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Treasurer's Report, Narrative, Q2 2014-2015

Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends

Treasurer’s Report to Business Meeting, January 18, 2015

As of December 31, 2014, the end of the second quarter of the 2014-2015 fiscal year, Meeting’s bank balance was $193,100. The General Fund balance was $9,587. Unrestricted donations to the General Fund totaled $14,196, about 44 percent of budgeted donations for the fiscal year. General fund expenditures totaled $6,544, about 20 percent of budget. This reflects the fact that most budgeted Good Works spending has not yet been done. The treasurer has asked the Good Works committee for guidance on priorities for Good Works disbursements over the rest of the fiscal year. Winter and spring will see payment of some large items, including the IMYM assessment and our insurance premium.

 Income and expense details, a summary of income from all sources, and activity in all Meeting funds and bank accounts are provided on a separate sheet.

 Tax-related documents, including donation acknowledgment letters for calendar year 2014, will be sent out by the first week of February.

 Submitted by Greg Cliburn, Treasurer

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