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Finance Committee Report 9-13

Finance Committee has been blessed with several opportunities to reflect deeply on Santa Fe Monthly Meeting's financial resources, and how Friends may choose to use these assets.  We are fortunate that through Spirit led prudence we, as a Meeting, have resources in reserve that give us a measure of preparation for current and upcoming expenses.  The challenge we face in the coming months is how we choose to allocate these assets.  


This month we held a threshing session to address a request from South Santa Fe Worship Group for assistance with their expenses in relocating to a permanent home.  Friends discussed many issues in relation to this request.  At this time Finance Committee does not believe we have clarity suffice to act on this request in 9th month.  We will need clarity to act by the October business Meeting which will be on 20 October 2013.  


1) To reach this clarity and an informed consensus I believe we need at least 1 more threshing session prior to bringing the loan/grant $8,000 question to the Meeting for Business as an action item for these reasons:


A) we need to know the results from the Garden/leak/plumbing and how much that may cost; we need a concrete estimate and report from the Garden Committee regarding the results of this concern that was raised in the August Business Meeting.

B) we need to get a concrete estimate on the roof...I have heard about the need for a new roof for the past two years, but haven't heard the concrete need or estimates to cover that expense.  We need an concrete estimate for this anticipated expense.  Finance requests this figure from the Building Committee.

C) we need to know if there is a leak under our building associated with the concern about water use raised at the August Business Meeting. We need to know what damage has/may have been done to the 630 Canyon Road property, and what costs have been incurred in this matter.

D) As indicated in the treasurer's report in October we will have a much clearer picture of our existing finances available with a current treasurer's report

E) At the last threshing session we took care to examine SSFWG's needs, but we didn't discuss our own and these need to be factored in before loaning or granting money.


2) Finance believe we will need several cash flow related threshing sessions over the next 6 months:


A) if the cash from Guthrie comes in Oct. we may be flush and decide to help SSFWG; however if it doesn't then we're in a very different situation; it's a question of not counting our chickens before they're hatched, not an indictment of Guthrie or any other Friend.

B) when the Baumann funds mature next May we need to get clear on use of this resource.


All which adds up to Finance thinks we need to take measured steps.  It sounds like SSFWG has funds to cover immediate bills in which will come do the end of October, given that the letter said they wanted help to preserve a cash reserve to be fiscally secure once the renovations and upgrade are paid off.  Their crisis does not need to be our emergency.


Respectfully submitted in the Light,


Roxanne Seagraves,

on behalf of SFMM Finance Committee.


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