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Roles and Responsibilities of Officers and Committees

Prepared by Nominating Committee, October 2009; revised 5-17-10.

Clerk: Guides Meeting in its seeking for unity on decisions, presides over Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, represents Meeting before the wider local community.

Recording Clerk: Makes faithful, concise, and accurate records of the minutes of action, as discerned and stated by the Clerk of the Meeting. In consultation with the Clerk, prepares the minutes for submission to Monthly Meeting.

Recorder: Compiles the annual list of members, along with births and deaths, for provision to InterMountain Yearly Meeting.

Treasurer: Keeps the financial records of the Monthly Meeting and reports on status of accounts to Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business; maintains and disburses the meeting’s funds.

Ad hoc Future Planning: Provides a support structure for Santa Fe Friends as they engage in a discernment process regarding future housing for the Meeting guided by spiritual aspirations and concerns.

Adult Education: Identifies and arranges for the adult educational needs of the Meeting.

Building: Oversees maintenance and upkeep of the meetinghouse through workdays and special contracting as needed. Plans for future space needs and renovations.

Communications: Manages the distribution of the Meeting’s minutes and monthly newsletter.

Committee on Conscientious Objection: Guides Meeting’s support for those facing recruitment, enlistment, or current military service who are dealing with dilemmas and legal obligations over personal support of warfare.

Corporation: Serves the needs of the Monthly Meeting, including receiving, holding and disposing of property used by the Monthly Meeting for worship and related activities.

Fellowship: Serves Meeting’s internal social connectedness. Welcomes people and provides initial orientation to those coming to Meeting for Worship.

Finance: Oversees Meeting’s fiscal obligations, fund-raising, and budgeting.

Garden: Nurtures the grounds around the Meetinghouse.

Good Works: Advises Meeting on contributions in support of worthy causes and social welfare in the local and wider communities.

History: Keeps records of Meeting’s historical events and people, and serves as a point of contact for those inquiring about those aspects of the Santa Fe Monthly Meeting of Friends.

Housekeeping: Opens and closes the Meetinghouse on First Days.

Library: Oversees the orderly management of the library, receives and catalogs contributions, and organizes lending of the holdings.

Ministry & Oversight:. M & O attends to the quality of the meeting's spiritual life, pastoral care, and reminds us of our Quaker principles in a secular society.

Naming Committee: Names the Nominating Committee.

Newsletter: Produces the monthly newsletter.

Nominating: Nominates officers and committee convenors of the Monthly Meeting.

Olive Rush Bequest Watching Committee: Guides Meeting in observing the spirit of the transfer of the 630 Canyon Road property from the estate of Olive Rush to Santa Fe Monthly Meeting.

Peace and Social Concerns: Addresses selected issues that arise from Friends' traditional principles of nonviolence, speaking truth to power, social justice, and reconciliation at local, national and international levels.

Residence: Provides support to the Meeting’s Resident.

Young Friends: Leads the organization of the Young Friends program, including First Day School.

Worship Group Contacts: Serves as links between the Monthly Meeting and the Worship Groups and Preparative Meetings under its care. Las Vegas, Los Alamos, South Santa Fe, Taos (Clearlight).

Representatives to the committees of InterMountain Yearly Meeting: Committee on AFSC, Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts, Continuing Committee, Nominating Committee

AFSC Liaison: Contacts with the American Friends Service Committee locally, Pasadena regional office and Philadelphia national office.

FCNL Meeting Contact: Provides current news of FCNL action requests and issues which reflect FCNL's lobbying efforts in Washington.

Pendle Hill Contact: Provides information on this Pennsylvania Quaker study center's programs and publications.

Other Meeting activities: NM Regional Meeting and Interfaith Leadership Alliance of SF.

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