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Speaking In Harmony with Peaceable Kingdom

Dear Friends,
Below you will find the Environmental Minute proposed by the Peace and Social Concerns Committee for discussion this First Day during our monthly potluck.

The purpose of the Minute is to frame our intention. At the Threshing Session there will be an opportunity to consider the Minute and to learn if the meeting is supportive of it.

What crises can eclipse even the danger of nuclear annihilation?

In a 1984 article in Friends Bulletin one Friend observed that we are faced with three great crises that eclipse even the danger of nuclear annihilation: the crisis of carrying capacity, the crisis of extinctions and gene pool destruction, and the threat to our planet’s oxygen factories.1 He noted that nuclear destruction is something that might occur, but that the three crises are already occurring.

Origins of the Peaceable Kingdom to which the article referred are to be found in the scriptures (Isaiah 11:6, Micah 4:3, Matthew 3,5,6,7). For Friends, this is clearly linked to our Peace testimony, but also to testimonies of Simplicity, Integrity, Community, and Equality in that we are children of God’s creation and stewards of what we have inherited. These testimonies are an ecological whole.

We of the Santa Fé Monthly Meeting of Friends are deeply concerned by diminished biological diversity, resource depletion, and environmental pollution caused by rapid growth in population, indiscriminate deployment of technology, and excessive expansion of industry and that are reflected in the collective economic choices we make. We believe that our lives should speak in harmony with that Peaceable Kingdom, in our households, our community, and our larger society.

We call upon ourselves to bring our lives into alignment with the natural systems upon which we depend for survival and right living, and to adopt modes of living , economic choices, and public advocacy that contribute to achieving a balance with the natural world.

1 “The Defense of the Peaceable Kingdom”, Friends Bulletin, March 1984 as reproduced in Anthony Manousos, ed., A Western Quaker Reader, Whittier, CA: Friends Bulletin Corporation, 2000.

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