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Ad Hoc Future Planning Committee Charge

From Minutes of May 2008 business Meeting:

Proposal for a newly constituted committee called Ad Hoc Future Planning Committee (as requested by Business Meeting, fourth month)

This committee is charged with providing a support structure for Santa Fe Friends as they engage in a discernment process regarding future housing for the Meeting guided by spiritual aspirations and concerns. This will entail planning and scheduling discussions, writing summaries, providing structures for group decision-making, and other related tasks. In this process Friends will discuss and make decisions about the needs of the Meeting for an adequate and appropriate gathering space for spiritual worship, educational facilities, and other community activities. They will also consider their ethical and moral responsibilities for the care, management and preservation of Olive Rush’s bequest: the historic building, gardens, furnishings and artwork.

The committee will also encompass the informational function of the previous Ad Hoc Stewardship and Long Range Planning Committee, providing financial, legal, architectural, and other information relative to alternative possibilities under consideration.

The committee requests approval to spend up to $500 on legal or other fees necessary for this process.

At this time the members of this committee are: Beverly Busching (convener), Jennifer Wellington, John Kretzmann, David Giltrow, Bettina Raphael, Frank Hirsch, Guthrie Miller, Jan-Willem Jansens, Alison Martinez, and David Henkel.  

Discussion included the need to keep moving forward in continuity of action with no long dry spells, aiming for decisions by the larger Meeting. The above proposal was approved by Meeting with the following changes in the charge:

  1. The words “and other worship groups” be added in sentence 3 after “…decisions about the needs of Meeting…”

  2. The Committee is asked to define a proposed time-line of accomplishments.

  3. The Committee is asked to report back to Business Meeting every third month.

  4. The Committee is asked to consider adding a member from 9:00 meeting.

Meeting approved the committee’s request for an initial amount of up to $500. Meeting approved, with thanks for their considerable work, the laying down of the previous two committees: the Ad Hoc Committee on Long Range Planning and Stewardship and the Visioning Committee.

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