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Finance Committee Message on 2011 Budget

Meeting has presented itself with a challenge in the Operating Budget adopted for 2011 in the December Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.   Much discussion of our commitment to Good Works in the local and larger Quaker community, plus unavoidable increases for operating expenses, has led to an increase of about 9% over the budget for 2010. 

     As you plan your giving for 2011, please look carefully at the budget and direct questions to the Treasurer or other members of the Finance Committee.  If we are to meet the bottom line of $28,166 without deficit spending, Meeting must either increase donations or figure out another source of income.  If each Member donated $300 during 2011 we would just about meet that $28,000.  Half the Meeting's Members live outside the Santa Fe area and contribute elsewhere.  We probably have about 45 faithful Attenders also.  Some people are already stretched in this economy and have no way of donating that much; others will be able to contribute more.  Thank you all for donating more than expected during 2010, thus allowing us to have the faith to expand our commitments in 2011.

Finance Committee --  Peggy Giltrow, Convener; Greg Cliburn, Treasurer; Simon DeDeo, Marcy Pompei

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