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Finance Committee Report to Business Meeting for 1-10

Finance Committee Report to Business Meeting of 1-17-2010    

     Finance Committee would like to thank Friends for their generous giving throughout 2009, and particularly during December.  The amount of donations for 2009 approaches the amount spent during the year, and definitely exceeds the amount of donations needed to achieve the balanced budget proposed for 2010. 

     We would also like to thank the Good Works Committee for helping the Meeting become aware of the deficit funding of the last few years and think critically about how to follow Spirit in balancing our desire to be charitable during distressed times with our desire to live within our means.  Meeting agreed in December to the recommendation to delay payment of Good Works donations (beyond the IMYM assessment and possibly some scholarships) until the Good Works Committee meets in May.  Adjustments to the Good Works budget will be made in May and September in light of how well Meeting is meeting its budget commitments for 2010.

     A request has been made to increase the 2010 projected donation to the Alternatives to Violence Project.  It, as all local organizations, was cut by about 60% (to $150 for 2010, from $400 for 2009, $300 for 2008).  The Good Works and Finance Committees appreciate the importance of the work being done by the New Mexico Alternatives to Violence Project in prisons and other vital locations, the Quaker roots of AVP, and the extent of Friends involvement (individuals from SF Meeting 9 and 11 a.m. groups, South Santa Fe and Las Vegas Worship groups).  As the year progresses, the needs of AVP will be given priority consideration as funds come in.  Meanwhile, Friends are encouraged to contact Beverly Busching (984-8742) or Irene Web (988-1817) to find out how to become involved in this important effort to promote peace and nonviolence as the NM AVP extends its work to include the men’s prison in Santa Fe.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Giltrow for Finance Committee

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