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Finance Committee Report to Business Meeting

Finance Committee Report to Business Meeting of Dec. 20, 2009

     The Finance Committee (Jesse Bertron, Lee Carter, Jennie Crystle and Peggy Giltrow) met on November 21 to continue developing a draft General Fund budget for 2010.  After coming together in silence, we considered and accepted the recommendations of the Good Works Committee, with gratitude for all the work and care reflected in them.

     As pointed out by the Good Works Committee, Meeting is concerned that we give to those in need, meet  our own expenses, and not keep operating at a deficit.  The major components of the General Fund budget are operating expenses and Good Works.  Based on a projected General Fund income of about $25,200 in 2010, the Finance Committee recommends a General Fund budget for 2010 of $25,710.  Of this, $15,555 is for Operating Expenses and $10,155 for Good Works (including the IMYM assessment of $4,230).  If projections are correct, the deficit would be about $500, and we hope that Friends may be able to cover that in the coming year. Details may be seen in the two-page draft Operating budget presented separately.

     The Good Works Committee’s offer to meet in May and September of 2010, and their suggestion to delay payment of Good Works donations (beyond the IMYM assessment and possibly some scholarships) is welcomed as a way to see how well Meeting is meeting its budget commitments and if necessary further adjusting the Good Works budget to reflect reality. 

     The Finance Committee also discussed ideas for developing Meeting contributions during 2010. How can we increase our community involvement as a Religious Society of Friends, with time or with money? Over time, will Meeting want to get back to the idea of parity between expenses and good works? Could we hold a discussion of these ideas, and of membership and giving, based on the new Faith and Practice? What is the responsibility of Members to Meeting of commitment of time and money? How do we give of ourselves to the Meeting?

     Given our appreciation for the consensus process of the Meeting, we would like to recommend that the Treasurer be authorized to accept restricted donations only the Meeting’s named funds, and not to individual organizations. 

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Giltrow, convener of Finance Committee



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