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2010 Maintenance Budget

The maintenance fund begins 2010 with an approximate net balance of $7,000. This reflects that the portal beam repair will cost about $7,000, which is considered an expenditure in 2009. That is, while the payment will be made in 2010, the expenditure is encumbered in 2009.

Building Committee Summary Budget for 2010 Maintenance Fund
            Maintenance:                                                      $1,500
            Emergency (if needed):                                        $5,000
            Specific projects:                                                 $5,800
            Garden comm. draw down from maintenance fund:  $1,200
Total expenditures (including emergency set aside)            $13,500

Balance brought forward from 2009:                                  $7,000
Projected Income based on 50% occupancy of GA, misc:      $9,000
Total carry over and income by end 2010:                         $16,000

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