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Donor's Letter of Intent, 8-16-09

509 Camino Lejo
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Business meeting
Santa Fe Meeting of Religious Society of Friends
630 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Dear Friends,

The purpose of this letter is to elaborate on the agreement between myself, as donor, and the Santa Fe Friends Meeting (630 Canyon Road), to transfer ownership of a plot of vacant land (lot 115W-B, Northeast corner of Old Pecos trail and Camino Lejo) to the Meeting. The purpose is to describe in general terms my intent in the gift. Recall that the transfer of ownership initially begins with a six-year period of joint ownership ending on December 31, 2014, and only after this date becomes sole ownership by the Meeting.

In general the donor has donated the land to the Santa Fe Meeting to improve the life and facilities of the Meeting and thus to enhance its ability to work in support of Quaker values and goals in whatever way the Meeting decides is best. However, the donor would like the gift to function as a seed for some new growth, rather than sustaining old growth. The donor hopes to be involved in the Quaker process for making decisions about the development and use of the property.

The donor’s first preference is this land be available as a building site for a future meetinghouse that would better serve the expanding needs of Santa Fe Friends than the present meetinghouse on Canyon Road. In order for this to happen a restrictive covenant on the property deed must be overturned, which will require the agreement of the immediate neighbors. The donor would like to see a good faith committed effort on the part of the Meeting to win over the neighbors to the idea of a meetinghouse. [The immediate neighbors as follows: to south—508 Camino Lejo, Ursulo and Carlotta Ortiz, 983-8462; to east—631 Camino Lejo, Keith Schneider, 989-5062; diagonally to northeast—637 Camino Lejo; diagonally to southwest—First Baptist Church of Santa Fe]. If the meetinghouse is built, the donor would like to see certain aesthetic characteristics of the neighborhood preserved; for example, dark night sky, no curbs and sidewalks, natural vegetation, and natural parking surfaces rather than paving.

If the Meeting, after a sustained effort, decides that it cannot use the land for a meetinghouse, the donor intends that the Meeting have the freedom to sell the land, but requests that the Meeting carefully consider the reasons for this sale and the use of the proceeds. The donor intends that this gift will be a seed for some new growth that expresses Quaker values and goals. This new growth could have many forms, some of which we may not be able to imagine at this time. In the spirit of good stewardship of the resources represented in the gift of this land, the new growth should persist (for example a building, a land trust, a school) for a long time in human terms. But the donor also recognizes the inevitability of change and growth in unforeseen ways and wishes that a future business meeting a long time hence will not be unduly bound by these intentions.

In Love and Peace,
Guthrie Miller

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