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New Mexico Regional Meeting Announcement

A Call to Friends in New Mexico, Durango, and El Paso

New Mexico Regional Meeting

To be Held April 17-19, 2015 in El Paso, Texas


The El Paso Monthly Meeting of Friends along with the Las Cruces Monthly Meeting of Friends invites you to the annual gathering of the New Mexico Regional Meeting. The title of our gathering is “Living on the Edge: Quakers Gather for Discernment about U.S. Border Issues”. We will focus on and seek Light about several issues related to being on the Frontera: immigration, migrant labor, broken families, social and economic injustice, ICE and the Border Patrol, and the Fence.

Our Regional Meeting will include a Friday evening Fiesta with food and music, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, panel discussion with break-out groups, our Meeting for Business, Meeting for Worship and plenty of fellowship with old and new Quaker friends from all over the region. The discernment and Spirt experienced during our Regional Business Meeting and the entire gathering are always poignant, powerful and uplifting.

A children's program and a youth program for junior and senior young friends are being planned. The children’s program will include active activities and experiences exploring the theme of immigration; the youth program, spiritually meaningful developed in consultation with participants. Watch for further information. Please register children and youth by March 20th to facilitate program planning.

Attached please find the tentative schedule for the weekend, registration form and queries.  We invite friends from afar to stay overnight with El Paso and Las Cruces Friends. We will also provide information about affordable lodging if that is your preference. Maps, a self-guided tour to border related sites, and a restaurant guide will be sent later to registrants. The cost will be $10.00 to be paid at the door. Scholarships are available. The gathering starts at 5:00PM on Friday April 17 and ends at approximately 5:30 PM on April 18. Friends are invited to stay overnight to attend a Meeting for Worship either in El Paso or Las Cruces on Sunday.

If you have questions Jim Tolbert, El Paso, or 915-525-7364 or Sharon Gross, NM Regional Clerk, or 505-242-5785; for youth program: Erica Samuel,; for children’s program: Vickie Aldrich,




April 17-19, 2015 in El Paso, Texas


New Mexico Friends Regional Meeting will be held in El Paso Friday, April 17 – Sunday, April 19, 2015

**Cost per person over 16 years of age is $10. To avoid hassle we have arranged for you topay this when you arrive at the Meeting rather than mailing it in with your registration form. Make checks payable to“NM Regional Meeting” or pay by cash. [If a scholarship would allow you to attend, state this on this form.]If you would like a T-shirt, add $15.

Mail or email your completed registration form by March 20 to: Vona Van Cleef, vonagee@yahoo.comor 4800 N. Stanton, #200, El Paso, TX 79902-1235.

(Questions? Jim Tolbert diegotolbert@gmail.comwith NM RegionalMeeting Question in subject line)The Meeting begins with a dinner fiesta of border treats and music at First Christian Church, 901 Arizona Avenue.

Names of all attending (please include ages of children and Young Friends. (For questions re children’s program (ages 1 to 12 years), contactVickie Aldrich, For questions re youth program (junior and senior high), contactErica Samuel,

AllNames (ages of children and youth):

________________________________ _______________________________________


________________________________ _______________________________________


It is very important that registrations, especially those including children and youth, be sent no later than March 20 in order to secure plans for both Children’s and Youth Programs.

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________ Email__________________________________

Housing? ___ Yes ___ No April17 only ____ April17 &18 ______Housing needs (e.g. no pets, 1stfloor, private bathroom etc.) ________________________________________________________________________________

Dietary restrictions? vegan ___vegetarian ____________________________________specify other

(For times below, use basic announcements on schedule to help decide)

Arrival time: _____________________ Departure time: ________________________________

Willing to volunteer (2 hours) for children or youth: yes____________ no_______________Link to Call and Schedule:

Check Box (es) That Apply:

  • $10 Registration Fee

  • Scholarship Please

  • $15 T-Shirt




Tentative Schedule

New Mexico Regional Meeting

April 17-19, 2015 in El Paso, Texas

Held at First Christian Church, 901 Arizona Ave., El Paso, TX


Friday, April 17


Afternoon Optional visits on your own to border-related sites (map will be provided) (possibly an organized visit to sites. Watch for further information.)


5:00 PM Arrive at First Christian Church, 901 Arizona Avenue, El Paso for registration, meeting and greeting.


6:00 PM Dinner and Fiesta with border treats and music


8:30 PM Meet hosts and go to lodgings for the evening



Saturday, April 18


8:30 AM Meeting and greeting with Continental Breakfast


9:00 AM Panel Discussion with those who work closely with the issues before us: immigration, migrant labor,broken or separated families, social and economic injustice, ICE and the Border Patrol and the Fence. As Quakers we are called to work for social justice and peace wherever we are. So our discussion of these issues is likely to further our current efforts regarding these issues or, as we seek Light, becoming more responsive.


10:30 AM Queries and break-out sessions


Noon Lunch


1:00 PM Meeting for Business (Afternoon schedule is predicated on length of Business Meeting.)


2:00 PM Queries and break-out sessions


3:00PM Meeting for Worship


4:00 PM Closing Circle


5:00 PM 5:30 PM max – pick-up after ourselves and find supper on our own at restaurants in El Paso or Las Cruces


Sunday, April 19

10:00 AM Meeting for Worship, 2701 Frankfort Avenue, El Paso, Texas OR

10:00 AM Meeting for Worship, 622 North Mesquite Street, Las Cruces, New Mexico


Queries for 2015 New Mexico Regional Meeting


Breakout sessions will discuss as many of the following queries as time allows. Do take time to ponder each query personally.


The “Fence” has become a fixture of the Frontera (borderland). What fences do we have in our personal and private lives that shut people out or keep our feelings in? What fences do we have that prevent us from responding to others?


How can we learn to hear and respond to the concerns of immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, who fear for the loss of their jobs, imprisonment or deportation, or separation from their families?


As Quakers, we are called to find humane solutions to the world’s problems. How does this apply to immigration and border issues affecting the United States and, especially, our region?


How is our call to find humane solutions influenced by a desire to relieve suffering, a desire to end injustice and/or a desire to shape practical border policy?


Some of us feel called to seek radical and complete justice for those caught in the immigration web. Some are called to seek the best possible compromise. Although called to support these efforts, others focus and work on other issues. How do we learn to lovingly live with each other, respect our different roles, and accept that our different roles may cause us to be on opposite sides at times?


How do your ideas about laws and rules influence your opinions and actions?


The late economist and activist, Kenneth Boulding, once asked Intermountain Friends what single change each of them would make in social/political life if they could. What change would you make especially regarding border issues?


Tragically, family members are often separated as the result of seeking refuge in our country or deportation back to their own countries. How do you deal with separation from your family members and friends? How might you respond to those who have been separated because of detention by ICE, deportation or immigration?


How can we better treat each person (citizen or non-citizen) equally, fairly and lovingly?


How does the work each of us does help the common good? Are we grateful for the work of others and are we mindful of the dreams and aspirations of each person (citizen or non-citizen)? How might we better support those dreams and aspirations? Do we understand that our common life depends upon each other’s toil?




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