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Appendix A to Financial Procedures


In addition to its General and Maintenance Funds, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting has several funds designed to fulfill specific purposes. Money in each of the special funds carries over from year to year. Memorial funds receive money only through designated donations and/or special income (such as through the sales of books for the Young Fund). Other restricted funds may receive funding through the annual budget process as well as through designated donations or special income. The restricted funds are as follows:

Adult Education Fund

The Adult Education Fund was created in December, 2007, to support educational events for the Meeting such as workshops, retreats, study groups or discussion groups. The sum of $100 is added to this fund in each new budget year.

Diversity fund (Finance committee recommends that this fund be laid down. It was created by Meeting in April, 2006, as the “Beyond Diversity Fund” to create diversity training workshops in New Mexico. The effort morphed into Meeting’s involvement of the development of a successful Alternatives to Violence project for New Mexico prisons, schools and community groups. AVP is presently funded as a line item in Good Works in the annual General Fund budget).

Emergency Assistance Fund

The purpose of Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends Emergency Assistance Fund is to provide money to meet emergency needs arising in people lives. In most cases, these are people who are members or attenders of the Meeting, and whose situations are known. Requests are confidential.

Emergency Assistance Fund money comes from donations received for the fund, along with $100 added to the Fund with every new budget year. The Emergencies line item in the Good Works budget is funded from the Emergency Assistance Fund.

Procedure—non-member or non-attender: The treasurer provides the resident with a petty cash fund of $50 to provide emergency assistance to someone who may need immediate help if other resources for help are not available. The resident may find it useful to seek advice from a previous resident or a Meeting member. The resident maintains a record of the disbursements from this fund and requests replenishment via the Treasurer from the Emergencies line item as required.

Procedure—member or attender: Requests for money from the Emergencies line item should be made to the Meeting Clerk or the Clerk of M&O, in writing. The Meeting Clerk and the Clerk of M&O will determine in consultation with the convener of the Finance Committee what assistance can be offered and whether it is appropriate to offer it as a loan rather than a gift. Attention will be paid to what other community resources may be available to meet the requested need. The committee of three, considering all these factors worshipfully in the manner of Friends, may grant up to $300 for an individual request.

As the Emergencies line is depleted during the year, Meeting may be asked to authorize further spending (a budget increase). If there is money in the Emergency Assistance Fund the budget increase can come from there. If the Emergency Assistance Fund is depleted requests will be made to Meeting for individual designated donations to build it up again.

Approved by Meeting on 11/21/10
New Meetinghouse Fund

The purpose of the New Meetinghouse Fund, established at the September 2008 Meeting for Worship for Business, is to provide necessary funding for all aspects of development of a new meetinghouse for Santa Fe Friends Meeting. This includes costs for land acquisition and maintenance of the Camino Lejo Land, or any other land proposed for a new meetinghouse, as well as actual building construction.

A sub-category in this fund was established after a bequest in 2010-2011 was designated for the New Meetinghouse Fund for use for bricks and mortar only.
Sufferings Fund

The Sufferings Fund was established to aid those Friends whose work for Friends testimonies causes them financial hardship. Requests for aid from this fund are sent to the Clerk of Meeting or the Clerk of Ministry and Oversight. M&O reviews the request and makes a recommendation for action to the ensuing Meeting for Worship for Business. The sum of $100 is added to this fund in each new budget year.


Olmstead Fund

The Olmstead Fund was established as a memorial to Paul Olmstead. In keeping with his strong conviction about the Peace Testimony and history as a conscientious objector during World War II. It is to be used to fund draft counseling and education for conscientious objection.

Turkle Fund

The Turkle Fund was established as a memorial to Quaker author Brinton Turkle, whose wonderful Obediah books have inspired generations of Quaker children. It is used to fund the acquisition of books for the Meeting library.

Young Fund

The Young Fund was established in memory of early member Jeanette Goodling Young. It is to be used for an appropriate memorial for the enhancement of the garden. This fund is expected to be used in a timely manner and then laid down. After dissolution of this fund, future income from the sales of Jeanette Young’s book of poems, “Night Wind”, will go to support the maintenance of the garden.

Approved by Meeting for Worship for Business, --------, 2011


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