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May 2009 Finance Committee Report

Finance Committee Report to Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends for May 17, 2009


The Finance Committee mailed a fundraising letter at the end of April. Thanks to Friends who have been able to respond positively in this time of financial difficulty.


The annual internal audit for fiscal year 2008 can be found on the Meeting’s web site at

It was conducted by Greg Cliburn and Peggy Giltrow, and approved by the Finance Committee on May 12, 2009. Questions regarding records, receipts, expenditures, information reporting, and compliance were answered satisfactorily. Written procedures were reviewed and are up-to-date. A test of transactions and audit of cash were conducted for the months of July and December, 2008. For these months, the committee traced transactions between the bank and the books, and compared the collection records to the receipt journal entries. No discrepancies were found.


The books are fine, and ready to be handed over to the new Treasurer. The Finance Committee wishes to thank Bob Gaines for his diligent work as Treasurer and on the committee, getting accounts in order and procedures in place.


The Finance Committee needs to add new members. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Peggy Giltrow at 988-4751 or One way to find out more is to read the “Responsibilities and Procedures of the Finance Committee and Treasurer”, which can be found on the Meeting’s web site listed above.


Respectfully submitted,


Peggy Medina Giltrow

Convener, Finance Committee


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