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Treasurer's Report 6-15

Treasurer's Report

June 19, 2015

Prepared by Greg Cliburn and Bob Gaines

General Fund finances as of June 19:

Donations received, year to date: $37,332 (including the Corneli $10k)

Payments, year to date: $25,266

Donations in April: $1,676

Donations in May: $3,353

Donations in June: $4,035

 Total in the General Fund (not counting the Baumann bequest, land sale proceeds): $14,298

 NOTE this General Fund total includes $1,700 in donations restricted to Good Works, leaving $12,598 unrestricted.

Total budgeted for Good Works, excluding As Needs Arise: $5,625

Total spent on Good Works, excluding As Needs Arise: $2,175

Budged Good Works spending not yet done, excluding As Needs Arise: $3,450

Remaining after spending $1,700 restricted donation: $1,750

Meeting needs to decide how much of this $1,750, if any, we can afford to pay out of the unrestricted $12,598 in the General Fund.


Total in the bank for the General and Maintenance Funds and for the donor-restricted funds:  $201,790



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