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Planning Committee Report 3-14

Future Planning Committee Report, Third Month 3/16/2014

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

The Future Planning Comm. met twice in February and will meet again twice in March. At these sessions and between them, members have been working on a number of projects in preparation for a presentation to be made to a gathering of the entire Meeting on March 13th, 2014. The Committee has drawn up several documents that will be distributed on-line and at the meeting, including statements on the Background, Mission and Approach of the Future Planning Committee which serve as an introduction to the Guidelines for evaluating proposals for future Friends Meeting facilities.


The Committee proposes to gather people at the close of Meeting on First Day, March 23, offering a spread of finger foods for everyone to enjoy. This will be followed at 12:45pm by a presentation on the work the Committee has been doing in response to its mission to explore what possibilities there are for the future of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting , especially with regard to improving facilities for worship and other activities. Committee members will present several real scenarios for the Meeting to consider in the process of seeking a way forward. During the proposed session, recent work on developing Guidelines of priorities and criteria for evaluating potential options will be offered. This is an opportunity for the Committee to share their insights along with facts they have gathered on costs, permits, building requirements, etc. related to these options. We see this also as an opportunity to receive clarifying questions from the whole community.


We hope as many Friends as possible are able to participate in the gathering. Time for questions and comments will be provided after each presentation with more discussion time at the very end. We hope to conclude the gathering by 3 pm and will take guidance from the broader Meeting on what should be the next step on a path forward.


Acting Recording Clerk, Bettina Raphael 3/9/2014

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