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June 2009 Newsletter

Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends


Sixth Month 2009


Calendar of Events


Meeting for Worship at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. First Day School is during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. Singing is at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday.

The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on the top floor of 1730 Camino Carlos Rey.


Sunday, 6/7/09 - 9:15 a.m. Ministry and Oversight Committee

Sunday, 6/14/09 - 12:30 p.m. Potluck

Sunday, 6/21/09 - 12.30 p.m. Meeting for Worship for Business

Sunday, 6/28/09 -


The Monthly Query for the 6th month, 2009


"How are we aware that we speak through inaction as well as action in our care for one another in the Meeting?"




Marcy Pompei is our new editor, and she will compile the newsletter each month.  Bob Gaines will send it out by email and post it on the Meeting website.  Frances Salles will continue to mail paper copies to those requesting one.

Send comments or suggestions to Marcy <> or Bob <>.


"How God Changes Your Brain" is the title of a new book out of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Spirituality and the Mind. Authors Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman report research on physiological and anatomical changes in the brain associated with spiritual practice--not only, they emphasize (despite the title) specifically "God"-centered practice. Ann Anthony and Alison Martinez find the book so intriguing and challenging that they invite you to a series of three discussions starting 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 2 at the Santa Fe Quaker House. The talk will be one hour, and feel free to bring yourself a sandwich. We'll provide copies of key pages so you don't have to buy the $27 book. To take part, please call Ann at 795-7472.


South Santa Fe Quaker Worship Group Quaker House, 1730 Camino Carlos Rey #209 Santa Fe NM 87507 (505) 471-228. We're in a rust-red building on the short end of Camino Carlos Rey, northwest of Cerrillos Road, past Performance Autos.  Worship is every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Welcome!


The "Olive Rush Papers" are available online from Smithsonian's website.


Bettina Raphael recently learned from the Elaine Bergman of the Historic Santa Fe Foundation that an extensive collection of Olive Rush's personal information is available at:


The description there reads: "This site provides access to the papers of Olive Rush in the Archives of American Art that were digitized in 2006. The papers have been scanned in their entirety, and total 9,047 images. The papers of Olive Rush measure 5.7 linear feet and date from 1879 to 1967. They contain correspondence, artwork, photographs, writings, and other  personal papers documenting Rush's education and career as an illustrator, portraitist, muralist, painter and promoter of Native American art."


A portion of the Meeting's own, modest "Olive Rush Archives" are included, likely loaned for reproduction to the AAA in 1970 by Sylvia Loomis who was a long time trustee and member of the Meeting. Note that about the same time the AAA Olive Rush collection was digitized, the Meeting commissioned Kate Pope to catalogue and photograph our Olive Rush Archives. These items are available in both hard copy and on CD discs. There are some 1,200 items.


We expect to prepare a handout which expands on the AAA description along with comments from the Meeting's perspective. For instance, there are numerous examples of Olive's Quaker relatives using plain speech, i.e. "thee" and "thy", in correspondence with her. However, unlike typical government and commercial archives, we don't find copies of Olive's side of this correspondence. Also, a series of photographs of the exteriors of the meetinghouse and ramada plus garden were taken shortly after the Meeting acquired the property (September, 1966). While these photos are "snapshot" quality, we will reproduce several of them for display.    Submitted by: David Giltrow, SF Meeting archivist.


Send announcements to the newsletter editor, Marcy Pompei <>.



Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business
Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 17th Day, Fifth Month 2009

Present: Jennifer Wellington-White, John A. Kretzmann, Philip Balcombe, Peggy Giltrow, Bob Gaines, Kathleen Burke, Chris Johnson, Marguerite Kearns

The meeting began with silence at 1 p.m.

Minutes: Friends approved the Minutes of the Fourth Month with thanks to David Henkel. Note was made of a table compiled by the Nominating Committee which was not distributed with the April minutes.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee Report was approved by Friends. A letter has been sent to members and attenders requesting contributions; this has resulted in contributions of $1200 since the end of April. While gratefully accepted and appreciated, this represents significantly less than last year at this time (see attached finance report). This situation necessitated a transfer from the Maintenance Fund to the General Fund which was approved by Friends. The Maintenance Fund reflects a high use of the Guest Apartment which is booked through the summer. Additional income is anticipated from the Meeting’s share of ticket sales for the recent Santa Fe Foundation tour where between 200 and 250 people visited the Olive Rush Studio and Meetinghouse.

Treasurer: The Treasurer’s Report (see attachment) was accepted where it was noted that contributions have not been added to the Sufferings Fund over the past three years --the intent of Business Meeting in the past. The Sufferings Fund is a resource for actions associated with civil disobedience. Friends approved the transfer of $200 into the Sufferings Fund.

Ministry and Oversight: Friends accepted the report of Ministry and Oversight and discussed the Care Committee which has not met to date. Requests to M&O for care have been handled through informal connections, a situation which raised the question of whether or not the Care Committee should be laid down. Friends decided instead to appoint a liaison on Ministry and Oversight for care issues, Philip Balcombe. If Friends have needs, they should not hesitate to contact Philip at 505-466-2982 or

M&O will now meet the first First Day of the month and at that time propose the query for the following month.

Newsletter: Marcy Pompei is the new newsletter editor now that David Vaux has stepped down. His service to the Meeting has been appreciated these past two years. Friends approved that the newsletter will be distributed during the first week of the month to approximately 140 people; only a few people continue receiving the newsletter by mail.

Friends also approved the distribution of the newsletter in three formats: 1) the posting of the newsletter online in a password protected area with a universal password 2) email distribution 3) mail distribution of a hard copy.

Resident’s Report:  The proposal to build a fence for a vegetable garden was approved, along with the expenditure of $100 for a fence. The Resident’s Report was accepted, which highlighted the hours the resident worked and the status of the Guest Apartment.

Building Committee: No report was available and no committee members were present.

Future Planning Committee: No report was available and no members were present.

First Day School: Chris Johnson shared the discussion of a parents’ meeting two weeks prior where the issues of a summer program was addressed if there is sufficient interest. If not, the formal program will resume in September. The donation of a playground climber is possible if it is appropriate in size and function. Friends accepted the First Day School report.

Peace and Social Concerns: Issues involving Peace and Social Concerns are still being addressed informally because there is still no formal committee. SOMOS, an advocacy group for immigration issues, has requested to make a presentation to Meeting. The scheduling is being worked out. The National Religious Coalition Against Torture is distributing information about and encouraging support for a Truth Commission. Friends approved a recommendation that members and attenders assist and support this effort in whatever way they can. Kathleen Burke volunteered to help with Peace and Social Concerns. Bob Gaines will contact other religious congregations in the community to find out about their activities.

Nominating Committee: Friends approved the following positions: Bob Gaines, Clerk; Marguerite Kearns, Recording Clerk; Greg Cliburn, Treasurer; David Giltrow, Archivist; Beverly Busching, Recorder; Ministry and Oversight: Philip Balcombe, Roxanne Seagraves, Michael Simon, Martha Davis, Eliza Kretzmann.

Friends agreed to publish the complete list of nominations in the newsletter and act on it during the June business meeting.

Meeting for Worship for Business ended at 3:10 p.m. with silence.


Finance Committee Report to Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends for May 17, 2009


The Finance Committee mailed a fundraising letter at the end of April. Thanks to Friends who have been able to respond positively in this time of financial difficulty.


The annual internal audit for fiscal year 2008 can be found on the Meeting’s web site at It was conducted by Greg Cliburn and Peggy Giltrow, and approved by the Finance Committee on May 12, 2009. Questions regarding records, receipts, expenditures, information reporting, and compliance were answered satisfactorily. Written procedures were reviewed and are up-to-date. A test of transactions and audit of cash were conducted for the months of July and December, 2008. For these months, the committee traced transactions between the bank and the books, and compared the collection records to the receipt journal entries. No discrepancies were found.


The books are fine, and ready to be handed over to the new Treasurer. The Finance Committee wishes to thank Bob Gaines for his diligent work as Treasurer and on the committee, getting accounts in order and procedures in place.


The Finance Committee needs to add new members. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Peggy Giltrow at 988-4751 or One way to find out more is to read the “Responsibilities and Procedures of the Finance Committee and Treasurer”, which can be found on the Meeting’s web site listed above.


Respectfully submitted,


Peggy Medina Giltrow

Convener, Finance Committee



Due to formatting limitations, the Treasurer's Report is available only at



Nominations presented to business meeting on May 17, 2009

Clerk of Meeting - Bob Gaines
Recording Clerk - Marguerite Kearns (Continuing)
Treasurer - Greg Cliburn
Recorder - Beverly Busching (Continuing)
Archivist - David Giltrow (Continuing)
Ministry & Oversight Committee - Philip Balcombe - Clerk (Continuing)
continuing members: Roxanne Seagraves, Michael Simon, Joan Spencer
new members: Martha Davis, Eliza Kretzmann
AFSC Liaison - Nathaniel Mahlberg
Building Committee - TBD
Communications - TBD
Earthcare - (May not be a standing committee)
Fellowship Committee - TBD
Committee on Conscientious Objection -
Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts - Ford Robbins (Continuing)
FCNL Liaison - Steve & Joan Spencer
Finance - Peggy Giltrow (Continuing)
Ad Hoc Future Planning Committee - Beverly Busching (Continuing)
Also continuing: David Giltrow, David Henkel, Frank Hirsch, John Kretzmann
Garden Committee - Kathleen Burke
Good Works - Wyn Lewis
Greeter -
History -
Inter-Faith Leadership Alliance - Bob Gaines
ILA Health & Spirit Sub-Committee - Rebecca Cecil, Alan Rogers
Library -
NM Regional Meeting - Rebecca Henderson (Continuing)
Pendle Hill Contact - Marty Carroll (Continuing)
Resident's Committee - Marty Carroll (Continuing)
Guthrie Miller (Continuing), Carly Newfeld
Meeting House Trustees - David Henkel, Elliott Skinner (both Continuing), Bob Gaines (as Clerk)
Naming - (Nominated after June business meeting)
Nominating - (Nominated by Naming Committee)
Peace & Social Concerns - Anne McLaughlin (Continuing)
Young Friends - Chris Johnson
Worship Group Contacts
Las Vegas -
Los Alamos -
South Santa Fe -
Taos -
IMYM Committee on Faith and Practice - David Henkel
IMYM Continuing Committee - Bob Gaines (Continuing)
JSP/Western Quaker Workcamps - John Kretzmann

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