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May 2008 Newsletter


Letter to Friends

Newsletter of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends


Fifth Month 2008

“Experience is the Quaker's starting-point. This light must be my light;

this truth must be my truth; this faith must be my very own faith. The key that unlocks the door to the spiritual life belongs not to Peter, or some other person, as an official. It belongs to the individual soul that finds the light, discovers the truth, that sees the revelation of God and goes on living in the demonstration and power of it.”


Rufus M. Jones, 1927




Calendar of Events


All events take place at the Meetinghouse, 630 Canyon Road, unless otherwise noted.  Meeting for Worship is held every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  Childcare and First Day School are provided during the 11:00 a.m. Meeting. The South Santa Fe Worship Group holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at the former International Institute for Oriental Medicine, 4884 La Junta del Alamo, Agua Fria.


Sunday            5/4/08              10:00 a.m.       Singing, First Day School room

                                                12:30 p.m.       Potluck           

Sunday            5/11/08            9:15 a.m.         Ministry and Oversight Committee

                                                10:00 a.m.       Singing, First Day School room

                                                1:00 p.m.         Mother’s Day Peace Rally, Santa Fe Plaza

                                                (See Peace and Social Concerns report in this newsletter.)

Monday           5/12/08            Beginning of Bike to Work Week in Santa Fe

Friday              5/16/08            Morning: special events for Bike to Work Week

Sunday            5/18/08            10:00 a.m.       Singing, First Day School room

                                                12.30 p.m.       Meeting for Worship for Business

                                                From 10:00 a.m: New Mexico Human Rights Torch Relay

event, Santa Fe Plaza. (See notice in

Messages & Announcements.)

Sunday            5/25/08            10:00 a.m.       Singing, First Day School room




Please tell the editors about any items that should be in the calendar: Alison Martinez, 438-0729 Thank you.






Meeting for Worship for Business

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 20th Fourth Month, 2008


Present: Mary Ray Cate, Philip Balcombe, Sarah Effner, Bob Gaines, Pam Gilchrist, Anne McLaughlin, Ted Pomeroy, Bettina Raphael, Lorraine Graham, Pam Geyer, Beverly Busching, Carolyn Stephenson, Peg Martin, Molly Vaux, Alison Martinez, David Giltrow, Jennifer Wellington (clerk), Peggy Giltrow (recording clerk)


Meeting began at 12:45 pm with a reading from a British ‘Faith and Practice’, emphasizing “…we trust the good in each other, which is from God…”  It continued with a short period of silence.


Minutes of meeting for business for the third month were accepted with correction of one paragraph. Beverly Busching, who had given a verbal report for the Ad Hoc Committee on Long Range Planning and Stewardship, asked that several words and sentences be struck so that the paragraph be changed to read as follows:


“She emphasized that the committee is not making decisions and is not setting goals.  They met with the trustees to discuss some of the documents pertaining to Olive Rush’s bequest and legal opinions of them.  The agreement between Olive and the Meeting that accompanied Olive’s will was not notarized or legally recorded, but was signed by the clerk of Meeting at that time. Discussion as to whether all documents should be accessible to all members led to several suggestions for how to post them online. The committee will post all its former reports on the Meeting website.”


Human Rights Torch Relay: Sarah Effner returned to give us more information on the event to be held on May 18 at the Santa Fe Plaza. After thoughtful consideration, and based on Falun Gong’s tenant of concern for others, she repeated her request for help with the insurance coverage. Our Treasurer had checked with our insurance company and reports that liability coverage can be extended for one-time events which we co-sponsor, with no additional charge. Meeting agreed to co-sponsor the event and extend our insurance coverage for it, supporting it with our hearts, our insurance and our attendance. 


Report on South Santa Fe Worship Group meeting with Ad Hoc Committee on Long Range Planning and Stewardship: The meeting was held at the request of South Santa Fe Worship Group to share news of their $100,000 bequest and their purposes, hopes and dreams for a new meetinghouse to provide space for Quaker worship and activities on the south side of town. 

      An extended discussion ensued, with questions about fiscal realities (additional donations will be needed),  non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) status (South Santa Fe Worship Group has it; Santa Fe Meeting has heeded strong objections to need for reporting to IRS), property availability, and how the whole Meeting can support the worship group’s endeavors.  The South Santa Fe steering committee sees no conflict between having a facility on the south side of town and Meeting’s creation of an ideal facility; money in real estate can be moved. Contributions of advice and spiritual energy, and visits from Friends have been appreciated and helped the worship group to feel connected to the larger Meeting. 

      Meeting agreed we would like to continue to stay connected and in conversation with tenderness and love as events unfold. All were encouraged to look at how that can happen individually in real ways. Thanks were extended to the Ad Hoc Committee and to the South Santa Fe steering committee for keeping Meeting informed.


Residence Committee and Resident’s Report: New Resident Search. Peg would like to end her residency by August 31, or earlier, if a new resident is able to start before then.  That means we have less than 5 months to find her replacement and for that person to arrange their move to SF (if not already here). Because of Peg’s scheduling needs and because the meeting won’t be deciding for some time whether special skills will be looked for in future residents, the committee recommends strongly that we search for a resident, based on the existing job description, for a one-year term, to start by September 1, 2008, with an option to renew by mutual agreement after six months. If the Meeting supports this proposal, the Residence Committee will continue posting notices about the position (notices are already appearing in the newsletter and in Friends Bulletin and Friends Journal) and will begin the contacting and interviewing process.

      Meeting had discussed various proposals for use of the casita and guest apartment at Meeting for Muffins on March 30, and realized that it would take time to reach decisions based in a much larger context of visioning and planning.  Business Meeting agreed to approve the recommendations of the Residence Committee. Meeting expressed appreciation for all that Peg has given, especially how the improved guest apartment welcomes people. The Resident asked that we not say good-bye until she actually disappears; she looks forward to time with us at least through the summer. 

     The Resident will keep taking bookings. The guest apartment has random bookings through December. Friends are reminded that if they want to book the apartment or if plans change after booking (cancellation, more people) to please call Peg and let her know.


Resident Summary for Month of March, 2008

Date                Activities:                                                                    Hours

1-5                   Resident out of town on business

6-8                   One turnaround (4 hrs), shoveled snow, tidied         12

                        meetinghouse, mail, messages, reservations,

                        bookkeeping, trash, recycling

9-15                 One turnaround (4 hrs), tidied meetinghouse,          10

                        shampooed carpet, purchased supplies, mail,

                        reservations, phone

16-23               Resident out of town.  Did reservations off site.                 5

                        handled paperwork, sorted mail on return,


24-31               Turnaround (4 hrs), phone, mail, reservations,                      9



Resident’s Summary continued:

TOTAL Resident hours for month of March  - 36 hours

Income from Apartment in March  -  $470.00

Apartment was occupied  24 days out of 29 for an Occupancy rate of   83 %.


Peace and Social Concerns: The Mothers’ Day Peace Rally will be held on May 11 on the Santa Fe Plaza. It starts with the Kumsuha Marimba Ensemble at 1:00 p.m.  The formal program continues from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. Co-sponsors, including Meeting, will have tables presenting items of concern.  Anyone who can help person the Meeting’s table is asked to call Anne McLaughlin at 995-9655.


Nominating Committee Report #3 for Business Meeting of April 20, 2008 (see Addendum): Joan Spencer 984-2217, Marty Carroll 424-1220, Peg Martin 983-7241

     This report is a combination of lists #1 and #2 and is presented here for the required second reading. Report #1 was submitted on February 17, 2008. Report #2 was accepted on March 16, 2008. Both reports were accepted after first readings. 

     Meeting was reminded that the October, 2006, Business Meeting minute detailing Nominating Committee’s responsibilities can be found on the Meeting’s web site at Anyone who wants to serve on a Meeting committee is encouraged to contact the Convener of that particular committee. To serve on the IMYM Nominating committee please contact Joan, Marty or Peg (listed at the top of the committee’s report). 

     Meeting accepted the second reading of the Nominating Committee’s report with thanks, a few corrections (underlined) and the following exceptions: A detailed proposal and charge which will affect the Visioning Committee and Ad Hoc Committee on Long Range Planning and Stewardship will be presented and discussed next month, so membership in these committees is pending.


Discussion of Visioning Committee and Strategic and Long Range Planning Committee: Meeting spent considerable time discussing the purpose and structure of these two committees. The Ad Hoc committee felt a need for more Meeting direction before gathering still more information. M & O wants Meeting to consider carefully the ethical and moral question of the agreement between Olive and the Meeting about the purpose of and care for the Meetinghouse. The visioning process has languished for the last year and a half, but the initial meeting in 2006 aroused much Meeting interest in discussion of needs, wants, and responsibilities. Meeting needs to discuss and make decisions on its future; how do we narrow down alternatives? What are we called to do to fulfill the larger Vision?

     Meeting asks Beverly Busching, as Convener of the current Ad Hoc Committee on Long Range Planning and Stewardship, to bring to the next Business Meeting a proposal and detailed charge for a committee (or committees) which would include trustee involvement in visioning and information gathering. The Clerk wishes to see the visioning process move forward during the coming month.


M & O report: The M & O meeting on April 13 began with a reading from the draft IMYM Faith And Practice. [The Rufus Jones quotation can be found at the head of this newsletter.]

    The query for the Fifth month is:  “How do we share our deepest beliefs with our children and one another?”

     M&O will hold a “Quakerism 101” class in the fall. In addition, M&O will convene Meeting-wide worship-sharing potluck gatherings at least twice a year, beginning this fall, to allow members and attenders to share their faith. The worship-sharing will be focused through appropriate queries.

     Several people from Meeting attended Clearlight Worship Group in Taos earlier this month, which has lost 4 members of the group during the past year. They were delighted to discover a vibrant, active Meeting of very joyous Friends. A deep and meaningful worship was followed by a delicious potluck. The Worship Group has found a permanent place to meet which it shares with four other social action groups, and is developing a good foundation as it attempts to grow.

     Meeting approved Memorial Minutes for Eddie Richardson, Daniel A. Neifert, and Jane Lindsay Robinson of Clearlight Worship Group. These minutes, along with that for Helen Dixon, will be published in the Newsletter and forwarded to IMYM.


First Day School Report: Friends are invited to participate in First Day School. A sign-up sheet is posted on the door of the First Day School room. We still need to find and hire a person, perhaps a teen, to lead First Day School this summer. Friends (and parents) will be needed to back up the hired person. On April 27 and May 25 there will be a parents’ meeting to discuss Young Friends plans for summer and fall 2008. Young Friends will participate in the Mothers’ Day Rally on the Plaza. Help is needed to put up the new climbing structure in May.

     Meeting accepted the report with thanks. Ford will talk with Jan-Willem about responsibilities and payment for the summer person. Ted will be glad to work with Jan-Willem and the Garden Committee (placement, chips, etc.) on the climbing structure.


Treasurer’s Quarterly Report: [The full report can be found later in the Newsletter.] Please note that donations are always welcome as we attempt to match income to the budget Meeting agreed on for 2008. The Treasurer offered to consider other formats for the quarterly report, and accepts the suggestion to add Budgeted and Difference columns for the Quarter to the Annual columns presented in this report. IMYM has informed us that the annual assessment for each member will go up by 3% in 2010. Meeting accepted the Treasurer’s report with thanks.


Message sign: Jennifer will get the drawing approved by Meeting last month to Anne to take to the city for approval. Meanwhile, the “War is not the Answer” FCNL sign was blown down by high winds. The Resident rescued it and has hung it in the garage until the winds abate.


IMYM: Scholarship requests exceeded available funds by 25%. In most cases, each applicant will get 25% less than requested. Late registration for IMYM will be accepted until May 1, but a $25 fee for additional expenses will be incurred. It is still possible to go up for a single day during IMYM and pay on the spot.


The Clerk thanked us all for holding the whole Meeting in kindness and thoughtfulness, and requested silence before we headed back into the world.

The meeting ended at 3:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Giltrow, Recording Clerk



ADDENDUM:  Second Reading of Nominations Committee Report #3


CLERK: Jennifer Wellington

ARCHIVIST: David Giltrow

RECORDING CLERK: Marguerite Kearns

RECORDER: Beverly Busching



TRUSTEES:  Elliott Skinner, David Henkel, Jennifer Wellington

MINISTRY AND OVERSIGHT: Ford Robbins (convener), Michael Simon, Joan Spencer, Roxanne Seagraves, Philip Balcombe, Dimitri Mihalas

BUILDING COMMITTEE: Bettina Raphael (convener), Peg Martin, David Giltrow, Bill Weldon, Guthrie Miller, Ted Pomeroy

COMMUNICATIONS: David Vaux, Molly Vaux, Alison Martinez, Frances Shillaker, Bob Gaines

COMMITTEE ON BORDER CONCERNS: Wyn Lewis (convener), Lorraine Graham, Peli Lee, Rebecca Henderson, Steve Spencer, Joan Spencer, Beverly Busching, Bettina Raphael, David Henkel


EARTHCARE COMMITTEE AND COMPOST PROJECT: Mary Ray Cate (convener), Anne Lindsay, Kip Corneli, Helen Corneli, Jennifer Wellington

FELLOWSHIP: Bob Gaines (convener), Pam Geyer, Roxanne Seagraves, Lorraine Graham, Margy Willen

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Peggy Giltrow (convener), Greg Cliburn

GARDEN COMMITTEE: Lorraine Graham & Jamie Gagan (co-conveners), Beverly Busching, Peg Martin, Carolina Sherman

GOOD WORKS COMMITTEE: Kip Corneli, Helen Corneli, Frank Hirsch

HISTORY: David Giltrow (convener), Ford Robbins

LIBRARY: Jonathan Ashworth (convener)

NAMING COMMITTEE: (Note: A new committee will be nominated and accepted by Business Meeting after June as per Oct. 2006 minute.)

PEACE AND SOCIAL CONCERNS: Anne McLaughlin (convener)

RESIDENCE COMMITTEE: Peg Martin, Marty Carroll, Bob Gaines, Guthrie Miller, Jessie Cross


VISIONING COMMITTEE: John Kretzmann, Jan-Willem Jansens, Beverly Busching, Guthrie Miller

AD HOC COMMITTEE ON LONG RANGE PLANNING AND STEWARDSHIP: Beverly Busching (convener), David Giltrow, Frank Hirsch, John Kretzmann, Bettina Raphael, Jennifer Wellington


     SOUTH SANTA FE: Alison Martinez

     LAS VEGAS: Shelley Cohen, Martha Moody

     LOS ALAMOS: John Kretzmann

     TAOS (CLEARLIGHT): Rebecca Henderson, Peli Lee




      NOMINATING COMMITTEE: (to be selected)


AFSC LIAISON: David Henkel


FELLOWSHIP OF QUAKERS IN THE ARTS: Ford Robbins, Caroline Rackley





*  *  *  *






The following revised advertisement pertains to the opening for a Meeting Resident.




Santa Fe Friends’ Meeting is seeking Resident Friend(s) to live in garden cottage in historic Canyon Road district and join in Meeting fellowship. Free rooms and utilities in exchange for about 15 hours per week scheduling use of guest apartment and care of Meetinghouse. Starting date to be determined, but no later than September 1, 2008. One-year term with option to renew by mutual agreement after six months. Letters of interest and rŽsumŽs to: For current information about the opening, the Meeting, and Resident's duties:


Treasurer's Report for First Quarter


Quarterly Income and Expense Statement

January 1 to March 31, 2008






General Fund















Donor restricted










Total Income










Operating Expenses





FDS staff





First Day School supplies





Adult Education





Subscriptions for library



































Peace & Social Concerns















MH supplies















IMYM travel















IMYM Assessment





Good Works










Total Operating Expenses










Maintenance Fund










Guest Apartment





Meetinghouse use





Miscellaneous/Donor restricted





Total Income




















Guest Apartment




















Total Maintenance Expenses






Quarterly Fund Balances

March 31, 2008

















































Adult Education












Quarterly Bank Balances

March 31, 2008













Money Market
























Memorial Minutes



Jane Robinson, 49, of Blueberry Hill, Taos, New Mexico, died at St. Vincent's Hospital in Santa Fe, on November 13, 2007, after a long and valiant battle with leukemia. She was born on January 17, 1958 in Norristown, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor of Nursing degree. She worked in Friends Hospital in Philadelphia and later in Gallup, New Mexico, as teacher in the Nursing Education Department of the University of New Mexico. Jane became a member of the Religious Society of Friends in Pennsylvania. She and her husband, Lowber Welsh, were married under the care of the Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting in Pennsylvania in 1990. They came to Taos in 1999 when Jane became a member of the Mountain Home Health Care staff as nurse and Hospice Nurse. She was particularly happy being associated with the program at Mountain Home, and with the staff, many of whom came to be with her in her final days in the hospital in Santa Fe. She was beloved by her hospice patients and by the staff at Mountain Home Health Care. Jane was a member of the Clearlight Worship Group of the Religious Society of Friends in Taos.

Jane is survived by her husband, Lowber Welsh, a sculptor, and her daughter, Alicia Robinson Welsh, a freshman at Taos High School.  She is also survived by her mother, Gwen Robinson of Kendall-Crosslands at Kennett Square, Pennsylvania; her sisters, Tracy Robinson of Boston, Massachusetts; Leslie Robinson of York, Pennsylvania; and her brother, Matthew Robinson of Boston, Massachusetts.

A Memorial to give thanks for Jane's life was held at the Jewish Community Center in Taos on Saturday, November 17th.

Jane always looked forward to Intermountain Yearly Meeting. The family was there for the full time and participated actively in all events. Jane was Assistant Clerk of the Meeting in the final year of her life. She was also a regular attender at women's gatherings sponsored by Meetings around the State.



Daniel A. Neifert, 104, died on January 20, 2007, at his home in Taos, New Mexico, with his close friend and caregiver, Eric Charlton, at his side. Dan was the fifth and final son born December 17, 1902 on the family homestead near Bloomfield, Nebraska. He married Mildred Turner in 1923. Dan and Mildred served as coordinators with the Southwest Community Center from 1938–1951 which served as a self-help project for those living in poor conditions south-west of Friends University during the Depression and war years. Dan was a recorded minister in the Iowa Conservative Yearly Meeting.  Dan and Mildred left Wichita in 1955 to begin work with the American Friends Service Committee, sharing their skills of teaching and community building with the Sioux in South Dakota, the Utes in Colorado, and the Hopi in Arizona and Osage, Oklahoma.  While in South Dakota, Dan was given the name Shield Boy by Chief Red Cloud's great-grandson. At age 95 Dan moved with his granddaughter, Danny Elizabeth, to Grand Junction, Colorado, and later to a new home in Taos, New Mexico where he attended the Clearlight Worship Group. Dan lived the fullest life, built on a foundation of Quaker principles and justice, gardening, natural foods, positive attitude, and a never-ending voice that said, ‘I'm getting better’. He leaves a living legacy to all who knew him and words of thank you to those who cared for him. Dan is survived by his three children: sons James Turner Neifert, Daniel Turner Neifert, and his daughter, Ferne Elizabeth Vanek, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Services were held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, January 29 at University Friends Church, Wichita.



John Edward Richardson III, was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on 17 September 1928, and died in Costa Rica on January 18, 2007. He was a member of the Clearlight Worship Group in Taos. Eddie and his wife, Mauna, had just arrived in Costa Rica to visit their son, Harlan, who lives in Costa Rica, when Eddie went swimming. He was boogie board surfing when he suffered a heart attack and died. He died doing what he loved to do. He was 79 years old.

Eddie is remembered for a number of endearing qualities. He had a smile that included anyone within reach and yet one sensed that there was a spine of steel if it was needed to speak truth to power. He was always first to contribute or to offer help when it was needed. His joy in his grandsons was evident whenever they came with him to Meeting.

Eddie was a skilled maker of rustic furniture and his products were available for sale in a store in Taos. A resident of La Madera, New Mexico, for the past fifteen years, he was an active opponent of the war in Iraq. He was one of the founding members of the Taos Chapter of Veterans for Peace. Many Taos residents will remember Eddie, who often manned a table outside Cid's food store distributing anti-war petitions and information about Veterans for Peace. He was present for most peace protests in Taos and elsewhere in New Mexico. He and Mauna went to Cuba with Pastors for Peace and later traveled to Georgia to protest outside the School of the Americas.

Eddie served in the U.S. Army from 1951 to 1953 in the Military Police in Germany on the border between the American and Russian zones. He also served as a boat captain for the CIA in the Florida Keys, which he later came to regret, when the Eisenhower Administration was trying to undermine the Cuban Revolution. It was in part to bring closure to this part of his life that he decided to visit Cuba years later. Eddie liked to say that he had an epiphany and realized that serving the United States Government is not necessarily the same as serving the long-term interests of the United States. He believed that the corporate war machine and political interests often were against the interests of American citizens, and that greed often propels policy. As his political beliefs developed, so did his spiritual path. He was an active member of the Clearlight Worship Group. In his honor, the Taos Chapter of Veterans for Peace voted to rename itself the Eddie Richardson Chapter.

Surviving Eddie are his wife of 56 years, Mauna; a daughter, Roma; two sons, Harlan and Clifford; eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.




Helen Krehbiel Gish Dixon died peacefully at home in Taos on Sunday, February 24, 2008. She is survived by her son, Jim Dixon, her granddaughter, Chyna Rose Dixon and her dog Ling Shen, all of Taos. She is also survived by her brother, Peter Michael Gish of Rhode Island.


She was born on September 15, 1930 in Norwalk, Connecticut to Carl Knickerbocker Gish and Helen Baldwin Gish, joining two older brothers, Carl K. (Jim) (1924-44), and Peter. She grew up in Westport, Connecticut, and discovered early abilities in Russian and music. She attended Barnard College, then the Sorbonne in Paris, and later completed her Master’s degree at the University of Indiana. She worked in the Russian Department of the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C., and was selected as a Guide/Interpreter for the first U.S./Russia exhibition in 1959. She attended Moscow University, and later worked as personal translator/interpreter for David Oistrakh, the great Russian violinist.  She worked on people-to-people programs with Russia in ’59,’61,’62 and ‘64.  She served as Teacher of Russian Studies at Hollins College in Virginia as well as at the University of Washington in Seattle. In 1996, at 65, she joined the Peace Corps and served again in Russia, teaching for two more years.  And always, wherever she went, she made music. 


She taught French and Russian at Taos High School, helped Eya Fechin translate much of Nicoli Fechin’s writings from Russian into English, as well as working with Natalia Moglinikova translating materials stemming from the Chernobyl disaster. She also taught music, piano, guitar and voice.


Bea was active in the Taos Community Chorus, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, The Clearlight Worship Group of the Religious Society of Friends, Open Heart and Taos Mountain Sanghas, Peace Action NM, the Green Party and Veterans for Peace.  She was a volunteer for Taos Hospice, Taos Public Library and other groups.   


In October of 2006, she was diagnosed with advanced inoperable metastasis cancer and given only a few months to live.  This last unexpected year was filled with grace and beauty, and she once said it was the happiest year she had ever had.  She passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by and held by those she loved.    


Billets Wanted

Santa Fe Meeting is hosting the closing retreat for 22 participants in IMYM's Spiritual Formation Program on the weekend of May 17. We need beds for the three facilitators from Denver/Boulder and for 13 participants from Albuquerque and Los Alamos –– mostly just for Friday night. We may need one bed for Thursday and Saturday nights as well. We'd also appreciate some good food for lunch on Saturday. We'd welcome a pot or two of soup, two loaves of bread, fruit and salad.    Please e-mail Wyn Lewis at or call her at 982-4588 with your offerings.

Getting to Know Each Other

Sarah Michelle ("Sarasvati") Cutler


landed in Santa Fe in September 2005, much to her surprise. Growing up in North-eastern Pennsylvania, Sarah attended Mount Holyoke College, in South Hadley, MA, and graduated with a BA in biological sciences, though it is to a class on Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore that she traces back her journey to NM.   


Now, her professional profile lists her as a Kripalu Certified yoga teacher whose practice has been evolving for nearly 10 years.  She is a Polarity and Cranial Sacral Therapist which informs her physiological and anatomical understanding of the body and the nervous system.  First dabbling with teaching yoga to at-risk teens in a Wilderness Therapy Program in the Adirondack Mountains, Sarah started training in Reiki as a form of self-care in a stressful job. Leaving NY, and the tiny Saranac Lake Friends Meeting, she volunteered at the Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA, where "Sarasvati" immersed herself in yoga for close to six months before completing her Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training in March 2005.  She taught her first official classes to a group of clowns at the Gesundheit! Institute, ages 5–65+, where she also served as the Kitchen Coordinator, feeding 35+ at the School for Designing a Society. Sarah has been teaching in Santa Fe since Fall 2005 and became involved with Yoga in the Schools in the spring of 2006. Having opted for a bicycle as her wheels of choice, Sarah brings a passion for embodied living to her work and her life. Check out Laughing Tree Space for resources for embodied living:


Betsy Jean Bartels


While making plans and changing plans, I am aware of immense beauty:

brilliant wet leaves on a muddy trail

campfire friends making s’mores

a hummingbird seeking nectar

chiming voices of children at play

glowing sunset colors

wrinkled hands knitting soft wool

fully blooming lilac bush

violin concerto

bowl of seashells

wren’s song

crocuses in the snow

warm apricot pie


suckling baby.

The abundance in nature amazes me and my walks in the woods bring me solace

and joy.


Over the past few decades, my vocations have included nurses’ aide, creative

arts therapist, director of a family violence agency, dormitory counselor

(NMSD), ice-rink attendant, and recreation facility supervisor. I treasure

my exploration of the world with my sons as a home-schooling momma. Our

involvement in learning together inspired me to pursue my teaching license.  


Way opens. This year I am relishing my experience as a teacher at the

Monteverde Friends School in Costa Rica. I attend Quaker activities and

participate in the community chorus. My Spanish fluency grows, poco a

poco. The rainforest wildlife fascinates me. I stay in touch with friends

through my blog,




Trust Among Quakers


An email advertising the latest publication of the Quaker Universalist Fellowship included the following paragraph:


"Like many other members of the QUF, Sally believes that the very essence of Quakerism rests in accepting the possibility that every human being may have a direct and personal relationship to God, the Tao, or the spiritual universe––whatever name one chooses––independent of belief, creed, clergy, or organization. Paradoxically, this extreme of individual seeking finds expression in a community of support, love, and mutual discernment. The resulting tensions between individualism and universalism, freedom and community, are mediated, Sally finds, by trust. When corporate trust fails, the Society of Friends falls apart; when it is present, we are each and all empowered. The various steps by which she has arrived at this insight are set forth in the pages of our newest publication."                             [Are not Rufus Jones and Sally of like mind?  Ed.]


*    *    *    *    *


Friends who know someone who would like to reserve a stay in the guest apartment are asked to have the potential guest(s) contact the resident, Peg Martin (505-983-7241), directly to make the booking, so that she can know exact dates as early as possible and coordinate reservations. If there is a change in plans, this also should be communicated directly to Peg by the guests.



Messages and Announcements


·      Final Affairs Packets are available in the library. Members and Attenders are invited to pick up a packet for consideration.

·      New “Friendly Six” groups are forming or reforming. If interested, please contact a member of the M & O Committee.

·      Friends are reminded that M & O maintains a Meeting Calendar. Please contact Ford Robbins (505-466-7665) to schedule use of the Meetinghouse for your event. This will help avoid conflicts and will allow Meeting to maintain security of the premises.

  • Junk no more!  Your excess calendars, greeting cards, and old magazines can help women prisoners to maintain connections with friends, families and the outside world.  Just call Audrey Miller at 424-1208.  She'll pick up your donations and get them to the women.  Thank you!

·      Friends and attenders are reminded that Michele Chrabot collects brown paper grocery bags for recycling at the Santa Fe Food Bank. They may be given to her after 11 o'clock Meeting for Worship or placed in the designated bag in the Meetinghouse kitchen.



Some Key Meeting Contacts


Santa Fe Meeting Websites:

Ministry and Oversight Committee: (for personal or meeting-wide concerns, and needs for pastoral counseling) Ford Robbins, convenor, 466-7665; Joan Spencer, 984-2217; Dimitri Mihalas, 661-7414; Philip Balcombe, 466-2982; Jennifer Wellington, 438-9399; Michael Simon, 989-3817; Roxanne Seagraves, 438-3714

Meeting Clerk: Jennifer Wellington, 438-9399

Meeting Resident: (for guest apartment, or to report building problems, etc.) Peg Martin, 983-7241.


To schedule use of building: Contact Ford Robbins, 466-7665,


Recorder: Beverly Busching, 984-8742

Treasurer: Bob Gaines, 466-1746  Please mail financial contributions to Treasurer, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends, 630 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe NM  87501, or put in “birdhouse” box.  Thank you!

Young Friends (18–40ish) get together often.  For information please contact Sarah Cutler, 216-5219

The Peace and Social Concerns Committee welcomes new members. Anne McLaughlin, 995-9655  Meetings as and when announced.

The Committee on Conscientious Objection meets as needed.  For information please call Howard Shulman, 984-9908.

Newsletter: Alison Martinez, 438-0729 (ph/fax). Please e-mail submissions to, no later than the day after business meeting. Put paper submissions in the Newsletter box at the Meetinghouse by the day of business meeting and alert the editors.

South Santa Fe Worship Group contact person is Alison Martinez, 438-0729

For a complete list of committees, see the Meeting Directory. Friends and attenders can request a copy at any time, either 'printed on demand' and mailed to you or sent to you electronically, i.e. as an email attachment. For hard copy please contact Molly Vaux (, 505-454-9352) or to receive by email contact Bob Gaines (, 466-1746). In either case please specify whether you want the local Santa Fe directory or the outside Santa Fe directory, or both.








What pattern connects the crab to the lobster and the orchid to the primrose and all four of them to me? And me to you?

Gregory Bateson




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