Meeting of 1/17/10, is posted at  It may be amended as the Good Works and Finance Committee make recommendations about how to use the savings from the reduced IMYM assessment for 2010.

(4). 2010 Maintenance Budget, as approved by the Business Meeting of 1/17/10.

The maintenance fund begins 2010 with an approximate net balance of $9,000. This reflects that the portal beam repair will cost about $7,000, which is considered an expenditure in 2009. That is, while the payment will be made in 2010, the expenditure is encumbered in 2009. (As of 1-17-2010 DG)

Building Committee Summary Budget for 2010 Maintenance Fund
    Maintenance:                            $1,500
    Emergency (if needed):                        $5,000
    Specific projects:                        $5,800
    Garden comm. draw down from maintenance fund:            $1,200
Total expenditures (including emergency set aside)            $13,500.

Balance brought forward from 2009:                    $9,000
Projected Income based on 50% occupancy of GA, weekly meeting, misc:    $9,000
Total carry over and income by end 2010:                            $18,000.

(5.) Work of Nominating Committee.  Suggested changes to the October 2006 minute below describing the committee's duties are in capital letters.  Please look it over carefully in preparation for business meeting of 2nd Month.  Direct questions to Kathleen Burke, committee co-convener, 983-7241 or
The Nominating Committee will nominate Officers of the Meeting, the Clerk of Ministry and Oversight and the members of M&O, and Meeting representatives to IMYM committees. Those nominations will be given a first reading at MEETING FOR BUSINESS, followed by a month of thoughtful consideration, and then a second reading. Nominees will assume their officeS upon the second reading. M&O members serve staggered two year  terms.


The Nominating Committee will confer with CONVENERS of standing committees to find out who is willing to remain on each committee  The Nominating Committee will FIND CONVENERS OR, IF NECESSARY, first conveners for each of the Meeting's standing committees, and report such nominations to MEETING FOR BUSINESS.  There will be no further formal acceptance process. CONVENERS OR first conveners and members of the committee agreeing to continue service will undertake to secure additional member for their committees with the assistance of the Nominating Committee IF NEEDED. Nominees in this category will serve on year terms.  Committees will report changes in their committee membership through their monthly report to MEETING FOR BUSINESS. All standing committees (except M&O) are open to anyone who wishes to join at anytime.

MEETING FOR BUSINESS will appoint members to ad hoc committees with the assistance of Nominating Committee. Nominating Committee will be asked to fill Officer, IMYM and M&O vacancies as they occur during the year.

The nomination process will be considered closed as of June of each year (with the exception of filling the vacancies noted above). After nominations close in June, the Nominating Committee will name a Naming Committee to be accepted by MEETING FOR BUSINESS after a first and second reading. The Naming Committee will name the next year's Nominating Committee AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BUT NO LATER THAN February each year.

The remainder of duties remains unchanged.

(6.) M & O COMMITTEE MEETING, 1st MONTH, 2010  REPORT TO Business Meeting

M&O met in the first day schoolroom on the first first day, first month, 2010, at 9.15 am.  Present were Michael Simon, Joan Spencer, Bob Gaines, ex officio and Philip Balcombe, Clerk.

Meeting began with silent worship followed by a sharing of personal concerns and a discussion of care for individual lives and of the worship groups under our care, which had given no report, except for 9 o’clock Meeting, whose members communicated a concern about greens decorating the Meeting room, which Philip will ask them to communicate to Business Meeting.

The Query for 2nd month will be:

“When differences arise, what endeavors are made to settle them speedily and in a spirit of meekness and love?”

Matters of Concern

Philip will break eleven o’clock Meeting on first and third first days in first month, Joan on second first day and Philip will ask a weighty elder to break Meeting on fourth first day.  Second month of 2010 and the months following await coverage.

M&O considered concerns brought by several individuals in five clearness committees.

Consideration of whether our committee might provide input for Nominating Committee in reference to replacing Eliza and Roxanne on our committee ended with agreement that we might.

We agreed that we need not be involved in drawing up new forms for the Meeting’s Recorder.

M&O will travel to Los Alamos on fourth first day, where we will worship with the Los Alamos Worship Group and, afterwards, convene for our long delayed discussion of the role(s) of M&O.

We agreed to leave planning of the March spiritual retreat to Wyn Lewis and Martha Davis.

We discussed whether further Meeting wide seminars on such topics as Quaker values in marriage, child rearing, white privilege and our Faith and Practice should be planned and when.  We agreed to explore arranging the last with South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group.

The meeting ended with a period of silent worship.
Respectfully submitted, Philip Balcombe, Clerk of M&O.

(7) Summary of Monthly Meeting Responses to Fall Queries from IMYM Continuing Committee can be found at

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