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November 2009 Newsletter

Letter to Friends
Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Eleventh Month 2009

Calendar of Events

Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting.  Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.
The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.

Sunday, 11/01/09 - 9:15 a.m. Ministry and Oversight Committee; 12:30 p.m. Potluck
Sunday, 11/08/09
Sunday, 11/15/09 - 12.30 p.m. Meeting for Worship for Business
Sunday, 11/22/09
Sunday, 11/29/09 – 10:10 a.m. Meeting for Muffins

The Monthly Query for the 11th month, 2009

“In what ways does the Spirit speak to us through others?”


Members are reminded to go to for current action information from the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group:  Quaker House, 1730 Camino Carlos Rey #209 Santa Fe NM 87507 (505) 471-2288. Meeting is held in a rust-red building on the short end of Camino Carlos Rey, northwest of Cerrillos Road.  Worship is every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Welcome!  Bread, Soup and Friends: Welcome All to a Simple Mid-Week Supper - 5:30 pm, the third Wednesday each month.  A Time to Rest, Replenish & Meet New Friends.  No agendas, only friendship and a simple shared meal in the middle of the week.

November 1:  Please join a discussion on Sunday during pot luck to share your opinion, whatever it may be, about how Meeting should proceed with distribution of funds toward organizations which do good work in our community. This discussion will be in the form of a Threshing Session, to help us sort out what the real issues are.

"Threshing sessions derive their name from the assumption that through them the chaff might be separated from the grain of truth, clearing the way for later action on the issue. However, no corporate decisions are made at such meetings."  Please join the discussion during the 1st day potluck

November 3, 7 pm: "Rethink Afghanistan" is a 2009 documentary about the ongoing war in Afghanistan. This full-length documentary campaign features experts from Afghanistan, the U.S., and Russia discussing critical issues like military escalation, how escalation will affect Pakistan and the surrounding region, the cost of war, civilian casualties, and the rights of Afghan women.  At the Spencers, 2154 Calle de Sebastian, 984-2217

November 4: People for Peace meets the first Wednesday of the month, at 7 pm. Meetings are held at the Commons Co-Housing, 2300 W. Alameda St.

November 8: A new discussion group to be held in the Meeting House, 10:15 to 10:50, will begin with the Friends Journal article (April, 2008) "Why I Left -- Why I stayed."  This article is co-authored by two Friends who reflect on the problems posed by living and participating in a nation/society, the actions of which are in deep opposition to their (and Quaker) values.  One emigrated, one stayed. All Friends interested in this topic are invited to attend. Copies of this article (not available online) can be provided by Pamela Geyer (984 - 0377) or Margy Willen (466-6615).

November 15: Jonathan Ashworth hosts last Writers Read event of the year.  Writers Read presents Cracked, a reading of a play by Rosemary Zibart with actors.  Sunday, 15th November, 3PM,  Wild Oats Community Room, West Cordova Road, 983.5333, free.

November 26:  Friends in the Arts [FITA] meets every fourth Thursday of the month, at the Canyon Road Meeting House at 6:00pm.  Creative people welcome.  Our query for the November gathering is: How are we mindful in what we are communicating through our art?
November 29: 10:10 a.m. Meeting for Muffins

Send comments or suggestions to Marcy <>.

Minutes of Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business:

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 18th day of Tenth Month 2009
Present:  Pam Gilchrist, Steve Spencer, Joan Spencer, Greg Cliburn, John A. Kretzmann, Alan Rogers, Guthrie Miller, Lee Carter, Beverly Busching, Elliott Skinner, Kathleen Burke, Bettina Raphael, Pam Geyer, David Henkel, Rebecca Henderson, Bob Gaines (Clerk), Marguerite Kearns (Recording Clerk).
The Meeting started at 12:45 p.m. with silence in the meeting room at 630 Canyon Road.
Bob Gaines read the following advice from Faith and Practice which was a reminder to be mindful of the decision-making process in the manner of Friends:
"In meetings for business, work and worship together with the patience and warm affection for each other, aware of the peaceable spirit of the light of Truth. A majority decision or even consensus is not the goal. In waiting patiently for divine guidance, Friends experience is that the way that leads to unity will open."
(1.) Friends approved the Minutes of the business meeting for the ninth month.
(2.) Incorporation: See Appendix for the draft articles and bylaws. Friends provided feedback to a draft for SFMM prepared by an ad hoc committee consisting of David Henkel, Peggy Giltrow, and Rebecca Henderson; the draft was reviewed by Cleo Griffith (who is a lawyer experienced in drafting legislation but not a specialist in bylaws; the committee recommends that if the Meeting agrees to a final draft of the bylaws that a lawyer then be employed to review them). Over the period of one hour and 45 minutes, Friends presented concerns which were listened to and noted by the document drafters so that over the next month appropriate revisions will be made. The business meeting for the eleventh month will review the revised draft.
The issues ranged from a review of the purpose of incorporation to more specific concerns, including the relationship between the corporation and the Meeting; the relationship between the corporation and business meeting; the overlap as well as a division of duties and responsibilities between the corporation and the Meeting; the participation and input of attenders as well as members in decision making; bringing about an alignment between decision making as the corporation and the traditional decision-making process of Friends; giving notice of the corporation's annual meeting; the duties, responsibilities and decision making of the corporation's directors and the process to be carried forward in the manner of Friends; the transparency of decision making; the difference between the corporation's directors and the current Meeting trustees; and the ownership and maintenance of property, as well as stewardship.
To date, SFMM has not had a legal identity under NM law. Simply stated, the corporation under consideration would be the legal face of the Meeting in relationship to the state. The document's drafters explained that their intent was to make the bylaws language as uncluttered as possible and that decisions by the corporation would conform to the monthly meeting's manner of decision making.
Friends were encouraged to provide additional input to David Henkel, Peggy Giltrow, and Rebecca Henderson regarding the draft articles of incorporation.   The committee will present its final draft before the November business meeting.
(2.) Friends accepted Treasurer Greg Cliburn's report which is included in the Appendix to these Minutes. Note that three quarters through the fiscal year, SFMM has received 53 percent of budgeted donations and paid out 68 percent of budgeted expenses. As of the end of September we have paid out 57 percent of budgeted expenses for Good Works, and 101 percent of the budgeted IMYM assessment. Good Works donations in early October included $750 to AFSC, $150 to FWCC, $100 to Pendle Hill, $400 to AVP, $400 to Esperanza, $100 to La Familia, bringing this total to $1900.
In other matters, the cost for the drip irrigation system was $1799, or $299 over the amount authorized by business meeting in the ninth month. As agreed at that business meeting, the difference will be made up by solicited donations. Another $99 is required. Friends wishing to make a contribution for this purpose are asked to contact members of the Garden Committee.
(3.) Finance Committee: Treasurer Greg Cliburn made a progress report on behalf of the Finance Committee which met in October to begin work on the budget draft for the next fiscal year. The Finance Committee is waiting for input from the Good Works Committee. In the past, business meeting has determined that SFMM's annual budget reflect parity, which means as much will be spent on the operation of the meeting (not including maintenance of the building) as is spent on Good Works.
Judging by the level of General Fund donations the past three years, there aren't enough contributions to support a parity budget. The situation translates to a deficit. In order to balance the budget, adjustments would have to be made in Good Works. The Finance Committee will proceed to draft a budget based on parity unless informed otherwise. Peggy Giltrow, convener, Lee Carter, Jennie Crystal, Jessie Bertron, and Greg Cliburn serve on the Finance Committee. Input on the preparation of the draft budget from members and attenders is welcome.
A threshing session is being planned by the Good Works Committee in November to solicit feedback on the budget. There are several questions under consideration, including: Should we continue or discontinue parity? Are we donating to the right organizations? Should Friends rethink their donations to the Meeting? The Good Works Committee consists of Wyn Lewis, convener, Rebecca Allahyari, Alan Rogers, and Peggy Giltrow.
(4.) Building Committee: Bettina Raphael reported on a split beam in the portal. A reinforcing metal plate is under consideration, as well as repairs to deteriorated support posts resting on the ground. Repair estimates are expected in the next few weeks. Friends agreed to empower Bettina to arrange for the author Margaret Moore Booker to hold a book signing and talk at the meeting house. The recently-published book features historical properties in Santa Fe, including The Olive Rush Studio and Quaker Meeting House.
(5.) Ministry and Oversight: Friends accepted the report from M & O. See the complete report in the Appendix.
The query for the eleventh month is: 'In what ways does the Spirit speak to us through others?'
Martha Davis is coordinating requests for care, but she needs individuals to volunteer for specific requests, such as rides to the doctor, and so on. M & O laid down the Care Committee. This is an attempt to provide specific support when it is requested by individuals. Friends with thoughts and suggestions about providing care should contact the M & O Clerk, Philip Balcombe.
Friends agreed that Rebecca Henderson and Philip Balcombe form the Naming Committee to nominate the members of the next Nominating Committee.
(6.) In a letter presented to business meeting, Allison Martinez requested transfer of her membership to Albuquerque Monthly Meeting. She expressed gratitude for the blessings of worship and expressed thanks to Friends for their kindness. Friends approved the membership transfer request by Allison Martinez with 'blessings' and much appreciation for her service and contributions to the Meeting.
(7.) Resident's Report: During the ninth month, Meeting resident Kathleen Burke spent 70 hours in service to the Meeting. The income for the Guest Apartment totaled $870 and the apartment was occupied 19 of 30 days.
(8.) Announcements: The topic for a discussion group (to be held in the Meeting House on 11/8 from 10:10 to 10:50 a.m.) will be the Friends Journal article, 'Why I Left, Why I Stayed.' This article is co-authored by two Friends who reflect on the problems posed by living in a nation/society, the actions of which are in deep opposition to their (and Quaker) values. One emigrated and one stayed. All Friends interested in this topic are invited to attend. For those Friends who plan to participate in this discussion, copies of this article are available from Pamela Geyer (984-0377) or Margy Willen (466-6615).
The meeting ended with silence at 2:12 p.m.
The minutes of Business Meeting for the Seventh Month are respectfully submitted by Marguerite Kearns, Recording Clerk.
(1.) Non Profit Corporation Proposed Articles and Bylaws  (this draft is posted at; the revised draft will also be posted there)
(2.) Treasurer's Report  (posted at
10th MONTH, 2009
M&O met in the garden on the first first day of tenth month, 2009 at 9.15 am.  Present were Michael Simon,  Martha Davis, Bob Gaines, ex officio and Philip Balcombe, Clerk.
Meeting began with silent worship followed by a sharing of personal concerns and a discussion of care for individual lives and of worship groups.  Las Vegas has been meeting twice a month as usual and will schedule a discussion of IMYM queries.  At the time of our meeting we had no report from Clearlight.  Martha reported that Los Alamos has been meeting and has augmented attendance.  South Santa Fe has been meeting, but we had no report.  9 o'clock Meeting here on Canyon Road is pleased at our response to their request for more opportunities for fellowship with others in our Meeting, of a spiritual rather than purely social nature.  They relish their sense of community and they are sensitive to the need to be aware of ways to hinder the spread of flu germs.
The Query for 11th month will be:
'In what ways does the Spirit speak to us through others?'
Matters of Concern
Bob made a report on Christus St. Vincent's Hospital provisions for pastoral care visits to patients.  They had sought input from Santa Fe's faith communities.
Martha touched on the need for people to let her know if they are willing to be called to find out if they are available to help if someone is in need of care.  So far only one person has done so.
Martha agreed to break 11 o'clock Meeting on first first day this month, Michael on the third and Philip on the rest.  Joan has spoken for November.  December and the months following await coverage.
M&O is dealing with concerns brought by several individuals, following up on two clearness committees.
We agreed to ask two members of our Meeting if they would be willing to serve on a Naming Committee.  In addition, Philip agreed to do so.
Alan Rogers brought a concern about outreach to M&O and agreed to establish a Facebook presence for our Meeting and also to reinstitute our notices in the New Mexican.
We took advantage of Alan's presence to consult him in his capacity as a doctor about measures we might take to thwart the spread of flu in our Meeting.  He agreed to research the matter and make a report to the Meeting.
Kathleen Burke brought a concern about the status of South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group and we agreed to follow up with SSFQWG.
We discussed what might be done about the membership of those who have been out of touch with our Meeting for years.  Unity was not quite achieved as to whether they should have any status with the Meeting, but we agreed that they should not remain on our list of members.
The meeting ended with a moment or two of silent worship.
Respectfully submitted,
Philip Balcombe, Clerk of M&O.

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