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Future Planning Committee Report 5-13

Future Planning Committee Minutes, 2013.05.06

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends


Attending: Philip Balcombe (co-clerk), Frank Hirsch (co-clerk), Bettina Raphael, Wyn Lewis, Rebecca Miles (co-recording clerk), Guthrie Miller, Pam Gilcrest, and Ford Robbins


The committee opened with Silence at 5:30 pm in Quaker House, 1730 Camino Carlos Rey North # 209. Philip asked that the committee consider the following Query during Silence: In what ways does our work as a committee help our Meeting discern its future?


The committee accepted the minutes of the last committee Meeting and the report to this month’s Meeting for Worship with attention to business.


The committee reviewed the report of the subcommittee that had met with Guthrie Miller on April 28, 2013 to discuss his offer to buy back the property he is giving to Meeting. Two options were discussed, as follows:

  1. Option 1: Guthrie would buy back the Meeting's current 55% share of ownership in the property at the appraised value in 2008 of $300,000, or $165,000, to be paid in one lump sum to Meeting. Such a sale would need to take place before January 2015 when the Meeting is slated to own 100% of the property.

  2. Option 2: Full transfer of the property to the Meeting would proceed, with a new contract being written in which the Meeting agrees that during Guthrie's lifetime, or while he is still owner of the adjacent property, the Meeting will not do anything with the land other than use it for a new meetinghouse, should the opportunity present itself.


Action Item: The committee will recommend to Business Meeting that it accept Guthrie's generous buyback offer (Option 1 above). It should be clearly noted that a decision must be made by Meeting by around December 2014, given that in January 2015 the Meeting will own 100% of the property. Committee members felt that Guthrie's wishes regarding the property should be respected and that Option 1 benefited both Guthrie and the Meeting in an immediate and tangible way.


The committee discussed the possibility of sending a questionnaire to Meeting members/attenders in order to obtain information that could be used by the committee in their deliberations about the future. However, there was not unity in the committee on whether or not to proceed with the development of a questionnaire.


There was also some discussion about the nature of the committee's mission. The committee is unclear about its specific role and charge and will discuss it again at the next committee meeting. Bettina will try to find the original mission statement, which dates back to about 2005.



The committee adjourned at 8:00 pm with Silence.



Committee recording clerk, Rebecca Miles

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