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Facility Options Report 3-13




A. Options for Camino Lejo

  1. After the Committee approached Mr. Schneider, our resistant neighbor on Camino Lejo, with a letter and in person he remains adamant about not allowing the Meeting to build on the land. In light of this, the donor (Guthrie Miller) has expressed a willingness to buy back the property from Meeting. Since we will not fully own the land until Jan. 2015, a lawyer would have to be consulted about whether we can sell it before then and if Guthrie can buy it without penalty. We would have to negotiate a price for the land which was originally appraised for ca. $300,000 and is now appraised at $175,000-$225,000 (Barker Realty). Money from the sale could be used to build, rent or renovate a facility for the Meeting.

  2. Keep the property for some future building or sale and by 2015 Meeting assumes paying the $2000/yr. property taxes.

  3. Trading Camino Lejo for another property may be possible but does not seem like an easy option to work out in the short run and may not be compatible with donor’s wishes


B. Keep Canyon Road Property

  1. Keep Canyon Road as is and continue to use it as the main worship space.

  1. Seek added parking solutions at The Compound Restaurant and consider establishing valet parking.

  2. Institute at least one additional meeting time on Sundays to allow people to attend at different times and reduce crowding.

  3. Establish another small worship group perhaps in El Dorado for convenient access for those members.

  4. The option to somehow join with the South Santa Fe Worship Group in the use of their newly purchased property off Cerrillos Road does not seem likely in the short run.

  1. Keep Canyon Road as is and use it for another purpose.

  1. This could include as a generator of income through renting it as a gallery ($3000/mo.?) or as a residence or another purpose. Some would probably require some in-put of money to make some improvements and would involve the Meeting in providing maintenance.

  2. Use as an educational, artistic or peace center for the community. This would also require some investment and maintenance costs.

  1. Mortgage the property and use the money to buy, rent or renovate a facility for worship. It is still unclear how large a mortgage would be possible to obtain considering the Meeting is a non-profit and has minimal income.

  2. Renovate the facilities at Canyon Road.

  1. It is not realistic to consider expanding the meeting space by enlarging it into the Guest Apartment or the Car Port or off the First Day Room. In part this is due to the restrictions on altering the exterior of an historic building, and/or because the changes would weaken the structure or not provide ideal additional space.

  2. The option to remove the wall next to the fireplace and the heater in the meeting room is possible and would not encounter objection from the Historic Review Board. This renovation along with a new heating system could cost about $28,000 (if asbestos abatement is not required). This would increase the space for seating by about 10 chairs, about replacing the seats that were removed recently to provide for wheelchair access. It would require probably building a place for heating boiler in the garage and that we find space elsewhere to store those things now in the closet in the handicapped entrance.

  3. Add parking spaces at the back of the property. There is room to add up to perhaps 8-15 parking spaces at the back of the property. The smaller number could be accommodated along the back fence but would require access along the alley-way to the West of our property. Obtaining an easement for this from the neighbors could be difficult or costly. To accommodate the larger number of parked cars, we would probably have to use the car port as a driveway across the garden and the parking lot would occupy much of the back garden.

  1. Build a new facility in the garden

  1. The rough cost for a simple structure of about 1500 sq. ft. to be used primarily as a meeting space, could run $200/sq. ft. ($300,000) or more depending on construction materials, design and added costs for running utility lines. The facility would probably have to have a water-sprinkler fire suppression system and would include at least one bathroom and a small kitchen.

  2. To obtain a building permit, the Meeting could be asked to provide new parking spots based on the number of occupants, which might run up to 16 parking spaces. We would also have to comply in design with the Historic Review Board criteria.

  3. The Meeting could request a variance on the required parking spaces but it is difficult to know if this would be granted. Thoughts of satisfying this parking requirement by renting spaces at The Compound Restaurant would probably not be accepted by the City. It does not seem feasible to both build a facility and provide adequate parking in the garden space we have.

  1. Keep Canyon Road and purchase an adjacent property to be used for meeting space.

  1. Surrounding properties include the home of Mr. Baciagalupa to the West at 626 Canyon Rd. which might or might not offer a large meeting room.

  2. The home of Mrs. Humphreys (622 ½ Canyon Rd.) is down the alley on the West and the property is going up for sale due to the death of its owner. No idea of cost yet.

  3. The “weaving studio” of Alice Parrott (634 Canyon Rd.) recently renovated by her trustees into a house on the east side of our property. It is currently not for sale but might be purchased along with the empty lot that adjoins the end of our garden. No idea of cost but might run up to $700,000?

  4. The small, free-standing apartment located at 622 B Canyon Rd. to the west on the alleyway, is owned by Barbara Rios. The building backs up to our Ramada building and their roofs are joined. This might be renovated and connected to our Ramada creating a space for worship. Purchase of it would probably bring rights to use the alley-way and thus provide access to parking at the back of our garden.

  1. Keep Canyon Road and share or rent a space for Sunday gatherings

  1. Identify a religious or non-profit organization that would rent us their space when it is not in use on Sundays. Could cost perhaps up to $150/day. Temple Beth Shalom, Women’s Club, Eagles/Elks Club, public schools have all been considered but

are either inappropriate or too expensive.

  1. Two possible and affordable options for further consideration

are the Chapel at the Immaculate Heart retreat center on Cruz Blanca (Carmelite facility) and the auditorium at Santa Fe Prep.

  1. Rent an empty commercial space with lots of parking for use only on Sundays and provide our own furnishings.


C. Do not keep Canyon Road and move to a new location

1. Sell Canyon Road property & use funds to establish a new worship


  1. Recent appraised value of Canyon Road property is $750,000- $850,000.

  2. A “preservation easement” could be developed for the property with the help of the Historic Santa Fe Foundation that would specify what changes the buyer could and could not make in the future and thus preserve the historic elements and respect much of Olive Rush’s intentions. Such an easement might lower the amount of the sale price.

  1. Trade the Olive Rush Property for another location with better access and space for the Meeting’s needs and include preservation easement.

  2. Rent a facility with ample parking. Brief exploration of this suggests that it might cost $1500 to $2000 per month for such a rental. Utilities and possible renovation costs should be considered.

  3. Buy a facility with ample parking. Although some inexpensive homes are selling in Santa Fe for around $180,000, most residential properties would not offer the parking and handicapped access we would desire. Purchase costs would vary and we should anticipate some costs for renovations to adapt the facility to our needs. Available church and commercial properties explored have ranged from $500.000 - $2 mil.

  4. Consider a more far-reaching undertaking such as Philip Balcombe’s proposal to purchase and run a Friend’s Inn at the Old Pecos Trail Motel and Restaurant. Whether the $4 million price in the owner’s mind could be brought down to something the Meeting could afford is to be seen. This proposal would offer housing and meals to a like-minded community. It would require a whole business plan, the hiring of experienced people to run parts of the operation, a review of zoning rules, and an analysis of what taxes would run on a facility that was no longer just for worship. The proposed living community and restaurant could generate some income to help with these expenses.

  5. Buy or trade Canyon Road for land and design and build a new Meeting house. This option will require great commitment and effort to raise the funding, make the decisions, and follow through with a long-term project. Costs for land and construction might run to $500,000.-$1,000,000.

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