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List of Documents Pertaining to the Rush Studio Property at 630 Canyon Rd.

Documents Related to the Rush Studio Property
Prepared 9-10 by Bettina Raphael

?/?/1962 -- Agreement between Olive rush and Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends (unsigned copy, don’t know where signed copy is)

6/7/1962  -- Last Will and Testament of Olive Rush (Teutsch and Donnelly Attorneys)

7/14/1962 -- Letter from Teutsch and Donnelly Attorneys to Olive Rush regarding her Will and a change to include Mrs. Ralph Thornally (Sylvia Rush Thornally) to share in the Will with Elizabeth Beasley.  

8/26/1966 -- Petition for Probate of Will .  Includes list of “devisees or legatees” relatives of Olive Rush with addresses.

8/29/1966  -- Inventory of property of Olive Rush, deceased, signed by co-executors, Elizabeth Beasley and Forrest Smith of the First  National Bank of Santa Fe.   From Probate Court, State of New Mexico, County of Santa Fe

8/31/1966 -- Testimony in the Probate of the Will of Olive Rush by Thomas Donnelly, Attorney  9/16/1966

9/5/1966   -- Acceptance of Service, from the Probate Court.  

12/18/1967 -- Final Order Approving Final Account and Report of Co-Executors

6/11/1967  -- Plat of Survey made for the Religious Society of Friends by Ferman? S. Church and based on Surveys of 5/14/1927 and 11/16/1962 by Walter G. Turley.  Copy obtained from the Steward Title Co. 8/2010.

4/9/1968   -- Executors’Deed signed by Elizabeth Beasley and Trust Officer of  the First National Bank of Santa Fe.  Copy obtained from Stewart Title Co. 8/2010 

7/15/1984 -- Letter from Jim Malone of Meeting to Agnesa Lufkin, Chairman of Board of the Historical Santa Fe Foundation.  Proposal asking for support to re-roof the Olive Rush Studio.

7/15/1984 -- Proposal to the Historical Santa Fe Foundation

10/16/1984 -- Letter from Historic Santa Fe Foundation agreeing to Providing matching funds. 

11/15/1984  -- Estimate from Ernie’s Roofing Service

8/20/1984 -- Letter from the Historic Santa Fe Foundation to Jim Malone of the Meetings Buildings & Grounds Committee.  Foundation proposes the Meeting deed the property to the Foundation and it would take over responsibility for repairs to Olive Rush Studio as the Friends continued to used the property with nominal or no rental cost.

2/12/1989 -- Letter from George Snyder to the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting.  Attorney’s opinion on the legal Ownership of the Meeting House and role of Trustees.

5/18/1990 -- Letter from George Snyder, Attorney, to Kate Duncan, Clerk of Meeting.  Encloses Title Commitment from the Steward Title Co. and a Release of Lien.  From this it is still unclear if the Meeting recorded the Release of Lien or ever considered requesting a quit-claim deed from the Historic Santa Fe Foundation (doubtful).  Snyder feels that the Santa Fe Abstract agrees that the Olive Rush Agreement is a nullity and the Meeting is the sole owner of the property with no conditions.

3/28/1995 -- Report to the Ministry and Oversight Comm. from the Ad Hoc Comm. to Recommend Process for Selection of Successor Trustees.

12/12/2007 -- Review of Documents Relating to the Ownership and Legal Status of the Olive Rush Property and Questions to Resolve, prepared by Bettina Raphael and Beverly Busching.

1/20/2008 -- Report to Meeting from the Ad Hoc Comm. for Stewardship and Long Range Planning. Prepared by Beverly Busching.  Mentions desire to complete the title search and Frank Hirsch contacting Stewart Title Co.

2008? -- Draft Discussion Paper: Maintaining, Conserving, Preserving, and More: A Linked Foundation for the Olive Rush Studio, by David Giltrow

3/21/2008 -- Forms filled out by the Steward Title Guaranty Co. for the Olive Rush Property including Schedule A, Schedule B, Part I and II, and a paper from Santa Fe Country Taxes.  These are the result of a request from Frank Hirsch and Beverly Busching to find out if the Meeting had clear title to the property but the Title Co. misunderstood and issued these reports thinking that the Meeting wanted to sell the property. 

6/14/2008 -- Letter from the Future Planning Committee to the body of the Meeting asking for meetings to discuss the gift of land on Camino Lejo and plans of the South Santa Fe Worship Group to develop a Meetinghouse.

12/12/2009 -- Minutes of Meeting of Future Planning Committee for Meeting prepared by B. Raphael

2/20/2010 -- Recommendation to the Santa Fé Monthly Meeting of Friends by the Trustees of the Olive Rush Bequest [approved 3/21/2010]

2/25/2010 -- Emails between B. Raphael, B. Gaines and P. Balcombe regarding incorporation and Trustees of Canyon road, tax liability on Camino Lejo.

8/17/2010 -- Emails between B.Raphael to B. Gaines and P. Balcombe regarding the locating of a copy of the Deed through the Stewart Title Co. and information on obtaining clear title to the property and title insurance if it is required.  

9/17/2010 -- Future Planning Committee Report for the Ninth Month, 2010 Prepared by Bettina Raphael and outlining the lack of clear property lines at the Office of County Records, the concerns related to obtaining clear title to the property, and a brief review of George Snyder’s legal recommendations on the Meeting’s ownership of the Olive Rush Studio.

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