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2009 Maintenance Budget


2009 Building Committee Budget
for Maintenance and Repairs of Santa Fe Friends Meeting
Approved 12-21-08




  • Patch most conspicuous holes and stabilize major cracks in interior walls with mud; paint these as well as old Structolite patches $1000-1500

  • Patch and replaster the mud finish in the garage and entrance covered walk as needed $ 800

  • Explore alternatives to noisy heater in Meeting room $ 500-2000

  • Check and patch roof as needed $ 500

  • Continue project to reframe Olive Rush works with archival materials $ 500.00


Subtotal $3400-5300


Guest Apartment


  • Create more effective insert for hole in bathroom floor $ 100




  • Misc. repairs and up-grades of electrical and heating $ 800





  • Improve drainage on brick walkway on west side $ 800-$1000

  • Reconstruct/Restore original wooden doors at south end of garage $1000-1500 ?


$1800-2300 ?


 Total Proposal $6100-$8700


Long Range or Restoration Projects


  • Write grant to begin treatment of frescoes $1000-?


(All costs are rough estimates)


Prepared by Bettina Raphael and Dave Giltrow


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